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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Public and International Notice of Trespass and Breach of Trust

 By Anna Von Reitz

Served to: Georg Bergolio, Dominique Mamberti, Joan Donoughue, Kiril Gevgorian, Karim Kahn, Justin Welby, Mary Windsor, Ivan Talbot, Antonio Guterres, Erik Christian, Laura Cordero, Nicole Stevens, John Roberts, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, Stephen Breyer, Neil Gorsuch, Elena Kagan, Brett Kavanaugh, Sonia Sotomayor, Clarence Thomas, Mark Barnett, Thomas Aquilino, Miller Baker, Jennifer Choe-Groves, Richard Eaton, Leo Gordon, Larry Katzmann, Claire Kelly, Mark Milley, Christopher Grady, James McConville, David Berger, Michael Gilday, Charles Brown, John Raymond, Daniel Hokanson, Boris Johnson, Domini Raab, Rishi Sunak, Priti Patel, Elizabeth Truss, Steve Barclay, Ben Wallace, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Kwasi Kwarteng, Alok Sharma, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Therese Coffey, Nadhim Zahawi, George Eustice, Grant Shapps, Simon Hart, Brandon Lewis, Alister Jack, Chris Heaton-Harris, Michael Ellis, Oliver Dowden, Nadine Dorries, Natalie Evens, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Simon Clark, Nigel Adams, Mark Spencer, Suella Braverman, Kit Malthouse, Michelle Donelan, Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, Antony Blinken, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Austin, Merrick Garland, Deb Haaland, Tom Vilsak, Gina Raimondo, Marty Walsh, Xavier Becerra, Marcia Fudge, Pete Buttigieg, Jennifer Granholm, Miguel Cardona, Denis McDonough, Alejandro Mayorkas, Katherine Tai, Michael Regan, Avril Haines, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Cecilia Rouse, Isabel Guzman, Shalanda Young, Ron Klain, Roberta Metsola, Ursula von-der-Leyen, Pedro Sánchez, Magdalena Andersson, Charles Michel, Karl Nehammer, Alexander De Croo, Kiril Petkov, Andrej Plenković, Nicos Anastasiades, Petr Fiala, Mette Fredericksen, Kaja Kallas, Sanna Marin, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Mario Draghi, Krisjanis Karins, Victor Orban, Micheal Martin, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Xavier Bettel, Gitanas Neusada, Mateusz Morawiecki, Antonio Costa, Robert Abela, Mark Rutte, Klaus Iohannis, Pedro Sanchez, Robert Golob, Eduard Heger, Magdalena Andersson, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Ilze Juhansone, Donald Tusk, Martin Schulz, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Ralph Hamers, Jerome Powell, Dan Sullivan, Lisa Murkowski, Michael Dunleavy, Jay Inslee, Kay Ivey, Doug Ducey, Asa Hutchinson, Gavin Newsom, Jared Polis, Ned Lamont, John Carney, Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, David Ige, Brad Little, J Pritzker, Eric Holcomb, Kim Reynolds, Laura Kelly, Andy Beshear, John Edwards, Larry Hogan, Janet Mills, Charlie Baker, Gretchen Whitmer, Tim Walz, Tate Reeves, Mike Parson, Greg Gianforte, Pete Ricketts, Steve Sisolak, Chris Sununu, Phil Murphy, Michelle Grisham, Kathy Hochul, Roy Cooper, Doug Burgum, Mike DeWine, Kevin Stitt, Kate Brown, Tom Wolf, Dan McKee, Henry McMaster, Kristi Noem, Bill Lee, Greg Abbot, Spencer Cox, Phil Scott, Glenn Youngkin, Jim Justice, Tony Evers, Mark Gordon, James Dickinson, Richard Clarke, Charles Richard, Stephen Townsend, Michael Kurilla, Paul Nakasone, Tod Wolters, Glen VanHerck, John Aquilino, Laura Richardson, Jacqueline VanOvost, Paul LaCamera, Joseph Martin, Paul Funk, Edward Daly, Michael Garrett, Christopher Cavoli, Charles Flynn, Eric Smith, Robert Burke, William Lescher, James Caldwell, Daryl Caudle, Samuel Paparo, David Allvin, Mark Kelly, Anthony Cotton, Arnold Bunch, Michael Minihan, Kenneth Wilsbach, Jeffrey Harrigian, John Raymon, David Thompson, Linda Fagan, Steven Poulin, Rachel Levine, Bryan Fenton, Michael Langley, Randy George, Andrew Poppas, Darryl Williams, Lisa Franchetti, Stuart Munsch, Duke Richardson, James Hecker, Gary Brito, and Other Officers at Large:
From: Anna Riezinger
Public and International Notice of Breach of Trust and Trespass
I am a woman speaking to the members of the High Courts and Government and Government Contractors today as men and women. I lay claim as a woman owed the official and permanent return of my Lawful Person, which has been human trafficked, impersonated, and misrepresented under conditions of fraud by my own employees. I claim that I am a Wisconsinite by birth and that I have never waived my birthright estate. I claim that I am owed all treaties and constitutional guarantees that I am naturally heir to.
I bring evidence of crime practiced against me and against my nation. I bring my claim before you and say that I have been injured and suffered harm at the hands of men and women owing me good faith and service.
1.a: I claim that these people seized upon my Proper Name, also known as my Lawful Person, while I was still a baby in my cradle. They made False Claims to the effect that I was abandoned on a battlefield by an unwed Mother. They claimed that I was of unknown provenance. They claimed that I was their dependent. They claimed that I was a Subject of their Queen Elizabeth II. They created a fictitious British Person -- a Foreign Situs Trust that they later converted into an Infant Decedent Estate named after me -- and they operated this British Person named after me in the international jurisdiction of the sea for their own benefit without my knowledge or agreement.
