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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Stunning: Dr. Paul Thomas Blows Up the Conventional Vaccine Narrative—Incredible Statistics


  1. LOVE THIS GUY......
    "Seriously folks, don’t give up hope this is a big big world and the psychopaths are not gonna get away with this."

    1. They pretty much already have gotten away with it. We are a planet of retards. Maybe 10% of the population is awake. The rest are indeed useless eaters.

  2. Criminals in Congress don't bother to hide their contempt for American Nationals anymore, they passed a "law" that permits confiscation of a passport for failure to pay "taxes" - clearly unconstitutional. A Tax Court Order for dismissal for Lack of Jurisdiction is the answer.

    The criminal congress and three letter agencies persist in their efforts to bring you into "their" jurisdiction because it's so financially lucrative for them to do so. This criminal, treasonous congress answers to foreign entities and works against the interest of American Nationals. And please note, just like exempting themselves from vaccine mandates, they also exempted themselves from any IRS audits in order to hide their money laundering, insider trading and offshore tax havens.

    "Your right to mobilize as a sovereign American. There is never a dull moment in the “Land of the Free” when it comes to the subject of the Federal Income Tax. Now the IRS is going after U.S. Passports to keep U.S. Taxpayers penned in."

    1. the FOREIGN CORPORATE ENTITY running out of WashDC can probably do that to those men and women who AGREE to be the CORPORATIONS Constitutionally- created "LEGAL FICTION/ PERSONS/ U. S. CITIZENS" in exchange for its "privileges and immunities", but it can NOT do that to us States of America nationals/ *man* under authority of the laws of natures God who have no intent to obligate ourselves to that God Forsaken System of theirs.
      Ref: kjv: 1Sam4:21, 14:3: ICHABOD = without glory.

    2. Revocation of Election (ROE), coincidence?
      Thanks for the link Ready007
      Is Weiss and Associates not a company/corporation doing business
      (a service provider) offering services to their 'clients'
      All of this is more of the same shit and they are steering the herd in the direction they wish them to go?

      I've heard that name Weiss before.
      I think there was a book or something?
      I will look in to it and see what I can find in my notes

      DTSS seems to offer the same 'sevices'?
      You'll acquire a "Non-U.S. citizen," D.O.S. issued U.S. Passport, with Passport ID card; adding you to their do not detain, do not interrogate, lifetime concealed weapons permit list. Evidence of no gov. jurisdiction.

      One of their membership programs includes the following
      In DTSS's Debt Discharge Membership Programs: you're out of credit card, tax, court, and student loan debts (vehicle loan and mortgage loan debts if you qualify) quickly, easily, and successfully once and for all, giving you a lower monthly payment, a better debt-to-income ratio, and a new credit profile for the estate. Plus so much more!

      This DTSS.US has been in BUSINESS since 2007

      This is another of their 'membership' packages
      In DTSS's Complete Freedom, Debt Discharge Membership Programs: you'll receive all of the potent benefits of both programs, freedom from the tens of millions of U.S. Government victimless crime laws, and your debts are discharged with a lower monthly payment, ending with a better debt-to-income ratio. Plus so much more!

      All of it based on debt you never owed in the first place being as that

    3. To me all of this is no different that the credit reporting agencies of the past just another leg of the CON?
      Notice in this one where they talk about the 'estate'
      In DTSS's Debt Discharge Membership Programs: you're out of credit card, tax, court, and student loan debts (vehicle loan and mortgage loan debts if you qualify) quickly, easily, and successfully once and for all, giving you a lower monthly payment, a better debt-to-income ratio, and a new credit profile for the estate. Plus so much more!

      How are they renegotiating your debt and creating a new credit profile for the estate unless they are working with the damned crooks?


      Person id is linked to the family id all of which links bank to the SURNAME (FAMILY ID) as in those early colonial records I found

    4. Look through that DTSS.US sight and when you come upon their FOUNDER and he goes by the label 'MARK OF FREEDOM'
      Makes you go hmmm
      Is it the exact opposite of what you are being told a mirror
      Ass backwards

      Another interesting concept here is 'False Flages'
      Could it be that all the 'countries' 'nations' are flying false flags considering that this shit is GLOWBALL

    5. SNOW globes comes to mind
      Like the whole world is being SNOWED
      Snow job

      How about 'SNOW' 'DEN'

    6. And by all means will someone explain to me how you pay these service providers for their services and guidance to secure your freedoms and documents?
      In fiat debt notes?
      Credit card?
      Gold and silver?

