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Friday, June 2, 2023

A Reply to "Q" and the Alliance -- June 1st 2023

 By Anna Von Reitz

Early on, I was contacted by "Q" --- a patriotic young man, and asked for some assistance, which I gave.  I tried to explain the difference in jurisdiction between land and sea, and the controlling position that the British Monarch has on the sea. 

Any thinking American -- given the choice, would always choose to stand on his own land and soil, rather than hazard the perils of the High Seas and Inland Waterways -- as a matter of law.  

The Law of the Land is solid and sure. 

Justice on the land and soil of this country does not depend on public opinion (democracy) nor does it depend on private belief (theocracy).  

Justice on the land depends on us and our ability, somewhat limited as it may be at times, to reason our way through the facts and evidence and determine by logic what must be true.  

Ultimately, truth matters.   All else is immaterial. 

Here is the truth:

If you don't accept responsibility, you have no rights; and, if you do not accept liability, you have no authority.  

The Colorado Nine, the January 6th Protesters, Stewart Rhodes, the Bundys and even President Trump have all come under this same gun and all of them have been forewarned by me and told the facts that they need to observe and the steps they need to take.

They haven't listened --- and in every single case, they have not only failed in their objectives, they have opened themselves up to prosecution  and persecution --- both. 

So long as you allow foreign governments to assume things about you, and so long as those foreign governments are benefited by assuming that you are an Unknown Enemy without rights or guarantees, the conclusion is foregone. 

They will choose in their own favor and devil take the hindmost. 

All the while, it's you and your failure to declare and record your correct political status that is giving them the leeway to make assumptions about you and to exercise their own "discretion" concerning you.

Let me give you an example:

You are standing in your driveway raking leaves one afternoon, and two of their officers decide that,  in their opinion, you look like a dangerous subversive. 

They arrest you and snoop around your home.  In addition to the rake, they find a chainsaw, a hoe, and an ax in your garage.  

These tools found in your garage could be used to murder people! 

Soon, a man is found dead under mysterious circumstances, and you are deemed to be the murderer -- because that is the prevailing public opinion (democracy) or the earnest belief (theocracy) of your detractors.  

This is the logic of mob rule (democracy).  And it is also the logic of the Inquisition (theocracy).  

But, wait, wait, you say--- we are Americans!  We are owed a republican form of government, not a democracy!  Not a theocracy!  

You are subjecting yourselves to both these foreign forms of government by default, by failing to declare and record your political status as a Virginian, New Yorker, Minnesotan, Texan, or alia, and by failing to support your own American Government, which is vested in your State Assemblies and their unincorporated Federation of States.   

That's why the January 6th Protesters are being treated so very badly by the Municipal Government in the District of Columbia.  

The Protesters have had Municipal citizenship of the United States conferred on them without their knowledge or consent, and they have all neglected to waive the benefit of this foreign political status or otherwise declare their choice of political status. 

Those who have them incarcerated are free to opine whatever they wish and believe whatever they wish about these Unfortunates, and treat them accordingly.  There is no public record or pre-established evidence otherwise. 

The members of the Municipal Congress don't even recognize the January 6th Protesters as persons covered by the Geneva Conventions.  As a result, the Mavens of the Majority are free to feed them gruel and let them freeze in unheated cells, labeled as "Unknown Enemy Combatants".  

The Protesters are being treated as traitors to the Municipal Government, which is a separate and foreign Beastie, an entity whose only excuse for being here is a largely dishonored service contract called known as "The Constitution of the United States".   

That's why President Trump is being prosecuted in the District of Columbia and not the States where his purported crimes occurred.  He has done nothing that could be prosecuted under the Law of the Land, but he has allowed them to prosecute him in other venues and on charges based merely on their opinions and their beliefs. 

Now that you can see how they are working these systems of foreign law (both democracy and theocracy) against Americans, you can also see why they feel the need for propaganda and an airtight stranglehold on the media to control public opinion and private belief.  

What are you going to do about it?  

Inaction is not an option.  Such arbitrary "law" based on public opinion and on private belief only gets worse over time and both the lapses of justice and the abuses of power become more shocking. 

Ever wonder how the Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters were allowed to run all over the place without masks at the height of the so-called Mask Mandates?   Ever wonder how they are allowed to loot stores without consequences?  How about burning down fire stations?  Maiming police officers?  Vandalizing warehouses?  

You know, thanks to Mad Cow Disease, that these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have the ability to track down a single cow born in Canada through numerous sales transactions all the way to a feedlot in Indiana ten years later.  How difficult would it be for them to track down all those who committed crimes during the George Floyd Riots?  

It was the opinion (democracy) and belief (theocracy) of the foreign corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia, that these people were entitled to defend themselves against purported "racial injustice" by being allowed to loot and commit arson and vandalism and armed robbery and any other crime they liked.