1.a: I claim that the only battlefield pertaining to me, and my Lawful Person exists as a result of administrative malfeasance and incompetence on paper. I claim that my correct address in Wisconsin and in other States of the Union has always been known and my provenance in Wisconsin has been established before the so-called American Civil War.
1.a: I claim that their actions were undisclosed and non-consensual. According to our American Law and Custom, it is not possible to contract with a baby and it is not possible for a Third Party to remove our birthrights from us. Citizenship obligations do not attach to us at birth. Personhood does not attach to us.
1.a: I claim that I have been deliberately misrepresented and that I have been injured and harmed by this misrepresentation. As an American I am owed substantial contractual guarantees and protections which are not available to British Persons. I also enjoy substantial property rights that are not available to British Persons. Their claims to the effect that I was ever a British Territorial U.S. Citizen are not credible as I would have no reason to adopt their citizenship and would gain no equitable compensation for doing so.
The evidence of this Trespass against me appears before you in the form of a Birth Certificate issued by their franchise doing business as the State of Wisconsin. As this certificate shows, I was born into this physical plane on the sixth of June 1956 which is also the birthday of my Lawful Person -- an American Person.
The identically-named British Legal Person was created on the 24th of June, which is its birthdate, eighteen days later. The purported infant decedent estate allegedly belonging to the British Person named after me was seized upon by the Queen's Creditors at the Vatican some years later and a second BIRTH CERTIFICATE was issued in my name by the Vatican's franchise operator doing business as the STATE OF WISCONSIN. This foreign PERSON named after me was a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust and was considered a Municipal citizen of the United States. This PERSON, too, was operated for the benefit of the foreign Vatican Government without my knowledge.
I was misrepresented first as a British Person and then the British Person was converted into a Municipal United States PERSON. None of these actions were disclosed to me. None of these actions were consensual. None of the associated claims are true. No explanation or process for remedy was ever given to me.
Now the Creditors of the Vatican Government are landing on my doorstep thinking that I am their Debtor, when in fact none of this has anything to do with me. The American contracts with the British Crown and the Holy See were last updated in 1858 and those contracts clearly say that I am not responsible for knowing foreign law and am not subject to it.
Much of this non-consensual misadministration seems to revolve around the idea that our government was in an unexplained interregnum.
2.a: I claim that our government has been present continuously, simply not in Session. Our American government was never designed to be in constant Session. It has been widely known for many decades that the sovereignty of our government is vested in the living people of this country. As such, it isn't possible for our American Government to disappear or be abandoned. Our government has maintained our same General Delivery address from 1732 to today. It still maintains active Post Masters and Postmasters throughout our country. Our American Government is exactly where it should be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where it has been at peace since 1814.
2.a: I claim that when I called for Americans to populate the government and provide their provenance and eligibility to perform in office, the response was immediate and broad spread and in very little time, less than two weeks, all the States of the Union responded and had State Citizens in place who had proven provenance extending back before the Civil War. This is not a government in interregnum. Since that time the ranks of the State Assemblies have continued to swell and be bulwarked by more qualified Americans. Our government may be a bit rusty for lack of being in Session, but it still exists, and it is now in Session in all fifty states, as it has been for the last three years.
I require you, men and women, to overturn any presumption otherwise.
3.a: I claim that a pernicious system of perpetual war has been allowed and engendered by people seeking unjust enrichment and practicing malfeasance in office. I found that the accounts related to the American Civil War were still open and still being charged for expenses 157 years after the Armistice ending hostilities. I found that no official peace treaties were ever issued to end the conflict and that in fact no such treaties could be enacted by the Persons involved, because The American Civil War wasn’t a war. It was an illegal and unlawful Mercenary Conflict.
3.a: I claim that not only was The American Civil War never ended, but the guilty politicians continued to milk the situation to make claims of non-existent emergency powers and continued to declare so-called wars on nebulous things like drugs and poverty, to justify a constant state of war throughout our country and ultimately throughout the world.
3.a: I claim that not only was The American Civil War never ended until 1 October 2021 when our States ratified their International Peace Treaty ending it on our shores, but all the other major conflicts since that time have similarly and deliberately been left unresolved, with the accounts related to these conflicts left open in apparent perpetuity.
3 a: I claim that the First World War is still active and only a land treaty, a Treaty of Versailles, purports to end it; I claim that the Second World War is still active and absent sensible action by people now, it is likely to stay officially active forever, because of United Nations demands that require that all Parties to the War agree to the Peace Treaty ending it, and some of those Parties no longer exist. Thanks to bungling up of the peace process ending the First World War, some Parties to the Second World War, like the Kingdom of Prussia, technically still exist, but are not organized to participate in a General Amnesty or Peace Accord. As a result of these impractical measures and requirements imposed by members of the United Nations, the Second World War has been silently raging on since 1945 --- at least in some demented circles --- a full seventy-five years after surrender agreements ended armed hostilities. Also, because of this misadministration, most of Europe and the Far East remains, to a greater or lesser extent, under armed occupation by the Allied Forces.
3. a: I claim that these and other intolerable circumstances serving to unjustly enrich warmongers must be dealt with and that the accounts related to these conflicts must be closed and the peace settlement of these endless wars must be addressed in all jurisdictions to ensure their final end.
I require each one of you to reject the idea that perpetual war exists simply because official paperwork and formal peace proclamations and treaties were not completed.
