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Friday, November 11, 2022

To the "Good" Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

Whoever and wherever you are, if you still exist, or ever did --- here's how the record looks to us as your Employers: 

The U.S. Military, and particularly, the U.S. Army, has been in charge of everything ever since March of 1863.  That's when Lincoln turned everything over to the U.S. Army and adopted The Lieber Code--- and the very next day, he bankrupted the very first foreign British Crown Corporation calling itself "the United States of America, Inc." 

It's very doubtful that Abraham Lincoln could ever claim a valid position as "Commander-in-Chief" even back then and in the limited sense of being the "President" and therefore, "Commander-in-Chief"  of a foreign commercial corporation, to initiate "The Lieber Code" and start ruling by Executive Order. 

It is certain that Abraham Lincoln had no authority vested in him or in any office he could hold to "suspend the Constitution" which he and the U.S. Military, including the U.S. Army, were obligated to defend and honor against "all enemies both foreign and domestic".  Then and now. 

Perhaps some of this sounds vaguely familiar?  

Now, any thinking American worth his salt has to know that no President has any power to overturn a service contract established by the States and People of this country.  No such "President" is a Principal party to the Constitution, so how could Lincoln overturn an agreement made between  the States of the Union and a bunch of foreign governments? Does General Motors, Inc. have the right to void treaties between Canada and Costa Rica?  Can Elon Musk suspend the Constitution and start ruling this country by "Executive Order"?  Where are the words "Executive Order" written in the Constitution or any other international Treaty or Contract ever signed by our Government?  

Put on your Thinking Caps. 

Lincoln was acting in Insurrection against the actual American Government, and nobody called him on it in the U.S. Military, because the U.S. Military was gaining coercive power over their Employers, the civilian American Government, and most importantly, as the Lieber Code makes clear, our money. 

Everything that has stemmed from this illegal and unabated usurpation of lawful political power has led to the benefit of foreign interests and the criminal abuse of the defrauded American Public. 

U.S. Grant, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Richard Millhouse Nixon, and many other "Presidents" operating successive foreign "governmental services corporations" stripped this country of its assets and sold its people into slavery, while promoting the rise of illegal Central Banks designed to rig commodity markets, especially money, credit, and bond markets. 

The U.S. Military stood by through all this, watched these charlatans and traitors betray the people of this country and get away with it with impunity.  

The U.S. Military set up the "District Court System" otherwise known as "Carpetbagger Courts" in May of 1865.  These "courts" were designed to collect war reparations from a phony war that was an illegal Mercenary Conflict from the start. These unauthorized Military District Courts were designed to do just one thing: extract money and assets from our Southern States to slake the British Gluttons.     

And instead of phasing this "system" out, and realizing that the Admiralty and Maritime Courts were usurping upon the actual American Government and illegally impersonating us and illegally confiscating our assets and even purloining the credit owed to their innocent Employers, all the U.S. Military did was stuff their hands deeper into our pockets and look the other way for 160 years, while charging us for their "service" to us. 

That's the kind of "service" a bull gives a cow.  

Oh, yes, you protected us from everything, most especially, you protected us from the Truth.  Anything but the truth.  Through False Flags that cost American lives, through theft of our gold and silver in the name of safe-keeping, hiding all this crap, all this theft, violence, and graft, all these foreign political parties, all this gratuitous misleading talk about "our Democracy", right down to removing the American History Books from the shelves of our school and public libraries, installing foreign courts in our courthouses, killing Jack and Robert Kennedy, murdering Martin Luther King, Jr., colluding with the CIA on all the Black Ops and child trafficking and drug trafficking and all the rest of it,  and when the U.S. Military has finally been held to account, their answer? 

Kill their actual Creditors.  Unleash this horrifying holocaust of death and injury on civilians who never caused anyone any harm.  Hang your heads in shame, boys.  All this and more is on you.  You've been driven far, far off course, and done so many ugly, stupid, feckless things. 