Problem is, they did these things outside the District of Columbia.  

It's time to liquidate these foreign corporations and take other actions to restore actual law and not merely "the rule of law" or "appearance" of law. 

You, Americans, have a choice and a responsibility to make that choice. 

I told the Colorado Nine to record and publish their declarations of political status.  They didn't listen to me.  

Last time I had contact with Bruce Doucette, the supposed leader of the Colorado Nine, he was still in some horrible jail facility penned up with murderers and rapists and armed robbers --- all violent criminals --- when he never harmed a flea. 

In their opinion and belief he was as dangerous as Charles Manson. 

The bread-and-water conditions under which the January 6th Protesters have been held reflects the same brand of lawlessness on the part of the Municipal Government Subcontractors and the members of their "Congress". 

In their opinion and belief, the January 6th Protesters were there as dangerous Unknown Enemies to overthrow their government and eat them alive, and nobody can say otherwise.  

This is because you, Americans, who are owed the Law of the Land, are being wishy-washy and failing to establish your correct political status and failing to man the offices and populate the assemblies of your own government.  

You are letting your bought-and-paid for foreign Subcontractors, your own Federal Employees, rule over you and impose their "law" upon you, and as the Boyz at the Vatican will tell you, if you press them hard enough, it's all your own fault.  

The moment you lift your hand as Americans, you are assumed to be acting in insurrection against these foreign governments.


Because you are misidentified as citizens of these foreign governments, and you are presumed to owe allegiance to these foreign governments. 

Any action you take that -- in their opinion (democracy) is a threat -- or anything that you say against them that may be -- in their belief (theocracy) -- taken as a threat, counts as insurrection coming from one of their own citizens. 

You can't be charged with insurrection or commit insurrection against a foreign Municipal Corporation, unless you are one of its citizens. 

Go to: and get papered up today.

I wish nothing but good to every man and woman of goodwill.  I have no reason to lie to you and receive no benefit from doing so --- unless you count having a clean conscience. 

Q, White Hats, Alliance ----I am telling you right now, in front of God, if you try to substitute a British Territorial entity or other foreign corporation for the American Federal Republic, it will be exposed for what it is, and come to naught. 

It's a simple choice and it's up to you.  

Work with the lawful State Assemblies and their Federation of States dba The United States of America since 1776.  If you want a contract, do it honestly.  Don't try to foist off a British Territorial substitute for our Federal Republic by guile. Don't try to substitute yet another foreign corporation for it. 

We are aware of all the variations of United States of America, States of America, United States, Unity States, blah-blah-blah that have been incorporated from here to Bangkok.  It's not going to work. 

There's a right way and a wrong way to do everything in this world. I have just told you the right way to get the job done.  We chartered the Confederation and they incorporated the first Federal Republic; if anyone can replace those organizations, we are the only ones competent to do so. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994

                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. I do believe that it is misinformation that is allowing all the above to happen but not for the same reasons that Anna mentions. The continental U.S. and Alaska and hawaii are a under and being governed by the Leiber code, general order 100. Read what president Johnson , the 1st one, had to say about the reconstruction acts.For the first time Congress overrode his veto by a 2/3 majority. When is the last time that has happened?
    We the people are under martial Law. You can "run" to the Republic but what good does it do have the Republic has no enforcement?? Maybe that is why Anna keeps on wishing.

    1. This is exactly what has bothered me all along. As much as I love Ms. Anna, and appreciate her words of wisdom, what good are your 'papers' if we don't have the juice to back them up? And anyway, laws that are not in alignment with Universal Law are indeed spurious, therefore meaningless in the face of our Divine Creator. Rather than declare ourselves 'Americans' which is soon to be an outdated concept, let us declare ourselves good stewards and citizens of planet Earth and the Galaxy.

    2. Neil Douglas. Is it not our Devine Creator that said something along the lines of beware the person, to be the person is to defy God's law? What Anna is saying is the paperwork, documented and recorded political status, is all the juice you need to make all the difference and to try to make a difference without it is futile. It's easy to sit on your but and speculate how there is no use in doing what she says. It's pure laziness and laziness is easy. Why don't you just give it a go and then you will know for sure if it works or not and if it doesn't, well then you have earned your spot upon your high horse. Until then Do something mate. Start with her advice what have you got to lose?

