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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Progress on Hell's Gate and Delphi

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have done it!  The underlying vacuum has been stopped and the pooled energy has formed a shining shallow reservoir extending the better part of a hundred miles from the epicenter in each case. 

This is logical, as the energy meridians and ley lines all pulse with the same overall amount of energy and at the same frequency. 

It was never intended that a cult of evil-doers would rig the energy system of Earth to deprive an entire Continent of its energetic birthright. 

That said, our repair of the grid has caused its own problems.  The reservoir effect still slows down the passage of energy to the Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, and Western India. 

So, to make an effective "patch" we have to build a section of new energy conduit to return the surface areas to something approaching normalcy and hurry the energy on its way as it is meant to. 

Please visualize a new energy conduit, like a pipeline or cable collecting the energy at the north end of the "break" and reconnecting to the natural Ley line at the southern end.  This bit of mental attention and concern by numerous people can have an entirely amazing result all along the ley lines going South from the Gates of Hell and from Delphi.  

We will be rewarded as Greece arises from its long slumber; as Egypt shakes awake; as Ethiopia begins to flourish.... 

Like bringing water to the desert, restoring the Earth's energy grid to full function by giving it our attention and a bit of our constructive energy is a totally fulfilling action that everyone can participate in, once they are aware of this unseen network which connects us all. 


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