Surely, you have to realize that what I am telling you is true. All of you.  Anyone who served in the U.S. Military in any capacity, come on, own it. You didn't know exactly what was upgefocked, but you knew something was wrong.  You knew something was dirty, and you know it now, too. 

Find me the records where our American Congress declared war during the Civil War.  Find me proof that any Congress ever declared the so-called Civil War.  Show me where it was ever settled by any peace treaty?  Show me Lincoln's true Office and any authority he had to suspend the Constitution?  

Show us all that everything that has happened in the past 160 years hasn't been just one big, horrifying, self-interested, profit-making illegal Mercenary Conflict and Crime Spree engendered on our shores by foreign interests?  

Yesterday, I had some drunk troll from the military telling me I have a target on my forehead and that you are all just "waiting for me to make my move".  

I have been moving since 1998 and still am -- exposing the history and the ludicrous "cloak of secrecy" you've imposed to protect your own foreign corporation's "National Security" --- not ours at all.  

Thanks to the U.S. Military not doing its job and landing this giant manure pile on my doorstep, I've had to spend over forty years mucking it out, and now the guilty parties want to lie about me and call me "disloyal"?  

Where were you, you feckless drudges?  It was your job to protect America and its people, not raise revenues for the Queen and Pope and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London. You want to see the patents and the banks involved?  The Grand Cycle of Theft and Deceit and Human Trafficking and Illegal Securitization that the U.S. Military has allowed and profited from for over a hundred years?  

It's too late, boys, the horses are out of the barn. All the dirty linen is known and it's flapping in the breeze from here to Timbuktu. The Sword of Truth has been unleashed and no matter what happens to me or to you, it will not return to its sheath.  These words of mine are true and they will not go forth in vain. 

From the standpoint of being your employers and the ultimate source of the men and women filling your ranks and every piece of wire in your high tech tat, we are pissed off and we have every reason and right to be. 
Any atoning that needs to be done, is all on you. 

Some weak-minded woman wrote to me telling me to pipe down and show more respect.  Do you, under the circumstances, really think that respect is warranted?  Have you risked your life for this country any more than I have?  Think about it. I've faced off all of you and your NATO cronies, and all of the Hounds of Hell known as judges and attorneys, the IRS and so much more.  

Seven attempts at assassination, three attempts to poison me, burning me out, flooding me out, locking me out, endlessly harassing me using your illegal subcontractor Agencies as sock monkeys,  and Grandma is still standing here, calling you home and back to your senses. 

Here's what I told that Sissy: 

The military is 100% RESPONSIBLE for ALL the CRAP that has gone on here since March of 1863.  If there’s any such thing as a “good” military they’ve got a lot of past history to atone for. 

They owe good faith service to this country, not a 160 year-old illegal Mercenary Conflict serving to “legalize” theft and evasion of their obligations to the States and people of this country. 

And you are wrong about “me” or “we” not having anything.  

First. we have many millions of guns and boots on the ground and if the Vietnamese could beat them at their own game imagine how much luck they would have against the rest of us? 

Second, they get their paychecks and requisitions on our credit.  How long do you think they will have anything to say if we give them all pink slips?  Cut off their charge accounts?  

Want to fight with your employers? Really? 

The military has been renegade and profligate and unfaithful to its duty owed to this civilian government since 1863.  That’s how we are in the mess we are in. That’s the facts, ma’am.

And it’s thanks to their gutless ignorant asses and failure to defend that we have millions of dead and dying innocent civilians in this country, and in the Armed Forces, too. 

We have a situation like this to deal with and open borders, to boot, and all these jerk-offs can worry about is their goddamned corporate elections? 

Kirsten, if you don’t see how these men have failed us and failed their country and failed themselves, then you’ve got rocks in your head. 

The situation we’ve got has been created or condoned by them since 1863. See it. Face it. Smell it. It is what it is. 