I require that each one of you take appropriate action to bring about the long overdue settlement of these issues and force public recognition of this necessity.
I require that each of you do all in your power to identify unscrupulous corporate contractors that have profited themselves from this oversight.
When my experience and the harm done to me and to my reputation and to my property interests is multiplied across the span of several generations and millions of Americans who have been injured in exactly the same way by this secretive scheme to steal our identity, access our credit, and leave us indebted -- as a whole nation -- the awesome magnitude and scope of the injury done to me and to my country and to my nation is apparent.
When you then wake up and realize that most of the rest of the world, not just Americans and not just America, has been misaddressed and disserved in exactly this same way, the folly and injustice of what has been perpetuated here and the true enormity of the Trespass snaps into focus.
4.a: I claim that this Trespass against me and my country has resulted in the proliferation of crime on a worldwide basis and has contributed to a situation in which men routinely break the Law to enforce Legalities, where foreign militaries maintain endless occupations of other countries, where civilian governments are crippled by military coercion, and all of this has served to create a world in which white collar piracy has been gradually interjected, institutionalized, and unconsciously accepted.
4.a: I claim that the Perpetrators of this Trespass have gone so far as to securitize and monetize living flesh.
4.a: I claim that while both slavery and peonage have been outlawed worldwide since 1926 and while press-ganging has been outlawed for 200 years and while inland piracy has been outlawed for centuries more, the Perpetrators of this Trespass have gone so far as to securitize and monetize my living flesh via proxy, calculating the estimated lifetime earnings of the British Person named after me and using that as an asset for the British Crown to borrow against, creating a contract for peonage which appears to be against a British Territorial Person, but which is collected from an American of the same exact name.
4.a: I claim that I have been injured by this identity substitution swindle and that my assets have been unlawfully and illegally taxed and plundered under color of law and armed force because of it and I affirm that this is true.

4.a: I further claim that the British Person named after me was assumed to have a Life Cycle though it is in fact dead upon conception, and I claim that the Perpetrators of this scheme engaged in speculation amounting to insurance fraud by asserting that these fictitious British Persons have assets called Life Force which generate Life Force Value Annuities.
4.a: I claim that this is another example in which the parasitic and unauthorized British Person is used to place a false claim against assets actually belonging to the American, me, that it is named after.
4.a: I claim that this same profitable identity theft and substitution scheme resulted in Prince Philip receiving $950 Trillion Dollars-worth of Life Force Value Annuities in April 2017 and none of the bank authorities and other responsible authorities informed about this substitution swindle against my assets did anything about it.
4.a: I claim that this practice of peonage by proxy has been extended to abject slavery in the case of the Municipal PERSONS named after me.
4a: I claim that the Holy See allowed the Vatican City Government franchise doing business as the Municipality of Washington, DC, to create a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust and attached my name to it and certificated it as: ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER.
4.a: I claim that the Perpetrators pretended that this Cestui Que Vie Trust pertained to me and my assets, when in fact, it was named after the British Person that was also named after me, and I claim that this same British Person is a fictitious legal fiction entity having no assets of its own and no reason to exist, apart from its use as a device to promote illegal latching onto my assets, and therefore the Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust named after me is also empty and naturally devoid of any assets or valid purpose apart from implementing the same identity substitution scheme.
4.a: Likewise, I claim that all the Municipal CORPORATIONS derived from this original Cestui Que Vie Trust are empty and naturally devoid of any assets of their own, no matter how many of these so-called derivatives there may be, and I claim that in effect these empty trusts, empty special purpose vehicles denoted as SPVs, empty Public Transmitting Utilities, and other Municipal CORPORATIONS that have all been named after some variation of my name, are shelf corporations that appear to have been used for purposes of money laundering --- all constructed and utilized without my knowledge or agreement.
4.a: I claim that these Municipal CORPORATIONS were the subject of labor contracts established by the Perpetrators under the Miller Act and were also the subject of the ownership claims made via the Buck Act, but again, I was mistaken accidentally-on-purpose for the entity named after me and attacked and prosecuted and maligned and subjected to racketeering under color of law and have been injured by these THINGS being used as unauthorized proxies to enslave me and extract the value of my labor and skills
4.a: I claim that the banking functions associated with these THINGS have been equally corrupt and unaccountable and steeped in deceit and identity theft and credit theft schemes and substitution schemes of the same kinds.
4.a: I claim that I have had unknown Third Parties issue unauthorized credit cards in the NAMES of these THINGS, and I claim that I have been injured and harmed by False Claims in Commerce associated with charges made in my name.
4.a: I claim that I have been forced to pay for commodities and services that I never agreed to receive, and often in fact did not receive, because of these Municipal entities and British Persons named after me.
4.a: I claim that I have been taxed via the extortionate misuse of these CORPORATIONS named after me, to bring charges against my living self in foreign jurisdictions of law intended to address corporations, and I claim that I have been derided and subjected to ridicule when I have observed that I am not the same as a Municipal CORPORATION some lunatic named after me for purposes of fraud and extortion under armed force.
4.a: I claim that I have been injured by the False Presumption that mortgage debts that are actually owed by these foreign corporations named after me, were owed by me.
4.a: I claim that I am the actual source of all credit involved in any mortgage transaction connected to my name. I claim that these dishonest banks have pretended to loan me money, when in fact they have loaned me my own credit and then charged me five times the entire cost of the transaction as a mortgage which is in fact owed by foreign corporations named after me --- and these banks never disclosed any of this to me.
