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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

International Public Notice: An Invasion by Any Other Name

 By Anna Von Reitz

Throughout the history of these Liars they have made a steady practice of using semantic deceit. 

They use similar or even identical names to work substitution frauds and to hide the nature of what they are talking about or doing. For example: 

The United States of America -- an unincorporated Federation of American State Governments. 

The United States of America (Inc.) -- a foreign Scottish commercial corporation in the business of providing government services. 

Or consider, The State of Washington, an American State-of-State service provider versus the State of Washington, a British Territorial usurper. 

Or The Office of The President of The United States of America (the actual office of our Federation Presidency) versus the Office of the President of the United States of America -- the presidency of the United States of America, Incorporated, yet another British knock off. 

Relabeling and rebranding is another common trick and so are undeclared mergers, for example: 

The "Covid-19" injection wasn't a vaccine, so they changed the definition of vaccine to include mRNA gene therapies, then it turns out that the injection wasn't a vaccine and not a gene therapy, either, but instead a nanoscale gene editing device and Pfizer knew this the whole time. 

So what's the difference between "migration" and "invasion" to these Liars? 

Their abuses of language to deceive defraud are myriad and multilayered.  They are Masters of Deceit, both verbal and practical. This is all done to cover up what they are actually doing. 

They also use corporate acquisitions and mergers to cover up their actual identity and nature. 

Wells Fargo Bank and Trust is an American Business Name that has been used long after WELLS FARGO (a British Crown CORPORATION) acting as a Securities Broker took it over. 

JPMORGAN and Chase Bank each acquired business names out of the bankruptcy of the trademarked FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM and are now secretly doing business as THE FEDERAL RESERVE and FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS. 

Would you like to know who is operating as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA  right now? A British Crown Corporation called FLOW.

This abuse of language, hiding the nature of legal fiction entities, hiding their identity, and often serving to hide criminal identities as well, is only one of the reasons that all these corporations need to be dissolved or forced to lawfully convert.  

What do we mean by "lawful conversion"?  It's the opposite of "unlawful conversion" -- an unlawful and illegal activity which the British Territorial U.S. Congress has supported and been engaged in since the days of Woodrow Wilson. 

In an unlawful conversion the nature of a legal fiction and its jurisdictional habitat are changed from the lawful international land jurisdiction to the unlawful international jurisdiction of the sea.  

In a lawful conversion the same corporations and franchises are forced back onto the land jurisdiction of their origin and must obey land law again.  This is often called "nationalizing" a corporation, which is what needs to be done to all these corporations like the UNITED STATES CONGRESS, INC. and JOSEPH R. BIDEN, INC. 

We have reason to believe that Joseph R. Biden and all Presidents since Woodrow Wilson have knowingly been involved in promoting and profiting themselves from a grossly illegal impersonation and securitization scheme involving living people,  unconscionable contracts, "social insurance" fraud, and liens exercised against totally fictional property interests that have been misapplied to living men and actual property interests. 

As such, every President since Woodrow Wilson and through the present day, has been a criminal engaged in international fraud under force and has promoted a vast, insidious, racketeering scheme under color of law. 

The means used to implement this fraud scheme have been the Federal Reserve Act which must be repealed and the Social Security Act which must also be repealed, together with all corporate charters and registrations allowing these organizations to exist. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 7th 2024


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