    7. REALITY CHECK: "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."
      Frederic Bastiat

  3. Management at DTSS.US

    1. Could these outfits be selling you the Green New Deal?

      Like a snow job?

    2. Like I've said all kinds of information he shares

      There is even a company out there called IMPRINT


      Now whether the alpgabet info in the two links is accurate I don't know
      I will be tryig to locate the book he talks about in the first link

    3. Part 2

    4. At 29 minuted in he discusses FAMILY name

      FAMILY ID links you to the PERSON ID as those early MARYland records I had uncovered depicted from the early mid 1600's
      And by the way within those very records was stuff listed under the lieber code so the lieber code goes back 400 years not just to lincoln
      I posted information pertining to those records long ago and the links on the internet to those records are no longer working - in fact they say that the page does not exist?
      Well I have copies of the links and the information that was contained therein so I know they were there
      Records of deceased family members listed under the FAMILY ID indicated that even estates that are hundreds of years old were listed as still in probate?

      400 years of this shit just on this continent alone and now they have sent the blind out leading the blind right back in to the same damn mess
      Remember MEMBERSHIPS and logging in and SUBSCRIBING and using your cursor on the computer to digitally sign using cursive writing
      Log in the the LRS portal and SIGN UP and log your land records and on and on it goes

  4. Interesting a West Haven Land Trust
    Hmm I wonder if it's anything like the land trust for the states that they put in place back in the early 1900's just before the pillaged and plunged everything back then?

    Intersting to note that word Savin in their town seal?
    I wonder how their city charters read?

    As an example
    Prince Georges County,_Maryland

    You will notice the districts they put in place back then and today the regionalism and the plunder of all is well in play
    county's charter, is "Prince George's County, Maryland".[9] The county is named after Prince George of Denmark (1653–1708)

    So the county had a charter back in the 1600's
    Notice the common law equity courts in the body of the text
    The Municipal Code Corporation and their charter's_county/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=THE_CO_CODEPRGECOMA

    ShelbyAugust 12, 2021 at 10:11 AM
    And in this code is this section for Prince Georges County's_county/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=PTIITI17PULOLAPRGECOMA_SUBTITLE_14MOCO_DIV19HUSETRHULATR

    (D)Controlling or directing the activity of an individual through debt bondage;

    Hmm isn't that what they are doing with everyone through the use of the stolen name????

    And this one here is just pathetic
    (F)Causing or threatening to cause psychological harm to an individual;
    I guess the covid conversion of the banking system plandemic does not fall in to this category

    And these ones here well
    (K)Using a plan, pattern, or scheme with intent to:
    (i)Cause an individual to believe that failure to perform an act will result in the use of force, restraint, abduction, isolation, or confinement;
    (ii)Cause psychological harm to a person;

    Is this charter the UN Charter?
    Does the original charter connect with the League of Nations Charter that the United States was not a party to?
    Hell in the 1600's it most likely was never named the United States as New York was referred to as New Amsterdam at the time

    Hundreds of years of history left out of the history books with intent to hide the real set up they had going

    And you bet these suckers are in every county

  5. Vax versus unvaxxed same shit different day
    divide the masses, not that it makes a damned bit of difference

    The illuminati luciferian mindset invented the Hewbrew nation, the Jewish religion and applied the egregore thought form of kaballistic thinking so as to appear as gods to humanity. They used and abused this Jewish people just as they have done to every nation on the face of the earth. This has all worked quite effectively up until this point in history. All this on behalf of the agenda of death which is 911, the order of the Rose and the Order of Death. In other words, their Christ Rose from the Dead. I will now demonstrate what the agenda has in store in the immediate future.