4.a: I claim that these facts about so-called mortgage loans were disclosed in a single county court case in Minnesota in 1968, called First National Bank of Montgomery v. Jerome Daly, and it remains the controlling law applicable to me and millions of other Americans, who are being misrepresented as British Persons and foreign Municipal Corporations.
4.a: I claim that no American owes these banks for any asset purchase based on their own credit.
4.a: I claim that I have been defrauded out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit and property assets because of this identity substitution fraud perpetuated by commercial banks and lending institutions that owe me pass through service and disclosure.
I require you to recognize that no claim of war based on petty paper promises justifies criminality against living people.
I require you to acknowledge that war does not excuse crime and is often the only means to end crime.
I require you to return all mortgage payments plus interest plus treble damages to everyone worldwide who has been impacted by this scheme and forced to pay mortgages they don’t owe for the benefit of guilty corporations.
I require you to return all land and soil and other property assets seized under these conditions of deliberate self-interested deceit to the most recent American owners of record.
I require you to establish a Victim’s Fund to pay compensation to the victims of felonious forced evictions and seizures based on alleged debts owed by fictitious British Persons and fictitious Municipal CORPORATIONS. I require this Victim’s Fund to stand open for a hundred years and for all reasonable and customary claims brought to be charged against the British Crown and the Holy See with prejudice, such that the claims cannot be charged-back against the victims or otherwise ameliorated as mutual credit exchange off-sets.
5.a: I claim that I have been harmed and defrauded by federal income tax claims and assessments against these same foreign shelf corporations merely named after me.
5.a: I claim that I have never had a single dollar's worth of federal income yet have been endlessly harassed and had insane tax assessments made by Third Parties having absolutely no knowledge about me or my earnings or the source of my earnings.
5.a: I claim that these criminal racketeers have brought their claims and liens against the phony foreign shelf corporations named after me and when bluntly told the truth and told to get packing down the road, I have been attacked, called names, and accused of mental instability.
I require you to address this situation and liquidate the Internal Revenue Service and IRS organizations and their equivalents worldwide.
6.a: I claim that the Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity have operated out of US Insular Possessions including Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands, where they could access the Spanish Law of the Inquisition and apply it to the Municipal shelf corporations named after me.
6.a: I claim that this is a pattern of operations has been purposefully used to bring the Inquisition forward into the present day and that it is being used by a venal theocracy promoted by the Holy See to advance False Claims against Municipal Corporations and fictitious British Persons.
6.a: I claim that I have been derided as a tax cheat for refusing to pay taxes owed by foreign Municipal Corporations merely named after me without my knowledge or agreement, and I claim that this harm to my reputation has caused me to suffer business losses, loss of time and energy, mental anguish, fear, and loathing.
6.a: I claim that neither the Internal Revenue Service nor the IRS has any right or reason to address peaceable Americans like myself who are not knowingly adopting any federal citizenship and who are not employees or dependents of foreign governments.
6.a: I claim that the Internal Revenue Service and IRS have functioned as organized racketeers acting under color of law and I claim that I have been defrauded under force and non-disclosure out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of credit and property assets.
6.a: I claim that the so-called Sixteenth Amendment to both The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of the United States of America was never ratified by any State of the Union and therefore could only imply a contract between the federal corporations and their own employees amounting to the imposition of an employment tax as a condition of that employment.
6.a: I claim that the contracts now being misrepresented to the American Public as our Constitutions are not our Constitutions but are misleadingly similar British Territorial and Municipal Corporation charters and any so-called Amendment to these charters are in fact only By-Law Amendments having nothing to do with our actual Constitutions. I claim that this circumstance deliberately promotes misunderstanding and seeks to invoke powers that these so-called corporation constitutions lack for purposes of fraud and coercion.
6.a: I claim that millions of Americans have allowed themselves to be mischaracterized as Taxpayers or TAXPAYERS because of the afore-described substitution of a corporate charter misrepresenting our actual Constitutions and I am one of them.
6.a: I claim that I and these other Americans had reasonable cause to believe that the so-called Sixteenth Amendment applied to them and their Constitutional obligations, when in fact it could only apply to federal employees operating under a look-alike, sound-alike corporate charter which was deliberately misrepresented to the American Public.
6.a: I claim that these millions of deliberately deceived and defrauded law-abiding Americans, including me, have been injured by felony level theft under color of law and have suffered the loss of trillions of dollars’ worth of their own labor, credit assets, and physical property assets by armed gangs of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Agents and deputized IRS Agents acting under color of law to illegally assess and allege tax debts owed by British Persons and Municipal PERSONS named after the American victims of this institutionalized fraud scheme.
6.a: I claim that the American victims who have been injured, including myself, have been traumatized by being jailed, evicted, threatened under force, and coerced under these False Presumptions of war and the practice of misaddressing Americans as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS named after them. I claim that I and every American who has been misaddressed by either the Internal Revenue Service or IRS is owed compensation from the British Crown and the Holy See.
I require you to put these corporations out of business permanently and place their operators in jail, regardless of any excuses based on their businesses being chartered or headquartered in United States Insular Possessions.
I require you to establish a Victim’s Fund to pay claims brought against the Holy See and the British Crown for these offenses against the people they are supposed to be serving in good faith.
I require you to maintain the Victim’s Fund for at least one hundred years and make sure that charges to be paid out of this Fund are collected from the British Crown and the Holy See with prejudice, such that these costs can never be accounted as expenses charged-back against the victims or otherwise ameliorated as mutual credit exchanges.
I require you to remove all and any confusion about Amendments made to our Constitutions versus the By-Law Amendments made to corporation charters aping our Constitutions.
