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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Public Notice: Wake Up and Die Right

 By Anna Von Reitz

This old saying means that before you kick the bucket, get things straight.

One of the basic things that Americans (and other people, too) need to get straight is that we aren't, generally speaking, citizens of any kind.   

Look up the legal meaning of the word "citizen". 

The vast majority of us aren't citizens and we don't live in a democracy, either.  

Those words apply to our Federal Employees.  
Not to us.

The only "citizens" we Americans have are State Citizens.

Our State Citizens have to be qualified and have to be members of our State Assemblies. 

Our State Citizens are Fiduciary Deputies, not "Representatives".  

So when you hear about "Citizens Grand Juries" as opposed to simply "Grand Juries", you know for sure that those are grand juries being run by our Federal Employees, not by Americans acting as Americans. 

Specifically, those people touting about their "Citizens Grand Juries" are Tories acting as British Territorial U.S. Citizens.  

If they are calling themselves "Citizens" and acting outside of our Assembles, there is nothing else for them to be. 

Maybe they are waking up and realizing that their "contract with America" is in lapsed condition and that they are themselves in danger of not having a "residence" here anymore. 

Maybe they are finally motivated to clean up their act?

We could hope so.  That would be rational. 

Especially as their Employers are back in town and mobilizing to straighten up their mess for them. 

But make no mistake and don't mistake them for us. 

Just because they were born and raised here among us doesn't mean that they are part of our population. They are Subjects of the British Monarch, instead.

So tell Liberty Alliance and Ron Vrooman and all these other groups sprouting up and claiming to be "Citizens Grand Juries" that we know who they are and we know the capacity in which they are operating.  

We know their limitations, too. 

We are not confused and not deceived and not part of their movement because we are not Tories and not Subjects of the King, thank you, very much. 

If they want to clean up their operations, good. 

That doesn't mean that the issues we have with them are resolved to our satisfaction.  

The theft of our identities, the abuses of our credit, and the purloining of our assets remain at issue. 

Their bad faith and practice of registering our persons and our property so as to secretly and unlawfully convert our political status and evade their duties under contract are all at issue.  

Their practices of forced integration and assimilation 
are also at issue. 

Promotion of the practices of feudalism and colonialism in the modern age, promotion of enslavement and indentured servitude, both, in modern times, are all equally reprehensible and repugnant to our law and our customs.  

All Parties have cause to know this, yet they have pursued these ends, just the same.  

Pledges of allegiance, which are promises of serfs to a sovereign under feudalism, have no place in our tradition, nor do we, Americans, espouse democracy as our form of government. 

Such are the conditions of ignorance promoted by the perpetrators who have "administered" our public school system, that millions of people have been confused about their own identity, their law, their government and their traditions.  

We can have no faith in the authority of those promoting any grand juries apart from the grand juries of our properly constituted and declared State Assemblies.  

A grand jury without a properly declared and organized State Assembly behind it, and without general jurisdiction, is just a mob with an opinion.  

Justice Scalia famously described our Grand Juries as a "fourth branch of government" -- which is true when exercised by the American Courts of General Jurisdiction -- but not when exercised by our Federal Employees and their Dependents in a mockery of our Grand Jury process. 

We object to the proliferation of all these so-called "Citizens Grand Juries" and the promotion of confusion that results from presenting these foreign organizations as if they were part of our State Assemblies and their "Citizens" as if they were our State Citizens, when they are not.  

We appreciate the effort of our Employees to clean up the mess and support that effort; however, our approval comes with a caveat to cease and desist any misrepresentation of their "Citizens Grand Juries" as our Grand Juries.

Our courts are courts of general jurisdiction and we claim general jurisdiction.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

September 10th 2023


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