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Friday, June 16, 2023

The Dual Sovereignty Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

In 1937, observing that our States were still not called into Session, the two colluding Municipal Corporations operating in the District of Columbia issued a declaration known as "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States".  

This amounted to the two guilty Municipal Corporations declaring that, since the actual owners weren't at home, they were taking over and working together and awarding each other "Dual Sovereignty" --- that is, pretending that our Federal Employees had a right to inherit our property and establish dual claims on our purportedly abandoned assets, benefiting foreign powers.  

There are numerous problems with this offer. 

For starters, we were never provided with Notice of their activities or presumptions; instead, these claims and activities took place clandestinely and privately, with no Notice to the General Public.  

Both the guilty entities are Municipal Corporations and as such, have no sovereignty.  Second, the elected officials and hired officers and employees of these Municipal Corporations cannot derive sovereignty from any other incorporated entity.  Third, they have no use permits, much less valid ownership, of any land in this country. 

Even their independent international city-state that is technically allowed under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Federal Constitutions is permitted as the City of Washington, not the Municipality of Washington.  Additionally, it must conform to the intent of the legislation, and the purpose of the legislation, which is merely to establish a neutral Federal Capitol under the control of the American Federal Subcontractor --- not the Territorial or Municipal Congress Members. 

The power-sharing agreements manifest in the Treaties ending The War of Independence are implemented via the Federal Constitutions, and there can be no doubt that the majority of the activities and authorities undertaken by the Territorial and Municipal Congresses since the American Federal Republic Congress stopped meeting in 1860, were never intended for nor vouchsafed to them.  

The entire situation is purely self-interested usurpation by service providers providing themselves with service at the expense of their employers, all without the employer's knowledge or consent.  

This accounts for the vast proliferation of "federal" and "state of state" government units and services and agencies and employees. The actual number of federal employees we might expect would be 2 to 5 million at most; instead, we find ourselves with 25 million federal employees, over 450 Federal Agencies, and unknown numbers of additional vendors and subcontractors. 

We have already commented on the fact that all Federal Services are duplicated at least one layer deep, so that the Territorial Department of Labor is mirrored by the Municipal DOL, and we wind up paying for the same service twice. 

In addition, more than 450 Federal Agencies, which are in effect subcontractors of our Subcontractors of our Subcontractors -- three layers deep, are hired by these Dual Departments to do the bulk of the work that they are supposed to be doing.  So we are treated to the spectacle of our Subcontractors subcontracting out their work to Subcontractors, who then subcontract it out to private organizations that have no real attachment to any public office or function at all. 

Astonishingly, the FBI, CIA, DHS, and numerous other high-profile organizations are private, for-profit, foreign Municipal Corporations owned and operated by the Municipal DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, another Municipal Corporation franchise.  These are all operated by Boards of Directors and have no more public office or authority than any other corporation.  

We find ourselves being misrepresented and misaddressed by people who have no authority to even speak to us, much less any excuse for speaking for us.  They aren't our subcontractors and we didn't delegate any public authority or office or power to them.  We didn't agree to hire and empower all these Agencies, so that our actual Subcontractors could further offload their work and offset their liabilities. 

 All the Agency costs have been non-consensually passed on to us and the legislative authority vested in both the Territorial and Municipal Congresses has been exercised in Breach of Trust by unelected Administrative Agencies that have recklessly promulgated and enforced Administrative Code as if it were law. 

This "mistake" was addressed by the Tennessee Supreme Court in Norton v. Shelby County in 1886, and we are still having to address this gross over-reach and misadministration by the guilty Municipal Corporations today.  As recently as last year, 2022, a whopping 136 years after this matter was supposedly decided, the Territorial Supreme Court had to revisit it again in West Virginia v EPA, and once again, the Supreme Court had to tell Congress that it isn't allowed to give away its legislative responsibilities to subcontractors. 

How many times does this have to be repeated until the Subcontractors, their Congresses, and their Agency Subcontractors get the message? 

These double affirmations, 136 years apart,  are small comfort to the millions of Americans and American businesses that have been railroaded through foreign Territorial and Municipal Courts and convicted of regulatory crimes that don't apply to them or their businesses in the meantime.  

After 136 years the limitations of Federal Agencies and State-of-State Agencies should be set in cement, and available to recite chapter and verse by every schoolchild in this country.  Instead, we are still being harassed and forced to fight over things that are: (1) obvious, and second, (2) already decided. 

Americans who have recorded their choice of political status and brought it forward should never, ever be misaddressed by any Federal Agency or State-of-State franchise whatsoever, yet these private subcontractors of Subcontractors --- and sometimes another layer deep, and all non-consensually charged to us --- continue these practices of harassment with no granted authority or public office. They take refuge in the purloined foreign registrations foisted off on babies and on "implied contracts" and blatantly undisclosed contracts  resulting from the non-consensual receipt of services and licensing. 

