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Friday, June 16, 2023

An End to the Nonsense

 By Anna Von Reitz

Recently, we have been seeing would-be  District Government Interlopers trying to create THEIR assemblies and substitute these British Territorial “assemblies” for the American State Assemblies we've already established. 

This is part and parcel of their modus operandi --- they substituted their states-of-states for our American states-of-states after the Civil War, and they are trying to do the same thing with our Federal Republic and with our State Assemblies.  

These are attempts to commandeer the rightful State Assemblies and twist them into something that they, the foreign powers, can control.  

The Big Lie now is that there is "Dual Sovereignty" in this country and that there are two (2) State Assemblies, but in fact what they are talking about are their own assemblies --- their District assemblies and their Municipal assemblies, neither one of which have anything to do with the American States or the American State Assemblies. 

In 1937, as we have demonstrated, the two foreign Federal Subcontractors issued what they called "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" -- and openly colluded against their employers.  

Anyone who wants a copy of this is welcome to get a photo copy from our website showing all the original signatories.  

The States of the Union hadn't been in Session for decades, so, they figured, why not "declare" ourselves the only "governments" in this country, and collude together to establish our "Dual Sovereignty"?  

But there are a number of problems with this theory.  

First and foremost, both the entities housed in the District of Columbia are foreign Municipal Corporations and as corporations possess no sovereignty at all.  And their foreign "independent, international city state" has no use permit allowing it to have any land in this country. 

Second, the American States are in Session, which instantly displaces any claim that these interlopers have to rule over anyone but their own employees.  

The foreign Federal Subcontractors have control of approximately 25 million American employees, split between them, compared to the General Public of around 295 million Americans. 

So in terms of numbers, our State Assemblies overwhelmingly represent the people of this country, but many Americans continue to be confused and to think that because they live in The United States, they must therefore be "US citizens".  This is not the case. 

Citizenship means that you have an obligation to serve the government.  The only kind of citizenship that is part of the American Government is State Citizenship.  

All forms of "US citizenship" or "U.S. Citizenship" or "Federal Citizenship" or "National citizenship" are foreign and refer to the political status of Federal Corporation Employees.  Not us.  

These are the ones promoting an illegal "National Militia".  These are the ones promoting the idea that you can have a "Jural Assembly" that exists apart from the actual State Assembly.  

Pay attention to the language.  Always. 

What is Ron Vrooman and his pals Darrell Gehlsen and Robert Graves actually promoting?  Look at the words:  "Oregon State Jural Assembly".   

If this was the authentic State Jural Assembly it would simply say, "Oregon Jural Assembly".  

So what is going on here?   How is "Oregon State" different from "Oregon"?  

As I have explained numerous times before, when the British Interlopers took over our State-of-State functions on a purportedly "emergency basis" they forced all the existing States to develop a new "State of State Constitution" to allow this.  

At the same time, all the assets of the prior American State of State organization and all the assets presumed to belong to the actual State were bundled up and cashiered in a State Trust overseen by the Brits. 

They named these State Trusts all in the same way and form: Wisconsin State,  Florida State,  California State, Texas State --- and to put off the scent of what they were doing, they simply neglected to add the obvious missing word "Trust".  It should be: Wisconsin State Trust, Florida State Trust, California State Trust, Texas State Trust.....just as they conveniently omitted the word "Incorporated" from the name of the Scottish commercial corporation they named after us.  

If they were honest and added the word "Trust" to "Oregon State", you and I would know that these trusts existed, and as the Presumed Donors, we might demand that they be dissolved in our own favor, which would take the power away from the British Interlopers and lawfully convert the assets back into American control. And they didn't want that. 

They still don't want that.  

It's up to you to show your guts and intelligence and take it all back, and not be confused by these wordsmiths. 

Ask yourselves --- are our States of the Union trusts?   No, they are not.  Our States of the Union are actual, factual, physically defined unincorporated entities.  They never appointed any Trustees to take over our land and soil jurisdiction and only a very limited trusteeship on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways. 

These same people will try to confuse you about the Federation of States and try to make it sound like "the Federation" is the equivalent of the Federal Subcontractors, when they are the ones representing the Federal Subcontractors and acting as Federal Citizens, too. 

That's always their modus operandi -- to pretend to be us and give us a black eye while doing so.   

The American Federation of States is not the Subcontracting Federal Government.  

Without the Federation of States, none of your State Assemblies would be in Session.  Without the Federation of States you would have no Indemnity Bonds.  Without the Federation of States, you would have no commercial liens holding your own property for you. Without the Federation, foreign Creditors of your federal employees would already be claiming your property as "abandoned property".  

Without your Federation of States, you would be in exactly the position Thomas Jefferson predicted --- landless, stateless tenants on the land your Forefathers earned.  

You all owe a huge debt to the Federation which is the only part of your original American Government that was still functioning in 1998 when all the dirt went down and you were all dead asleep.  And it is still the only part of your original American Government fighting for you in the international arena. 

