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Monday, March 18, 2024

The Evaluation of The Fruits

 By Anna Von Reitz

This from Archbishop Carlos Vigano: 

"Look at their work: only lies, deception, horror, sin, vice, violence, and monstrosity. And always for a price, because everything they do is an object of exchange, of commerce: you pay to have children, you pay to kill them, you pay to sell their organs, you pay to abuse them, you pay to impose lethal treatments, you pay to live and to die, you pay for the lies of the media and the obscenities of the internet, you pay for the simulation of love and friendship, you pay for the chimera of a digital eternity. You also pay to end up in hell, to damn your soul. While with the things of God, everything is free – it is the fruit of charity, generosity, and magnificence."

I couldn't have said this better myself on a really good day. All blessings and love and respect are due. 

In case anybody wonders about this point, I don't just give my respect because someone is wearing a uniform or a cassock. People have to earn it. Archbishop Vigano has earned it. 

I hope my Catholic friends who appreciate my Shinola Sensor will take my commendation to heart and visit his website and donate to his emergency outreach fund for lay brothers and clergy who have been outcast by this Pope and deprived of even basic support. 

This is another group of Catholics who have really stood up and earned my respect for their attitude of grace and commitment and simple common sense: 

In all the years, with all the Roman Catholics I have ever known, conservative, progressive, ultra-liberal, Catholics of all kinds, have respected and accepted the Bible as truth and scripture and used it as guidance for their lives, and as the foundation keystone of their faith. 

Now, the whole system of the Papacy, the Church Hierarchy, has slammed full tilt into the Bible itself, with the Pope going against the scripture.

How could such a thing be?   

It's like a head on train wreck, the unstoppable force meets an immovable object, a million tons of Church tradition, hierarchy, doctrine and authority moving across centuries, self-destructs as it plows heedless and headlong against the Bible itself.  

No wonder Catholics worldwide have been stunned and many people left feeling paralyzed. 

If I had not already come to my irreconcilable differences with the Lutheran Church and all incorporated churches involved in the Baptism Certificate Scheme, I would feel the same way.  

Gather all you who are faithful in the midst of such a cataclysm, to help each other. Remember that if your eye should cause you to sin, cast it away from you; better to lose your eye than to lose your life and your soul.  In the same way, better to lose even your church than to be deluded into calling good evil and evil good. 

Look at these voices raised; you are not alone. The days are coming when the courage and the commitment you share now will shine like a light in the darkness and men will remember that you stood firm and didn't pander to power and pelf.


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  1. In the video he stated that Bergoglio is exercising illegitimate authority.
    Perhaps God is finally waking up some of the Catholics who have been left behind in the Novus Ordo false religion. Bergoglio is not a Catholic, so how can he be a true Pope. No. He is an anti-pope. At some point many more Catholics, and perhaps many so called "Christians" and others who are sincerely looking for the truth the way God sees it, will wake up and realize that the Catholic Church is really the true Church that Christ founded when he walked this earth, and will realize that Church is the true and only saving religion, regardless of the mistakes of some of it's confessors. But DON'T LOOK FOR IT AT THE VATICAN. Look for it here:

    He also mentions the names of two "saints" cannonized by the Novus Ordo who were also on the list of anti-popes. How can a false church with a false pope cannonize anyone?
    Look at the list at the top of false Popes.

  2. Additionally if you read the history of the Mission of Divine Mercy as given by the priest in the video you will realize their community in Texas is in the local Novus Ordo diocese and was founded under one of the anti-popes who was supposedly canonized, but in the Novus Ordo new religion. They started in 2001, and although in the video above the priest gives a lot of good theological teaching, why has he not recognized that new religion for what it is? This is part of the re-awakening of Catholics who have been deceived because they didn't study their Faith and didn't practice their Faith well enough. Maybe seeing this evidence they will start to do what is necessary, which does not include giving up the one and Only true Faith of Jesus Christ, God made Man, the Catholic Faith