I require you to clearly identify all corporation By-Law Amendments that have not been ratified by the States of the Union to avoid any further confusion.
I require you to admit to the General Public and publish the fact that these corporation charters and By-Law Amendments never ratified by our States, do not apply to and are not enforceable against Americans. This includes all By-Law Amendments beginning with the Fourteenth Amendment to the corporation’s Constitution of the United States of America adopted in 1868.
I require you to return all the income tax payments that have been paid by or assessed against Americans and American businesses in error, plus interest.
I require you, insomuch as is possible, to return the physical land and soil assets that have been purloined from the victims of these organized racketeering operations: businesses, patents, copyrights, family farms, homesteads, homes mischaracterized as real estate, and I require you to repair or replace all damaged property assets belonging to the victims who have been injured by this infamous fraud.
I require you to release all Americans who have been incarcerated as income tax cheats who have in fact been misaddressed as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS.
I require you to pay the American victims of this deliberate fraud against our Constitutions and against each one of them a hundred dollars per hour of time spent in federal jails for crimes of alleged income tax evasion and I require you to charge the Holy See and the Government of Westminster for this entire amount with prejudice and without recourse.
I require you to exonerate all the American people who have been incarcerated for the crime of not paying income taxes they never owed and I require you to erase all public records related to these convictions that have been attached to their names.
7.a: I claim that the Seventeenth Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style on page 665 explains what is actually going on here, as does Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, under the heading, "Dog Latin" ---- and I claim that the use of either Dog-Latin or American Sign Language to misrepresent my name as a foreign gloss results in gibberish and is owed no enforcement against me based on the false supposition and assumption that these signals and signs have anything to do with me and my assets at all.
7.a: I claim that our American Government has published the fact that our official language is English for over two hundred years and that I, an American, should have no reason or need to belabor, repeat, or further publish that fact. Even a British Person merely presumed to exist via a False Registration process should not have to inform the Municipality of Washington or District of Columbia --- or the Vatican, either --- that English is the official language of this country.
7.a: I claim that the use of such a foreign language convention and the history that attaches to the use of such glosses is further evidence that this is a well-thought out and secretive fraud scheme pursued under False Presumptions of war and illegal mercenary conflicts, executed on an unimaginable scale, and fully intended to deceive and denigrate innocent people so as to subjugate and in fact enslave the ignorant.
7.a: I claim that these pernicious breaches of trust and acts of Trespass have resulted in the promotion of a modern-day slave trade almost a hundred years after both enslavement and peonage have been outlawed. I claim that those Perpetrators responsible for this have deliberately removed themselves to the international jurisdiction of the sea in order to evade the Public Law and excuse this continuance of war, slavery and peonage, press-ganging, kidnapping, inland piracy, personage, identity theft, racketeering, extortion, and a plethora of other crimes including genocide.

I require you to bring an end to these Trespasses against the living people of this planet, and an end to this abuse of Justice by pirates and slave traders and other criminals taking refuge in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
I require you to put a permanent end to the use of glosses as a secret code used to arbitrarily diminish and denigrate the political and economic status of living people to the level of foreign shelf corporations merely named after them.
8.a: I claim that a similar ruse has been used to promote False Claims against American land and soil assets and to promote a similar process of fraudulent misrepresentation and identity substitution via the application of foreign British titles to American land and soil assets, aimed at transferring debt owed by the British Persons named after Americans onto the backs of the actual American land owners.
8.a: I claim that this deceptive process is based on substituting land descriptions for actual cadastral surveys and landmarks, copyrighting these descriptive names for property belonging to others, and pretending that this gives the Perpetrators an equitable ownership in the property. I claim that the Perpetrators send their employees around to assign arbitrary names and numbers to American homesteads, farms, and businesses and then use these to attach false claims of contract, ownership interest, and foreign titles to these estates naturally and factually belonging to Americans and American businesses. I claim that the offending foreign commercial corporations responsible for this Trespass against basic property rights owed to the American victims of this identity substitution scheme have also imposed fraudulent property tax claims against American landlords, causing people who are confused by this con game to pay debts that they don't owe for services they didn't ask for and often don't receive.
I require you to charge back and return all property taxes unlawfully extracted from Americans in this way, plus interest since 1934, and I call the debt owed by the British Persons and British Crown Corporations responsible for this gross Trespass against American property rights.
I require you to charge back and return all property taxes unlawfully extracted from American in this way, plus interest since 1934, and I call the debt owed by the Municipal Corporations responsible for this gross Trespass against American property rights.
9a: I claim that I have been misaddressed, threatened and coerced to pay property taxes on property that I own outright based on nothing more than someone giving my homestead a new name. I claim that when I objected to this practice and the presumption that I was some species of Federal citizen, I was attacked, derided, and accused of being a tax cheat. threatened with armed force and eviction. I claim that I have been harmed and that my reputation has been harmed for defending myself and my property from these incursions and false claims instigated by organized foreign commercial corporations acting under color of law.
9.a: I claim that in some areas multiple commercial corporations involved in this same criminal activity have applied as many as six layers of different copyrighted property descriptions to the same piece of land, and then proceeded to present so-called tax bills to the landlord for services that the landlord never agreed to receive and often didn't receive. I claim that these same foreign commercial corporations have invested nothing more than a new description of the property and the cost of a copyright, yet often demands thousands of dollars in property taxes that the Americans don't owe. In concert with the entirety of the rest of the scheme, the Americans are misaddressed as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS named after them.
I require you to end these acts of Trespass against Americans and American property rights and require you to liquidate the offending organizations as organized crime syndicates engaged in racketeering, armed extortion, and fraud executed under color of law.