Witness the scandalous "Marriage License" already exposed in our presentation about the Licensing Frauds promulgated against our people. Originally designed to criminalize marriage and limit the ability of Negro and Mulatto couples to lawfully marry, this horrible practice has ultimately led to the institution of Marriage being denigrated and reduced to the status of a business Joint Venture into which a venal Silent Partner, the Territorial Municipal Corporation's State of State franchise, intrudes itself --- and then uses its' merely presumed interest in the JV to seize the "products" -- the children.  

That we have come to face this encroachment by incorporated entities upon the most sacred, common, and universal rights of humanity, and that undisclosed private contracts have been used to excuse this behavior much less promote the enforcement of any claims based on this "license" --- is reprehensible.  

Continuing to use this example, the State of State franchises seize children and break up otherwise viable families on a regular basis as a means to make profit for their franchise.  They charge completely outrageous sums of money for incarcerating children in institutions and foster care--  currently $6000 per day per normal child and $9000 per day for special needs children -- most of which goes into the pockets of the State of State and the Officers responsible for these kidnaps. 

And what authority is there for all this?  An undisclosed licensing agreement?      

The Perpetrators openly admit that all of this has been done under a "Cloak of Secrecy" for "National Security Reasons" --- and they simply neglect to mention which nation's security would be at risk as a result of full and honest disclosure of the circumstance and the breach of trust and service contracts involved. 

We have had instances of people gunning down Child Protective Services personnel on sight, simply killing them in self-defense to prevent kidnapping. We have had instances of people publically burning The Declaration of Interdependence of the Government in The United States to dramatize their opinion of it.  

It is not overstating it to say that this gross misadministration, malfeasance, and criminal breach of trust on the part of the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia has reached its tentacles into every possible sphere of endeavor, with unmatched criminality in every aspect of everything they have done here over the course of the past hundred years, and the fault here lies primarily on the failure of the foreign Principals to responsibly curtail the activities of incorporated entities that they profit from.  

Federal and State of State franchise employees have been consistently misdirected and encouraged to assume authorities that they don't possess and to unknowingly act at their own risk, which is another betrayal of trust on the part of the Municipal and State of State franchise employers.  

The State of State Corporation franchises send Highway Patrolmen out on the public roads with no notion whatsoever of their limited role and no concept of what actual Public Service on their parts might mean.  They send State Troopers out to enforce illegal and unlawful evictions related to the bogus Title Fraud and Mortgage Frauds already discussed.  They leave men and women functioning in an office called "Sheriff" when in fact no incorporated County franchise can have such an office.  

The Territorial Supreme Court attempted to skirt around this issue in Mack and Prinz v USA, Inc., in which the court determined that enforcing or not enforcing the Constitution was a matter of personal discernment and discretion on the part of the so-called "Sheriffs" working for incorporated County franchises of the Municipal Corporations.  

That is, privately, as Americans, the so-called "Sheriffs" could decide whether or not to honor the Supreme Law of the Land.  

Obviously, if they actually held any Public Office they would be obligated by their Oaths, and lacking a competent Oath in support of the Constitutions, they would not be serving in a Public Office, but a private one impersonating the Public Office.  

This is exactly what we find.  These people are roaming around, firmly believing that they are the elected "Sheriff" when in fact, the office they've been elected to is a private corporate office. They raise their hands and say an "Oath" and think that that is a sufficient Oath of Office, when in fact, all such Oaths must be written, properly witnessed, and recorded.

Their self-interested employers don't bother to tell these "Sheriffs" any differently, with the result that they have no Public Office, no authority related to a Public Office, no public bonding, no private insurance to protect them, and they become victims along with everyone else. They eventually realize that something is wrong, or they get sued and even if the "District Attorney" of the unauthorized Military District Court refused to prosecute them for the criminal aspects of what they are doing, the commercial crimes eventually catch up with them. 

We wish it to be fully, freely, and universally known that there is exactly one sovereignty in this country, and it belongs to the nation-states of the Union, fifty sister states united for their mutual benefit, all officially enrolled as States of the Union as of October First 2020, and preserved in their unique empowerments.  

No form of sovereignty possessed by any other Principal or Signatory of the Federal Constitutions can be imposed here in our country under any presumption that we, the State Citizens and their instrumentality, The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, are absent, in interregnum, offering to subject ourselves, or voluntarily adopting foreign citizenship obligations.

Furthermore, we wish for it to be known and recognized that our lands, our soil, our businesses, our bodies, our labor, our livestock, our cities, towns, port facilities, roads, borders, and other infrastructure, our intellectual property, our patents, our trademarks, our copyrights, our Good Names, our surveys, money, credit, securities, and all else of material and immaterial value that is rightfully ours, is claimed for our benefit and the benefit of our country.

We wish to operate honorably and with compassion and respect for all other countries and nations that have been harmed by the British Territorial and Municipal Subcontractors and their endless wars for profit, their endless mercenary profiteering, and their reckless disregard for the health and well-being of this planet and the people and animals that call Earth our home.  

We wish for an official, transparent, conscious, just, and honest settlement of all debts on all sides, and where a national debt cannot reasonably be repaid we wish to forgive it, and clear the way for the future.  We do not believe in or tolerate multi-generational debt. We recognize that death puts an end to indebtedness, and so we stand in full compliance with Ecclesiastical Law, willing for peace, and ready for it.  

