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Saturday, June 3, 2023

The Right Side of History

 By Anna Von Reitz

The family of George Watts, Jr., is suing the DOD, which, by the way, is not covered by any promises from the Territorial Congress to hold them harmless -- that is, the umbrella that the pharmaceutical corporations are trying to hide behind. 

Mike Adams takes Trump on for Operation Warp Speed beginning at about minute 24:00.  And he's right. Trump is damaged goods.  Not that De Santis isn't.  Not that there are any good options on either side, with the possible exception of RFK, Jr., who will be murdered if he wins. 

Unless we, the rest of us, all get together and shine. 

Stop waiting and hoping.  You are the only answer.  You are the only answer there has ever been. 

We don't expect the outcome to be different for the DOD or Big Pharma, either one.  They'll be bankrupt and so will all the other organizations that have benefited themselves financially from medical murder. 

Their officers will be charged with willful murderous profiteering.  

Their co-conspirators, too. 

The statistics now tell us that 600 million people worldwide have died or been disabled.  This dwarfs the death toll in every major war since the American Civil War added together, and the news media, the politicians, the medical community --- they are all trying to turn a deaf ear. 

When not turning a deaf ear, they are squawking like wet cats, plaintively alleging that they should have "amnesty" for their part in this catastrophic crime. 


For the same reason that the pharmaceutical corporations are claiming: "The Government made us do it." 

And what is the "government" at this time in our history? 

It's two huge Municipal Corporations acting under color of law and conditions of deliberate deceit, masquerading as the actual government of this country --- which is vested in your actual State Assemblies and their Federation of States, The United States of America --- Unincorporated. 

These are foreign, for-profit corporations no different from any other such organizations. They each have a "President" --- one has Joe Biden and the other has Donald Trump --- and they've been caught playing a game with all of our lives. 

I received a message from a military officer in the British Territorial United States Government (the one that President Trump leads) and he was dizzy with delight that the disease had been successfully released at the World Military Games in Wuhan China.  

They were trying to set up China, and they tried hard.   

These men are still pretending that they are in a Civil War, and that they have "war powers" and that they have a right to engage each other's forces and murder millions of people on the basis of 160 year-old Mercenary Conflict that is, and always was, both illegal and unlawful, and which has nothing to do with this country or it's actual government or its people. 

It's just two gigantic Municipal corporations, the modern day equivalents of the Dutch East India Company and the British East India Company,  squaring off again, and the issue they are fighting over, is slavery, or, rather, who owns the slaves.  Us. 

The British Territorial Federal Subcontractor that runs the U.S. Military had a complex plan carefully crafted ever since 1965, that not only killed off large numbers of Baby Boomers and thereby excused their corporation from paying the Baby Boomer's end-of-life expenses, but which also increased their surveillance and control powers and gave them a "free" ownership interest in the victims. 

Everyone who received an mRNA shot received a scrap of foreign genetically engineered mRNA which was patented.  

This patented "product" then binds to and changes the actual genetic content in the victim's cells.  They become "Genetically Modified Organisms" -- GMOs, and GMOs can be owned as property.  

Thus, the same Perpetrators who schemed to unlawfully convert living men and women -- people -- into male and female persons, have now made a bid to illegally convert these same male and female persons into things which have no gender, no rights, no security, and no future except enslavement for the benefit of the patent-holders. 

Except that what the patent holders have done, from first to last, is a crime. 

This is all, predictably, but regrettably enough, coming from the British side of things. Their City of Rome counterparts are just as vile in their own way: Rome needs slaves to survive, so they have been going along with all this criminality, so long as they get their usual 60% share interest. 

So, even after the British Monarch and the British Crown have sold humanity down the crapper, they still only get a 40% non-majority share interest.  Guess that tells you who Jabba the Hutt really is.  

As we have always said, they aren't really smart -- clever, devious, and determined, but not geniuses.  Not inspired.  More like plodding clods of banal evil, reviewing every successful fraud scheme they've run for the past 2,000 years, tweaking it here or there, and playing it again, Sam. 

Then they cover their dirt like a cat scratching over its own scat, not by deeds of valor and daring, but by rewriting history and telling Big Lies to little children in schools that they set up and run "for the public good". 

If we could only count the cost of these institutions and the ignorance they have induced, the minds they have crippled, and the lies they have spread like a perverted Gospel, we'd gladly bear the responsibility for educating ourselves and our children, too. 

Donald Trump is, as Mike Adams observed, on the wrong side of history and it's up to him to get on the right side and stay there.  

Otherwise, he and the Department of Defense both go down in flames lit by the Municipal DOD and Lloyd Austin and the PENTAGON, INC. 

It's time for the truth, not some Narrative dreamed up in Hollywood. 