    And no it couldn't be a conincidence of the so called new domocratic puppet in Florida against Desantis
    Check out his 'name'
    Funny even Desantis 'name' has the word satan in it like in santa(is) just a different spin on it
    You gotta laugh you've got Charlie Crist (CC) and DeSantis aka Santa aka Satan in the FREE state of Florida
    What an absolute mockery RIGHT IN YOUR FACE

    1. One of the best videos you will ever watch

    2. Go watch some of his other videos
      In this one he discusses

      Hmm state(ism)

    3. This one is priceless

    4. It's really gonna come down to people all over the world growing on pair and not victimizing their fellow man in to all the shit these psychopaths are hiring them to do
      Like hunt you down for taxes
      Come and repo your car
      CPS to steal your kids
      Judges to keep doing their shit
      Lawyers to keep doing their shit
      Etc Etc Etc

      Saw a billboard here in local area that reads

      It is a sign about getting your pets fixed feeding the licensed pet/vet burcher business
      I wonder if they use those parts for some other nefarious project

    5. And the other end of the spectrum is you don't create new service providers to charge you a fee to free yourself from the same crooks you created the mess for all of us in the first place

    6. This is a good one too

  6. janmarie, you'll absolutely love this one


    I find this uncanny

    ANARCHIST - kind of reminds you of ANTICHRIST

    Properly, one who advocates anarchy or the absence of government as a political ideal; a believer in an anarchic theory of society; especially, an adherent of the social theory of Proudhon. See anarchy, 2.
    In popular use, one who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, all law and order, and all rights of property, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed; especially, such a person when actuated by mere lust of plunder.
    Any person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against an established rule, law, or custom. See anarch and nihilist.

    Hidden in plain sight

    Christ Consciousness is it?

  8. This guy is always right over the target.

    1. Ready007
      The above posting is mine but the system would not acknowledge my Google Account and instead posted me as "Anonymous".....

  9. Pauls a coward who apparently fears comments

    1. maybe its not paul?
      for many years he let everybody post on every article.
      then he was out with the cvee... directly after that, no one could post on any of "annabannnannnas" articles, and paul started poutting up his own articles of interest that we were all still welcome to post on.... just not on any of "bannnabnnannas" articles....
      then pauls articles were only open for posts at ghe rate of about one article per week, and now its been 10 days to two weeks... since one of his articles was open for comments.
      im guessing, but it doesnt even seem like pauls way of dealing with things, which has always been to-the-point.
      guessing... he would just shut it down, not dilley-dalley around like a chump.:):):)... i dont think its paul.

    2. ...but yeh, somebody seems to perhaps be:
      1. afraid of the facts/ questions/ "rebuttals" we are bringing to the people
      2. but still wanting to see what people are saying/discovering... ¿¿so they know which direction to take "TheNarrative"??

    3. putting, not poutting :)

  10. Those BONDS Anna claims to have cancelled, from 1934 are curious
    Well, because of the Independent Treasury Act of 1922

    1. more info? i looked it upbut didnt run across the 1822 Act you ref'd. thank you!

    2. Hi Jan, I do apologize, it was 1920, The federal reserve act of 1913 started it, and then it was finalized in the Independent Treasury Act of 1920
      (coulda swore it was the 1922 congressional records I was reading when I found that)
      There's not much out there about it either
      41 Stat. Ch 214, page is like 650ish (says clearly Independent Treasury)

    3. free-man:Cody,
      great! glad to get further info. on that. thanks for sharing it.
      free-woman:janmarie :):):)

  11. PADELFORD, FAY CO. v. MAYOR & ALDERMAN of City of Savannah
    Private people aren't Party to the Constitution(s)
    Its a STATIST document, though I find art 6 section 1 makes it also include all the previous debts/engagements (IE. the articles of confederation, as the STATES couldn't LEGALLY overthrow them)

    Now, anna's claim of 3 constitutions grows. Talking about TONA being in the original, with NO PROOF OF CLAIM (burden of proof is on the CLAIMANT)
    After perusing her site, with the SUPPOSED 3 CONSTITUTIONS on offer, I found no different documentation (carbon copies), and no PROOF OF CLAIM for TONA

    I want to be able to get on board, and with such wild, unsupported claims, All i'm left is: I'll accept this at it's value, upon PROOF of CLAIM