  2. our c/Confederacy made up of the common law several landstates and of our common law several States, instituted for the purpose of securing the God-given rights of the people: the united States of America, 'July 2, 1776' stands in present day unchanged, and true.
    so also does our genuine, original, and only Confederated Perpetual Union: The United States of America stand unchanged and true in present: a firm league of friendship between the several s/States in the [united] States of America, and same is the only Government that can law-fully use the: Stile/"Name": The United States of America, being the only Government ratified from our people, the governeds', consent under authority of the common law of our landstates and States, that is in accord with the laws of nature and nature's creater/"God", paragraph one, our Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America, effective, July 2[two], 1776.
    i:woman:janmarie believe that any other Government/ System trying to be known by that Stile/"Name" or any variation of same is unlaw-full, that is: is "de facto": not from right, but rather: exists outside of right, and in fact only, if it exists at all.
    and it is so;
    and if not true, i:woman, under authority of the common law of the land on kansasland: use right to call for proof of same be entered onto the record of the court of record before God and man for judgment.

    1. and i sometimes cant believe the ridiculousness that is in these Articles, like saying -- you Americans are being wishy-washy not making your Political Status known, not filling your own offices, and so forth.

      first of all POLITICAL STATUS is just another FICTION made up by THE MANS WHO HAVE HARMED ALL OF US.
      who says we have to declare any such thing? what does that even mean?.... who defines that? what is the obligation? by what authority are these men telling other men they have to play a FICTIONAL CHARACTER that only exists on paper and in the noggins of the men who made it up?
      that is nuts.
      we dont have to do any such thing. God made us, we belong to him.

      and likewise, who is saying we have to even *have* OFFICES? another FICTION some man we dont know made up and wants to push off on everybody else. what are Offices anyway? who made Offices up?
      we dont have to have Offices if we dont want them.
      if we want them, we'll set them up as we see fit, or not at all.

      if people are trying to suddenly push us now into "Self- Governance" after 7- 40-year generations of using and abusing us as if we were their property and their slaves, they are not going to be able to make that happen by doing what theyve been trying, apparently, to do.
      here is why:
      because in order to pull off this massive and heinous Fraud, if any, the people have NEVER BEEN TOLD THEYRE *NOT* SELF- GOVERNING, that's why.
      so of course the people are not trying to "set up their own Offices" because they think the ones already in place *are* their Offices.
      to make it even worse, they are still being told to wait for Trump and the next election and itll fix everything, having NO IDEA, and still not being told outright, that its all been a big land and labor theft scheme using the Church as Cover, if thats what was actually done, as the "Holy Alliance" agreed to do in their Secret Treaty of Verona, 1822, that prompted, after the Mexican people led by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest who led the Mexican War for Independence 1810-1821? under the flag of Guadalupe, were getting slaughtered by the Spanish, and asked the Americans to come and help them, and we did; and all this is what led to the writing of the Monroe Doctrine, since Peru and other South American nations wanted to be free from Spanish Rule as well.

      WDC and the PAPACY/Others need to tell the people all that has been done to them.
      they need to answer questions.
      they need to return what, if anything, was taken.
      they know where everything goes, they have to have it on paper to Act on it.
      they have all the "Registrations".

      because Narrative-Running and Soft Disclosure and Influencers and Promises of Credit Resets just are not going to cut it. people have to be told and shown because its just too evil for good people to be able to understand otherwise.

    2. Here in Massachusetts we still have our Dan S. in jail even though he is all papered up and there is no victim. I hope I can learn more on MM to make things better and not worse, in this situation. I see where the PAG can earn up to 1/3 of the money owed to the victim according to the info found in the Steve Winters pamphlet. I believe there could be a lot of money on the line here on Massachusetts if there is a good PAG out there to help. I'll keep learning in the mean time.

    3. baldwin,
      what did you say they want him to do that he refuses to do?... wasnt it something to do with him saying hes a national and not a u.s. cite-zeine?...

  3. What an awesome opinion! Congratulations. An illegitimate something cannot create authority to rule something that is legitimate. Lincoln was illegitimate, therefore, the Leiber code is illegitimate and everything else after it... smoke some more....

    1. Then Join your assembly and assemble into "something" to have (maybe) some power peanut.

    2. I take it you have not stood before a tribunal to answer why you are in violation of one of their statutes or codes.

    3. Please define "tribunal." Define "tribunal" precisely, but concisely.

  4. any so-called "Republic" is a "Constitutionally- Created" Construct; and the fact that the "Constitution" was never signed, other than by Witnesses, means no one ever responsibility for carrying it out.
    so it has never been in effect, in law.
    it is void.
    and null, and always has been.
    looks like everything theyve done is fraud????.... and they had the nerve to attack the southern States and people and their homes and lands????... then turn around and use focr, violence and Acts of War without Declaration to put EVERYone into a Bond/Slave Society for over 150 years, without our knowledge or consent while they robbed us all of our lands and labors?
    if yes, then the picture of who we are dealing with becomes clearer and clearer...

    1. You have not grasped the least iota of what this is about. Have fun drawing people onto your' merry-go-round" of re-capitulating Anna's 4000 plus articles.

      You do Pile Higher and Deeper.

      And you steer people from connecting (assemble.) Because you are employed to Divide, so someone else might conquer.

