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Monday, September 12, 2022

I Stand Corrected

 By Anna Von Reitz

As my son, the hard core researcher into all historical rabbit holes has observed, the problem with history is all the omissions. And an omission left uncorrected often has the same effect as an outright lie, because it leads people to make false assumptions and adopt false beliefs. 

There is so much we simply don’t know, especially as regards world history, because the English language press and English textbooks omitted it— almost always with the unstated intention to make the Brits and their affiliates look better. 

I recently made the mistake of saying that Texas was the only State to have formed a separate stand-alone Republic prior to adopting Statehood, and noted that Hawaii was Kingdom —- which it was, however, what was omitted from my knowledge was the existence of a brief transitional Republic of Hawai’i . 

Essentially a junta of sugar planters eager to remove tariffs and trade restrictions blocking them from American mainland markets overthrew the Hawaiian Monarchy in 1893. 

U.S. Marines promptly landed on Oahu in support, and the British Territorial United States recognized the Republic of Hawai’i under the leadership of Sanford B. Dole — as in Dole Pineapple. 

This phony Republic run by American entrepreneurs who had moved to the islands to exploit their agricultural potential lasted five years, until Hawaii was “annexed” by “the” United States in July of 1898. 

The word “annexed” glosses over the hostile take over involved — but it was at that point a take over against the Lesser American Big Fish like Dole, who exercised a king-like authority over most of the Hawaiian work force, and the District Government Big Fish in Washington, D.C.  

For the people of Hawaii it meant one thing— foreign oligarchies operating under a racist British-American Imperialist scheme, taking over and running everything. 

The American home markets were thrown wide open to Hawaiian products and a vast amount of infrastructure began to appear — ports and roads and electrical grids and later airfields. 

So-called American Expansionism had gained its first offshore base in the Pacific—- but upon further consideration we have to ask was this “American” Expansionism or actually British Imperialism at work? 

The American Federal Republic fell in 1860 and still awaits Reconstruction. 

Who or what was at the political helm of this country in international affairs during the decades following the end of the Civil War?  The Scottish Commercial Corporation impersonating us as “The United States of America”——Incorporated. 

It wasn’t “American Expansionism” at all. It was British Expansionism by proxy that led to the annexation of Hawaii and which had engineered the Republic of Hawai’i five years previously, too. 

The people of Hawaii had precious little role in any of these developments so perhaps that is why the existence of the Republic of Hawai’i — unlike the Republic of Texas, drops through the cracks in the history books.  

In any event, I stand corrected. There was a Republic of Hawai’i run for a period of five years by foreign Robber Barons whose progeny remain ensconced in ill-gotten positions of political and economic power to this day. 

The main players in this charade of freedom and democracy were Americans only in terms of place of birth; politically, they were Tories, adopting British Territorial United States Citizenship, and operating their businesses in Hawaii as British Crown Corporations—- and all singing the same tune of British Colonialism and British Imperialism, howbeit with an American accent.

While the actual Americans were peacefully at home, our British Territorial Subcontractors were busy “representing” us and doing things we never authorized them to do—- and all at our expense. 

Many people have assumed that “American Imperialism” was actually American, but no, these actions in Hawaii were carried out “in our names” by Scottish Commercial Corporation subcontractors who were supposed to be providing us with good faith “essential government services” in our own country- not ramming around the Pacific impersonating us and using our credit to back their piracy. 

America didn’t annex Hawaii—- the Scottish Interlopers annexed Hawaii while impersonating us.  

And that is quite a different thing, requiring us and everyone else involved to look at the history of Hawaii and our relationship with the Hawaiian people with new eyes.  They have only recently, as of October 2020, been formally enrolled as an American State of the Union, owing to the fact that our American Government wasn’t in Session in 1959 when Hawaii entered a quasi-statehood as a British Territorial Confederate State doing business as the State of Hawaii. 

As such, Hawaii has never been administered as a true State of the Union and Hawaii’s people have never experienced the freedom and security they are owed.  They have instead labored under the foreign Raj-like British Territorial United States District Government and suffered its predation. 

These same British Interlopers are guilty of the mistreatment of the American Indians and the genocidal practices employed against them, the implementation of the “Reservation” system—- think: “Federal Reserve”—- and so much more. 

As usual, Great Britain is at the bottom of the dog pile—- and both here and elsewhere we see the same patterns of deceit, impersonation, omission, failure to disclose, credit theft, breach of trust and misrepresentation. 

It has been accomplished by similar means throughout the known world — implemented by bankers headquartered in the Inner City of London, and enforced by attorneys — also headquartered in the Inner City of London. 

The Fleet Street Banks and Temple Bar Attorneys have operated a vast criminal conspiracy against the rest of the world, with their members impersonating entire governments —- including ours, for decades at a time. 

Our own people have suffered as a result and we have unwittingly been used as mercenaries in support of criminal activities — pillaging and illegal confiscation at home, piracy abroad. 

Next, we will consider one of the largest, bloodiest and most expensive wars in “American” history— the Philippine-American War, which by an Act of Omission that staggers even my imagination, has been all-but completely forgotten. 

It lasted fifteen years. It cost hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives.  

By comparison, the Spanish-American War that precipitated the Philippine-American War, was a ten week spat, not even a paper cut, by comparison. 

One must ask why a war that dwarfed Viet Nam by many orders of magnitude has been “forgotten” and omitted from the history books entirely or given only a footnote? 

Could it be that the Government of Westminster — the epicenter of all this criminality and it’s partner in crime, the Inner City of London, have something to hide? 


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