9.a: I claim that I have been harmed by having my Good Name attached, attacked, misrepresented as a British Person and secondarily misrepresented as a variety of Municipal Corporations named after me, all of which have been employed to extract unjust enrichment for the Perpetrators, to deprive me of my natural estate, my rights, my property, my freedom, and the Guarantees of the Constitutions,
I require you to restore all of these to me and to officially recognize the fraud and impersonation for what it is, admitting that this whole scheme has been deployed to transfer foreign debt burdens to the actual Preferential Creditors.
10.a: I claim that all these means and devices are calculated to promote the illusion that this non-consensual trafficking of my name into foreign jurisdictions was voluntary and undertaken without duress, when it clearly is not voluntary on the part of an infant, and when I have been given no Notice, no Disclosure, and no Remedy as an adult.
10a: I claim my birthright, my identity and nature, my name, my estate, my inheritance, my Law, my country, and my freedom. I claim remedy on the land and cure and maintenance on the sea and agreement that nothing stands between me and Divinity. I claim the return of all land and soil that have ever been held under title or patent or claimed by me or my family and my kind, no matter how these parcels have been measured, described, or held in the past. I claim the land and soil and all that is therein, for I came from the dust and to the dust I return; the Earth is my kingdom, my grave, and my home.
10a: I claim my Good Name and my jurisdiction on air and land and sea. I claim that my intent and action is settled, cured, and is non-controversial. I claim that I have published and recorded my claims and property interests upon the records of three Territorial States and the records of the Uniform Commercial Code.
10a: I claim that I brought my claims before Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 in the Person of James Thomas McBride and that I subsequently autographed The Postal Treaty of the Americas in 2010 as a lawful fiduciary of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776 and that my provenance and standing as an Inheritor-Donor of The Saint Germain Family Trust was examined by the Holy See and admitted with the release of The Seal of Saint Peter, and proclamation of the first Double Golden Jubilee in Eight Hundred Years.
10a: I claim that I am who I am, and Demetrius Julius Shiva is who he is, and that together we are the lawful and only Possessors at this time of The Saint Germain Family Trust and The D'Avila Family Trust. I claim that we are agreed and determined to stand together as the Possessors of a major part of the world asset wealth to do all that must be done to honor the trust indentures of our Forefathers and finally break the chains of ignorance and poverty that have crippled and enslaved Mankind. I claim that I have been injured and delayed by all these false claims of Personhood and citizenship obligations, all misaddressed to me by the Perpetrators of these afore-described identity theft, personage, and substitution fraud schemes.
I require you to clear my Good Name and acknowledge my true nature and identity. I require you to clear the way for me and assist in helping me accomplish my mission upon the Earth.
I require each of you to recognize the difference between what is real and what is fiction, and to accord me the honorable estate that has been mine since the Unknown Time when my physical incarnation first began. I require you to settle all confusion and all controversy regarding my political status as an American who is not a citizen of any kind, and instruct all your employees that there millions of other Americans just like me, who have been unjustly defrauded, misaddressed, and misidentified as British Persons and Municipal CORPORATIONS that have been named after these Americans and used as devices to pass the debts of these foreign corporations off onto the American victims of this fraud scheme.
11.a: I claim that I am an Underwriter of the Federal Reserve and that our forefathers provided the Federal Reserve Bank with 6,000 tons of gold. I claim that they similarly provided the World Bank and International Bank of Reconstruction with deposits jointly amounting to 14,000 tons of gold, which was all fully admitted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Transfer Agent, and recorded on movie film and by signed transcript shortly before his death. I claim that the World Bank and IBRD and Federal Reserve have tried to pretend that I don't exist, because of the afore-described identity substitution scheme. They pretend that I don't have standing in the matter, because fictional British Persons and equally fictional Municipal Corporations have no standing, but I claim the fact that I am. I claim that this is merely an attempt to avoid paying their debts and avoid even honoring the existence of these substantial debts owed to me and the American people.
I require you to take prompt and appropriate action to credit these deposits and return control of these physical assets to me to be administered by our Fiduciary Deputies in the days to come.
12a: I claim that I am the natural and familial heir of The Saint Germain Family Trust, which is an American Common Law Trust established in perpetuity and not to be confused with any statutory trust seeking to substitute itself and make claims in foreign jurisdictions against The Saint German Family Trust assets via the use of similar names deceits and credit fraud as already described. I claim that I have been hindered and harmed and that free trade has been obstructed for decades as a result of the personage practiced against me and against billions of other people throughout the world by commercial interests.
I require you to acknowledge the harm and the injury this has done, not only to me, but to the whole world and its economy, for the sake of a few arrogant, greedy, unscrupulous men, and I require you to move swiftly and with determination to bring Justice back to the living planet.
13a: I claim that the 1913 Federal Reserve Act was a fraud scheme intended to force Americans to trade their silver for paper I.O.U.s called Federal Reserve Notes and that this was done under the coercive force of unlawful Legal Tender Laws misapplied to Americans who were not part of any Federal citizenry at all.
13a: I claim that this exchange of silver for paper I.O.U.s was done under color of law and was a deliberate imposition against the American people amounting to inequitable acquisition by men seeking unjust enrichment and control. I claim that I have been injured throughout my life by the loss of substance and loss of value of Federal Reserve Notes which has amounted to a silent and debilitating tax against all Americans.
I require you to order the return of the American Silver assets and the value plus interest that is owed to me and to the American States and Nations. I require you to act as the Transfer Agents for my Fiduciary Account to be used to underwrite our own American Blue Dot Bank System, which is designed to serve people and small unincorporated businesses. I require recoupment action against the commercial banks and the Federal Reserve that benefited themselves at the expense of the American people.