To those nations like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Ukraine, which have suffered political interference from and devastating damage at the hands of these Municipal Corporations, please know that although Americans worked for these Corporations, they are not American Corporations.  They are British Territorial and City of Rome Municipal Corporations that have been run amok by foreign financial interests, including the Bank of England, the Bank of Scotland, and other Central Banks and Securities firms. 

Please know that the vast majority of the American people who enlisted to serve these war mongering Municipal Corporations had no idea that they were working as foreign mercenaries engaged in wars for profit, nor did they know that they were exposing your countries to pollution via nuclear waste, any more than they knew that they were themselves being murdered by exposure to the same nuclear waste.

We wish that upon recoupment of our assets we shall do everything in our power to bring peace and plenty and health back to everyone on this planet.  We wish for all the filthy corporations, including the banks and other institutions that have profited from promoting war and death and theft and disease at Public Expense, to be liquidated, so that they can never again cause unnecessary strife and divisiveness, break the peace, interfere in the lawful business of sane nations, lie to innocent recruits, stage False Flags, murder for profit, or use banking and currency as a means to politically coerce and target anyone or any nation. 

We are done with Evil and we have recognized it for what it is.  

There is only one true sovereignty, the sovereignty of All That Is, and one true king, our Creator, the Living God.  Just as there is no Dual Sovereignty available to or conveyed upon the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, there is no Dual Sovereignty upon the Earth.  

There is only one Universal Consciousness that freely gives life to all things, and an infestation of demonic dead entities --- mindless, faceless, gluttonous, inhuman corporations which have been allowed to proliferate in the name of Mammon. 

We wish that from now on no corporation shall exist solely to profit its shareholders, and that a true and accurate understanding of what money and credit are and are not, will be freely shared throughout the Earth, so that nobody can be victimized or misled about money, credit, and securitization again.  

We are the value and the source of all valuations, each one of us, and each country on Earth.  We wish for an end to ignorant idolatry of money and the beginning of a world which uses money as a tool to accomplish good and worthy goals at every scale of existence. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                   The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 16th 2023


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      " I had to work with government departments for over 30 years. I learned 3 important lessons fairly early on: 1) official narratives on any topic never match reality; 2) legislation is always titled the opposite of what it actually designed to do; and 3) government commissions, studies, reports, etc. and put in place to cover up the truth or provide information that will justify government actions whether policy or legislation."

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    3. Mmmmm... What a warm, fuzzy feeling I get when articles like this, absolutely chock full of the truth, forces the demonic dead entities --- mindless, faceless, gluttonous, inhuman, festering, diseased, sub-humans to ooze out from under their hiding places. It's obvious that Anna Maria Riezinger is on the right path and trajectory! We're gonna make sure that her messages get disbursed far and wide! God bless you, Anna!

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  6. The "Crimson Permanent Assurance" short movie begins, within the first 30 seconds, with a scene of a Chief Accountant holding a clip board on which is a titled report "The Very Big America Corporation."

    Sidebar - Into the Anna Search window (to right of blog,) I typed:

    Permanent Assurance

    Only one (1) article came up in that search, identified as:

    Friday, November 2, 2018 Analysis of FDR's First Inaugural Speech - Why No American Should Vote Democrat. Ever.
    By Anna Von Reitz
    For you --- the First Inaugural Speech of FDR,

    But two references, by FDR, came up, in his speech, to PERMANENT & ASSURANCE.

    "...The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not narrowly nationalistic. It is the insistence, as a first consideration, upon the interdependence of the various elements in all parts of the United States--a recognition of the old and PERMANENT(ly) important manifestation of the American spirit of the pioneer. It is the way to recovery. It is the immediate way. It is the strongest ASSURANCE that the recovery will endure..."

    ". . .We face the arduous days that lie before us in the warm courage of the national unity; with the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious moral values; with the clean satisfaction that comes from the stem (STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathmatics?) performance of duty by old and young alike. We aim at the ASSURANCE of a rounded and PERMANENT national life...."

    Watch the short movie which introduces the feature presentation "The Meaning of Life."

    And laugh, engage in the "TruthOver," take the power (of truth) and win.

    1. On this web site, in the search box to the right, search "Permanent Assurance"


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  14. "We the People" are the sovereigns! Anna, you have said this before so continue saying it and do not deviate. "We the People" are the sovereigns!


  15. Comment Section: to John at

    "John, I sympathise with your frustration, i was educated at an OSB school.
    Magna carter 1215 was a contract between Barons/Lords and the king, not the people.
    Bill of rights 1688 was a contract between the king/queen and the Land lords (Temporal) Church Lords (spiritual) and the Estates (commons) not the people.
    People did not get the vote (suffrage franchise) women did not get the vote till 1928... only 40 shilling land owners were allowed the the vote in 1688.. so as you can see back in 1688 you were not part of the club and that is what the "laws" are based on.

    sorry to say it, but yes the vatican Jesuits are not good, but get over it and understand history and read the law from 1066, it is all about land and right to/attached to it.

    You and me have rights to use land under trust (3rd level), we are managed."

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