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Thursday, November 10, 2022

What to Do

 By Anna Von Reitz

Thanks to impeccable and duly noted and honored reasoning, we can all prove which jurisdictions the courts are operating in.  There are only three (3) choices: Administrative (Corporate Tribunals addressing their own employees), Admiralty (Military Law of the Sea) and Maritime (Otherwise known as Commercial Law, or the Law of Contracts). 

None of these jurisdictions represented by these courts happen to be competent to address average Americans.  So in order to gain jurisdiction over you and subject you to their law, they have to pretend that you are something or someone else.  

It's that simple. 

The way to respond to them is equally simple, no matter which of the three choices they invoke.  

If you receive mail, citations, court documents, summons, etc. and it is addressed in your name or what appears to be a variation of your name in all capitals, like this: JOANNE K WARBURY, it's either an Administrative Court or a Maritime Court, presuming that you are responsible for the creation and administration of a Uniform Code Contract Trust of some kind. 

If you receive mail addressed to what appears to be your Proper Name addressed in Upper and Lower Case, like this: Joanne Warbury, it's an Admiralty Court, pretending that you are some kind of Officer or Enlisted Person.  For example, if you have mistakenly agreed to act as a "Taxpayer" they can presume that you have voluntarily agreed to collect taxes for the Queen and are acting as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service. 

The moment that you receive -- by hand from a Process Server or via mail -- any official piece of paper from any of these courts, you need to "Return Service".   They have offered you the "service" of making a contract offer.  The proper response is to "Return Service". 

So, here are the steps you will need to "Return Service" to any and all of these courts:

1. Take the Summons or Charges or Citation or whatever other piece of paper you first receive, and a red ink pen (which in their signal lingo means "Land Jurisdiction") and you write across the top of the page --- without quotation marks --- "Returned Service: No UCC Contract Trust and no Territorial Office."  

2. Directly under this one sentence and on the right side of the page, you sign using the same red ink pen and using a by-line like this-- By: Ruth Sawyer.  

3. Directly under your Signature, you write the date out, like this: August 21st of 2023.

4. Make two (2) copies of this page. 

5. Take both pages directly to the Office of the Court Clerk involved and have both date stamped.  Give the wet-ink original copy to the Clerk. Keep your copy for your records.  

And that's it. That's all you should have to do, and it forestalls any further action in 90% of all cases, without further harassment. 


First of all, because you have made the proper reply by "Returning Service" they can't hold you in contempt of court. 

Second, because you have already returned service to all venues --- Maritime and Administrative are answered by "no UCC Contract Trust" and Admiralty is answered by "no Territorial Office"-- they have no leg to stand on to pursue you like a rabbit running from one jurisdiction to the next.  You've quashed their whole shooting match. 

Now, you are probably wondering --- why does she say this works in "90% of all cases" instead of all cases?  

Because as I have told you repeatedly, 90% of all the Acts of Congress do not pertain to us, but what about the 10% that do?  

That's why 90% of all cases are misaddressed to us, but there are some that may actually hold water. 

A few. 

So let's review that aspect to give you some more thinking points. 

If you are a Federal or State-of-State Contractor, you may have Federal Income and you may owe a Federal Income Tax as a result. 

If you obtained all or a substantial percentage of your retirement or pension from Federal, State-of-State, or other government service, you may owe a Federal Income Tax on that part of your retirement that derives from Federal employment--- only that portion that was from Federal or "federally connected" franchise sources. 

If you are licensed to sell, manufacture, or transport firearms, alcohol, or tobacco across state lines, and are caught doing something improper in pursuit of these activities, you may be subject to their courts. 

If you are knowingly and voluntarily engaged in interstate commerce and are operating a registered corporation for that purpose (remember, "commerce" is business between two incorporated entities) other than a "UCC Contract Trust", you may be subject to their courts. So if you choose to operate as an S-Corp, Non-Profit, LLC, Cooperative, etc., you may be subject to their courts. 

If you are currently in the military service you are obviously subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice on the land and Admiralty Law at Sea; but did you know? --- even after you have been discharged from the Services, if you do not provide a Letter of Termination to your Branch Commander, they can continue to presume that you have chosen to remain in their jurisdiction and that you are voluntarily subjecting yourself to their law?  This means that every penny you subsequently earn in the private sector becomes "federally connected" and subject to Federal Income Tax. If you do not formally surrender your commission as an officer as part of your Termination Letter, you remain accountable to the military for life. 

