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Friday, June 16, 2023

Reply to Darrell Gehlsen

 By Anna Von Reitz

No, Darrell, that is NOT correct.  Oregon State is a trust. It is not the same as Oregon the sovereign nation-state and you are the one with rocks in your head on that one. 

You are also showing your ugly mistaken colors. 

The Federation is the Summoning Authority that brings the States into Session and is responsible for guiding the process and seating the States once the assemblies are fully functional with an educated populace and all four functions in operation. 

Until that time the Federation can and will dissolve any assembly that gets off track and we have already done so multiple times. 

You are all a bunch of dangerous ignoramuses blundering around and thinking highly of yourselves and your purported knowledge but you are thinking the same way as Bruce Doucette and the Colorado Nine.  

They thought they knew better than me, too, and look where their pride and anger put them? 

That’s where you are going , too, but I will dissolve The Oregon Assembly before I let you and your pals misrepresent our States of the Union and we can and will start over without you. 

Just because you were born in this country doesn’t give you any right to trash it, disrespect it’s history, or ignore it’s laws. 

You got that?  

After the way you have acted and the dirt you’ve spread, it would serve you right if Washington annexed Oregon and got not only your land but the money that is owed to you. 

There is one and only one State Assembly in each State—- and the Oregon State Jural Assembly—- pretending to be a “Jural Assembly” for a State Trust—- isn’t it. 

So take your misbegotten ideas and your anger right on down the road. What you are pushing is a crime and leads to prison and that isn’t what we, the rest of us, are here for. 

On Thu, Jun 15, 2023 at 7:57 PM Darrell Gehlsen  wrote:
Your dementia is showing. There is Oregon, which is also Oregon State.
Those are two ways to call the land TJ  that has borders defined by the Oregon constitution.
Then there is the State of Oregon, which is a corporation.
You have no authority to do anything in Oregon.
Your position in Oregon is that of a foreigner. You have no say in Oregon.
The Federation of States was created by the states.
The states control the Federation of States, not the other way around.
Time for you to shut your mouth and quit dinging everyone to support you.

Darrell LeRoy Gehlsen


  1. "The Federation is the Summoning Authority that brings the States into Session and is responsible for guiding the process and seating the States once the assemblies are fully functional with an educated populace and all four functions in operation.

    Until that time the Federation can and will dissolve any assembly that gets off track and we have already done so multiple times. "

    Gee. Sounds like the public recorded folks manning those assemblies have no authority but what the "federation" allows them. Who the Fek wants that? Thats even more unaccountable than the existing Corrupt Systems.

    Nobody voted you fiduciary, nobody sat belcher as "head of state" or whatever you claim him to be. You have ZERO authority. Just another allowed Narrative to Confuse and keep busy the decent people seeing this shit for what it is, and being co-opted to do Nothing useful.

    Clowns the Lot.

    1. Go Away! Stop being a bully and ignoramus! Nobody asked for your opinion which is only opinion and not fact.

    2. Gibberish. Just like Darrell. Two busted radiators gurgling in the shadows under the hood. Must be cheap Chinese parts.


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  2. Hey ewe two - "Darrell LeRoy Gehlsen" & DARRELL LEROY GEHLSEN & DARREL L GEHLSEN, Etc., And ewe Anonymous June 16, 2023 at 8:36 AM:
    There is freedom amongst barriers. We are amid barriers of fraudulent creations; But yet, the way out is the way through, and as a thing is bound it is unbound - unless you are maybe kin to the destroyer?"

    And if a "destroyer" please dissolve.

  3. Idaho is trying to annex Oregon starting with the eastern counties. It's a C.I.A. operation to destroy borders...ALL borders in my opinion, and to appoint a Satanic mafia puppet to each new region. This has been in the works for a long time, and the vote to do so was rigged of course. Is Washington State attempting to do so as well?

    1. It is not Idaho but Oregon trying to change its border. Won't happen!

    2. They have definitely been infiltrated in the Oregon State Assembly. They need to be dissolved immediately. Along with the Clown and his rhetoric.

