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Thursday, February 8, 2024

International Public Notice: Misapplication of Law

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have reviewed a large number of examples of activities that indicate the presence of a deliberate, multi-generational, constructive fraud scheme used to create a foreign and repugnant caste system in our country. This caste system and the results of it are implemented and enforced via means of fraud. 

Fraud vitiates everything it touches. 

The essence of the fraud begins a few days or weeks after a baby is born, when, in this country, they are registered as U.S. Citizens and at the same time, intestate American Public Trusts named after them are put in place as "infant decedent estates" operated under the names of the victims by the Perpetrators of this scheme. 

Undisclosed registration paperwork presented by Undeclared Foreign Agents at the hospitals is taken as a "pledge" of the baby by the Mother, but the nature of this transaction is deliberately left undisclosed to the Mother.  

So we have an undisclosed registration process seeming to pledge a baby to the service of a foreign British Crown Corporation; this purported pledge and the resulting undisclosed citizenship obligation contract that goes with it is: (1) undisclosed to the Mother and (2) unconscionable to the baby. 

It's fraud on the face of it, and it has served to condemn six generations of Americans to peonage and enslavement.  

A completely similar process is used to promote this con game in every country that has been impacted.  

This British Territorial fraud scheme has a second component built upon the first layer just described. 

The second layer of the racket is a "Social Insurance" Scheme -- an insurance fraud that was initially promoted as a pension program for Federal workers.  

Millions of Americans already mischaracterized and impersonated as British Territorial U.S. Citizens as a result of the first round of fraud are told by a Government Subcontractor acting under color of law, that they must apply for a Social Security Account and must have a Social Security Number in order to work in this country.

This was self-interested and deliberate misinformation provided to people who weren't ever voluntarily and consensually adopting U.S. Citizenship, who weren't applying for any Federal jobs,  or in need of any Federal pensions. 

This Big Lie resulted in the victims being enrolled in a private pension scheme presented to the public as a government program that they "had to" participate in, so every single one of them acted under duress and under conditions of deceit when they enrolled in the Social Security System. 

The issuance of a Social Security Number -- again without disclosure -- opened up a Master Account with two separate ledgers one for debt and one for credit owed to an incorporated Municipal Corporation franchise operated in the NAME of the victims.  The debt side ledger numbers follow the form: XXX-XX-XXXX which is a CUSIP bond number, while the credit ledger shows a nine-digit AUTOTRIS trust number without dashes. 

The two ledgers are kept completely separated and are administered by completely different organizations so that the two ledgers are deliberately never brought together and balanced. 

What results is the appearance of an ever-growing "National Debt" on one ledger and an ever-growing "National Credit" on the other ledger, but because one hand is deliberately kept from knowing what the other hand is doing the actual honest bookkeeping is never done.

Again, we are looking at a giant fraud scheme which has been used to defraud and cripple generations of people -- primarily throughout the Western Hemisphere, but increasingly in the Eastern Hemisphere, too. 

The Perpetrators working under contracts as government services providers latch onto the credit side of the ledger and use those funds as Slush Funds instead of balancing the ledger and paying off the debt side. 

A vast system of kick-backs and payola, corruption and blackmail, has been the result. 

Meantime, Joe Average American has been left totally in the dark by his public employees and those pretending to represent him, albeit representing him as a British Territorial U.S. Citizen Subject and not as an American at all.  

The self-interest, corruption, and fraud against the American populace is self-evident. 

This unlawful conversion of our political status is prohibited under International Law and by both the Geneva Conventions and Hague Conventions. 

Not only are the victims impersonated and unconscionably obligated, but they are deprived of the Guarantees that they are naturally owed under both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America.  

As such this can be seen as a treasonous conspiracy of two foreign governmental services corporations against their Employers -- a vast almost unimaginable crime amounting to National Identity Theft. 

We wish for these corporations to be dissolved and their assets forfeited for their crimes against us and their crimes against humanity and their crimes against justice. 

These unconscionable contracts have been enforced against us by misapplication of foreign statutory law -- a practice that must be ended swiftly, with all Legal Presumptions created by these venal practices reversed. 

All results -- tax sales, foreclosures, etc., that were based on these false and purloined pledges and registrations must be voided. 

Please multiply this same con game and apply it to numerous other countries, too, to create an entire Empire of Crime, called the Empire of the Cities. 

The cities referenced include Washington, DC, Vatican City, the UN enclave, NYC, Rome, Hong Kong, the Inner City of London, and numerous pirate states operated as Independent International City-States in Switzerland, Sweden, and elsewhere. 

All the labor and assets and credit purloined from the living people of the Earth by these legal fictions must be repaid to the actual owners and the corporate veil may not be used to protect the Perpetrators.

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 7th 2024


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