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Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Empire Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq:

Empire is defined as a political unit made up of several territories under one leadership, typically with a central power in a definite location ruling over various periphery territories or nations.  

Colonialism is the practice of dominating other countries for purposes of unjust enrichment through extraction of resources.  

The world woke up in the 1940's and decided that colonialism was parasitic and unfair, and the maintenance of colonies by foreign, mostly European powers, was politically and socially discredited. Not to be deprived of its ill-gotten income from its foreign colonies, Britain made a big show of ending the commonwealth system it used to maintain control of its former colonies, and at the same time, introduced a territorial regime based on Municipal Corporations acting as governments under contract.  

This form of empire which we call "Corporate Feudalism" proved to be distinctly worse than the Commonwealth system it replaced. It follows the same pattern established by Cecil Rhodes and the British South Africa Company--- a British Crown Corporation is hired to act as a Territorial Government and supplied with mercenaries and attorneys sufficient to bully and buy out any duly elected popular government.  

The victims are then assumed to be voluntarily accepting this Raj-like quasi-military foreign corporation occupying their territory, and the corporation gains control of the country's legislative and police and economic functions.  

They use corporations with names similar to the government they are replacing, so that the people hardly notice that they are now under occupation by a foreign power and being "administered" by a foreign, for-profit corporation.   

Please observe the semantic fraud involved in replacing the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America with a British Territorial Municipal Corporation doing business as The United States of 
America, Incorporated, or replacing the lawful government of Terra Australis with Australia, Incorporated.  

They typically try to justify this aggression by alleging that there is some kind of emergency that requires them to step in and act as custodians until such time as the emergency is resolved, or claim that the government of the targeted country is absent, non-existent, or otherwise impaired so that the population is endangered.  

We've seen what happened in America in the wake of the Civil War which was created and promoted by an Undeclared British Agent, Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney.  The overtaking of much of the Commonwealth occurred in a similar pattern.  

In America, the Civil War was the excuse and the emergency Britain used to establish a secretive and non-consensual custodial position allowing it to occupy our country at our own expense and using our own soldiers to do it.  

In the Commonwealth nations, Britain simply made a big show of releasing them from its hegemony, then stepped back while keeping the old government operations running.  When no new government formed and offered to take over, they walked back in, hung up their shingle, and again, asserted a non-consensual custodial role for themselves. 

For the seventeen occupied European countries and Japan, the occasion was the end of the Second World War and the unending custodial role of the Allies still secretly occupying all these countries and running them as for-profit corporations benefiting the British Empire.  

The Brits have thus quietly replaced the somewhat independent constitutional commonwealth governments, with a quasi-military government which they literally own, managed and supported by mercenary forces.  

They then use the "government" of this similarly named Municipal Corporation to control the native people via the imposition of "laws" styled as codes and regulations and statutes and public policies adopted by the corporation, which then operates the whole country as a for-profit business benefiting the British Empire. 

The British King, acting as Emperor, thinks he can wash his hands of any wrong-doing by these various corporations operating as his subcontractors providing governmental services for hire; after all, the British military isn't directly involved --- just British mercenaries hired by separate Municipal Corporations named after the countries they are occupying. 

The two-tiered system exposed in America with two Municipal corporations playing off each other in an endless game of Good Cop-Bad Cop, and a 60/40 split between the British and the Pope, is maintained throughout.  

This entire system abuses law, using the private "statutes" of corporations and their franchises to replace the public law of each country impacted by this fraud, so it is no surprise that the "governments" provided by these for-profit corporations have become increasingly corrupt, violent, and absurd in their administration.  

In America, foreign corporation interests have supported candidates for the private corporate offices used to mirror and impersonate our actual Congressional Offices, and have endeavored to fill these seats with homosexuals, transvestites, pedophiles, communists, fascists, village idiots and nutcases, so as to create the Circus Maximus-style entertainment that the American People are suffering now.  