The truth is that there are people so stupid, so arrogant, and so selfish, that they believe that they will get away with killing a third of the planet's population --- without a scratch to their precious selves. 

They also think that they will get away with destroying the world's economic system and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar, in another reprise of the 1929 Stock Market Crash Scheme. 

They are wrong.  

The time for using euphemisms and double-speak to cover the Ugly Truth is over.  They will own it, and there won't be any rewrites. 

600 million.  600,000 in Ethiopia alone. 


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  1. Are you saying Lloyd Austin is a good character?

    1. AnnaMaria's wrote no such fact.
      Re: "AnonymousJune 3, 2023 at 8:26 AM
      Are you saying Lloyd Austin is a good character?“

      Read AnnaMaria's words again,
      and again until thou see indeed fact.

      And now enjoy the benefits of AnnaMaria's homeschooling.

      Wyoming, HWY PATROL with two Sheriff's deputies vs AmericanStateNational, Anna's student with Anna's know-how!

      Remember, Remember
      §McCulloch vsMaryland,
      17 U.S. 316, 1819
      U.S. vsThrockmorton,
      98 U.S. 61, 1878
      law.cornell EDU
      /supremecourt/text/98 /61

  2. Trump with Operation Warp Speed is damaged goods. De Santis is damage goods and not to be trusted. I like RFK, Jr., but suspect he will be murdered if he wins. Wake Up America!!!

    1. That's what they want you to think, you people are so easily manipulated! They allready "crooked govnmt" had the vaccine,"they" wanted to lock you down for 2 whole years, wich would have destroyed our economy worse than 8 months! Soo, Trump pushed it forward to 8 months to save you dumb a$se$ but you all still don't get it! I'm terrified for this country!!

    2. You've drank enough of the coolaid.

  3. "anna", your own Narrative is running thin too.

    people who care what is true have checked by now and see that The United States of America is the name of our Confederated Perpetual Union that is ratified by our people.
    You say you went to the Pope of Rome to ask for His Sovereign Letters Patent for your Federated Republic??... i:woman believe that makes it a Private, FOREIGN, Federal Republic, that does not originate from the people, but originates from Rome.
    and you putting "-- Unincorporated" after our Confederated Union's Stile/"Name" does not change it enough to make it clear that your Roman-based, Foreign, Religiously-Affiliated, Federated Republic Construct is not one- and- the- same as our own [ "de jure"/ from right] Confederated Perpetual Union, especially and since i have seen only a few of your Articles where you actually add the "dashdash space Unincorporated" after our Confederation's Stile, .... but still, its just far, far too similar to our Stile.
    you have to pick something else...
    ...look at what has already gone on in other instances when too-similar names are used ... like Birth Certificates, for example.

    the people are realizing that our Union was never ratified by our people to be a Federation, only a Confederation.
    if you want to go to the Pope and get His Sovereign Letters Patent and become part of the Roman-Controlled Union of countries, i dont see anything wrong with that. at all.
    but you cant have our name.
    its already taken.
    does the Poe realize what you are doing?... using our Confederation's name for the Federation you are building under His authority?
    my guess is he does not, and my guess is also he would tell you to stop using our Stile and pick another name for the Federal Republic you are trying to Construct.

    1. i already made this correction once, but looks like someone deleted it?...

      "... does the *Pope* realize..."


    2. Move some place where you have control, freak.

  4. Any comments about 107?

  5. It is impossible for Trump to now "get on the right side of history." Reason? Because he committed serial murder by fast-tracking the bioweapon to millions , and that action is still causing deaths. Further, he is an investor in the mRNA products.

    As Dr. Rashid Buttar revealed in his last recent message, the Jab contained a payload of pathogens which is expected to be released later this year, in 2023, when these insane Great Reset elites decide to turn on a series of 5G tower pulses. That will result in a wave of new deaths from hemorraghic fever. Then, the World Health Organization plans to use that event as an excuse to swoop in and impose global medical tyranny.

    So, the serial crimes of Trump are a curse that keeps on giving, and lining his pocket. He doesn't deserve to continue living for the misery and death he "fast-tracked" with the mad-scientist creator Fauci by his side, deceiving people into injecting death.

    Please STOP telling us the "virtues" of Trump. He is a CRIMINAL and should be hung for his part in the Plandemic.

  6. Besides what the patent holders have done from start to finish is a crime. It all comes predictably from the British side, but unfortunately. Their counterparts in the city of Rome are just as low in their own way, Rome needs slaves to survive so they were involved in all this crime until they get their usual 60% equity. But I am a bit busy with my academic assignment on forensic accounting dissertation topics. If someone knows better about it, please advise me professionally.