  5. Thank Anna, James, Paul et alia

    "Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
    Life is but a dream"

    We the living people together hold and control unfathomable power
    to change and transform the bad deceitfulness into the good deeds.

    We the living people, longing to be free,
    Hold and contol power that we may not see,
    This power exists, within our minds and hearts,
    To transform the bad and make good starts.

    Deceitfulness may run amok,
    But we can change it with a single stroke,
    Of kindness, love, empathy and facts,
    The power installed inside you and me.

    United we stand, together we control,
    The strength to shape a future bold,
    Turining the tides of hate and fear,
    Into hope and dreams that we hold dear.

    So let us use this installed power inside us well,
    And ring the bell of heaven's knell,
    Making a world where all have a joyful place,
    And kindness reigns with lhealth and grace.

    We the living people, in our minds hold so much power
    To take the bad and make it sweet as a flower
    We hold the reins to transformation and change
    To turn deceit into actions that won't estrange

    Together we stand, united and strong
    Our unphantomable strength will never be wrong
    We'll refuse to accept the world for what it is
    Unleash our power with love, truth, and bliss

    No force can defeat us, we won't be beat
    The evils of life we'll transform with our feet
    We'll walk in the path of altruistic deeds
    And make the world a better place with our needs

    In us lies the power to make everything great
    The world will become a peaceful, loving state
    Let's all come together and wield this unique power
    To make life cheery, a beautiful endless hour.

    aipg - then reworded as need be.
    find it and teach ai what we the living people, not persons or guys, want.


  6. What, if you can't beat it? Join it?
    You can write better without Elon Musk etc. and gaggle of hourly workers (yes, even you "help" it) in a boiler room running interference for what is bogus called "AI."

    "Artificial Intelligence" is a suckers punch at the bona fides-ably bamboozled.

  7. I often doubt whether it is actually Anna who is writing these articles, because of ignorant statements, such as this one, " He (Trump) has done nothing that could be prosecuted under the Law of the Land,
    Well, I beg to differ, and Anna should and does know better.
    Trump is guilty of participating in the Covid19 genocide, fast-tracking the unproven, untested bioweapon mRNA "vaccine", lying to the American people that it was safe, and profitting from it. That is a criminal act, committed against untold number of people here in America, and all over the world. If murder and conspiracy to commit serial murder has not earned Trump a prosecution ticket, then nothing can be deemed as unlawful or illegal.
    However, we all know better. Trump is just as guilty in the biowarfare and resulting genocide as Fauci who developed it in the lab and Bill Gates who is the world's drug and chemical pusher.

    1. You are not getting jurisdiction. I am on Australia, but people don't get it here either. Trump was telling "PERSONS', not people. Get your LEGAL fiction vaxxed, not your flesh and blood

    2. @AnonymousJune 2, 2023 at 2:58 PM and AnonymousJune 2, 2023 at 5:48 PM

      I think you might both be wrong. I may be way off base here, and I am absolutely certain some Anonymousite will check in to tell me how far, but I believe what Anna was referring to in this case is the fact that under the law of the land, a flesh-and-blood man or woman can only be charged with a crime when their actions are directly responsible for causing harm to another living-breathing, flesh-and-blood man or woman or their property. Donald Trump didn't stick any needles in anyone's arm or take any action to force or coerce them to get jabbed.

      I am certain that Trump, Fauci, Gates and all the other minions of the dark one who were part of implementing the genocidal Rona scam will come up short when they have to face the Ultimate Judge. But given the abysmal state of justice everywhere right now, it is quite possible that none of them will ever be tried in any kind of court anywhere on this planet as long as they are still walking around on it.

  8. Annette Island Indians, a sovereign nation were offered and accepted in some case a "benefit" from the United States. The status of U.S. Citizens, just to be nice? So now the Annette Island Indians by accepting this status have no more sovereignty, cannot claim their past history but only do as ordered by the kindly service company contracted ( constituted) to do work for the sovereign nation called The United States? Subject to a service company providing government services since before the 1776 Revolution?

  9. Adept scammer diverts subjects one after another.

  10. Idiot Henry Makow concludes
    that Trump is a freemason by only Trump’s finger signs.
    Trump negotiated with India on the export of Hydroxychloroquin to U.S. .
    Do you folks remember it ?

    【...Trump bashes Fauci ...】
    🔶 (2m17sec)

    1. Thank you "Anonymous June 3, at 5:29." Not all is at it appears (nor as we misremember.)

      We may not always discern who acts for life, versus who's firm intent is for death. Although . . .

      but thank you.

  11. All very well Anna , but the evil corrupt have still got the power to lock you up for as long as they want no matter how much you protest about having control , until they are removed for good they still have the control so its all very well you saying they have rights etc , but they have none in the eyes of those that still have the power to imprison