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Saturday, February 3, 2024

International Public Notice -- It Was Not a Mistake

 By Anna Von Reitz

The reasons are made obvious: 

Please note the video clips of the bizarre stadium pageant staged at the London Olympics years before the pandemic --- with sexy nurses carrying needles and patients using hospital beds as trampolines and trying to escape assassins and all the rest of it. 

That was years before the democide. 

We let JFK's murder stand under a manure pile of government secrecy and obvious Warren Commission lies.  

We accepted the same snow jobs with RFK, MLK, Princess Diana, Vince Foster, and so many other people who depended on us for justice. 

We turned our backs on Randy Weaver's wife, baby, and young son.  We didn't look at what went on in Waco and the massacre of the Branch Davidians.

We were horrified but did nothing about LaVoy Finicum.  

Nothing about the Colorado Nine.
Nothing about Russell Means, Don Benson, Steve Curry and thousands of other Americans who have suffered and died under the bootheels of lawless piratical foreign corporations acting as "government services providers" and phony judges acting as bill collectors taking a cut on commission.   

Congressman Louis T. MacFadden?  Charles Lindburgh's baby?  General George Patton?  

The dumb clucks among us still shrug and think, "Well, it's our government, and our government wouldn't do anything wrong...." 

But now you know for sure that it's not our government doing these things.  

It's foreign Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their Agencies staging all these murders and violence, not only abroad, but increasingly in this country, too.  

Remember September 11th?  How about Paradise, California.  How about Lahaina?  Sandyhook?  The Boston Marathon? Pearl Harbor? 

The concert in Las Vegas? January 6? Building Seven? Fukushima? 

Thanks to the worthless bought off, co-opted, gagged, dumbed down, clueless media, we haven't heard even a tenth of what goes on in the world. 

We didn't hear about the slaughter of the elected Ukrainian government.  

Out of 22 hot wars going on in the world this Christmas, we heard about two.  

People, we've been looking the other way for far too long, so now, look at this one from World War II: 

Bayer is still around; in fact, it recently picked up Monsanto --- another Corporate Bad Boy that needs to go down the toilet.  


How about the "State of Israel, Inc." incorporated a year ago in February of 2023 as a new business entity by the Companies House, London, with its address given as the Israeli Embassy at Kensington Palace, and the Beneficial Owner listed as the Israeli Knesset. 

Benghazi?  The Nordstream Pipeline bombings?  The "Emergency" Withdrawal from Afghanistan?  The Helicopter Money to Iran? 

Joe Biden bragging -- on television --  about how he leveraged his then-office as Vice President to get a Ukrainian Prosecutor fired for investigating Hunter Biden's influence peddling?  

Are you finally awake?  Are you sick of it?  And sick of looking the other way? 

The Swiss Government giving diplomatic immunity to all these murderers who planned and promoted the democide, protecting them so that they can't even be prosecuted?  

The U.S. Congress giving similar immunity to Big Pharma so that they don't have to care what they shove in our arms as long as it is labeled "vaccine"? 

It could be rat poison, but they are doing that already and calling it "Warfarin". Or it could be "Luciferase". 

The Uniform Commercial Code being deliberately altered after-the-fact to provide a loophole for the big banks to come in and pretend to be the Secured Party Creditors against your homes and land for debt owed in fact by these same foreign banks? 

Your borders being left open to every security risk on Earth?  Our gold being transported to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy for "safekeeping"?  

G.W. Bush thinking that he had the right and authority to erase our borders with Canada and Mexico? 

Your silver dollars being stolen in inequitable exchange for unpaid I.O.U.s without a "certain date payable"?  The fiat currency being inflated into oblivion? 

Your gold stolen to bankroll the World Bank and IBRD?  And the Federal Reserve?  

Where's the 20,000 Metric Tons of gold those useless pieces of corporate corruption owe us by FDR's own admission?  

Hillary Clinton's computer?  Did you know that she was an Irish Dual Citizen while operating as Secretary of State? 

Your good name stolen and copyrighted by the British Crown?  Your natural political status denigrated to the level of an animal or worse?  

And who was playing God that day in 1940, when the British Territorial U.S. Congress thought it good to pass the Buck Act? 

Or when they founded Hamas?  Isis?  And Hezbollah?  

Germans working for the Pope pretending to sit on the English Throne and to be Protestant Monarchs? 

Placentas being passed off as stillborn fraternal twins and then this ruse being used to create infant decedent estate interests for these criminal hypocrites to pillage and plunder? 

Millions of missing children? 

We've been looking the other way for so long, we've forgotten how to look; but, this rampage of corporate criminality and the abuses of commercial law are coming to an end, because we will make it so.  

Because this time we won't look the other way while they are bombing Yemen or believe their lies at all. This time we are going to pull our ostrich heads out of our butts and we are going to look, and see, and call this horror show what it is.  

This entire planet has been turned into a crime scene because of a couple dozen banks that have been funding and benefiting from the war-mongering and the destruction and corruption. 

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 3rd 2024


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