So wake up and do your part.  Wake all the way up and look sharp and hard.  

Each Assembly has four distinct functions.  There is a General Assembly, an International Business Assembly, a Militia Assembly, and a Jural Assembly.  All these functions are performed by members of the General Assembly acting in different capacities.  

There is no separate entity operating as a Jural Assembly in our system of government.  The Jural Assemblies are all part of The State Assembly and are drawn from The State Assembly membership. 

Our Jural Assemblies are not operated as separate foreign incorporated entities, and they don't represent any judicial function for any State Trusts. They are the judicial functionaries for the actual State. 

Our job isn't to operate any foreign State Trusts "in our own names". 

Our job is to collapse and dissolve these State Trusts in our own favor and take back control of our own country and run our own government. 

We are not interested in colluding with the self-declared "Dual Sovereign" Interlopers and we don't need or want their representatives in our Assemblies.  

No matter how loudly they declare that they have done their paperwork and are "back on the land" --- their words and their actions say differently.  Kick them out and draw the line.  

They either act as Americans and help restore the American Government or they are required to go join the District or Municipal Assemblies where they belong. 

That goes for everyone associated with them.  If you want to join the British Interlopers, go.  If you want to join the Papist Municipal theocracy, go.  Peace be unto you.  

That's not who we are and that's not what we are doing. 

There isn't going to be any merger of The Oregon Assembly and the Oregon State Jural Assembly.  

There is and there can be only one valid State Assembly in each State of the Union and one State Jural Assembly, known simply as The Oregon Jural Assembly, and operated by the members of The Oregon Assembly.  Period. 


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  1. Why would anyone not want to be a part of the State Jural Assembly? Geez! Life is hard enough without going outside your lane and screwing this up and making a mess of things. Hopefully, these men are just confused and not trying to commit treason against the Americans! If so, there is a high penalty for that crime! Just saying!

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    2. Yawn . . . hmm. Yawn (again) . . . pass me the chips and beer Anonymous June 16, at 1:28 PM.

      Yeah, "Why would anyone . . .?" Except my couch is lumpy, I need a new couch . . . munch munch, yawn.

  2. I wish I was an American! You are so far ahead. I can't find anyone near me for any kind of community building. It's tough.

  3. Why identify the Free Assemblies of the states without the state? the state? the state? The State , we are the living states---,Estates...... by: for example, Oregon State, the Devil worshipers changed to State of Oregon, Von Reitz knocked Michigan, who were the forerunners before she even wiped the shit from her eyes, knocked them , after she praised them and was in agreement with them, 5- 7 years ago. Then she wrote a Jurat assembly book , knocked all the work done before her, declared herself Fiduciary and king of the Assemblies. She flip flops facts bi monthly, she counterriots herself over and over, this is fact , this is what the enemy does also, Papal and British Oligarch. All i mention can be verified by simply revisiting her rancid rabbit trail all on the public record. Case and Point, why would anyone in their right mind believe this shit, follow this distorted , unrighteous, treasonous, turn coat but very clever bull shit? Because they are under a strong delusion, afraid to take back their responsibility to so govern so will instead, give up their Sovereignty to filthy lukers like Anna , Papal and Britt scum.. Very clever with the language but that 300 million you
    common stock you speak of , your primary goal to seize and to have relinquish their estate and power , are going to torrential rain down hail fire and brimstone on you your handlers, the papal, and the British Oligarchy, and then all above mentioned will be frozen in time space and matter, where you belong for you mass deception against humanity. I am absolute unless
    you have been Lobotomized , like in the Planet of the Apes movie, or you are just too dam blind or stupid to articulate, the truth the people rally need to take to heart in the matter at hand, that is a matter of life and death. Do the world in which you identify. a favor, shut up unless you can back your language and rabbit trails with Facts that can be verified through true historical history and not your dammed reedition of it.

    1. Here we go again with the name calling ignorant and uneducated trolls who are getting paid to try to railroad your project because it is a threat to their scam on the American people!🤣

    2. Some worthy points here…I get pissed at her from time to time too. I would like some footnotes and research material to read over.
      In her defense, she hits the nail on the head more than making union marks. The thing that bothers me most is the dog like loyalty of some who defend without asking questions or thinking for themselves.
      Unless you have actually had a conversation with her you don’t know she wants you to reason and think this through and do your own research.

    3. An idiot is defined as "not a member of that society",so obviously you are an idiot!

    4. Your points are not worthy Anonymous June 16, at 6:32 PM :

      You are lazy. There are more "foot notes" and "research material" herein than you could ever grasp or fathom.

      " like loyalty..."

      go squat and bark you lazy liar.

    5. Laura June 16, at 2:25 PM - You write to induce snooze, you are the poppy field in the Wizard of Oz. Knock off drinking booze. Have a cup of coffee.

