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Friday, September 23, 2022

ALERT: The ALMOST Everything Bubble Set to Explode

In today’s video, let’s hear how Mike Maloney sees the economic emergency playing out:

“Every time they have tried to contract the currency supply, raise interest rates…do Quantitative Tightening, the markets have thrown some sort of fit. Whether it’s the bond market, or bank liquidity drying up…every time they try weaning the markets off of this artificial life support there’s some kind of tantrum that happens. The next one is going to be some kind of big crash and that is finally when the Fed will pivot. They aren’t anticipatory, they are reactionary. They will pivot, and they’ll start increasing the currency supply and lowering interest rates once they have caused the economy to break.

In 2000, we had the crash of the tech sector and all the dotcoms, the NASDAQ went down eighty-something percent…then in 2007 it was the stock market and Real Estate. Well, this time it’s stocks, Real Estate and Bonds that are all in crisis - it’s the Almost Everything Bubble and the reason why I say Almost Everything is because gold and silver are not in bubbles…yet!” - Mike Maloney

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From: Teri Sahm   Date: 09/19/2022 3:46 PM MST Subject: Important Message from Anna     

The banks are preparing for a massive bail-in program and
restricting withdrawals.   Close all accounts and withdraw as cash to
the extend possible.   Only money we have already cashiered in Global
will be safe.   Nothing INSURED WILL BE SAFE.   It's the insurance
collapse that is precipitating the bank collapse.   Peter is robbing
Jesus to pay Paul.   The FRN's are evidence of their debt so they are
seizing them and seizing accounts denominated as FRN's in all insured
banks.   That includes credit unions that offer insured accounts.   If
they are insured they are NOT indemnified.   The insurance companies
are failing because ot the strain of the vaccination death toll
worldwide.   All those Life Insurance claims are being disallowed and
the insurance companies are losing in litigation.   The banks are not
willing to go on with the charade without insurance.   Best thing
would be cash and if you need to transact, Money Orders.   We will be
hitting the Post Offices all over the country buying Money orders in
various amounts.   It looks like that will be the only viable way to
get things done in the interim - and that is why the Pope insisted
that all liquid assets be in the Vatican Bank by September 30.   He
anticipates the draw down of the Money Orders which are backed in
gold.   We have maybe 10 days to act