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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The Snakes, All of Them v Self-Declared Governments

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are done with this.  We have called the Andromedan Forces to settle this for us once and for all.  The Andromedans are the Peacekeepers of this Universe and they are here, as they have been since 2012.  And they are now engaged to clean this mess up.  Watch it happen. 

These guilty politicians and other criminals --- individuals have created tissue necrosis in everyone who has received the so-called "vaccine"--- they have to be removed. 


That includes Trump, Biden, the whole mess. 

Please prepare yourselves for a complete overturning of the "governments" you have been familiar with. 

That includes the financial system. 

Yesterday, I had someone say that we sounded like a "self-declared government" --- well, guess what? 

We stand under The Unanimous Declaration of Independence, which is by definition a "self-declared government".  Anyone too stupid to get that, needs to understand it right now. 

Yes, we are a self-declared government, with no apologies, no excuses, no changes. 

Anyone stupid enough to claim that they are Americans and not know that, needs to be sat down in a hard chair and slapped silly. 

These synthetic snake venom protein sequences have to be eradicated and the "snakes" responsible need to be rounded up and dealt with.  This job is beyond our ability, but we are not alone. 

As of 2012, the Andromedan Fleet has been here, awaiting the final determination of our self-determination.  Are we going to wake up, or not? 

We have awakened, and the end game is now. 

Choose life.  Choose love. 

We demand that the "snakes" -- all of them, be removed from our planet. 



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