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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Walter Burien of CAFR1 on the election



What does candidate election fraud look like?
by Walter Burien

The answer to this article title was given to me over 25 years ago by a good friend, Steve Porak.

Steve was invited to become a committeeman for Phoenix, and there was a meeting for all of the potential state committeemen, The national head of the party was there as the key speaker.  One thing he told the potential committeemen was; "Tell your people who are running for office, to tell the public whatever the public wants to hear, and when your guy gets in, he then can do whatever he wants." My friend Steve left at that point and told them he declined their offer for him to be a committeeman.

Knowingly speaking an untruth is a lie. A lie in some cases can be not consequential, or on the other hand, it can cause loss of thousands of lives. Some lies are exclusively designed to steal or transfer massive wealth from a targeted group. With that being said, government collectively for the US is the largest pool of multifaceted wealth in the country, if not the world. Those elected or appointed by those elected, have access to that wealth on the City, County, School District, State, or Federal level per where that wealth is spent, held, invested, who it benefits, and whom invests that wealth. For the inside players, with this massive amount of wealth before them, the easiest way to conduct business as usual, is to make sure the general population is clueless as to what is taking place right in front of them. Just keep the self created narrative going that keeps the population masterfully entertained looking in left field as you conduct 90% to 100% of the business that matters as usual in right field.

Now per my party affiliation, I grew up in NJ, and back then in the 60's and 70's NJ was primarily Democratic, both parents were Democritters, and thus when I was young (18 to 23), I was a Democritter also. I note both parents back then worked in top level positions within NJ State and County government.

I grew older, and as the years passed, I learned a little more and then a lot more about what drove politics, corporate action or lack thereof, and how government deployed the wealth it originally secured from the population and then grew that wealth taken by investment . One of the most important facts I learned was that both the Democratic and Republican Party were "Private Associations" designed from the get-go, to get their people into office and thus having access to the till. That massive wealth held by government, and all that it entails from having that access to it, was the core underling driving motive behind the players..

Did you ever notice that the Democritter gang, had a visceral reaction to Donald Trump in 2014, 2020, and to this date? Ever wonder in reality why?

Well, the wealthy Democritters for a few years were focused on the New Green deal, having invested internationally into New Green deal investments. Billions and billions of dollars, Invested in Electric Car production, Solar, etc. For crude oil they were planing to push it to over $100 per barrel. from where it stood in 2014, at about $45 per barrel, so they went long crude oil contracts on the futures market.. Trump was not on the Democritter team. He was more independent than any of them, plus he genuinely wanted government policy to benefit the American Population and not hurt them.

Take a look at Crude Oil when push came to shove between the Democritters and Trump.  Make sure when the page opens to click in the top of the chart after "Range" click on "5Y" to view the Five Year chart

Crude Oil, in April of 2019, hit "Negative" -$40 a barrel. They had to pay someone $40 a barrel to haul it away.. I never thought a commodity could go Negative in price, I could not believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. Individuals holding long positions would have gotten decimated. Trump cost  that Democritter group and their cohorts  billions of dollars based on the price changes contrary to the Democritter  gang's investment holdings. They were not at all happy campers, and they would do whatever necessary to regain control of the White House, and did so in 2020. Then with the Democritters back in control, their new Green investment deal strategy and corresponding government policy enacted was reapplied with a vengeance. Then profit, profit, profit for them due to inflation and higher energy prices. Tens of billions of dollars monthly transferred into the Democriter's investment balances, taken in effect directly from the population's wealth.

I have noticed the Democritters using across the country, as a standardized political opposition story-line terms of "dangerous" "not right for" "will destroy democracy" "women would loose their rights of choice" etc, etc, on into nausea-um. They are depending that their tactics will trigger programed fear conditioning in the viewer to go along with the programing. Fear programed conditioning has worked very well for them before, so they are depending it will work for them again. The Republicons on the other hand were sticking to the basics of the economy using the words of "inflation", "crime", "cost of living", "open southern border" and "high gas prices". with that being the truer impact for the population.

January 6th event?  Just ask yourself: "Who profits?"  Not Trump at all. And keep in mind Nancy Pelosi was in charge of the Capitol's security, and three days before the event President Trump offered Nancy, 10,000 National Guard troops if she wanted to use them to guard the Capitol and she declined to use any. If she had used even 500, then what happen that day would not have happened. Again, as how things unfolded, you have to ask, who profits?

January 6th hearings?  = 10 wolves and a sheep arguing and debating what should be eaten for diner, with the sheep excluded from making any objection comments to the wolves conversation.

Abortion with the Roe vs Wade being overturned? It was made clear from the get go, that individual "States" would determine policy, and not the Federal Government.