    1. Really need that clarification as anna keeps violating a MAJOR maxim
      Unequal things ought not be joined
      IE. Individual - Organization
      Confederation - Constitution
      Under the articles, states got their Sovereignty, not so much under the "Constitution". Kentucky wanted to join shortly after ratification, as a sovereign state. They said they could do that under the Articles, but not under the Constitution.
      So the How I see it
      The constitution, was americas answer, to the crowns "incorporation" and was expected to be kept in check, by the previous engagement of the states (articles of confederation, the document MAKING them states to begin with) yet the incorporated federation, kept pushing, warring, and buying land with the peoples money, and then bringing them as STATES into the fold (no sovereign power), proven by the inability/reluctance to bring Kentucky in as a Sovereign State,

    2. this is important!
      TRUTH, thanks to some of the info youve shared that filled in some puzzle pieces that were missing from my own studying, ive been doing a deep dig into the lack of ratification of "The Constitution" again.
      i think youve already said this, in different words, but im going to say it the way i understand it today, and also In LIGHT of what we see going on in this present world:
      1. i believe there is reason to suspect that there was Threat, Duress, and Coersion going on, with
      a. setting up a Convention outside of *our* Congress assembled and
      b. having men SELECTED, not ELECTED, to attend that Convention
      c. and more,
      but heres my point that i just discovered be true FOR SURE, in my own mind, today and i think youve said this in your comments:
      doing it the way they did:
      2. the BigGlitch... the UnmendableFlaw... the UTTER FAILING that cannot ever be corrected or covered over is:
      there was no consent from the governed.
      thats what they are tripping over now too, if you ask me.... the chattel, the sheep, cattle, herd, serfs, sheeple, monkeynuts, slaves, dummdumms, huemans Are. Saying. NO!!
      The third Parag.+ of the Unan. Declar. tells of all the cruelty that was being done to the people before the War for Independence, to try to FORCE and COERSE them into remaining under the JackBootHeel. but they kept saying NO!.... through slaughter, starvation, loss of everything theyd worked for including their families, homes, and lives, they still said NO.
      so when a pathetic bunch of Tyre-ants has done all that and the people are still saying NO!!, theres not much left they can do but deceive the people with fake friendship and fake agreements (like the Tyre-ants also did to the indigenous Americans, Tecumseh in particular and the Shawnee, Wyandotte and Kickapoo nations to name just a few)....until the Tyre-ants regroup for their next attack... War of 1812.
      I think there is much to be discovered about how and WHY "The Constitution":
      1. was piggy-backed upon our ArticlesofConf.,
      3. was Signed by WITNESSES Only
      4. there is no Official Definition for who the hell this "We the People" even is. (anybody find that?).
      The ONLY AuthorityHolders who had authority to change the form of Govt that had already been unanimously ratified by the people from every State, is (was) the very same AuthorityHolders who ratified it to be a Confederated Union in the first place: the people:the governed....
      not the People; ...not We the People; ...not the State Legislators; ...not The Confederated Congress members, ...only: the governed:the people.
      Even look at the "Bill of Rights", Article of "Amendment" 10:
      Step #1 all goes back to the States that created the Congress, and then
      Step #2 back to the ***people***, not the People, or We the People, and so forth.
      because it is the people who created the States, the People didnt.
      the people created the People as well as the States!!! OUR ANCESTORS KNEW THIS AND WROTE IT DOWN, RECOGNIZED IT AND MEMORIALIZED IT in Article 10 of the Bill of Rights so that NOBODY could ever tell us that the People over-stand the people.
      they wanted us and everyone else in creation to always know that the Government under God that they set up for themselves and for us is and will always be the creation and property of the governed: our common people living under authority of the one to whom all creation belongs.
      may they all be resting peace-fully! and it is all so.

    3. Woman:Janmarie
      After reading through the articles, im a little more convinced it's not exactly what I thought it was. Here's Article XIII from the Articles of Confederation
      -ARTICLE XIII. "Every State shall abide by the
      determinations of the United States in Congress assembled, on all questions which by this confederation are submitted to them. And the articles of this confederation shall be inviolably observed by every State, and the Union shall be perpetual; nor shall any alteration at any time
      hereafter be made in any of them; unless such alteration be agreed to in a Congress of the United States, and be afterwards confirmed by
      the Legislatures of every State."

      Follow that With Article 6 Section 1 of the US Constitution

      -ARTICLE VI. "All debts contracted, and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation."

