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Monday, December 18, 2023

Come, Sit With Me While I Explain....

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I explained at some length why the Federal Reserve stopped printing cash Federal Reserve Notes and has been gradually "tightening the cash supply" and staging a "War on Cash" and shoving everyone toward so-called Central Bank Digital Currency. 

They are horse thieves and they are attempting to shoot and bury the stolen horse. 

It beats getting hung for the crime.

Every Federal Reserve Note in circulation is evidence of both debt and crime, so being such Geniuses, their instinctive response was to stop issuing debt notes, because those debt notes are actually receipts --- proof that the holders are owed actual goods and services and money.  Can't have that. 

The "someday" implied by their promissory notes might turn out to be now, and wouldn't that be a pickle? 

There is also the little problem that they never developed an honest means of removing their debt notes from the economy and continued to use the same debt notes over and over and over again for hundreds of transactions each. 

Instead of having a means to retire or cancel these notes upon exchange, they sought to control the inflation caused by this practice by using the IRS to inflict a Federal Income Tax --- and extract the excess Federal Reserve Notes using this separate mechanism. 

Inevitably, though, they couldn't keep up with the intrinsic inflation built into their system. Tax claims and assessments grew and draconian illegal confiscations of private property escalated to insane heights, to no avail.  

The people who were the victims of this scheme simply couldn't make enough profit for the corporations to tax.  Every expansion of the economy was accompanied by a commensurate escalation of inflation -- and debt. 

By the 1980's the Grace Commission Report revealed that the interest being paid to the banks on  the factually non-existent U.S. Debt exceeded all payments (ledgered as gift and estate taxes) coming in from the tax system-- that is, they were losing the battle to take enough Federal Reserve Notes ("the Debt") out of the economy via the Federal Income Tax. 

They were also unable to apply our National Credit to their National Debt, because they had already unlawfully converted our political status to be the same as theirs.  

You can't be a-foot and a-horseback at the same time. You can't act as the Debtor and the Creditor in the same transaction. 

So while our "unclaimed" National Credit based on the actual value of the labor and goods we exchanged for their debt notes (I.O.U.s) grew in tandem with their National Debt, the banks charged them interest on the National Debt as if our equal National Credit did not exist. 

Put another way, the American National Credit could not be applied against the U.S. National Debt, because our population was supposed to be separate and "missing" and "presumed dead, lost at sea" and our government was supposed to be in interregnum.

None of which was true, but in the weird jurisdiction of the air anything is possible; and truth, as Satan would say, is relative.  

The value-added profit they made by refining Middle Eastern crude oil into actual refined oil products assisted by creating a new basis of exchange, the so-called "Petrodollar", but that could do nothing but dilute the pressure on the Federal Reserve Note for a time. 

Ultimately, like all fiat currencies before it, the Federal Reserve Note was doomed to fail from birth -- and this was not unexpected.  The bankers meeting on Jekyll Island back in 1910 all knew what to expect, and they planned to profit from it.  

The most obvious profit was made by exchanging a piece of paper promising future repayment (at an uncertain and undeclared future time), for actual goods and services ---and, of course, promoting this inequitable exchange under force of legal tender laws and color of law.  

We can see a huge, direct, and egregious example of this in the 1934 Emergency Banking Act, where the Federal Reserve Notes (I.O.U.s) were exchanged on a one-for-one basis with our United States Silver Dollars. 

Imagine being able to walk down the street and be able to buy anything you saw, knowing that you can buy and sell and offload your purchases -- making it look like they belong to a trust or a corporation and not to you -- and then go bankrupt at public expense?  

This is exactly what these dishonest bankers and business tycoons immediately did and on an unimaginably large scale. Millionaires, billionaires, and now trillionaires have appeared like flowers in the spring, based on nothing more or less than skillful legal maneuvering, impersonation, misuse of trusts, and bankruptcy fraud schemes, all expedited by the unregulated fiat money system. 