I say the same thing to you, and Mr. Trump, too.  You have been told the truth.  You have been given the opportunity to come home under amnesty.  Don't try to spin some sick narrative and think that people are stupid simply because they have been trusting and asleep.  It's quite a different world when we're awake. 

Here, for your education, are the groups that were excused from getting the Jabs:  

1. All the members of Congress and all their staff members. 
2. All the White House Staff and their families. 
3. All the Pfizer execs and their families and their employees.
4. All the Moderna execs and their families and their employees.
5. All the Johnson and Johnson execs and their families and employees. 
6. All the CDC, INC. execs and their families and employees. 
7. All the FDA, INC execs and their families and employees.
8. Eight million Chinese exchange students.
9. Six million illegal immigrants. 
10. All the homeless people haunting our streets. 

This means the lousy rotten corporations sold us all down the River Styx for the sake of their profit margins. This happened on your watch.  You helped it happen with "Warp Speed".  You are so utterly worthless that you are killing and endangering the people who have paid your pensions and stood in the rain waving flags for you. 

And month after bleeding stupid ineffective navel-staring month you pump out all these lies and sell all these "products" and keep people believing that "their" military is going to save them?  Q is going to save them?  For God's sake, Princess Diana is going to save us?  Buy some more Trump Bucks? 

Where in the name of Jesus do you get this stuff?  Do you just get up in the morning and pick it out of your ears like you pick boogers out of your noses?  

You know what the record says?  It says "our" military is either so stupid that none of the Top Brass know how to breathe in and out, or, alternatively, "our" military has been illegally occupying this country for 160 years, sucking up to foreign powers, and parasitizing us for fun and profit, while we've loyally paid their salaries, pensions, and equipment costs.  That's what it says. 

I have added Ulysses S. Grant, Woodrow Wilson, and Tricky Dick to my Bucket List labeled "Piss on Their Graves List", and a long list of U.S. Generals and Admirals have been added to that list, too. 

Now we hear that Trump has been sworn in as the "19th President" of our Federal Republic.  That's a good trick, considering that he is still functioning as the British Crown Puppet in charge of the bankrupt good-for-nothing "USA, Inc." and representing the British Territorial Government interests.  

How does a British Flunkie get to invade vacated American Federal Republic offices that belong to and have already returned to the Federation of States by Operation of Law?  

If Mr. Trump really loved America, if he really loved the American people, he'd put an end to this shitshow and stand tall and accept the responsibilities of the actual office of The President of The United States of America.  He'd be the Federation President for real, and not "acting as" the Federal Republic President and trying to pull off yet another British Territorial Substitution Scheme. 

Lincoln used his office as "President" of "the United States of America, Incorporated" and substituted this cuckoo-bird corporate office for the actual Office of The President of The United States of America owed to the people and the States. 

In the aftermath of the armed hostilities coming out of the so-called "American Civil War" the Brits claimed "Emergency" as their excuse for substituting their British Territorial State-of-State organizations for our American State-of-State organizations.  Cuckoo birds again.  

And here we have you jackasses, the Great White Hope of the White Slave Nation, trying to pull yet another British Substitution Scheme, trying to sneak in the backdoor and proclaim yourselves the newly "restored" Federal Republic, without even the standing and dignity of having declared and recorded the fact that you are Americans. Bah! 

For your information, those that want to be United States Citizens --- meaning the officers and personnel staffing our Federal Republic --- have to make public declarations over a period of years and must have impeccable character and education to become United States Citizens. Only loyal, dedicated, and proven people of  solid character have the right and honor to occupy and run our Federal Republic. 

That's what the Immigration and Nationality laws said and what they still say.  You can't vote yourselves in with a Fan Dance and more idiot crap about your democracy or your "Federal" Republic, being substituted for our American Government.   Your democracy is limited to the District of Columbia by Public Law, and anything that you ever thought or taught differently is due for a great big correction.  The rest of us live in the republican States of the Union. 