      We also need some information from around the time of the RATIFICATION of the Constitution on july 3 1788 (Not saying it was ratified, yet seems to have that "appearance", I'll get into this after this next point)
      Kentucky wanted to join as a sovereign state on July 4th 1788 (day after ratification) in which congress determined it would be unwise/inadvisable, as it could do so under the Articles of Confederation, but not under the constitution (day after, on which, if the RATIFICATION of the constitution replaced the ARTICLES, this discussion, logically, would have never happened)

      Which brings me to the next point I mentioned! A part of Article 5 of the Articles of Confederation
      No two or more States shall enter into any treaty, confederation or alliance whatever between them, without the consent of the United States in Congress assembled, specifying accurately the purposes for which the same is to be entered into, and how long it shall continue.

      This presents an issue I haven't been able to Solve yet, I'm digging through the congressional records of the time but it's slow going. Looking for proof of congress accepting the ALLIANCE, known as the CONSTITUTION, of the original 13 states

      Which brings some of what ANNA talks to, into a new light oddly
      Except the confederation is the LAWFUL States (sovereign), and the constitution (UNION-OF-THE-STATES subordinate only to the inhabitants of the States constructed by the Articles) enacted the STATES-OF-STATES (subordinate) fictions (IE. By the State/Of the State rather than of/by the People)

      One more big thing to mention, rather a big CASE
      PADELFORD, FAY CO. v. MAYOR & ALDERMAN of City of Savannah (1854)
      Informs: Private Wo/Man isn't party to the Constitution, it is a Statist Document

      So, still a huge fraud, but it's getting clearer the more I look, and more remedies keep appearing

    4. TRUTH,
      have you already found the resolution:
      "In CONVENTION, Monday, September 17, 1787." ??
      maybe this is the piece/part of the piece you are hunting for?
      it starts out, Para 1: RESOLVED, That the preceding Constitution be laid before the United States in Congress assembled,.....then SUBMITTED to a Convention of Delegates chosen in each State by the People **under the recommendation of its Legislature**.........!!!!!!!!!!!
      that is NOT what the AofCPUnion says!! not at ALL.
      and i dont see anything about the people, the governed. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A REFERENDUM.
      And even tho the UnanDeclr says: " ... it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it "(the Govt System), those words are directly PRECEDED by the words " ...deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

      Para 2: RESOLVED, That it is the Opinion of this Convention, that as soon as the Conventions of the NINE [No! thirteen] states shall have ratified this Constitution... blabla....then talks about ELECTORS being APPOINTED by the States and, a day on which the Electors should assemble to vote for the President, and the Time and Place for commecing Proceedings under this Constitution!!!! .... and it ends up saying ... should, without Delay, proceed to execute this Constitution.
      By the Unanimous Order of the Convention,
      GEORGE WASHINGTON, President......
      well, i think we both know that at least Patrick Henry and George Mason were at that Convention and both refused to agree to it, so, it WASNT unanimous then.
      anyway, this makes it sound like Congress never *did* ratify it..... and even appointed **ELECTORS** (Electoral College?) to replace the consent of the governed, ...who are STILL AND ALWAYS the inherent authority holders under authority of the laws of nature and natures creator, God.
      and it sounds like Wash was leading the way on this in this breach.

    5. p.s. it really does seem more and more like there was an obvious, preplanned, switch/ infiltration/ practice of deceit with regard to the founding of our Confederacy, and that has never stopped.
      even so, it seems many of our people were standing up against tyranny:..... worth repeating: bill of rights Article 10,
      ....powers NOT DELEGATED to the United States are reserved..... to the people.
      not the People/ELECTORS.
      the people.

    6. What's more interesting than that, is the letter from Washington accompanying the constitution.
      Big phrase I've glossed over till now has drawn my attention finally
      "Hence results the necessity of a different organization."

      The language itself doesn't imply a doing (organizing something) but rather a THING
      Pair that with his signing at the end

      "Your Excellency's most
      Obedient and humble Servants,

      And we get some light on it

      How's that read after we use the articles of association as informant?