    3. AMEN!!! Dissolve Oregon Assembly IMMEDIATELY to prevent any further harm.

  4. Simple. One Federation, one Assembly per state. All the fakers, frauds and willfully uneducated need dissolved.

  5. When was the vote to elect Anna "Fiduciary"and James Belcher " Head of Sate " ?

    1. Clearly, well before you awoke, Pal!

      As you have a picture of Corporate "Mercenaries" on your profile, you clearly don't know the difference between Mercenaries and de jure Military.

      Mercenaries operate under the Flag of War, and swear Pagan Oaths to support their misguided agenda(s), One will never see de jure Military swearing Pagan Oaths, nor will you ever see de Jure Military flying the Corporate Flag of War.

      If we need any more poop out of Ewe, I'll be sure to give your head a gentle squeese, my gormless friend!

    2. No Free elections No Vote , No voice of the People, Therefore it is Declared and Decreed Self Appointed Self Righteous unauthorized Impersonators Anna And James Belcher, and all other name derivatives are impersonators acting in the theater of war for the Peoples Enemies and are officially served notice they are Fraudulent , Null and Void, Dismissed as if they never were, because they stole the free will choice of the people making them Law Breakers and Impostures, just like Biden and Company who gained power and position by stealing the peoples choice, This is treason and a violation of the Ten Commandments. Follow these frauds declared by two witnesses , you too are are a fraud, Tread at your own risk.

    3. Dear Patriot58 Framer and also "Patriot144 June 16, 5:50 PM"

      You have each miss (or opportune?) "Factual/Actual" about Life (you may also get instructed on this subject at a coastal tidal pool.)

      Instruction 1. "Life" does what it must to persist.
      Instruction 2. "Death" is in contest with "Life."
      Instruction 3. "Death" is not Life."
      Instruction 4. "Life" is good. Death masquerades as if Life, is bad.

      Life "Lifts" Good. Death claws at Life to drag it down - Bad

      We who support Anna, James, Paul, and "team assemble" are Life.
      We who support Anna, James, Paul, and "team assemble" Lift Life.

      You drag Life down.

      KJV John 8:28 "...When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am the one I claim to be, and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the father taught me..."

    4. Subject matter of Life, Death, and Lift, may also be observed in the work of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" - not necessarily a "religious" concept.

    5. Axiom - Power is taken, Not given.

      Thank you, you who are good, and who take back power for good. Thank you Anna, James, Paul, et al.

  6. These are all opinion pieces until it actually comes with actual evidence things are happening much like the truther movement and democrats and republicans most bs to keep you divided and confused

  7. Stop this nonsense. You too Anna. This is an ego fest all the way around. Do you want civil war? That is what you'll get. Just fucking stop it! You're not going to take over anybody's state/State. This is not Europe. Every State is armed. Think about what you're saying and let cooler heads prevail.

    1. Nobody mentioned war or aggression, except for you.

      I see no ego or Saber Rattling on Anna's part, only the expose of deceptive vermin as they're being chased out of the room.

    2. Are you fucking stupid? You try to take over some other State and see what happens.

    3. To Anonymous June 16, at 3:49 PM, who is born of the "Are you fucking stupid?"

      There is no "takeover" - It would be a "Truth Over."