Take it to heart. 

And if there are any "good" military still out there, still loyal to the States and people of this country, then stop all this sneaky, nasty, corporatist, propaganda nonsense and move your flat little rumps into high gear to do your actual jobs for your actual employers.  

Don't give me any excuses, oh, it had to be that way, oh, we are afraid of rioters in the streets, oh, we are trying to minimize casualties--- lies, lies, and more lies. That and "keep a lid on the potty" is all you've done for sixteen decades, but welcome to the Apocalypse.

It isn't smart to let SERCO, a British Municipal Corporation,  be your Paymaster---- and still claim to us and to the rest of the world that you are "American" Armed Forces" and that you are going to do anything but protect the same old venal criminal European elements that have been murdering and thieving from their headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, ever since 1848. 

And you organize your "QFS" whiz-bang answer for a new banking system under a program called "Crimson Door"--- in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party and run it out of Langley and Wright-Patterson?  You think we are so stupid we don't know what that means? It's yet another CIA Operation. 

Why not write "The U.S. Military sucks hind tits for the communists." in neon letters and rent lots of billboards?  

Or maybe you should read the list again of all the people and organizations that didn't "have to"  take the Jab and let me read the Tea Leaves for you, right along with a corrected truthful report to replace the "Evening BS Headlines" coming out of Reuters, which has been owned by Rothschild since my Grandmother was a pup. 

Russia hasn't lost the war in Ukraine. Far from it.  They have already mopped up and have withdrawn back behind the Dnieper River, while ongoing talks with the German Government continue to bear fruit for peace---and a return to sanity and Russian gas deliveries to Western Europe. 

Zelensky hasn't got a wooden leg to stand on, and he was never anything but a CIA puppet anyway. Show the countries of Western Europe the bill for what Putin had to clean up, and they aren't going to help Zelensky win anything.  All their support for him and his regime dried up as soon as they realized that they might have to actually pay the bill, instead of just operating as front men for Biden.  

Even Poland, that perennial Pawn for France, gave up and refused to dance. 

So now what happens?  The U.S. Military pretending to be disinterested consultants, even after hundreds of their "advisors" were caught running illegal biowarfare laboratories and factories in Ukraine--- and even more of their NATO pals were captured, too, will try to pass it all off.   

There will be talks about "peace talks" between Zelensky and Russia and more ridiculous grandstanding about Russia vacating everything and paying Zelensky for all the damages and so on.  And gradually, it will all just go away, with Germany guaranteeing the peace west of the Dnieper and Russia guaranteeing the peace east of the Dnieper.  With a little luck, the actual victims of all this mercenary violence will eventually be strong enough to keep the rats out of Europe's granary all by themselves. . 

We are faced with a similar job ourselves. If, indeed, the "Good" Military exists, and not just Play Actors engaged in a Good Cop / Bad Cop fraud and disinformation scheme in which both sides play against the middle and are all  being directed by the same Vermin at the top, it is waaay past time for them to act in favor of this country. 


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  1. You are an amazing woman miss Reitz. I say God Bless, and thank you

    1. whoa!
      strongs concordance: whoredoms
      a plan, device, wickedness
      corpse, carcass
      to be or become unclean
      be polluted or profane
      and many more: 25 times in kjv.
      also: adultry and fornication.

  2. You preaching to the choir...!!

    1. And your "choir" is on that SINKING CITIZENSHIP that judge ANNA VON WRONG has lured you to BOARD. This bitch is a deceptive WITCH so if you do anything she is telling people to do, I guarantee it will ONLY get you in TROUBLE. She is PAID to deceive you....and her fuckery has finally caught up with her. The FEDS wiull take her away soon....but I have NOTHING to do with an of that. She has done it to herself. Granny Anna is a LIAR, LIAR, LIAR and her SHIP full of citizens is on FIRE!