      A grounds they could manipulate for inimical rights against those who didnt accede or who violated the Articles of Association (1774)

    7. TRUTH,
      "Hence the necessity of a different organization" definitely qualifies as ASmokingGnn to me....... along with the Name of their DISTRICT OF ISIS/COLUMBIA being joined with Washingtons Name; along with the Masonic layout of the DistofIsis; along with him leading half-ded Americans into battle on ChristmasEve, a LuciHoliday(?); along with ....
      will be looking into 1774 articles of association -- is new to me. anything in particular i should know about it to get started?
      i also have wondered about "Lord" Dunsmores War, do you think he was serious about separating from Brit?...( i believe some Brit men actually were.)
      Do you have info on who turned in the American men who stood for freedom after the Wr 4 Indp?
      and about the man who paid off the Wr4Indp War debt, but was captured for "unpaid debt" later?
      .....anytime people dont believe "they" are capable of this crap, i just say, "well, look at what was done to indigenous Americans, theres your proof ...."

    8. just looked up ArtofAssoc... i recall learning about that now, in History class/es! so interesting! beautiful! our ancestors had such integrity and faith in God! i love them.

    9. free-inhabitant woman:janmarieSeptember 1, 2022 at 12:56 AM

      • going back to the truly warped 14th Amendment; ugh! soo deceptive
      • broken treaties with IndigenousAmericans
      • the War for Indep
      • the Mexican War for Indep,
      • FrenchRev
      • Inquisition
      • Crusades
      sooo much much more: its got to be
      • their In Cest- created abnormalities... done to keep their "bloodline" pure
      • putting their own fl sh and blud through fire, for favor
      • consuming their own species and getting ending up w/kooroo...
      we know, for instance about the "HabsbergJaw", the tiny little pin-heads, extra appendages and other gross physical deformities, ill health, and the raging, slobbering, headbanging insanity brought about from inter-breeding with their own mothers father brothers sisters.
      and looking at the nonsense theyre trying to get us to believe theyre probably doing things to "alter their perception of reality"..... like the sybils.
      they apparently have never changed. ever. and theyre evil on top of being nuts.
      i dont think theres an hope for them no matter what they promise.anyway, theres nobody left to believe them, is there?... anybody they havent already done UNFORGIVEABLE evil to?

    10. Ready007
      This is probably how Hillary Clinton took down Robert Kennedy Jr's plane. Clinton and Kennedy were both running for the New York Senate. Clinton saw this senate seat as a stepping stone to the presidency thus the need to eliminate Kennedy. This is also why they are so eager to inject everyone with the "vaccines" containing self assembling tracking devices.

      "Monstrous Patent calls people “wet ware”
      Implanted devices deliver electric shock, poisons, dopamine, adrenaline, emit mind control frequencies
      Hewlett-Packard & Agilent Technologies are complicit"

      Meet The Person Who Can Remotely Crash Planes And Can Your Mind

      Listen to this Bombshell video while you read the rest of this post | Spread the word

      "The patent actually says that their plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet. Their unquestioned plan is to embed micro-electronic control devices, either surgically or by injection, in every human being on the planet. To them, it’s all about “management of the world’s resources” including you. Walker Patent No. 6,965,816 Col. 118, Lns. 53-54.

      Why would they publish these plans? They evidently believed that these documents would not surface until after they had seized control."

    11. Ready007
      Pay attention: Aaron Russo gave his life to give humanity a "heads up" regarding humanity being "microchipped".
      Microchips can and will be injected into everyone by calling them "vaccines". Once you're chipped there's no escape, you and your children will be slaves for life. Aaron was told that the end game is to have people microchipped for complete control.

      The War On Cash: Aaron Russo Explains Why the Rockefellers Want People Microchipped - Video

      "Why do you care about those people, they're just serfs..."
      Nick Rockefeller's comment to Aaron Russo regarding humanity.

      "Before you embrace the idea of a cashless society, you need to appreciate that all digital money is a step to a greater goal – one that will destroy human freedom. If you think surveillance capitalism is unpleasant now, wait until the big banks and the intelligence agencies have the power to turn off your ability to transact or access your funds if they don’t like something you thought or said this morning in the “privacy” of your own home.The war on cash is a war on humanity – don’t let it happen. While we are at it, it is time to outlaw private banks monopoly to create currency.  If this is where they want to go, it is time for their monopoly to go."

