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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Mountain Magic and the Ten Commandments

 By Anna Von Reitz

There's no such thing as magic; there's only undiscovered truth and beauty and power, which we are heir to. 

Recently, a call went out --- a spiritual call, calling all our scattered people together.  All men and women of goodwill.  All those devoted to truth.  All those who are ready to embrace a world of peace, beauty, and compassion.  All those ready to throw off the shackles that have been placed upon our minds and hearts. 

Come together. Learn and discern.  

The strange thing about the truth and the people who know it and tell it, is that you can sense that the truth lives in them. You can see it in their eyes. You can hear it in their voices.  

They are at peace, because there is no Falsehood in them. 

Here is such a man, and if you will, he will unlock the True Magic for you:  

His name is Raymon Grace, and he has made it his life's work to quietly, kindly, humbly show you how you can make good use of the 33 Trillion volts of electricity that it takes to keep you alive and incarnate on this Earth.  

We've got a problem in California. And you can help.  We've got a coven of witches that includes hundreds of members statewide, and a bunch of New Age Occultists who worship the Devil and their own Ego. 

Our country and our world can't go on like this.

I knew we were in trouble three years ago when I explained that American Common Law is founded on The Ten Commandments and that The Ten Commandments were chosen as the basis of our law because it was the one thing that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism could all agree on.  

Immediately, the witches started screaming as if they'd been doused in salt and vinegar.  

Our government mandates separation of church and state -- they screamed, and so it does.  Nobody is deprived of anything because of religion and all are free to believe what they wish --- so long as they keep their noses clean and don't harm anyone else.

It's the prohibition against harming anyone else that is the stumbling block for them.  Their perverse "religion" demands blood sacrifice.  

Somehow, they never quite get it, when I suggest that if they believe in making blood sacrifices, they should sacrifice themselves. 

We weren't talking about the Government or religion per se. We were talking about the American Common Law.  And I stopped and I looked at them. They were trying to twist things, the way all Liars do. Switch subjects midstream, confusing one thing for another.   
The simple fact is that people need a moral code to follow, no matter how simple it is, and if the Law is to be fair, it needs to be a code that sane people can agree on.  

So who pretends that they own creation?  Liars. Cheats. Thieves. 

Who objects to not lying, not stealing, not killing?  Liars. Thieves. Murderers. 

Who wants adultery to be commonplace -- and marriage rendered meaningless?  Adulterers. 

These people are "concentered all on self" in the words of Sir Walter Scott -- thinking of their needs, their lusts, their own selfish benefit, not caring at all about the destruction of others and the destruction of the Earth. 

They want what they want when they want it, like two year-olds with a diaper rash, and they have learned all the ways of guile and artifice to get it.  They can appear so charming, so friendly, so intelligent, but all the while, they use others and manipulate and falsify. 

They want to lie, cheat, and steal with no consequences for them. 

They want to murder for profit and get away with it.  

They want to defile even small children with their own wanton cruelty and lust. 

These Lawless Liars are in full hue and cry. 

On the night of New Moon this month, a group of California witches thought it would be fun to summon me to their Circle and take turns cursing me; imagine their surprise when I arrived and reflected all their curses right back on them, quick as a cat scratch?  

They fell out of their Circle, stumbling back and wheezing like old horses; a couple of them fell down on the floor and writhed in agony.  

I am not putting up with this nonsense, and neither should you.  

You should never trust a government without a moral code.  You should never endure a government without a plainly stated moral code. 

You should never trust anyone who lives without a moral code, and certainly, never elect such a person to any office of public trust.  

These are simple truths.  

This is also a simple truth ---what these evil women intended for me, they are reaping themselves. It is the forceful fruition of their own intent, and should cause no surprise to anyone.   

If people are so depraved that they must take issue with the American Common Law because they disagree with The Ten Commandments as a basic moral code, and follow instead after the necromancers of Egypt, then they are revealed by what they oppose, and I declare their fate for them: they shall go out and not come back again. 

They shall reap exactly what they sow.


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