This ability to extend public credit for private purchases of both public and private assets, and then dump the real cost of this back on the public, was a dream come true, a Land of Oz Money Machine, for the bankers and the industrialists who were in on the scheme. 

Not so much the rest of us, who got stuck paying for it, with interest.  

This conversion of private debt into public debt was the guts and glory, the meat and potatoes, of the Federal Reserve System, but there were other perks for the Perps, too.  

It allowed them to buy up the major corporations listed on the stock exchanges in exchange for I.O.U.s, then cashier the corporation's assets including their names and trademarks as property belonging to other umbrella corporations, and then crash the stock market, so that they could use their I.O.U.s to buy up everything else for pennies on the (silver) dollar.  

They've been planning to do the same thing again, on a larger scale, for the past twenty years or more. 

You can follow the development of all this by observing the bank and legal transactions engaged in by the individual Robber Barons at the time. It was a "dirty, filthy business" and most of the industrialists and banks got down and wallowed like pigs in slop. 

After the Great Crash of '29, which they caused and profited from, the rulers of the Federal Reserve System turned their eyes toward political domination, killing their creditors, and war-profiteering -- which took place mainly in Europe.  Within a dozen years they had engineered both the Great Depression and the Second World War.  

They accomplished all this in three easy steps -- (1) the imposition of the Federal Reserve I.O.U.s allowing them to "buy" everything for nothing, (2) the undisclosed registration of American babies as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and (3) use of foreign "military district" courts to collect war reparations from these same clueless Americans 

They latched onto the credit and the assets of the Americans to pay for their wars for profit, latched onto the Americans themselves and secretly converted their political status to subject them to British Territorial law (including the Draft and the Spanish Law of the Inquisition), and then, used so-called British Territorial Equity Courts to pick the carcass clean. 

They contrived to make the Americans pay for everything at least once, and often up to five or six times. And, of course, they charged the Americans for all this service they were providing. 

It's this last little insult added to injury which is proving to be a major part of their undoing. 

It's one thing to defraud someone and practice all sorts of other crimes against them, but to additionally take money for this "service"  under pretense and assumption of employment contract, puts it in another whole realm of aggravated wrong-doing. 

So, there's that, and then, their other pretense trying to excuse all of this, the idea that they were "at war" and justified in doing all this as a result, has fallen through.  

Turns out there was never any war, just a filthy undeclared Mercenary Conflict disguised as a war. 

The American victims of all this have actually been at peace since 1814. 

We have been illegally occupied by what merely appears to be our own military since 1863.  The U.S, Military is actually functioning as a British Territorial Expeditionary (Mercenary) Force, and has been this entire time. 

We call it "the American Raj" because it is exactly the same sort of oppressive, illegal, colonialist set up as the Raj in India -- and was set up at nearly the same time. 

The end of the Federal Reserve's robbing, looting and pillaging, along with the IRS's rear-guard action, and the end of the "military district" courts is fast upon us.  

We haven't been caught totally unaware. 

We've validated and confirmed the presence of  Americans who have chosen their birthright political status and populated our States of the Union. 

We've enrolled all the post-Civil War Territorial States as actual States of the Union. 

We've recouped enough of our assets and built our own bilateral bank system and issued our own gold-backed currency.  

We've survived everything else.  We'll survive this, too. 

When it's over, the American people will be held harmless.  There will be a new and honest currency system.  The immense wealth the criminals accrued for themselves will be distributed back to the victims. 

You will hear about the "M2" -- cash market "money" disappearing, and the Great-Great Depression that is threatening humanity because of these miscreants, but be of good cheer.  

We were not meant to spend our lives trading on someone else's debt.  Such a system is poisonous for all concerned. 

So, let's leave "debt notes" behind with a sense of relief and gladness, and with faith that we can quickly restore balance and supply chains and sound money and all the blessings that go with it. 

And no, we don't need a Third World War to dig the pigs out of their troughs again.  

We'll just stop raising pigs. 


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