And while Washington, DC, our Federal Capitol, stands vacant, our actual government in Philadelphia stands alone, claiming back all right, title, and interest, all material and immaterial assets which are owed to this country and its people.  

There can be no excuse for any further pretension that our government is in "interregnum" or that our lands are "abandoned" or that any foreign quasi-military corporation hired to provide custodial services for us has any business being here, occupying our States of the Union. All fifty State Governments are in Session and our Federation of States is active. 

The same applies to the nations within Great Britain and the former Commonwealth.  

All the states of Australia have taken action to establish claim and control over their land and soil, as have England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, which have brought forward their traditional Counties and Clans making up their indigenous government. And while these countries together with The United States stand ready to throw off the unauthorized yoke provided by these Municipal Corporations, the countries of western Europe and Japan are simply owed an end to the military occupation which has stifled them and thwarted their national character and bled their economies dry ever since the end of World War II. 

To put it all very, very bluntly, we've been under occupation by what appears to be our own Army at our own expense for 160 years without knowing a thing about it.  Neither the American people nor their Government was ever told what these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors were doing "in our names" --- literally by impersonating us and otherwise pretending to represent us.  

The same conditions apply in the British Home Islands, the former Commonwealth, Occupied Europe, Japan, and numerous other nations that have suffered the substitution of their elected popular governments by similarly named British Crown Corporations carrying out illegal and unlawful mercenary attacks and fraud schemes on their shores --- all in flagrant disregard of international treaties, service contracts such as the Constitutions, and international law overall.  

Listen to these two very short video clips which more than adequately describe the oppression and the greed and the reckless uncaring promoted by these British Territorial Corporations: 

During the Great Bengal Famine in India, the British, who had no right to be there, were levying a tax paid as rice extracted from Indian farmers, while sixty million Indian people were starving to death.  In the midst of this great humanitarian crisis, the heartless British Mercenaries extracted even more rice than usual --- which led to the "Quit India" movement, meaning that it was time for the British to leave India for good.

We are all involved now in a similarly peaceful but adamant demand that the British pack up and leave our countries and that their lawless Municipal Corporations and their erring commercial corporation franchises be liquidated once and for all.  

In this very brief video clip, 

Vandana Shiva very succinctly explains that Africa is starving -- not because of the war in Ukraine -- but because of out-of- control British-American Agribusiness interests destroying nutritionally superior local food sources.  This leads to chronic illness, which the same corporate interests also capitalize on.  

The evils of corporate self-interest and unbridled profiteering are self-explanatory. Emperor Charles III, Pope Francis, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London are all on the hot seat for promoting and allowing all this abuse of the living people by their paper fantasies.  

Emperor Charles III now occupies a foreign office while only appearing to sit on the British Throne and also only appears to be a Christian Monarch limited by the Constitutional Monarchy agreed to by the people of Britain. Instead, he has offered to rule over them as a pagan Emperor within a political system provided by the City of Rome.  

The "announcement" of this offer was made visual by the Coronation and the use of the Imperial Crown.  Like his Mother before him, Charles III cannot serve two Masters, and be both Roman Emperor and British King.  The people of Britain have observed this and replied within three days of the Coronation, turning down his offer.  They are owed a Christian Monarch and a limited Constitutional Monarchy, which they demand. 

They, in the presence of their indigenous governments, the Clan Chieftains, and the inheritors of the Norman Barons, join our claim before the Vatican Chancery Court seeking the liquidation of the offending Municipal Corporations and the associated Corporate Offices including the Chair of the Estates, as required under Ecclesiastical Law. 

We all wish for the end of all territorial occupations by mercenary forces, worldwide, and the liquidation of those Municipal and Commercial Corporations which have profited from war, death, disease, malnutrition, pollution, human trafficking, enslavement, and other crimes against humanity.  

We wish for Emperor Charles III to be displaced from any claim to the British Throne. Like his Mother, Charles III is promoting fraud, occupying a foreign office, and is secretly in conflict of interest.  He is defrauding the people of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales out of the Christian Monarch and Constitutional Monarchy they are owed, while pretending to represent them as King -- not Emperor.    

