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Thursday, November 10, 2022

The DARK WINTER has only just begun: Prepare for YEARS of economic collapse, rigged elections, censorship and government tyranny

In the aftermath of yesterday’s mid-term elections, the only good news is that we have essentially paused some elements of the Democrats’ agenda of total destruction by taking control of the House (as is currently projected but not yet called). This alone will pause the Democrats’ legislative and executive monopoly over America, and it gives the American people a bit of breathing room to try to adjust to the disturbing reality of what’s coming next.

That’s where the bad news kicks in, because what’s coming next for America (under Democrat rule) is going to be a multi-year “Dark Winter” of economic collapse, food inflation, censorship, tyranny, global war and more rigged elections.

Essentially, after last night’s mid-term election fiasco, the doom and gloomers have been proven right, while those claiming the “white hats” would come to rescue everybody are left floating in the wind.

The hopium pushers only made things worse

For two years, some people pushing “hopium” have maintained the illusion that a secret group of do-gooders would rescue America, reinstall Trump and wage mass arrests against the treasonous actors who are tearing down this nation. We were told again and again that the deadlines for this action were being moved forward, to await yet another key milestone date, and that the American people simply had to see how bad things got before the good guys would swoop in and save the day.

The reality, however, is that no real action ever actually happened. It was all just a series of stories and narratives that were, at times, entertaining but never rooted in anything that could be verified.


  1. Matthew 24:37-39
    Appears as if history repeats itself or nothing changes
    confirming God's prophecy is always fulfilled

    1. The reality is that both, Democrats and Republicans are paper tigers, fed and controlled by the Deep State and warmongers who benefit hugely by fomenting wars and destruction on the world. Most of the millionaires and billionaires became rich by cheating, robbing and controlling the rest of us through propaganda lies. I wonder if anybody at the Egypt climate forum ever mentions the biggest culprit that caused global warming and environmental destruction: The Military and its agenda of global devastation and suffering. If no soldier would ever be allowed to step outside a country's borders and only be engaged in protecting its borders and help when disasters strike, war would be impossible. When on jetfighter uses more fuel in one hour than a small car in a year - not to mention the waste of natural resources to manufacture explosives and military hardware - then all the draconian measures to curtail the use of fossil fuel by the public is a criminal farce.

    2. Wow, Well stated.

  2. History repeats itself only because people are operating on a very low level of conscious awareness. More proof that intelligence and conscious awareness are not tied together. Not the same thing. Hence the term "educated idiots".

  3. Born into the war of the heavens die jn fhe same war. People of Europe demanded a King they could see and God obliged. The warnings given if having such King are still in effect. Now new rulers of men have been put in place and their orders will cause more wars and strife. Kinda like hitten your head with s hammer and wondering why your head hurts over and over again.

  4. sounds like the same MO of the Democratics

  5. Its not about politics. Its all about corruption.

    Legal is the cause. The effect is world wide corruption.

    Following the TALKING HEADS NARRATIVE OF FEAR is the cause. Distraction is the effect.

    Asleep at the wheel is the cause. Slavery is the effect.

    The forum to correct this is Americas Lawful courts powered by selfless people for the people.

    Following is not Leading.

    Correct action is the cause. Freedom is the effect.

    Americans will always choose Freedom.

    1. yes its time we, men and women (who desire to):
      created by God naturalborn upon the land and subject to the laws of nature,
      be separate, in peace, like we're entitled to be. Gods power will have to go before us and clear the way if its going to happen at all.
      being daughter and descendant from simon, kenton family on virginia, 1755, i'm "grand-fathered" into everything in the Unanimous Declaration and. the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, and ready to start setting up and sharing about our united States of America, July 2, 1776 common law court system: unless someone is able to prove, in law, on the record before God and man that peace-full and law-full men and women do not have right to do so. then i will stop.
      other than that, i dont see where its any different than being one of the "non-Federal" indigenous nations ["tribes"], or, the amish/other culturally- and physically -separated peoples.... actually now it seems like that has always been "Legal" in a Secretive "1933, HJR 192" Non-Disclosed sort of a way.
      unless someone can show me how that is not my right... providing that i dont harm man, without right,.... then i'm ready to get started.

  6. Gloria and I always loved our pets and always hated to read how people abuse animals. I can't understand though why people, especially women on NEXTDOOR, don't get upset after reading what PeaceHealth and a Bellingham responder did to Gloria Brown. If I was a stranger and read the story I couldn't help asking Whatcom authorities how a woman can be brutally killed and her husband falsely accused of threatening to kill responders, all after a Bellingham Police detective found alleged death threats by the husband were totally erroneous. I'd ask why hasn't her murder been investigated by the Whatcom County sheriff, while lawyers, medical examiners have made up a false death certificate and refusing to state a cause of death despite the puncture wound to her Internal jugular vein in the UWMC autopsy. Records prove Scurlock and Rittinger sat on the side of the road calling in saying they were afraid for their lives instead of going to the hospital after being told erroneously the husband was going to shoot them, whoever started that rumor is an accomplice to murder. DOH asked what they did to Mrs Brown, Scurlock said he did an IV to her external jugular vein, yet DOH refused to ask him why the autopsy reads a puncture wound to her INTERNAL jugular vein. Appreciate your help. Bobby Brown


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