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Saturday, June 3, 2023

The Light of the World

 By Anna Von Reitz

Who is "the light of the world"?  

We are. If there is to be light in this darkness, it's up to us to turn on the afterburners and blaze like stars in the night.  

I am bowed deep in sorrow tonight, feeling the loss of one who embodied that light. We may talk about 528 Hz being the frequency of love and we may appeal to science and reason; but Kaiwi Stevens brought 528 Hz to us as experience in our own lives.  Agape love.  Pure.  Seemingly effortless. 

In this past week alone, right here in River City, we've lost a 23 year-old veteran to suicide, Dr. Rashid Buttar to murder, and our dear beloved friend, Kaiwi, to heart attack.  

All the evil in the world is battering against us, and yet, we stand firm; bulwarked from inside and outside, by love.  

We rise up and soar, our broken hearts becoming the wealth of our experience, our poverty making us fearless, our minds expanding as we understand our purpose at last. 

We know our secret: no darkness ever created can stand against us. It's our decision, for love is always a decision, to take up the sword of truth and become the light of love. 

Constantine, the Roman Emperor, thought he could win by guile, that which he could never take by force.  That old deception has failed, and the Old Deceiver with it, but love will never fail those who know love in their hearts and who live it with their lives. 

Imagine Kaiwi's quiet humble self crowned with glory and honor and love.  Hear his laughter running like ripples of sunshine over the whole Earth. 

He is still the light of the world to those who were lucky enough to know him; we will search for and find his light within ourselves.  We'll up the ante and play for keeps. 

We can never know how much we've had, until we've lost it, and this occasion is no different; yet, even in these tears is a deep thread of gratitude.  We are better and we are stronger for having known Kaiwi. 

Our deepest sympathy and love reach out tonight to his Mother and family, and we send this musical dedication in memory of Kaiwi and the loving purpose we all share:


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  1. Love Always creates like itself. He who binds himself to a Joy does the Winged Life Destroy but he who kisses the Joy as it Flies, Lives in eternity's Sunrise.
    William Blake

    1. John 8:12: Yeshua spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. The one who follows Me will no longer walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

  2. The darkness has no power over the light. God bless him. I only knew him from the GFG meetings, but he seemed a quite pleasant, amiable guy. We need more of those.


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  4. The YT video is blocked where I am - Greece.