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Friday, June 2, 2023

I Wept for the Watchman

 By Anna Von Reitz

There are a lot of reasons anyone might weep over the loss of Dr. Rashid Buttar.  I had my own reasons for doing so, as I listened to his last message about the Covid 19 Op.  

It was more than the sickening sense that he had always been right and was just confirming it, to his own dismay. 

It was my fellow-feeling as he struggled and tried to say, almost defensively, almost apologetically, "I did all I could...." 

He did all that he possibly could to warn everyone, and he did it without stopping and without apology from the moment he knew the truth, even from the moment he suspected the truth based on the evidence --- he was reporting, reporting, reporting.  

He was trying to be a doctor, researcher, and journalist of the highest order, all wrapped up in one, from the moment he woke up early in the morning, to the moment he rested his weary head in the wee hours of the next day, he was a man in motion. 

I watched him age years in a matter of months, his handsome young face acquiring the telltale creases of care, his hair turning grey. 

He reminded me of that poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay:

"My candle burns at both ends
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends -
It gives a lovely light."

I knew what he was going through, as I have suffered all the same, the early wrinkles and restless nights, the vague sense of horror in his eyes suddenly focusing down like a laser.  Been there, done that, myself, in my own way and time.  

As I sat here this afternoon and listened to his last report the tears were on my face and I don't cry easily or do it with any flare. The rain was pouring down outside, dripping from the eaves in sheets, thundering softly on the roof above, as if all Creation must weep.  

This one dear man, whose voice was raised from the very beginning of this nightmare, is gone from us, our brother.

With all my heart and mind, I erased his murderers, not needing to know their names or faces.  Simply envisioning their empty spaces.  They won't be missed.  

But Rashid Buttar will be missed, and not only by his friends and family.

He will be missed by the whole family of Mankind, who have come to know him and those who have yet to hear his messages to all of us, they will miss him, too.   

Rashid Buttar did all that he could do, short of taking up a machine gun, yet there he sat during his final broadcast, wrestling with himself, rationalizing on camera, fighting the feeling that somehow he could have done more, shoving away the responsibility of protecting people from their own bad decisions, wondering what more he could have done, blaming the victims for believing the Vermin, and then, knowing that they couldn't know. 

They were terribly misled by those they trusted. It wasn't their area of expertise.  Too many of his own professional colleagues took the bait, lied, signed the paperwork, and got their payola.
Too many news professionals turned a blind eye to science, to logic, to history, to facts, and just kept on repeating buzzwords and phrases, like "follow the science", "in these uncertain times" and "safe and effective" long after the truth was self-evident. 

Too many politicians gave exemptions to themselves and their families, to their staff members, to the families of their staff members, and whoever  could pay them off.  

Too many members of too many Agencies and military services turned a blind eye and followed orders that were criminal by any standard.  

Rashid Buttar held onto the truth in spite of all of them, and stood for life in the midst of all the death.  He suffered, and if he had lived, he would have suffered more. 

He is safe now, and free of all the threats and falsehoods and cruelties of the world, at peace and able to see all the good he was able to do in his short lifetime. May he rest now.  May the love and respect of those he left behind follow after him and crown him with great honor. 

With love and sympathy to his family and those who knew him best, 

Anna Maria


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  1. R.I.P. Dr. Rashid Buttar

    1. Valinda-Lynn Wood©June 2, 2023 at 9:40 AM

      You can hear his last message here: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

    2. Fair winds and following seas...

  2. this is just one more thing that can lead us directly to God for help, not man; and i trust this man receives reward from creater.

    on rumble: mycatholicredpill channel, SG ANON video,
    this SG ANON guy just answered a question about NESARA by saying he didnt think it would ever happen, except theoretically.... which most of us already knew from the first time we heard of it because why would those who went to aaaaall this trouble to rob you dole it back out to you who they robbed it from?
    they wouldnt.
    theyre not going to.
    and it LOOKS like maybe theyre trying to kill all of us? get rid of us ???
    well, if so, thats not going to happen either.

    were going to have to ask God for help though.
    i:woman believe we cant fix this without him, but hes not going to do it all for us either, were going to have to do the "standing", do the "calling", do the "applying" of his laws in our lives and where we live, in peace and law always, even as those who oppose God's laws may try to disrupt same.

    1. Thank you, I think that is the nicest helpful comment I have ever read from you. ❤️

    2. of course all sweetness and light

  3. Your "god," of the "sex:fiction" colon:split language, is going to help?

    Does your "god" alleviate us from assembling in togetherness?

