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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Public and International Notice of Necessary Abatement and Commercial Avoidance

 By Anna Von Reitz

Issued on the 8th day of November in the year 2022, Gregorian Calendar, International Jurisdiction

To all to whom these presents come:

The so-called American Civil War was not a war.  It was an illegal Mercenary Conflict. 

1. The "American Civil War" was never declared by any Congress;

2. The Muster Rolls show that the soldiers who fought in the "American Civil War" were all,  unknowingly, acting as Mercenaries, enrolled to serve confederate "states" which are commercial business organizations defined as "states-of-states";

3. No peace treaty ending any "American Civil War" exists; instead, "President" Andrew Johnson created a Public Contract by Public Proclamation declaring peace on the land jurisdiction.

As a result of the illegal nature of this conflict and the fraud and non-disclosure involved in deliberately concealing the illegal nature of the "American Civil War" from the General Public, no action, claim, conversion, Act, legislation, impoundment, warrant, writ, insurance, corporate charter, corporate by-law, administrative code, statute, regulation, ordinance, mandate, criminal charge, receipt, bond, stock issue, promissory note, property title, copyright interest, trademark conversion, merger, definition, redefinition, ownership, custodial interest, immunity, authority, opinion, security, estate interest, land transfer, estate settlement, confiscation of property, probate, trusteeship, executor power, monetary arrangement, process, obstruction, seizure, treaty, trade agreement, work trade agreement, labor contract, sweat equity, indenture, performance bond, personage, franchise, delegated power, or contractual obligation established or exercised and based in any degree whatsoever upon the so-called "American Civil War" and its outcomes, is valid. This includes the Fourteenth By-Law Amendment added to the deceitfully misrepresented corporate charter published as "The Constitution of the United States of America" in 1868. All such legal conventions and false presumptions of war and enmity and debt are hereby declared null and void in their inception and ever since.  

Certain powers assumed by the British Parliament and encapsulated as the Naval Agency and Distribution Act of 1864, as updated ever since, are specifically and categorically illegal extensions of the same illegal Mercenary Conflict aimed at capturing unjust enrichment based on illegal activities, including domestic and non-domestic racketeering and privateering, which were engaged in by the then-British Crown corporation doing business as "the United States of America" under their corporation President, Abraham Lincoln, and later by the Scottish Commercial Corporation formed in 1868 and doing business as "The United States of America" and by various and sundry foreign British Crown, British Territorial, and Municipal corporations and their franchises ever since, are owed immediate and necessary abatement without recourse. 

This Public and International Notice also provides Notice of Avoidance under the Universal Commercial Code Article/Section 3 and Section 3 of the Unidroit Conventions: 

The Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913 had to be legalized in order to allow its otherwise illegal aim of establishing a Central Bank to oversee commodity rigging on a vast scale; the remedy is found in Section 15 of the Act along with its enabling clause, but no actual access to or instruction regarding the redemption process was provided to the General Public, the remedy was not advertised, explained, or given any administrative support.  No office or officer was identified as the one responsible for overseeing and implementing the redemption process and the redemption process itself was not plainly described in plain English which presents an obvious obstruction and Avoidance seeking to unreasonably restrict access to remedy. 

Similarly, the unlawful conversion and illegal trafficking of American Babies, American copyrights, and American trademarks,  and the purported waiver of their associated estates via undisclosed registration processes which were initiated and overseen by Undeclared Foreign Agents--- licensed Medical Doctors operating as Uniformed Officers pursuing an illegal mercenary activity on our shores and acting under Color of Law provided by the Shepherd Townsend Act of 1922 and after-- also required "legalization" and the publication of remedy which was limited to a subsection of Federal Title XII, since renumbered and annotated, but originally appearing as 12 USC 95 (a), and amounting to admission of our "reversionary trust interest" in our own Good Names and estates.  

