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Thursday, February 8, 2024

The Evils of Pride, Ingratitude, and Fear

 By Anna Von Reitz

At the Federation level, we often say that we are "done with evil", and we mean it. We are done with it in total.  There is no room left for it. 

Yet, at the Assembly level, people are pouring through the doors full of pride, ingratitude, and fear.  

They accost volunteers who are trying to help them and vent all their frustrations with the de facto "government" on them.  

They continue to make the same old tired assumptions and act on the idea that they are "entitled" to service when they are not. 

They want to be respected, they want to have their problems all solved, and most of all, they want the money, but they are not willing to give respect to others, aren't willing to take responsibility for solving their own problems, and won't pitch in and make it happen.  

They want the Nanny State, just a bigger, better, more responsive and generous Nanny State. 

It's the Nanny State that has conditioned us to act like babies instead of being responsible for ourselves. 

Americans are, on average, by the time they get to us, people totally lacking in self-respect,  yet demanding it from others; and, when they don't get their own way or things aren't happening fast enough to suit them, they don't consider that other people have equal rights or that they might need to get off their rumps and help.  

We have been conditioned to be passive recipients of government services.  The idea that we are meant to provide our own government as a self-governing country, is foreign to most of us. 

Just this morning I got a message calling one of our volunteers "a Hun" because he blocked a bank account. I have no idea why this was done, whether it was intentional or just a computer glitch, but this I do know: that volunteer has worked tirelessly to make the banking system available to millions of people. 

He doesn't deserve to be called names and he is under no obligation to serve anybody. 

It's this last bit that needs to be underlined. 

There are no slaves here.  Those of us who chartered the bank and built it are not under any obligation to serve anyone. If people want to be nasty, and go on living in an evil world, we have no reason to benefit them. 

We offer a public service and it is meant to benefit everyone, but we can deny service, too.  We are all volunteers and we are not obligated to serve those who malign us.  

The Federation, the Bank Team, the Assemblies are all here to protect people and their property from harm.  We are all volunteers in this cause, doing what the paid-for government should be doing, and isn't.  

So when you come to us for the first time, be aware that not a dime of taxes paid for what you see or any service you receive, including the bank services we are making available.  

Be aware that you, personally, did nothing to create this miracle. 

Be aware that the people you speak to are all volunteers.  They aren't employees.  They don't have to serve you.  

We've all taken more than enough abuse from the foreign municipal corporations masquerading as our government.  We don't need more of the same in our own ranks.  

If you are done with evil, welcome home!  But wipe your shoes at the door and don't drag in the same evils with you. 


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