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Friday, June 16, 2023

The National Trust Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Trusts are essentially contracts in which one person, the Donor, entrusts property assets of some kind, material or immaterial, to a Trustee, who is obligated to act according to the Donor's instructions established either verbally or by written Trust Indenture, either on behalf of the Donor as the intended Beneficiary or a Third Party intended to be the Beneficiary of the Trust. 

Trusts are among the oldest forms of incorporated business structures and were used during the Crusades to protect and pass on property of the Crusaders in their absence.  Such Testamentary Trusts established a Last Will and Testament regarding the distribution of property assets in the event that the owner was killed overseas or did not return within a stipulated number of years. 

What happens, however, when a trust is not established and the owner dies --- in fact, or by legal presumption --- without a Will?  Then the King or other Authority with vested interest becomes the Trustee and has control of the property and the courts have the right to distribute the assets as they see fit. 

We have referred to this as a "Public Interest" in private property, but when a sovereign, such as the British Monarch, acts in a private capacity "as" the Public Interest, it has the same effect of promoting a non-consensual trust interest that is merely presumed to exist. 

This opens up an opportunity for courts to act abusively and against the interests of the actual owners, a situation that was so common in France at one time, that the court officers became known as "Executors de Son Tort" --- Executors without a right or cause to be Executors. 

Imagine this situation being applied not only to hundreds of millions of living people, but also to their nations and countries?  

This is precisely what has happened. 

The Dead Baby Scams -- both of them -- result in the victims being declared legally dead and intestate, that is, without leaving a Will. This then leaves the courts with a free hand to probate the estate and for the officers of the court to act as Executors de Son Tort in favor of the King or the Pope or other Principal thought to have an interest in the resulting estates. 

In the case of our country, The United States, our Government went silent in the wake of The American Civil War, and our foreign Subcontractors, here to provide "essential services" under the stipulations of our Federal Constitution contracts and the underlying treaties, took full advantage of our interregnum.  

These foreign government service providers claimed to be vested with Emergency Powers and claimed to represent us in our absence. 
They rolled the assets of our States into State Trusts controlled by them, and the foreign Principals presumed trusteeship and set up their own courts on our soil, where their court officers have acted as Executors de Son Tort ever since. 

In fact, our Government never "died" and except for being suppressed by the self-interested contractors, has remained active if uninformed and confused; we have continued to function internationally and have called our States into Session to conduct business.  

In fact, no valid and fully disclosed registrations of our General Population have taken place and no circumstance has arisen that could justify the existence of hundreds of millions of presumed-to-exist intestate estate trusts and derivatives of various kinds, all being subject to foreign powers and foreign systems of law, but conveniently being purportedly operated for us and under our names, both as individuals and in "the name of" our country.  

All of this fraud and unsubstantiated and undisclosed presumption has been operated against us by foreign Jurists for Hire acting as Executors de Son Tort--- all of which is extremely unlawful and cause for the liquidation/forfeiture of the parent corporations and their franchises and administrative assets. 

In fact, there is no agreement contractual or by treaty allowing the existence of a probate court anywhere within the physical borders of our States of the Union, nor is there any provision for the existence of General Military Courts, sometimes called Special Admiralty Courts, anywhere within the borders of our States.  

Whether these courts have been operated as Federal "District" Courts or "State of State" Courts is immaterial, as all these have been operated by either one of the Municipal Corporation parent organizations operating the District Courts, and then also operating the "State of State" Courts as franchises obligated to obey the parent Municipal Corporations. 

In all these many years, we, the State Citizens and our Federation of States,  have never been given Notice of what our erstwhile Federal Subcontractors suppositioned about us, nor the actions that they have taken in our purported "absence".  

All this European intrigue and legalistic fraud has come as a unwelcome surprise and is an obvious breach of both trust and contractual obligations on the part of the other Principals and also those Municipal Corporations operated by the Principals as the actual on-site service providers. 

 All these State Trusts operated as, for example --- the Virginia State [Trust], the Wisconsin State [Trust], the New York [Trust]...  are owed dissolution in favor of our actual States and their State Assemblies, operating simply as Virginia, Wisconsin, New York, etc. 

These are all American State assets and should be under American State control. 

The fact that the victims have been abused in this manner by friends and allies owing them "good faith service" is indeed shocking and criminal and we wish for simple and prompt remedy, first of all bringing all operations into compliance with our treaties and service contracts, and second of all, releasing our assets to our own control without any further legal presumptions or self-interested suppositions.  

We wish for ample time and peace to sort these issues out and come to an honorable and equitable settlement, and also a proper accounting of exactly what political status people choose when given full disclosure.  

We note that similar Breaches of Trust have occurred in Britain and the former Commonwealth and similar means have been used throughout the western sphere of influence to empower and glorify criminally inclined corporations at the expense of living men and women.  

It is clear upon the Public Records that none of us and none of our countries and none of our nations agreed to be ruled over by self-interested Municipal and/or Commercial Corporations.  Any supposition otherwise is unjustified and unsupported.  

