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Sunday, September 10, 2023

A Call to Mankind -- Action in Vancouver

 By Anna Von Reitz

While Kevin Annett and I continue to have our differences, we also have our similarities. Both of us are against genocide and especially against the genocide of children.  

He has just announced a continuance of the action against the various churches that have been complicit in the residential schools genocide against Native children -- this time, the action is in western Canada, Vancouver, though we know that these crimes happened throughout Canada and in The United States, too. 

You can learn more about his current efforts here: 

This genocide against innocent school children and their Native cultures is, in my view, the same as all the other similar genocides, including the pandemic genocide and the genocide on Maui.  It's all about those who worship death, sex, drugs, money, and lies promoted via blackmail --- people who only pretend to be Christians or Jews or Muslims, but who are in fact "none of the above".  

Call them Satanists or worshipers of Baal, devotees of the other "Queen of Heaven'' or Molloch, the Devourer -- they have hidden in plain view for centuries.  The Bible calls them "Mystery Babylon" and describes their practice of burning people, especially babies and young children, alive.  

That's what it is talking about in the Bible where it references "passing your sons and daughters through the flames" and what was taking place in the Valley of Hinnom. 

In the Second Century BCE, priests of the cult were brought to Rome as prisoners leftover from the Punic Wars, where they became tax collectors for Caesar. 

They wore black robes and white wigs and castrated themselves in honor of their goddess-of-many-names: Semiramis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Isis, Cybele, Columbia, Justia, Athena. 

Barristers in Britain still wear the priestly robes and white wigs. 

Centuries later, the devotees of these same death cults were still acting as the tax collectors of the Holy Roman Empire and the British Empire and they eventually came to the District of Columbia, too.  

Why wouldn't they?  The District is named after their goddess: District of Columbia. 

During the Inquisition, these same players were hired as Lay Members of the Dominican Order, to oversee the tortures and trials of those who didn't pay their taxes --- especially income taxes that were due every April 15th

This institutionalized Terror continues even in the modern age, wherever the Laws of the Spanish Inquisition continue to be enforced in places like Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands.  

Joe Biden just moved to hire 87,000 more IRS Agents to continue the practice, under the same contrived and evil auspices, driven by the same criminals and the same profane religion of the Idolaters and Liars. 

Nothing much has changed in thousands of years, but it is starting to, because we all woke up. We can now identify them. We know who they are. We know what they practice. So look sharp. 

One of the things they do is to snatch babies and young children for use in their profane ritual sacrifices and sexual orgies. 

Anywhere that children are left unchaperoned, even for a moment, are likely places for the Vermin to attack --- playgrounds, schools, orphanages, swimming pools, parks, airports, stores, and parking lots.  

Using your tax money and other equally illegally purloined sources of wealth, they hire procurers who aren't members of their "elite" religious cult to kidnap your children and extort labor from you and no end of other abuses. 

Kevin Annett urges "direct action" -- get off the bleachers and into the streets, evict the churches from their palatial properties, shame them for what they have sheltered, punish them for their breach of trust.  

Most of all, and more to the point, put an end to these horrific abuses.  Put an end to the institutions that have been used like a dog carrying fleas, to infect the whole world with this abomination. 

As for me, I don't see this in terms of any socio-economic-political struggle.  I see it as crimes promoted by a gigantic crime syndicate.  

I see the failure of the law as a failure of our institutions, all human institutions, that are supposed to exist for the Public Good and promote Public Safety. 

Is it not clear that murdering children for any reason is a crime?  

Have we not paid literally billions of dollars for police and military protection of every shape and kind? 

Endured every kind of surveillance of our innocent occupations in a purported effort to detect and derail psychopaths?

Pardon me, shouldn't we be sending pink slips?

The Defund the Police movement isn't about defunding good police, it's about defunding bad police. Police that don't do the job we hire them to do.  And it's the same with the military, too.  

Give me a shotgun and a pack of well-trained cadaver dogs.  We'd soon get to the bottom of their drug trade and their rituals; it wouldn't matter to me if the Vermin were operating out of a Cathedral or an Arby's. 

Either way, we'd have a little exorcism, with or without the benefit of holy water. 

As long as we are thinking about brass tacks and wasted money, shouldn't we be leaving the churches of failed men for the church of God within?  

Do our own good works and due diligence?  

Stop giving our money and support to evil ends? 

After all, and in all cases, it's not a matter of what they say.  It's a matter of what they do and what they fail to do. 

In all cases, the churches should be up and doing. 

The churches should be busy as bees in high summer, examining their ranks, pitching the rotten apples, and getting ready for action.  Because when we get done asking what they've done, we will move on to what they have failed to do. 

In this case, both the military and the various quasi-public police forces have failed to protect the public, and most especially the most vulnerable members of the public --- our children and the elderly. 

Give the people of Lahaina a whole $700 each while sending billions to Ukraine to fight a proxy war? 

Hey, Joe, hey, all you creatures of the Beltway, it's time to hire new marketing professionals.  And get ready for the rest of us to get off the bleachers, from Vancouver to Virginia.  


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