Now there was one incumbent Democritter I liked and was thinking to vote for. His name is Mark Kelly, an incumbent Arizona Senator. He was a NAVY pilot and went on to be a Space Shuttle commander. He then ran for the Senate. He is a likable character who probably will win the election, and is very well organized out of his Senate office. His first TV ad campaign did not attack his opponent, but focused on his military, and space shuttle experience being a factor in knowing how to work as a team. He started slipping in the polls, so then he switched his ads to attacking his opponent, Blake Masters, over and over again. Kelly kept slipping in the polls, and then switched his ads to saying as noted in the beginning of this article, "tell the population what they want to hear"  so, he says "he is working to lower energy prices", "stands up to his party",  "will let Biden know if he thinks he is doing something wrong" (I note he voted 96% of the time for what Biden wanted). Seeing that last ad, and knowing he did the exact opposite over his last term in office, contrary to what he was saying now, kicked Kelly out of the ballpark for me. Masters got my vote. Kelly only ran this last ad for a short period. The negative feedback he got to it made him pull it, and go back to the NAVY pilot that went on to be a Space Shuttle commander with him knowing how to work as a team..

I realized there was a new tactic being played out by the Democritters with the help of Rhinos. That being: There is a Canadian registered website called   which all donations for Trump or most Republican candidates was being directed to. Well, months ago I made a small contribution to Trump. The next day, I got slammed with 15 to 25 emails for more $$$$ with one tactic after another being used. I hate when that happens, so I hit "unsubscribe". No effect. So I hit unsubscribe over and over again over for the next three weeks to no avail. Then I sent a communication to the administrators saying: "I have tried to unsubscribe over 35 times and was ignored. If you do not remove my email address I will take legal action for damages and removal. Well, I was removed within two days 

But then my cell-phone started getting hit with 10 to 15 texts per day for contributions with it stated your contribution would be matched 5x, 8x, 15X, with the obscure link shown directing back to the site to take a contribution. I texted back with "Remove" "END", and "STOP" and all bounced back undelivered being the number sent from that I replied to did not exist. The sender spoofed the sending number. That is when I realized that was being used in some way by the Democritters and Rhinos to get supporters of Trump and Republican Candidates pissed-off with relentless SPAM so they would drop their support they had for Trump and Republican Candidates. It also made me think: Are the complete contributions made through that site getting to the actual candidate contributed too?

I sent a warning communication to Donald Trump's official email saying he should take a very close look at and reasons why.  Within two days the 10 to 15 texts to my cellphone stopped, and I received only two texts since then.and both had valid sending numbers.

So what this article boils down to, is that both party's, Democratic and Republican, are inherently corrupt or actively involved with fraud, with each on his own, either willingly or unwillingly participating, due to the massive wealth involved.  What I have learned is to examine closely in all light, whether what I am hearing and seeing, is it in reality: Truth or a Lie?

Did you ever hear a candidate say: "I am running for office being I will be able to direct massive wealth, and I will make sure my choices made, will directly benefit you, and the whole population".  I never heard a peep such as that in my lifetime, even though it is the core underlying reality factor for all Candidates..

You see, the Democritters are a well oiled machine in many ways and based on that, the profits keep rolling in the door for them and their cohorts as long as they control the show. Donald Trump is one person and was not part of the in place machine. Mr. Trump's actions were to benefit the general population 1st, his Republicon friends 2nd, and the in place machine 3rd. This did not sit well with the intent of the Democritter's or their in place machine designed to be #1..

Well, it is the mid-term election day after, November 8th 2022.  I  voted by mail in ballot which was confirmed for November 3rd as "received" and "Accepted" by the County elections department. If any shenanigans take place with switching election ballots,  my ballot as a safety step taken by me,  on the lower right, I put my initials and last four of my SS number. This was done by me on both sides. Then I scanned my ballot on both sides so I would have a copy of exactly what I submitted. If ever there was an audit of my county's election results, I would give the auditor a copy of the ballot I submitted. If they could not find my ballot with my initials combined with the last four of my SS#, then they would know my ballot was pulled and switched. If still there and the votes matched up, then OK. By the way my ballot has a straight line Republican vote.

Let's see what happens by the end of the day, Tuesday, November 8th 2022, and the days thereafter. Personally, I am going to keep an eye on what candidates vote totals are at the end of the 8th, and then which results flip, days after the 8th. thus flipping who won.

As brought forward in past CAFR1 articles, the only identifying information for mail in ballots is on the envelope. Once the ballot is taken out of the envelope, there is no identifying information on the ballot to show who sent it in. Now if someone from the inside, with the intent and opportunity to do so, before tabulation, they could take 5,000 ballots leaning to one side and swap them out with 5,000 ballots leaning to the other side. To do this easily, they would have to pr-sort the ballots first. So, as they open the envelope for the ballot, see if the ballots all go into one pile or two. There should be only one pile and not more.

Please share this communication with your email list if you think they would have an interest in what is said.

Sent FYI from, and Truly Yours,

Walter Burien
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854   and   http://http:/

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