    6. Trolls motto-If you are to stupid to debate the information-Just attack the person presenting it!!! Bingo every time😄

  4. One more thing, you say you had to sever ties Bruce Dorcette, who got 40 years for listening to you, who you turned on after you seen the FEDS were coming down, Bruce fought but unfortunately you turned against him and others to save yourself. You didn't give a rats ass about anyone but yourself , making you a dark soul and turn coat. In the end you blame the patsy pawns you set up to be slain in a system impersonating the real Government alight, one that you obviously promote and work for, otherwise you would have been given 40 years in the clink also. You were the ringleader and guilty of far more than Dorcette. How Curious your now ringleader of a new agenda of the fourth kind , no doubt. Special place for souls like yours w0man,

    1. Not quite like that Laura…I was there , intimately involved and maybe a breath away from the same fate as Bruce. He didn’t want to follow all the remedies layed out that myself and others did. I was an original Continental Marshal, I helped people on a biweekly call to do 928 Paperwork. Bruce made some bad decisions based on wrong headed assumptions that we warned him about. It was a really terrible thing. It would have only required him staying with the paperwork and not straying into the fed sandbox. It almost happened to the Marshals and some even got arrrested because they listened to that moron Michael Hamilton. Being #2 I had only limited influence and did what little I could. I looked to Anna for help and got something else instead. You won’t find the 2 articles she wrote about me because I threatened to sue her, Stramer and Ed Movious for publishing absolute fabricated bullshit…
      I am regularly deleted from these blogs because I am outspoken and they are all butthurt.

  5. It is so easy to spot the trolls😂 You would think they would hire more intelligent people to represent them! Seriously you are not fooling anyone. You are pathetic!!!

    1. Dear Laura Liberty - thank you for the blah, blah, blah, blah.

  6. These are all opinion pieces if she wanted to prove any of the stuff she talks about like she would show court documents with case number that can be looked up but she never does and if she really liquidated the Saint Germain trust she wouldn’t need your donations to do all the stuff like trips to Rome and the fund stuff with donations she would have plenty of money

    1. Good point…and if you notice , every now and then there is another carrot about getting $.. or prepaid credit cards..
      Remember even Anna says money is an idol and it’s against Gods 1st Commandment to worship it.
      What keeps most here ?
      I am here because I want Justice. I want what was agreed to. It was nothing more than a business deal . We own what we have, they protect our property, deliver the mail and protect the border..that’s it.

  7. There are many shills.
    Fraud promoters.

  8. Past Issues – Book of the States

    All issues from 1935 through 2021 complete as PDF.
    For The Declaration of Interdepence See Volume 02 1937 PDF pg 19 22 23 (19 is book Page xvi)

    1. Typo correction:
      For The Declaration of Interdependence See Volume 02 1937 PDF pg 19 22 23 (19 is book Page xvi) in Volume_02-1937-CSG-BOS.pdf

  9. Something farting banana the crapshit hag.

  10. [thats-nice:dear]

    1. thats nice dear, is Anna begging Paul to send cover to delete comments that do not place her in a positive light, Creating a false light that deepens and affirms the fact that's Shes a fraud on a script , it keeps the donations rolling in. Shes a fraud with a big eraser, when smart people see through her lying acts and words she erases it because she is a coward and afraid to face the truth why? because the truth is not in this RACKET she pushes. Fearful of the truth she cannot be courteous and answer or debate ,she erases proving the truth is not in her. I personally want to face my challengers and answer their concerns, that may differ from mine, my readers, audience are important to me , even those who do not agree. Anna just erases and runs and hides , just like liars and frauds are known to do, Any questions?

    2. Again, they attack the person because they are too stupid to hold a intelligent conversation!!!

  11. Colorado Nine Interviews /witness testimony complete, will be published in the very near future. You cannot erase this one Anna thats nice Dear.

    1. I will read it, however it had better be sourced and footnoted. I was there.

  12. Seems many people are missing the point.
    Perhaps a PR dept with a suggestions and complaints section should be added to the requirements so that the reconvening process can continue unhindered.
    A timeline with an arrow indicating where the all American The USA stands and what is still to be done would allow people to see where their input can be useful.
    Perhaps a list with check boxes from which commenters must identify their status could be added to the comments,
    (Please correct if I have misidentified the options)
    American State National
    British Territorial CITIZEN slave
    British Territorial Municipal CITIZEN Slave
    Satanist Nazi resident
    None of the above
    I'm in the last category.

  13. Would it help if we all went to Bouvier's Law Dictionary and looked up a Republican form of government? Let's all read it together. Now let's go to Joseph Story's Comments on the Constitution where it tells us we must make our claim for our Article IV Section 4 Republican form of government. It seems to me Anna is giving good advice. It might help to get the word out in a more timely fashion to put efforts into having our over 3100 counties on board and accounted for along with a delegate from each State who get their walking orders for "We the People." A Representative format might make it easier to come to some conclusions.