Again, there was no Notice provided to the General Public beyond the publication of this snippet of foreign legislation buried in the immensity of Federal Code; no mention of any office or officer designated to provide or oversee this remedy, no instruction regarding any process that would allow the victims to exercise their reversionary trust interest, no forms made available for the purpose, and this again demonstrates Bad Faith and failure to actually provide the remedy, which results in the underlying crime remaining and being unabated. 

Our recent research indicates that between 26 and 30 different forms would have to be unearthed and applied in a sequential manner to effect correction and return of our reversionary trust interest in our purloined infant decedent estates.  The office responsible was hidden in the U.S. State Department Office of Foreign Affairs, and even this assignment was further obscured by the 1941 Havannah Act granting administrative power over the process to the unelected Uniformed Officers operating the Department of Justice as subcontractors charged to protect the King's Interest at any cost. 

This reeks of not only obstruction and lack of access to remedy, but active and purposeful defensive maneuvering of legal forces to prevent claimants from obtaining the published remedy. 

In 1933, the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt illegally confiscated American gold reserves, both public and private; huge amounts of American gold had already been transported to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy and elsewhere by prior Administrations that claimed that this was being done as a "safe-keeping" measure and not an outright theft; Roosevelt admitted during an early black and white film session that his administration confiscated 20,000 tons of privately held gold from the American people, of which he distributed 6,000 tons to the Federal Reserve and 14,000 tons to the World Bank and the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, combined.  

These illegal acts of confiscation commandeering  privately-held American gold and publicly-held  American gold reserves for the benefit of foreign interests had to be legalized and was legalized by the publication of House Joint Resolution 192, Public Law 73-10 and United States Statute-at-Large 48 Stat. 112.  The promised remedy was that the foreign corporations and their Principals who remain responsible for their operations, would pay all debts public and private owed by the American victims of this gross theft and breach of trust, which in effect deprives the Americans of their natural ability to pay debts and engage in international trade.   

Again, there was no Public Notice given to the General Public beyond the publication of this referenced Corporate Policy misrepresented as House Joint Resolution 192, and these two bits of legislation cited, plus the description of a credit swap option in Title XII, which provided for Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions--- and this is all that the perpetrators provided to the Public.  No office or officer responsible for oversight and provision of this remedy is identified, no process, no forms, and no instructions are given.  

This establishes more consistent evidence of Bad Faith, failure to provide remedy required to legalize their actions, and overall avoidance of their contractual obligations.  

Even in the realm of private corporate regulatory and administrative law, the same pattern endures. As part of financing the Second World War the Federal Reserve Board of Governors insisted that all private cars and trucks belonging to Americans be registered as Motor Vehicles engaged in commerce, even though this is obviously untrue and illegal.  This de facto illegal claim of an ownership interest in and coercive regulatory power over every car and truck in America had to be legalized via the publication of a remedy ---in this case, the publication of Regulation Z, which has also been offered as the only remedy for the illegal imposition of mortgages and various illegal acts included in the Emergency Securitization Act, Trading With the Enemy Act and the Truth in Lending Act, but which in the present case was published as part of the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1956. 

In all these instances, publication of "Regulation Z" is limited to a very brief, often one-line reference, often buried in legislative gobbledygook, hidden as an annotation, attached as a separated amendment, hidden under an unrelated subheading, or annexed in an Appendix with no indication that Regulation Z is the remedy to any illegal act whatsoever. 

No office or officer is identified as being responsible for oversight or provision of the remedy, no forms, no instructions, no clear access to this remedy is ever provided, which amounts to failure to provide remedy and avoidance of remedy owed under the Uniform Commercial Code. 

