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Sunday, January 28, 2024

International Public Notice: It's a Resurgence

 By Anna Von Reitz

People are so deluded that they misunderstand the problem. 

They think we are in a "Constitutional Crisis" but we aren't.  

The Constitutions say what they say. The Principals are still bound.  The People are owed what they are owed -- which includes a secure border, according to all three Federal Constitutions, including The Constitution of the United States. 

What we have here is a misdirected Foreign Subcontractor that thinks its own corporate policies outrank the Constitution that gives that same Foreign Subcontractor its form, charter, and ability to exist. 

Make no mistake, The Constitution of the United States is the only meal ticket Joe Biden has.  He'd better read it.  So should FEMA and DHS. 

Here's how things stack up lawfully and legally: 
Constitutions (Contracts) outrank Treaties and Treaties outrank Corporate Policies. 

So, as usual, Joe has it backwards and the people advising him about law aren't fit to lick my sandals, but that's no surprise considering the quality of our Law Schools. 

The Bidenites (like Luddites) are trying to enforce the North American Union Treaty that G.W. Bush signed, which agrees among other things, to erase the borders between The United States and Canada and Mexico, to make one huge North American Regional Government with one common currency called the "Amero".  

Ah, the irony!  The pathos! The drama! 
The Dems are stuck trying to enforce an illegal action by a reckless and dimwitted Republican Administration that has finally come to term.   

They are trying to push it even though they have cause to know that neither they nor their "Presidents" have anything to say about our land and soil. 

Strictly speaking they have nothing to say about our money or the issuance of our currency, either; now that our States are back in Session, that's our business, not theirs. 

So we are not having a Constitutional Crisis.  Joe Biden is having a Constitutional Crisis. He gets to choose whether the actual Justice System catches up to him or not. 

Be aware that our Justice System is different from their system.   Their Supreme Court can pick and choose which cases it wishes to hear.  Their Supreme Court can dilly-dally and delay justice for years, entire decades, even. 

Our Justice System doesn't work that way. Our justice is swift and simple. If you injure people, you pay for it. 

If you act out of school and issue orders that injure people in a concurrent jurisdiction and those people have General Jurisdiction, their law prevails. 

And that is precisely the situation we are in now. 

Joe thinks he has the weight to push the North American Union, but he doesn't.  Joe thinks that he is going to pull another Abraham Lincoln, but no, we saw that picture show. 

If he does order "the Military" as a Mercenary Force ---and that's all they can be under his direction-- to enter Eagle's Pass, Texas, and they are actually stupid enough to fire on the General Public, guess what? 

It doesn't result in a civil war. 

It results in criminal action and prosecution of criminals. His own people are required to arrest him for issuing an illegal and unlawful order. 

And SERCO is required to stop paying them all immediately. They all get blacklisted. 

All benefits including pension benefits seized. Careers ended.  Serious criminal charges to be faced, while waiting in a brig. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 28th 2024


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