  3. Thanks Anna your so right. I'm in Canada and we that know what's happening are with the people of the USA were in this together as we're all being betrayed by the same monsters and traders

  4. Thank you Anna, The only person that I believe is God. I know things are in the making I also know that Trump has been lied to and he is the figurehead who has given clues to the American people at rallies and I do believe that he’s telling the truth and in the best interest for the American people. He’s following the hand of General Berger and these people are just human trying to save America. Stay safe and I am here as long as God wants me to watch the movie I just pray that my little granddaughter and all small children of this world don’t have to suffer at the hands of this sick war

    1. I’m with you! My thoughts exactly😊❤️

    2. Why should the people believe in Trump,and why have of the same shite.
      Did you know Obama and Trump have bought property off the coast of the U.S.
      We the people have to take back our own Democracy.
      The world has to destroy Rothschild, Rocafella,and the Vatican.
      All involved have to taken down,no bullshit.
      I don't believe,any Q,or anyone but the people,should run our countries.
      Q bullshit,Q goblilty gook.
      Anonymous come forward,I challenge you, deception has to stop.along with all the Parasites.
      Anna Von Reitz,speaks the truth,Mr Brave calls himself Anonymous,why because it's people like you who hide,defending these parasites.
      Get real proof these fkrs are dead,in Gitmo,my arse.
      Clinton's,Soros,Gates,Tom Hanks,who else, Rothschild, Rocafella,C.I.A he runs.
      You got proof you bombed those underground places.
      This is no pantomime,stop lying Anonymous)who are you,the real people millions,worldwide want justice and these parasites,Gone.

  5. 🙏💕🙏💕🙏

  6. Wow masterfully written. We are living on this almost 3 dimensional architectural model of an earth where the devil himself has set more traps than we can know. We need the masses to see if. Bless you Anna for hanging in there all these years tirelessly trying to expose it. I too am ready for the “s*#t show to end! TRUTH is what we need. I’m saving this in my archives Anna!

    1. You are correct and ANNA VON WRONG IS ONE OF THEM!

  7. And devolution, as it has been explained/sold to us? Is that what you are supporting?

    1. im not exactly sure what devolution means, but the sixth paragraph from the end: "Russia hasnt lost the war in Ukraine. Far from it. They have already mopped up and have withdrawn... ongoing talks with the German Government...." stands out.... Especially so since it seems that this referenced /alleged "The "German" Government" is, in fact, descended from Khazarians, not Germans.
      so, it looks like there is an attempt to Re-Construct Colonialism, on a world-wide basis and run it using the British Feudal-Lord System: "The One-World Government": under the Vatican, British "Crowns", and "The High Contracting Powers" of the "Holy Alliance", ALL FICTIONS!! [see: The Secret Treaty of Verona and our American own Monroe Doctrine for details.]

    2. You sound like me! Here is my BitChute channel:

  8. You are the true heart, Anna--you and your husband, both. God be with you and protect you.

      There is very little truth to the crap spewing from her MASONIC hive mind and anyone that proclaims them,selves a JUDGE and is sending you shit coming from ALASKAN SUPERIOR COURT as if she is a PART of that shitshow is a TRAITOR TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. FLUCK ANNA AND SEND HER BACK TO HELL WHERE SHE CAME FROM.

  9. It is so disappointing that none of the "truthers" is able to engage with Anna and work through the topics slowly and put them out in a way that is more accessible to more people.

    1. The material deserves to be put in a proper knowledge base and categorized according to subject matter. Putting out daily articles that mostly repeat the same handful of things over and over and over has become ineffective. Anna has recently stated that there are merely a few thousand in the Land Recording database (I think that's what it's called). If after all these decades of working on this, a few thousands is all that it has achieved, then I thing serious overhaul to the distribution and dissemination approach is on order. A proper knowledge base would be a step in the right direction. And process maps, flow charts etc for the various processes, of which there are now many. Even something as simple as a workbook to help people through the various tasks involved.

