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Monday, March 18, 2024

A Vital Understanding About My Professionalism

 By Anna Von Reitz

All this stuff is deadly serious.  We are exposing a crime syndicate that is world-spanning, and three hundred years old during its latest romp.  The scope, depth, and the misery caused by this corporate corruption, the literal human bondage and enslavement this has caused, the natural resource theft --- it's staggering.  

It's more than most people can take in or bear, no matter how we try to simplify it and make it easy.... it takes a lot out of a person to grasp and yes, it is by its nature deadly serious.  

So sometimes, I switch it up. I read poems about goats. Sometimes I put on different hats to demonstrate the different jurisdictions of the American and United States Governments, or I bring out my little Rat Puppet to remind people about our RatWatch program, or I use nesting boxes from a Dollar Store to illustrate how the parts and pieces of the American and United States Governments are related to each other. 

If I can make this easier, kinder, more familiar, less threatening, less legalistic for people, I will happily stand on my head--- because they have to understand. 

We've been taught that black robes and a long face are the ultimate authorities in our world, but that is not the case.  We've been taught that blue uniforms and helmets and billy clubs are the Boss, but that isn't the case, either.  

The real Boss is our own hearts and minds linked together, loving each other, intending a whole new world. 

You may not have fully grasped this yet, or your friends, either --- but we are the victims of an utterly immense crime.  There is nothing funny about that.  But there is a deep human need to have a little relief, even if it is "inappropriate" and "unprofessional" comic relief.  

It makes it easier for people and gives them a feeling of hope and familiarity in the midst of despair and fear and dread--- a sense that, after all, we are going to get through this and make good things happen.  We are going to laugh again.

In the midst of being serious, committed, coldly determined, we also have to remember to laugh and to cut the imaginary and paper monsters down to size, and to realize that fear and anger are both useless emotions.

All these phony fictional "persons" that have been dreamed up out of thin air are just that --- no matter how intricate or complex the Legalese and the Legal Styles and Legal Fictions and all the Rules and Procedures and Pomp and Circumstance employed to try to give these things existence --- in the end, they are just phantoms.  

There aren't really any "Humans" here and there aren't really any "Subhumans" either.  There's really just men and women who desperately need to get their heads screwed on and their feet in motion. 

You know why I wear flannel shirts all the time? 

Well, because flannel shirts are comfortable and I have spent my years in the Corpo world wearing A-line skirts and stiletto heels. But there's another reason, too. It's to make all these horrible revelations without a lot of fanfare or formality, and make them all just matter-of-fact, down to Earth, here you are, folks. 

We've got a pile of manure. Time to roll up your sleeves and plant roses.  

It's not my way to puff things up and light clouds of incense, to lock myself away behind robes and arcane symbols of "power".  I have all the power I need just being who and what I am, and so do you. 

A lot of the material I have to convey is Egghead Legalese nonsense that has to be explained, history that people don't know, and I have the task of making this direct and simple so that people can read it and understand it and weigh in and follow along. 

Why do you think we released "You Know Something Is Wrong When -- An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" in large print and with lots of cartoons and illustrations?  A kid in Middle School can muddle through it in a couple hours. It's no big legal tome. 

Yet that little piece of work, published and distributed all over the world, is an arrow straight into the heart of the Beast.  It hit its mark and the Beast is shuddering and gasping. 

We're not here to be Eggheads and impress everyone.  We're not politicians, either, grooming ourselves as if we were prize poodles at a dog show. We aren't here to sell ourselves or anything at all. 

We are here to bust the corruption clean through to the core, put the hammer down and crush it like an eggshell, make it so hot for these vermin that they scatter like cockroaches facing a very bright light. 

When I come to the table, I have decades of hard work behind me and the research of thousands of other Americans and people around the world to rely on.   But that's not the point, is it?  

The point is to share that knowledge, that education, with everyone listening or reading, to give them all the gift of knowledge and the benefit of it, to pass it on and make it stick.  

To make the important points memorable, I'd glue widgets to my forehead. Believe me.   

The Earth is not going to stop turning tomorrow because some corporate scum rises to the top of the Executive toilet bowl, okay?  

Americans aren't magically turned into corporate franchises because some clerk writes their name in all capital letters.  Neither are Germans or Japanese, Italians, Norwegians, Aussies or anyone else in danger of folding up and fitting in a file cabinet.  

This is all just Bunko on a half shell.  It's time to wake up, pop that blister, and journey on. 

No matter that this mass of criminality has been building up like a giant spider web for 300-plus years.  

It's still just a spider web. 

John Cleese recently said it best, "London isn't English anymore."  The Brits have a lot to clean up for themselves, far too much to be bothering anyone else just now.  

And as for their Partner, the Roman Catholic Church, it isn't the Church anymore, either.  Bergoglio is trying to turn it into something else and trying to excuse himself, just like Pontius Pilate. 

"Who am I to judge?" he says.  Oh, well, anything goes....sing a hymn to cultural and intellectual relativism. And all the other "isms" while you are at it.

El Popo is also studiously avoiding his responsibility under Ecclesiastical Law to destroy these vicious, useless corporations. 

So. Let those with eyes, see, and those with ears, hear. 
We've got a handful of institutions that have gone bad, and unfortunately, they have enjoyed more honor and influence than they deserved.  That doesn't mean that the Cardinals will all fail the test, or that all the members of the British Parliament are deaf, dumb, and blind as bats.

It is what it is. It hurts. It will pass. 

In the meantime, I will do what I can to make people laugh and give them reason to think about better, brighter things.  I'll battle evil by focusing on what is good.  I'll steal the attention of my audience and put it back on what matters, their well-being, their families, and the things they love -- in between the discussions about history and law and, and, and....  

Yes, I am shameless; I have no concern about being "professional", because the things I have to say mean as much to a farmer as an Oxford don, and they are both going to live or die according to what they dream of and what they believe in, what they value, and what they are.   

So will we all. 


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