  4. You can hear his last message here: Dr. Rashid A. Buttar

  5. "fiction" because earlier you referred to you as "goodboots" (what like sabotage?) Who is to know you, by what fictional label?

  6. The irony of "I wept" when all along Anna's been saying it has to be allowed to happen to then be held accountable. So its been allowed to happen, people are dropping like flies, and they Cry about it, while Allowing it to continue. What asinine clowns!

  7. Anonymous June 2, 2023 at 12:28 PM:


    2.) WHAT ARE YOU? Maybe an Artificial Complain-o-matic?


    Or, As "GoodBoots" (aka the "good saboteur") woman:janmaire may advise- "...were going to have to ask God for help though..."

    Oh really.

    What then "GoodBootss," God does not work through your hands?
    Then who works through YOUR' hands?

    1. All hands on Deck! Get to it. As Ben Franklin said "join or die."

  8. I believe we can agree that there has been massive push to divide us. Let's not give them what they want and keep fighting amongst ourselves to the very end. Please put your beliefs your ego and the urge to be right and the other person wrong. We all have a common enemy here. And it's time to fight the real enemy. And not eachother. It really doesn't matter who was right and who wasn't. It's past that now. Please with the level of intelligence in this forum can we please use it to help eachother instead of constantly trying to break eachother down. What is the point of this constant attacks. Just stop. Please.

    1. This is written in appreciation, for Dr. Rahsid Buttar.

      Right now, "Anonymous June 2, at 3:15," you likely have Alien nanotechnology ASSEMBLING in you. Or in someone you love.

      The "real enemy" is also in this blog forum and is obfuscating, dodging, misdirecting, by various and clever cloying communications - anything but urging people to assemble.

      YOU put forward a "la di dah" "Rodney King" level "can't we all just get along." YOU and "goodboots" the Good Saboteur who is - "women:janmaire." Who won't promote the only path to solution - God working powerfully in us to ACT and to ASSEMBLE, To ACT by doing, by ACT to ASSEMBLE. (not 'asking" but ACTING)

      It is either "God" or the "Death Dealing Adversary" who works in you. And it is evident who is a "Death Dealing Adversary.

      Alien Technology assembles (in you) and takes over. Or you assemble with mankind to preserver our progeny, our legacy, our inheritance, our "Great Commission" to make disciples of ALL Nations. To carry God' promise to our children;s children to all tomorrows.

      YOU take up the responsibility to assemble and to Kick that nano-tech back to its hell to disintegrate.

      But YOU don't want to guide, to be a watchman like Dr. Rashid Buttar? Who was ACTING to keep you and who you love from having an alien parasite "self assemble" in your' blood? Which alien will take over and kill all, like the fungus that takes over an ant? As even portrayed in National Geographic.

      There are more bloggers on this forum doing all they can to keep the people from ASSEMBLING than there are bloggers promoting the cornerstone of Anna's purpose - ASSEMBLE.

      And you, who pose as if "angels of light" full of "sweetness and light," are leading the sheep to the slaughter.

      How about YOU "...just stop please..."

      Assemble, the shofar as been sounding (book of Joel) warning and call to Assemble.

      Assemble, the shofar has been sounding (7 trumpets of Revelations) telling of the great poisoning.


      To Assemble is a biblical message. And the prophets are murdered for speaking out the truth against the Death Dealing Adversary.

      I love you Dr. Rashid Buttar, I love your' children.

    2. The "locusts" written in the book of Joel, are the self-assembling "nano-tech" parasites of today. Repent, assemble.

      Book of Joel trumpets the shofar warning.
      Book of Joel trumpets the shofar call to "assemble."
      Book of Revelations trumpets seven angels of the "Great Poisoning."

  9. Beautiful Tribute!!!๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  10. Dr. Rashid Buttar ... there is no greater friend who lies down his life for another.

  11. Dlrected energy we@p0ns cause rapid aging. Trump likes them...Space Force...against us.

  12. June 3, 3:15
    Don't assume. I did not get the injection. Nor do I take any of Satan's pharmaceuticals. I just get tired of people like you expressing your bitterness.

    1. And you have NO ONE OTHER about whom YOU are concerned?

      YOU are then "selfie" inflicted; You are a "Lone Wolf."
      No "assume" is required.
      You give evidence herein - no one other who may be injected is a concern to you.

      Small wonder you evidence anti-assembly.