We, the living people and Lawful Persons,  wish for immediate and peaceful removal of the offending corporations which have acted as criminal and parasitic organizations feeding on the life-blood of our labor, natural resources, and economies--- corporations and corporate managers like Bill Gates, who have literally been causing the problems that they seek to profit from ---as exemplified by the recent so-called pandemic.  

There is enough misery in the world without a handful of mentally and emotionally deficient billionaires and trillionaires who have acquired their unjust enrichment via fraud schemes, idolatry, and violent crime, running around and deliberately causing more misery for profit.  We wish for these men and their corporations to be gone, all the purloined assets returned to the rightful owners, and the people set free of any pretense of war. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 17th 2023


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  1. To hold an assembly would be very cumbersome. Is there any executive committee for it?
    Was there any report for it?
    Were there photos of an assembly?

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    1. My dear Anus,

      I pray you continue to enjoy suffering in your ignorance. Lord willing, you will be awakened very soon to the solid Truth you refuse to learn about by your own efforts of studying. May He help and Bless you!

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    4. You banana maggot don't need to read crap banana’s 4000 ones because they are written about almost same thing which has no proof . So one can call them fairy tales of fabrications.

      To believe banana’s ones is not scientific , but religious .

      For example,
      Banana is using the word corporation as a stock company, it is a lie.
      Corporation is merely a public organisation, which is not necessarily a stock company. Banana scammer has been using it(corporation) as such one(stock company).

    5. Banana’s many articles in 4000 articles collapse by this only one thing.

    6. Hey there, MR. CRAP BANANA aka?, Mr Ed!___ Man was here first!, Who created Companies/ corporations? Answer > Man did, and therefore they ARE fictions of the mind of man, hence they don't exist, if man dissolves the power behind it!!!..."TITLES""CORPORATIONS' were created by men for the benefit of mankind, when they become harmful to man,(which the corporations now believe THEY are in authority over man and are stealing everyone blind), they are to be dissolved,....Sorry if your Pathetic Patriarchal heart can't stand a Wo-man calling the shots,__The Eagles wrote a perfect song for you, titled "Get Over It"!

    7. Hag’s 4200 Hoax articles.

    8. Anon June 18, 3:42, jealousy and name calling is un-becoming & what one does, when one has nothing else to offer...I hope you have a day job, because your interaction here sounds more like a temper tantrum of a two year old....

  3. Another opinion pieces like I said before show case documents with case number that we can look up ourselves

  4. Hence Amazon PRIME(add an 'e,E' annagram IT, and what does that SPELL Empire)
    And all their little brown boxes served up to their CONsumers with a smiley face on every package and plastered all over their ugly 'grey state' delivery trucks

  5. "BREAKING NEWS! Military landing in suburban neighbors in Larksper California. Massive military movements being reported in multiple states. Anyone have more info on this, please post below. My contact that sent this video is local military and says it is NOT a drill."

      What's with all the military movement being reported? Anyone have intel on this? Check it out

    2. Anonymouse7:05PM
      They've already taken it down.

  6. What is the meaning of ‘‘taken it down’’ ?
    deleted? erased?

  7. Anna...
    Best expose' as of yet.
    l feel we are nearing the end rapidly. Not sure of the commenter's videos above of a non-drill presence of military troops on our soil deployed out of helicopters on the ground in Governor Nuisance's California and tanks driving on our public roads up north
    {-east} out of Montreal, and by the Canadian border on our soil? Where's the announcement that this is not a drill or a presidential address that we are under attack as we speak? Where's the media??? Where's Elon? taking Twitter video down ? so we do not know we are under attack? Who is he working for ? & invasion by our own military? Where is all of them? 0 There is none. Nothing. They don't exist and they say that they are the president? really? REALLY? lf this is true, this is their last tango in Paris. They can't stop what's coming.
    Yeshua said in John
    16:33 [in part]..."be of good cheer for l have overcome the world."
    He will not let you fall.