    12. TRUTH,
      just re-read your comment about the ArtofAssoc1774....
      have only skim read it so far not sure i understood your comment right,...if you dont mind saying, is your opinion that it was a good thing or bad? thanks!

    13. The articles of association were a good thing
      Inspired from a virginian document written in good faith

      The bad thing is it was never enforced
      What I mean coincides with the ending of it, the inimicable (hostile) rights part for now following the agreement (ie the constitutions protections of the slave trade in article 1 section 9)

    14. Either that, or it was used by the STATES so they could misapply the inimicable (hostile) rights

    15. TRUTH,
      plan to spend some time on reading it this weekend.
      thks for clarifying.
      do you have a theory about Dunsmore participating in/ initiating Dunsmores War?
      i think you are right, too, about Patrick Henry.
      George Mason seems like the super-real deal, do you agree?
      utoob: Buddy Brown... have you seen him? so funny!

    16. I'll have to do some digging into dunmore, but dude was a scottish earl (title of nobility), and his family still holds the title of Earl of Dunmore, somethin's fishy here

    17. agree.
      ive heard people comment that the War4Indep was pushed to happen (outlined in para3 +, UnanimDeclr) by the BritVat for this purpose:
      so the BritVat could break the Treaties theyd made with the IndigenousNations. that is, that when the BritVat "lost" the War4Indep to the Americans, it was done so that the Treaties they'd made with IndigNats were no longer in-force.
      BIG WIN, small loss? --- This technically "allowed" them to continue their "ManifestDestiny" of taking over the world as per the Poopsters Unum Sanctum, 1300s by:
      1. "losing" the Wr4Indep and thereby VoidingOut the Treaties theyd made before 1776
      2. use infiltration of and Treason against the new American govt
      3. put the States under duress by threatening to exclude them from the union if they didnt go along with the NewForm of Govt, a Federated Republic.
      • i now believe this is entirely possible after learning that one of main Treaty Agreements made to end the Warof1812 was to VOID ALL TREATIES MADE BEFORE 1811.
      • This is especially sick to me since learning that Tecumseh, leading the Affiliated Indigenous Nations, joined up with the Brits against the Americans in the 1812 War to get the Americans off the land, ... the Americans were losing, but then at the Battle of the Thames, the Brits high-tailed it AWAY from Tecemsuh, leaving him and his warriors outnumbered and they were defeated by the Americans, with the Leader, Tecumseh killed... the Brits knowing that the League of AffiliatedNations would fall apart without Tecumseh... and it did.
      • Then as mentioned, with Tecumseh gone, the BritVat turned on the IndigNations by agreeing to quit attacking the Americans and put everything back the way it was before the BritVats started the 1812War, if the Americans agreed to Void all Treaties made before 1811.
      it looks like that was quite the devious plan the BritVats carried out.
      • Then the Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 -- European "High Contracting "Powers" " adding to the "Holy Alliance" with the Poope to never allow any free nations and men to exist.
      • Then, less than 40 years later, starting their "CivilWar" attacks upon the Americans while breaking Treaties made with IndigNations after 1811 (ex.: Treaties at Fort Laramie, 1850s, 60s),
      • Then taking the land and holding it in "Bonds and Trusts" and setting up a Dead Vati-created Corporation (1860 +)
      • Then 70 years later (length of a "Jewish" generation?), force the same sort of "Bonds and Trusts" on the people over their Labor and its fruits.
      ----and here we all are today.

    18. it looks like Washington District of Columbia/Isis went from functioning as:
      A District -- 1790s
      to a Corporation 70 YEARS later -- 1860s: set up Districts
      to a Municipality 70 YEARS later -- 1930s: set up Municipalities.

    19. UNANIMOUS DECLARATION made effective JULY 2, 1776.
      Even back then, the "publicized" effective day was July 4, not July 2.
      some speculate its an ill luminatti "marker", (july/7 + 4="11")... it doesnt change anything though :):):), it was still made effective on JULY 2, and still is!
      more is coming out about that "DJT" signed some kind of a "New Delaration of Independence" in 2020 and "RESTORED THE "REPUBLIC" "!!!!!!... seems to be part of a mash-up with the new RAINBOW Money/ NESARA/GESARA??? Is that the One World Govt current-sea?

  12. Great Red Dragon - The Foreign Money Power in the United States



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