      I'm doing the best I can to teach the fundamentals on my sites, but I can't build a knowledge base without Anna's approval and input.

    2. Excellent Comment.

    3. Thanks for the vote of encouragement.
      How do we get Anna to read this comment and then to see the great value in working towards making such a knowledge base a reality? I have the time and ability and some of the resources required (development and testing equipment), but as Anna is constantly reminding us and the world, her writings are "copyrighted". So she effectively puts handcuffs on anyone willing to enhance/use her work in this manner. She no longer replies to my emails. Someone please tell me how to get this concept through to her?, how to convince her of the value in it?, how to convince her of the value of leveraging modern data processing technology?, how to get her input and approval to proceed? I see calcification beginning to set in the entire initiative. The collection of thousands of articles has become so top heavy that it leads to as much confusion as it does clarity. The time to do something about it, to keep her work responsive and nimble is now, before it all calcifies permanently.

      Anyhow, experience has shown me that all this commenting/discussion doesn't bear any good fruit (been trying my best for over 2 years), and my time is better spent elsewhere doing things that are responsive to the creative process.

      Btw, if we shouldn't post as Anonymous then why is the option to do so available? Duh!

  10. Dear Anna, Yes, thank you for speaking from your heart and may I ask about something I have pondered for months? Did we meet in Texas, back in the 80’s? A young lady with pale blonde hair was with a dark haired gentleman and she was so happy to report the fruits of their “spiritual union”.
    He spoke of “gold fringe on the USA flag; a West Indies investment (which I implemented); how to legally back out of IRS “legally” and a few things you have reiterated, this last year.
    At the time I worked for Sammy Belisle, San Marcos, TX. We had a lot in common and she told me about your meeting.
    If it was you, I am happy, because all your recent posts bring back these good memories!

  11. Thank you for your INTENT to keep us safe.
    Thank you also to all you courageous men, and women, who in your hearts INTENDED to serve your family, friends, neighbors, and nation. it is appreciated.

    look up the history of the flag for yourself?: there is no "Peace Flag".
    OUR flag [the God-created men and women naturalborn upon one of our now-50 free and independent landstates] is the "Betsy Ross" flag... with the 13 white stars in a circle on the dark blue rectangle.
    i just bought a beautiful 3 foot by 5 footer this summer and fly it proudly on my front light pole with a smaller yellow Gadsden under it.
    ....also have a smaller B Ross showing from inside my garage window; one around my house on both sides, w a Gadsden underneath; one of each in my front flowerbed attached to a vertical dead tree stump; and one stuck in my purse or bag that unfurls as i walk.

  12. Thank Dear Anna so very much for all this knowledge. May Good God keep Anna safe at all time, so be it. m

  13. Out of Frankfurt, you say?

  14. I love it when you swear.

  15. ANNA VON WRONG is a FreeMasonic ASSHAT.

    1. anonymous,
      i have know ole anonymous there for years and can tell you, anonymous, that anonymous is NOT an A$SHAT.
      signed: anonymous.

    2. Anonymous is a CIA psyop! Or a plain shill dirtbag...shut your Ahole and listen to Anna. She makes more sense than your suicidal rants could ever count!!

  16. Hi there, you raise a lot of very truthful points about presidential-executive powers. Today our government, •we the people•, are allowing our constitutional powers to slip away into the hands of a new government of foreign, international investors aka: the NWO of corporations. Money and power are the new sentiments which do not support the general welfare of “the people”.

    Currently, we are watching the November 8th voting showdown slip into a slowdown within our advanced, fast-paced, automated, technological age.

    1. Rev 18 tells you what happens to them.

  17. Look closely at the different styles of grammar used in the documents.
    A proper noun as State appears in their statutes ? So why hasn't anyone brought this up ? STATE OF ? versus State ? Two very different entitys ...