If you enter a properly ceded military base, encampment, arsenal, dock, or other facility, including a post office or federal courthouse, and cause a disturbance or violate posted warning signs or vandalize anything, you are subject to their courts. 

So, you see, you can become subject to their courts and can be legitimately addressed by their courts under certain circumstances and if you voluntarily participate in federally regulated activities or choose to "reside" in their jurisdiction, they can pull your chain at will. 

However, under most circumstances--- and with you knowledgeably operating in your normal capacity as Joe Average American--- a simple "Returned Service" process is sufficient to ward off any untoward presumptions aimed at you. 


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  1. Thank you Anna. Is this also the case in Australia, as I heard that Australia Inc is registered in the US?

  2. If you were a physician for many years but are not working as one but still hold a license to practice-are you subject to their courts in a foreclosure action?

    1. The license is conscripted service as an officer, Doctor, Docking Agent under Admiralty Maritime law. As for the "foreclosure" likely it has the appearance of one however isn't really one by definition and therefore you may be taking actions that aren't remedy for what is really occurring, after 3 years the bank has that mortgage death note off their books. You were supposed to the note over to them at the closing, bartering the note for them to obtain the currency to satisfy the "promise to pay" . By holding on to the note at the closing left it open for you to be in an installment contract.

    2. Anonymous...
      "lf you were a physician for many years"...........
      "are you subject to their courts on a foreclosure action?"
      l am a 4-yr. degree nurse, and l haven't held a current license for over a decade and haven't worked in a medical capacity since license expired and Anna told me that l had to fill out a certain form the same way a soldier leaving the service does except most of them were never told "on purpose" that they have to do it and can be called back anytime. What a shock. Yes, we do have to fill out a form and disconnect properly or we're still in. Through the years l heard that the form # had changed and we need to correct our notes. l'll be hunting through her articles to see if she mentioned any new forms. l'm almost certain that the form did change.
      My only question to her is "Who is standing in for our branch commander? ls it the Commander in Chief? Our president? That's the only one l can think of bcuz l actually never bodily enlisted or served in the marines nor did l ever wear the uniform. Or maybe the one who is over the medical branch. lDK.
      Your findings are well appreciated in advance.

    3. Anonymous....
      Yes, l guess you're wonderingu why l didn't answer your question--
      "are you subject to their courts in a foreclosure action?
      l would say yes bcuz until you disconnect per.anently & properly, you're still in and are still considered a warrant officer in the merchant marines and still considered a federal servant apparrantly without pay but every taxpayer has to file income taxes even if they made nothing, zero all year.
      So you would be filling out the form to permanently disconnect from the warrant officer title to disconnect from the title of taxpayer showing no federal income anymore. So the courts can't connect to you thru the presumption that you are a US citizen.

    4. Filing income tax returns is voluntary only if one is not a federal employee.

    5. Anonymous....
      Yes, you can watch the 1980's video of the lRS comissioner admit that very thing, in a senate committee meeting where he was being grilled and that's where he said it point blank. l watched it 4 months ago under lRS on the index/ menu bar on the American States Assembly website. Wasn't scrubbed yet but can't be found anywhere else on the internet.
      A US citizen is a "taxpayer."
      A US citizen is a "person" and a "person" is an ALL CAPS name and is a "corporation" and corporations are "taxpayers," howbeit, they foist their debt off on to us for us to pay their debt. That is not the debt of an ASN. lt's their debt that you're paying. lt's unlawful for an American to pay tribute to a foreign power. A "Living man" isn't a "taxpayer." Must declare your "living man" status, (a.k.a. correct political status) to kill the presumption,

    6. WARNING: You WILL get bitch slapped hard by doing what you are suggesting so if you do that in a court, EXPECT THE WORST! I don't enter court rooms because ANYONE that shows up is there only out of IGNORANCE AND FEAR. YOU become the SURETY and those "CHARGES" will be handed to YOU. Don't be a flag waving IDIOT like JUDGE ANNA VON WRONG!