Even though Regulation Z is mandatory to legalize these Federal "Laws" and even though every State of State franchise of the Federal Parent Corporations is required to provide remedy throughout The United States, the private Subcontractors of these entities, operating as "the Department of Motor Vehicles, Inc." ---for example,  is left unaware of any obligation to provide the remedy and issue identification of privately owned cars and trucks as non-commercial private conveyances--- which is done by issuing "Z License Plates" or "Z Tags".  The same conditions apply to the issuance of "Driver Licenses" which misidentify the operators of privately owned cars and trucks as Federal Persons engaged in commercial activities seeking private gain from public roads --- a lie designed to grant the perpetrators of these numerous illegal acts coercive power exercised under color of law over members of the American General Public.

These and numerous other unlawful and illegal acts have been predicated on the existence of remedy being provided, but no such remedy has been provided; remedy has been circumstantially denied, avoided, obfuscated, and deliberately hidden from the General Public of this country, obviously in an attempt to avoid payment, obtain unjust enrichment via adhesion contracts and  claims of custodial and ownership interest created by undisclosed registration processes, and, also, to gain coercive control over members of the General Public so as to compel involuntary servitude and peonage    

Whereupon this is Required Notice of Abatement Demanded and Required Notice of Avoidance under the Uniform Commercial Code,  published at large and sent to the Vatican Chancery Court, the International Court of Justice, the United Nations, the members of the Bar Associations, the foreign Principals responsible and various and sundry other Governments and Officials that are Non-Domestic, yet obligated by the common law of commerce and the various treaties, contracts, and alliances which we hold in international jurisdictions to come to our aid and understand our position. 

While owing us good faith service and receiving their wages, salaries, and pensions from our hands, these our Public Employees being misdirected by foreign governments and foreign corporate interests acting in Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts, have published remedy attempting to legalize their illegal acts, and then compounded their infamy by failing to provide said remedies, and instead have deliberately obscured the existence of these mandatory remedies, pretended that those who are owed these remedies have freely chosen not to exercise them, used and misdirected their own Subcontractors including the Department of Justice, Inc. and the Department of Motor Vehicles, Inc., so as to prevent people from obtaining their remedies, provided no reasonable Notice, no process, no responsible parties, no realistic means to obtain remedy, and when members of the American General Public have sought their remedies and attempted to work out their own process to obtain remedy, they have been jailed, physically assaulted, charged with crimes, harassed, impersonated, beaten, arrested, fired upon, evicted from their homes, had their property -- up to and including their sons and daughters--- illegally confiscated, deprived of their own credit and means to pay bills, human trafficked, accused of being debtors by the actual debtors themselves, and then derided as Tin Hats, Conspiracy Theorists, and described with an oxymoron as Sovereign Citizens. 

All of these evils and more have been promulgated and promoted under the fanciful notion that an illegal commercial Mercenary War that took place on our shores more than a hundred and fifty years ago could ever serve as the basis of any genuine authority or provide a cause for enforcement against the peaceful and trusting people of this country. 

We require, request, and demand immediate General Abatement, access to all remedies stipulated for members of the General Public who have declared and recorded their interests, removal of all offending illegalities predicated on the pretense of any emergency or the existence of any emergency powers, including claim of any power to suspend the Constitutions, or application of any treaty, alliance, contract, agreement or covenant in contravention of or seeking to evade the obligations owed to our lawful Government, and we also serve Notice of Avoidance under commercial law as the final step required in the due process of commercial lien enforcement against the willing perpetrators of these evils and unabated crimes. 

Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 

Issued by:  James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                   The United States of America
                    In care of: Box 520994

                    Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. The exemptions found and mentioned in this Notice would be appropriate to place in writing, in a shortened version, of someone wishing to place the onus of proof of jurisdiction on a court or government services agency claiming to make American State Nationals subject to the alleged law or claimed violation or cause of action.

  2. Question; who should we demand our General Abatement from? What are the steps to accomplish this General Abatement? Just asking!

  3. Thank you for upholding truth over all. May God bless you

  4. Thank you for connecting the dots.

    May our Source Light shine upon you.

    Semper Fidelis

  5. And how would we ensure that our demand for abatement is actually followed by all these institutions?