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Friday, February 16, 2024

America’s 2-Million Terrorists, Fani Willis Done, Economy Tanking

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  1. Bills introduced before Congress granting citizenship to illegal aliens if they agree to serve in the military. That's right they are given citizenship so that when they are done killing overseas, they can come home and kill Americans who Biden and Congress are calling "white supremacists". And because they will be grateful for being granted American citizenship, they will vote for whoever they are told to vote for - most likely Communist Democrats or Republicans. The military is also advising and indoctrinating our soldiers that the biggest threat to America are "white supremacists". Pay attention, these Marxists/Communists are planning on killing you and your family if you fail to go along with their agenda.


    THE TROJAN HORSE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Initiative Emerges to Make Fifth Column of Illegal Immigrants Into Domestic Military Law Enforcement Mechanism
    " A new bill introduced by Reps. Pat Ryan, D-N.Y. and John James, R-Mich., would offer qualified and vetted migrants an expedited path to citizenship if they serve in the military."

    "The rub for the Biden Administration, Joe Biden, the Department of Defense and Lloyd Austin is that US military personnel take an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and not to any one office, officer, person, department, agency, etc.
    In other words, getting American soldiers to follow orders in violation of Posse Comitatus and the Insurrection Act of 1807; and more importantly in ways to turn their focus and their barrels on fellow countrymen, is a near impossibility.

    That near impossibility is instantly eviscerated assuming Biden and Austin replace American soldiers with a fifth column of infidels smuggled into CONUS inside a Trojan Horse of 12+ million illegals.

    It sounds outrageous until you put all of the pieces together and bolt them down with these: 1-09 Feb 24: Migrants who serve in US military can expedite path to citizenship, new bill proposes.

    A new bill introduced by Reps. Pat Ryan, D-N.Y. and John James, R-Mich., would offer qualified and vetted migrants an expedited path to citizenship if they serve in the military. The bill, called the Courage to Serve Act, would create a pilot program that would apply to people with no lawful permanent status, like asylum seekers and migrants waiting for work authorization. Qualified migrants could apply for lawful permanent residency within 180 days of enlisting in the military, the text said."

    "For these illegals, all they have to do is agree to be treated better than actual American citizens and when ordered to do so, turn their guns on those American citizens. They will be the same Americans who also happen to qualify as the Biden Administration’s political enemies as determined by the Biden Administration. This is how Marxists function, folks.

    “Remember, this is why we brought you here and made you a citizen,” Lloyd and Joe will say to their fifth column of infidels as Obama chimes in from backstage, “They gave me citizenship for everything I did, too.”

    This fifth column will be reinforced by their colleagues in law enforcement agencies across the nation. Remember, you don’t have to overthrow 50 states to overthrow the entire United States of America, but rather 37 urban hub locations. Some of us learned that lesson beginning in late 2019, while others are still learning it and yet others don’t, won’t or can’t learn it. Everybody else is teaching that lesson and they’re called Marxists."


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