    7. So many good helpful comments. Ain't it interesting that the talmudic Color of Law has had us all inverted, doing what is unlawful, illegal promoted & enforced as the only way to Act in their Death Cult?
      In the physicians (Christian Law land jurisdiction trade) vs licensed doctors (talmudic law Admiralty Maritime Commercial), are enforced to comply to dictates, mandates, codes... & profiteering-only pharmaceuticals (petrochemical poisons) or suffer unlawful consequences.
      Physicians would study at credible colleges & 'practice' under mentor physicians until a time when its determined capacity, credibility & to then responsibly become independent physician. Back in the day, prior to jew Rockefeller talmudic take-over, one's individual reputation mattered; now one's reputation has little bearing but one's adherence to overlordship does. 'License' is to do what is illegal, thus unlawful:
      From Bouvier's Dictionary of Law 1856

      LICENSE, contracts. A right given by some competent authority to do an act, which without such authority would be illegal. The instrument or writing which secures this right, is also called a license. Vide Ayl. Parerg, 353; 15 Vin. Ab. 92; Ang. Wat. Co. 61, 85.
      2. A license is express or implied. An express license is one which in direct terms authorizes the performance of a certain act; as a license to keep a tavern given by public authority.
      3. An implied license is one which though not expressly given, may be presumed from the acts of the party having a right to give it. The following are examples of such licenses: 1. When a man knocks at another's door, and it is opened, the act of opening the door licenses the former to enter the house for any lawful purpose. See Hob. 62. ...

    8. "...: 1. When a man knocks at another's door, and it is opened, the act of opening the door licenses the former to enter the house for any lawful purpose. See Hob. 62. ..."
      thats ridiculous!!!!
      there is nothing **IMPLIED** between (one) man and (another) man just by answering a knock at his door!
      if (a) man knocks at (another) man's door and he opens it, (the) man who knocks does not enter unless (the) man INVITES him in;
      and must leave if told to go, even if he was invited in earlier.

      you guys have forgotten what it is to be **man**.
      **man** is your first estate.
      its the PowerPosition.
      wake up!!
      youre about to lose it.

  3. What if one is collecting General Assistance Funds, and or Food Stamps, and or county medical?

    1. Or receive SSI or disability monthly?

    2. I have this same question, we are on state health insurance. Also, my adult daughter is disabled and receives funds thru the department of development disability, when we correct our status will the health insurance and disability be affected. I am also her legal guardian; will this be impacted?

    3. I am NOT a U.S. Citizens and I get $3238. per month in BENEFITS because I AM a United States National with NO STATE ID and a U.S. Passport with the following SELF-DETERMINED declaration of STATUS written on the last page of the U.S. Passport I am the holder of: "THE BEARER IS A UNITED STATES NATIONAL AND NOT A UNITED STATES CITIZEN". If you listen to these whackos it is your own fault. ANNA IS A NAZI FREEMASON ASSHAT.

  4. fact:
    [a] man cannot promise to do something [a] man does not know about.


  5. This is the doc again who is licensed but not practicing ( for 5 years).i have done my paperwork and am a member of my state assembly. I have done several discharges of debt under HJR 192 that include mortgage debt and federal tax debt. These were done through the Treasury to Janet YELLEN with strict instructions to the respective Bank and federal tax agency.The discharges are totally ignored in their courts and by the banks regarding foreclosure with a demand for payment in certain specie ie. FRN’s, Bank check,etc. The IRS uses a different tact asking for more time and sending it to a different office with each response. There actually was some response/acknowledgement of the tax debt discharge with regard to garnishment of my social security check which stopped when I notified them to correct their books due to the aforementioned discharge however when making contact with the IRS, they still claimed total tax debt due. Interestingly, they will not send a ‘bill’ but only a statent. I am now dealing with tax liens on my farm that is being sold to get out from under the foreclosure which I need to have removed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as this issue has consumed valuable time and energy that needs to be devoted to our assembly.

  6. Thanks for these steps for return service. Quick question, the steps listed here, can they be used by anyone, or does one first need to correct their status?

    1. It's the United States Passport and on the last page you HANDWRITE THE FOILLOWING DECLARATION: "THE BEARER IS A UNITED STATES NATIONAL AND NOT A UNITED STATES CITIZEN." You can find these INSTRUCTIONS on the website right here:

  7. Thank you so much Anna! I took your advice, however, it was late on the 3rd day (yesterday) when I received your response back from Paul and did not have time to run to the clerk's office with my citation. So, instead I ran to the Post Office with my citation marked in red as you instructed, and sent it to the Clerk of the Court - Certified Mail (Return Receipt Requested). Today is Veteran's Day and the PO and the Courts are not open so they will receive on Monday. Hope this takes care of it all - thank you again!

  8. It works 100% . I can prove it to any one . Take the same letter the mail you and put on ,sorry I do not accept any contract thanks.
    They never try to send it back to you.
    You have to do it with out panic.
    They are people like you.
    They are afreid of the truth.


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