14.a: I claim that the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Merchant Banks seized upon the silver assets and American Silver Dollars belonging to the American people and used them to underwrite their banks, and I claim that the silent theft of the value of our money by inflation has continued unabated for a hundred and eighteen years.
14.a: I claim that I am being injured at this moment by hyperinflation that further reduces the value of the fiat Federal Reserve Notes.
14.a: The credit afforded to the people constantly diminishes at the same time that the value of their purloined silver increases and they are not able to access the relief owed to them, because the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Banks pretend not to know who the American people are ----and they continue to present their False Legal Presumption that the identity of the American people is hidden by the artifice of empty shelf corporations named after them.
I require you to reject this self-serving attempt to avoid the debt and these unscrupulous pretensions being used to evade reality.
15.a: I claim that under the provisions of the 1934 Emergency Banking Act an exchange rate of one American Silver Dollar for one Federal Reserve Note dollar was established and that the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Banks enforced this exchange rate on the American people under color of law and the False Pretense that they were part of the Federal citizenry--- and therefore obligated to accept Legal Tender Laws. This results in a debt of one ounce of fine silver owed for every Federal Reserve Note dollar issued against our credit since 1934. This is an insurmountable physical asset debt, and I am calling it in to foreclose and restructure the Federal Reserve and the Commercial Banks that have benefited themselves at the expense of innocent working people.
15.a: I claim that this obligation of the Principals responsible for these corporations and their employees taking these actions is not altered by time or the repeated bankruptcies of these corporations.
I require you to enforce the immediate Involuntary Chapter 7 Bankruptcy of all British Crown Corporations and Municipal CORPORATIONS worldwide, an action allowing the actual American Government and Trust Donors to take charge of the situation.
I require you to turn over the Federal Reserve and the commercial banks to the control and administration of the actual Underwriters --- whose silver underpins their operations and who have suffered the loss of their wealth via inflation that has benefited these banks at the expense of the whole country --- and the world.
16.a: I claim that the debt described above imposes an insurmountable physical asset debt levied against all commercial banks worldwide, not just the Federal Reserve and the US Commercial Banks. I claim that this abuse of the Reserve Currency combined with rampant counterfeiting promoted by the Obama Administration on a worldwide basis has exceeded the current world supplies of silver by a factor of 1100 times available resources. Even if gold supplies are factored in and exchanged for silver, the Americans are owed silver --- specifically. I claim that there is no way to meet the call on physical silver and that the present call on gold by those claiming to have ownership --- but not possession --- of the Spiritual White Boy accounts, is sufficient to destroy the world economy.
16.a: I claim that mismanagement, ignorance and greed, the promotion of False Grievances based on long past injuries suffered by distant ancestors, game playing by politicians, dishonest bankers, bought and paid for media, and many other social and economic ills have been caused by middlemen who have failed to honor their Public Duty and bypassed explicit directions given to them by successive generations of Trust Donors. I claim that by 1942 all the Central Banks were fully funded and able to pay for all government services without the need to tax people at all.
16.a: I claim that these Middlemen were instructed to phase out and gradually reduce the tax burdens on families and put the extra funds generated by taxes during the transition into parks and education and health initiatives.
16.a: I claim that instead of honoring this directive, middlemen and politicians and bankers conspired to levy heavier and harsher taxes, using the excuse of war damages and increasing post-war populations to justify their double dipping.
16.a: I claim that I have been injured by these deceitful practices opposing the will of the Donors and harming the people that these Governments are supposed to help and protect. I claim that the Spiritual White Boy, ASBLP, ASVLP, Alpha and Omega, and numerous other trust assets currently being fought over were entrusted to the World Bank to provide ample government services worldwide and ample infrastructure resources, too. I claim that the World Bank failed its appointed task and sank into corrupt schemes to profit from Pandemic Bonds and similar speculative racketeering that have served to cheat the bond investors and harm the people we set out to help and uplift.
I require you to remove the middlemen that have fomented war and increased the burdens of the poor, while being in receipt of ample funds intended to provide tax relief and support for Government services and infrastructure.
17.a: I claim that instead of providing relief to the people worldwide and instead of cleaning up the pollution and engaging in the other worthy goals the Donors envisioned when they created the World Bank, the governments only became more corrupt and spent the money on military and technological advancements and secret space programs and other things that never seem to do any good for the living people and only tend toward war instead.
17.a: I claim that the whole carbon dioxide panic is just another fraud scheme aimed at scaring the scientifically ignorant population into accepting another coercive tax scheme. I claim that this venal profit motive keeps us from recognizing and solving the very real problem of atmospheric oxygen depletion.
17.a: I claim that hundreds of thousands of medical doctors and scientists have been paid off to promote political agendas and skew scientific data to fit dangerous political narratives. I claim that thousands of journalists and media outlets have been corrupted in the same way by corporate and political coercion. And I claim that funds skimmed, slush-funded, and embezzled from our Donor Trusts were used to do this.
17. a: I claim that a deliberate effort has been made by specific political administrations and related organizations in The United States to ruin our educational system and reduce the amount, kind, and quality of instruction that is available, to selectively edit out American History, to reduce mathematics and science and even basic reading requirements, to turn our colleges into politicized diploma factories, and methodically reduce the American IQ and test performance. Even our Law Schools have been reduced to a study of rules, policies, and procedures devoid of any understanding of Law.