    1. • and look at how MANY of these Articles get published in just a week or so!
      • these are HIGHLY- specific "Legal" documents and "anna" is not an Attorney,... well, except she said she IS PrivateAttorney to the Pope :):)... who she "criticizes" frequently!!
      • the way the info is getting repeated over and over reminds me of the "BoilerPlate LegalParagraphing Method" Attorneys use to throw together Contracts.... hmmmmm...... :):):)

  18. Rodney Dale Class had two different court judges state that from the local police, all the way up to the governor were private contractors and didn't work for the State .
    What the judge stated was correct.
    What Rodney failed to get the judge for clarification what was the the name of the private corporation these private contractors worked for ?
    The answer would have been THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA " not the State !

    1. well, those "Contractors" may have a "Contract" with someone/thing, BUT THEY SURE AS HELL DONT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH THE people of the united States of America, July 2, 1776: TO ABUSE, ROB, INJURE, STEAL FROM, LIE ABOUT, LIE TO, TORTURE or other otherwise cause us any kind of harm at all; and/or HARM OTHER peaceful people "In Our Name" or otherwise.
      they need to STOP wasting time WITH THE "STORIES" AND START TO FIGURE OUT HOW THEYRE GOING TO restore all they harmed.
      no exceptions.
      and it is so.

    2. He's right, dummy. You just don't want to accept it.

    3. Oh, and stop with the all-caps and parse syntax. Just stop already, lol.

    4. i:see you brought: WHINE to go with your CHEESEY:comments.

  19. Paul, would you please delete all posts using the name "Anonymous" and let these folks figure out how to post using their names? Your instructions say not to use the name "Anonymous", and yet most of what's posted here is just that. Thank you!

    1. You have to register. Some of us are no longer willing to do that. Corporations register. Not living people. Oh, and anonymous is a name/handle. Maybe toughen up and stop asking Paul to censor people.

  20. I wanted to write a comment on that vile dead anonymous spewing "thing" but continuing... will only spread the poison.

  21. On behave of that vile dead thing...I'm sending anna my best donation yet.

  22. With regards to the organic Constitution, It was a contract with the Feds. & the current (at that time) sovereign independent states. Fast forward to the Civil War where the Northern states & Southern states of the Union go to war against each other. Did the above actions result in a collaspe &/or dissolve the organic Constitution? Did international law demand that action? Did they put together a post Civil War Constitution that appears to be similar in many ways but contain slightly different language...semantics? Also, from what I've seen of John Ainsworth's (NC Republic) YT videos regarding the Reconstruction Acts...ALL the states of the Union were stripped of thier sovereign indepedence & from then on considered Federal Territories. The result being the Fed & State Constitution's being slightly altered/tweaked & that becoming more a Corporate Constitution for the Municipal Corporations that sprung up across the Country? The end result in my state was that several post Civil War amendments to my state constitution referred to the People of the state as Subjects. So I ask again, when the states (signatories to the Organic Constituion) went to a war against each other did the conflict result in that contract being broken/dissolved & did international law come into play? I hope I was clear in the head is spinning...

    1. Listen to Anna's "Granna Bites" series on youtube. With no one left (or no one with the guts) to enforce the original contracts, my assumption is that it "fell by the wayside". None of that matters regarding Americans, other than parsing out which ones are the originals to be able to enforce them.

  23. Would be a great sermon for all Americans

  24. Sermon? For sure on that. Anna can preach it out, folks!

    I declare America has gotten herself rediscovered, and since I've always been here, I redeclare my identity. Not the CAPS stolen one, no! My given name which I have since adopted. I don't think the authors/editor of today' Romans 13 even talk about this present government as being a Godly thing.

    Go tell it on the mountain that America's states got back into session. We had to do that.

    by: We State Nationals(c)
    without prejudice

  25. To anonymous: get a backbone and acknowledge who you are. Quit being such a coward. Stand for what you print!!!


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