  8. Well I Have Not Researched Everything, And Research Is What's Required.
    However I Will Say Despite All Of The Will Mentioned Information, This Country Was Founded With Very Will Established Occupants When It Was So Called Found. Kind Of Like Someone Coming To Your House And Saying Hay You Guys, Look What I Found, As We All Know. Anyway I Will Say That The Current Illegitimate American Government's One World System Has Failed, And Has No Possible Chance Of Any Kind Of A Future. Brics Nations Will Clearly Be The Way To Go. All Of Us Will Never Agree On All Things. And, With All Of My Respect To Anna And The Rest Of You, Anna Is Almost One Of The Only True Warriors To Actually Mention The Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking And Satellite Weapons No Touch Torture Programs. You Would Be Amazed At How Many Doors I Physically Knocked On And Emails I Have Sent. And Everyone I Encountered Acted As Though
    Death Would Collect Them Right Then And There If They Said Anything About This Program. There Are A Few Online Groups Who Claim To Be Help Groups, Some Are And Some Are Government Fronts. But When I Reached Out To All The News And Legal Agencies They All Followed Their Orders And Pretended As Though They Have Never Heard Of Such A System. Even While I Was Being Illegally Delayed And Stolen From In Germany, Turkey, Armenia And Georgia I Got The Exact Same What Are You Talking About Response. I Even Went Through The Asylum Process While Staying In A Refugee Camp In Georgia. I Got Assistance From UNICEF While At The Refugee Camp And Legal Assistance In The Court Process. No Matter Where You Go, If That Country Is Bowing Down To The Illegitimate American Governments One World System This Is The Standard Response, What Are You Talking About. Yet, If I Had Made It Through Iran's Border Their Scientist And Ex Head Of Their Atomic Energy Projects Had Already Acknowledged And Confirmed This Program. In Fact He Remains Under Protective Guard Following Several Assassination Attempts. In Fact The Car He Was Driving With His Wife Next To Him Was Blown Up And Is Now In An
    Outside Museum Encased In Glass. Thank God He And His Wife Escaped The Car Prior To The Explosion. Anyway, Thanks Anna For At Least Acknowledging This Program. Most Of The World Is Now Banking On Brics Leaders China And Russia Because They Have The Satellites And Technology Needed To Protect Their Citizens And Nations From This Program That Is Clearly Attached To The Pharmaceutical
    Networks, Which Anyone Can Prove If They Can Reach The Countries Outside Of The One World Systems Control. It's Already Proven That They Are Zapping Everyone Under Their Control With Pain, Sicknesses, Mental Manipulation And All Of The Sick Sadistic Actions They, Their Willing Participants And Enforcers Continue To Brag About. Thanks Again, Talk To You Soon.

    Auston E Matthews
    "The Resistance And Correction"
    + 1 332 250 1756

    1. You missed mentioning the RHIC-EDOM program.

  9. Ditto. It will signal the other state Assemblies to "vet" newbies with heavy education and corrected education BEFORE they are allowed to hold any office. There should be a mandatory 1-year waiting period before newbies can hold any office. Hold them accountable, and stop allowing infiltrators with dangerous ideologies and agendas like BLM and Nazism.

  10. You guys still think there is a "federation"? There is no 'federation', there is just Anna Von Reitzenshnitzel and her husband. They ARE 'the federation'. Prove me wrong. Provide all the names of the people who comprise the fabled 'federation'. Who are they and how did they became part of 'the federation', how long have they been members, what were their qualifications to be appointed members, and who appointed them? Multiple requests have been made to Seraph Anna about WHO are the people of the federation and the requests have either been ignored, the requestor has been called names and insulted, or been replied with "none of your business". Until the the members of 'the federation' are made evident, there is no 'summoning authority', as Anna states. Anybody who allows them such authority is naive. It would be better if Anna would be transparent and honest and admit that she, or she and her sidekick husband ARE the 'federation'. In her diatribe above, and in most of her rants, she primarily uses the word "I" and "me" and rarely uses the word "we", with "we" likely being a slip-up. If this movement is ever to gain speed, people need to stop believing in the the fairtale "federation" concept. It doesn't exist.

    1. This may be the most intelligent comment on this article.

  11. Anna needs compensation for babysitting.

  12. Climbed up a miles long ladder that took many years. To get back down gotta take same steps.

  13. Don't you morons see what's going on here? The inception of another banking cabal. This is the carrot-stick to control state assemblies, and what follows. May I remind you three central banks were stood up early in American history, and all three charters were revoked after their 20 year stint? And finally the con artists permanently embedded the Federal Reserve.

    The federation has no right to dissolve a people assembled. The federation has no right to withhold pirate booty from its principal owner. The federation has no right to annex a people's land to another state. If you receive this corruption of thought, people, you'll be bound by it.

    What delegated powers are these, "O Great Anna, Hereditary Acting King of America"?