It is well past time for these errors to be corrected and for the Roman Curia, the Pope, the Inner City of London Administration, the British Monarch and all others responsible for this Mess to accept the responsibilities that go with the rights established under both international and Ecclesiastical Law. 

We wish for all property interests naturally vested in the names, identities and souls of our respective people and our countries to be fully recognized and honored as property interests belonging to us and not to any incorporated service providers whatsoever. 

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                   The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 16th 2023 


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  1. More of their planned shit

    Love the sign at the end

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  3. This is absolutely fantastic

  4. [thats-nice:dear]

  5. Again just more opinion pieces no actual evidence with the sale of the Vatican on it

  6. Anoy'nmouse6:03AM

    WTH are you talkin about? No evidence. The slavery is enuff evidence, you bimbo. Americans were free and sovereign and they woke up with chains around their brains.
    And many will remain that way. Property taxes alone is evidence enuff that "taxpayers" {slaves}
    own nothing. There is nothing COMING that says "You will own nothing and be happy." They wouldn't tell you anyway. lt's "BEEN" here for over 100 years and none the wiser. The pirates already took it all. But theft by pirates does not change ownership. They can't take something they already have. But just don't pay your taxes and see who comes to put you off "THEIR LAND."
    lt's been said that "there's a glorious light shining from the past."
    Read read read, and maybe you'll find it like l did. Keep looking for things COMING and you will lose. Our Lord said on the cross "lt is done." The 7th angel is to sound last and what does the 7th angel say? "lT IS DONE."

  7. "It is clear upon the Public Records that none of us and none of our countries and none of our nations agreed to be ruled over by self-interested Municipal and/or Commercial Corporations. Any supposition otherwise is unjustified and unsupported.

    It is well past time for these errors to be corrected and for the Roman Curia, the Pope, the Inner City of London Administration, the British Monarch and all others responsible for this Mess to accept the responsibilities that go with the rights established under both international and Ecclesiastical Law.

    We wish for all property interests naturally vested in the names, identities and souls of our respective people and our countries to be fully recognized and honored as property interests belonging to us and not to any incorporated service providers whatsoever." - Anna Mara

    DearOurEverlastingOmnipresentFatherCreatorAlmightyHeavenlySpiritualIntelligence, AlwaysPresentInDNAofWeTheLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilPeoples, PleaseFreeDOMize TheWorld'sAllNationsAnd
    AndOutOfBrainlessAndHeatlessYoungGlobalLEADbrains, AndOutOfFraudgenic
    ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas,AndOutOfParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms,AndOutOfFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSERCOgroup AllPoweredByStealthlyHiddenUnderDoD/DoJ/WB/IMF/UN/WEF/WHO'sBabylonianRadhanitesMerchantBankersGenocidalPRIVATEDogma.
    "We wish for these offending (D.C.BasedAndAllOthersLocatedInCityStatesWorldwideAllFraudDrivenOnly4Profits.m) Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government" - AvR, et alia, AndPleaseRecreateTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'sBodyAndSoulToBeSoundlyHealthy, andProsperous, AndProtectWithAllOfYourMightAnna,James, Paul, AIMCATSAndP4I-MMcKibben
    TheCreatorOfSocialNetworkingWeAreUsingNowAndAllTheTruthMiners, et alia, AndAllTheRestOfTheMoralyActingAndMoralyLivingAndMoralyThinkingWeThePeoplesLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilWorldwideWillSincerelyFollow. m


    SP 800-63-3 Implementation Resources
    NIST Special Publication 800-63-3, Digital Identity Guidelines, is an umbrella publication that introduces the digital identity model described in the SP 800-63-3 document suite. It frames identity guidelines in three major areas:

    Enrollment and identity proofing (SP 800-63A),
    Authentication and lifecycle management (SP 800-63B),
    Federation and assertions (SP 800-63C).

    Hmm even the word FEDERATION in their NIST documents???


    2. There are 3 Federation Assurance Levels representing the assurance level of the user's federated assertion:
      FAL1 (low assurance),
      FAL2 (moderate assurance), and
      FAL3 (high assurance) based on NIST SP 800-63-3. Data Type. FAL Code. Version Number. 1.0. Usage Information.

      Federation Assurance Level (FAL): the assertion used in a federated environment to communicate authentication and attribute information to a RP. SP 800-63 is a suite of four documents: SP 800-63-3 (the parent document; your starting point for all


    3. And what do ya know they have a CHARTER
      Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Human Research Protections (SACHRP)
      Filed in Oct 2022
      Approved in September 2022

      October 1, 2022

      SEP 29, 2022

      Xavier Becerra

      Sunshine Act


    5. Keep digging it gets better

      The piracy pros or I mean the privacy pros

      Of course it is a non profit looking out for the privacy of NO ONE

  9. Mind blowing
    Universities had the intranet before the public and this is where on line gaming was BIRTHED folks

  10. Princess Di Lives! God Saved the Queen! You wont believe this picture... w/Trump