17. a: I claim that this drive to destroy and debase our educational system has been combined with coercive and unlawful licensing of professions and occupations of common right, and that a payola system has been long-established throughout the government and educational and medical systems, guaranteeing grants and favors and financial rewards to those who bow down and serve commercial interests.
I require you to stop the double dipping and coercive taxation and licensing and payola schemes.
I require you to apply the funds as the Donors have directed and return control of the World Bank Accounts to the Donors’ direct administration.
18.a: I claim that the Bretton Woods Accords were built on impractical and even loony premises that were bound to fail.
I require you to dismantle the illegal commodity rigging funds and coercive control mechanisms that have been used to enforce artificial outcomes for some countries and used to harm others.
18.a: I claim that the Federal Reserve System has failed and that the men behind it said one thing and did another, so that the Federal Reserve System has not delivered stability or security. Instead, they constructed a system of currency run on blood money --- the life energy and labor and time of living people
I require you to admit the self-evident failure and dismantle this atrocity constructed to capture the value of our labor and our time on Earth.
18.a: I claim that the change to the Double Accrual Accounting in 1946 was another terrible and obvious mistake that has resulted in endless embezzlement, slush funding, political corruption, and public disservice.
18. a: I claim that by splitting income streams into budgeted and non-budgeted accounts, the Public has no idea how much money is coming in from government operations and that this failure of disclosure has promoted endless manipulation of the Public and Public Opinion based on false assumptions promoted by omission of critical financial information.
I require you to return the Public Accounting System to traditional Carriage Accounting.
I require you to bring the public employee pension funds and so-called externally managed investment funds back under Public Administration.
I require you to produce simple and honest economic and fiscal reports that the Public can rely on.
I require you to establish reasonable standards of accountability and disinterested Third Party oversight protocols.
19.a: I claim that none of this sleazy corruption would be possible without enforcement provided by members of the Bar Associations. The bankers and the Bar Members have colluded to make this Trespass possible, and they are both
held under the direction of the same Principals who owe us “Good Faith and Service” --- the Holy See, the British Monarch, and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London.
19.a: I claim that members of the Bar have used discretion never granted to them to deny the actual political status American State claimants who entered their courts seeking pass-through service and exemptions that the American State Nationals and American State Citizens are owed. By this means they have avoided paying debts that their Masters, the Holy See and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, owe to the victims of this massive National Identity Theft Fraud, Trespass, and Breach of Trust.
I require you to take Notice and Warning and act swiftly to remove the Bar Associations and end their reign of terror which has been decimating national economies and ruining lives for many decades.
I require you to fully inform all members of your Global, International, and National Services of the threat this Trespass, Breach of Trust, and Fraud poses to everyone on Earth.
I require you to perform research and discovery concerning the undisclosed registration and certification processes that were used to implement the Trespass of the Sea against the Land, this conspiracy to defraud and to evade the obligations that these Principals owe to the State Citizens of this country under their respective constitutions.
I require you to exercise your offices to obtain justice for the living people of this country and this planet.
I require you to remove the Bar Associations from our sight and to restore the Constitutional Law we are owed.
I require you to recognize that the living people own these corporations, the corporations do not own the living people.
I require you to recognize me, a living woman, a non-citizen native of Wisconsin, an unincorporated State of the Union.
I require you to return my property assets, including my Good Name, gold and silver and land and earnings that are mine, exemptions that are mine, pass-through services that are mine, rents, fees, leases, compensations and allocations that are mine, freedoms, guarantees, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and restore all my public and private interests without further obfuscation or delay.
I require you to return all that has been stolen from me by means of deceit, false legal presumptions, forced undisclosed registrations, and illegal conspiratorial evasion of our Constitutions.
I require you to alert and instruct all probate, military, district, and penal courts concerning this situation and make it clear that Americans are presumed to be Americans and to be standing in their native capacity unless they are currently and voluntarily employed by the Federal Government.
As the foregoing makes explicit, there are several major categories of offense.
They broadly encompass:
(1) Self-serving and unjustifiable assumptions about states of war.
(2) Fraud to evade payment of debt and performance of constitutional obligations.
(3) Trespass against the Land Jurisdiction and the people of this country by the Sea Jurisdiction and Persons hired to serve the people.
(4) Breach of Trust promoted via impersonation of the victims and Barratry to put a nice face on theft and pillaging.
I require you to put a prompt end to all the above Fraud Schemes, Payment Evasion Schemes, Identity Thefts and Misrepresentations, Trespasses and Breach of Trust activities ---and I require you to make a good faith effort to fully inform all police, all military, and all courts worldwide and within the borders of The United States.
I require you to provide me and our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America since 1776 total global immunity from all and any charges or legal presumptions arising from these schemes.
I require you to hold me and all other Americans who have been the victims of this attempted National Identity Theft harmless.
I require your assistance and service as people employed under our Constitutional Agreements and Treaties to provide the exemptions, pass-through services, and protections that Americans and their property assets are owed.
I am in fact your Employer, the Underwriter of your banks and financial systems, and The Value – the only Source that gives you credit, an office, work to do, and an economic system that works.
I have heard that people inured to the false reality engendered by the various fraud schemes detailed above, and limited to living on credit as eternal debtors, think that they can use their credit to overturn the value of assets; this is not possible. Not even a tornado overcomes a mountain.
Credit is credit and exists in the realm of persons, not people.
20.a: I claim that all credit is also owed to the asset owners, the people, who created and backed the credit for the persons. I claim that when the credit of the Lawful Persons is applied against the debts of the proxy Legal Persons, there is hardly any justifiable residual at all.
20.a: I claim that simply doing the bookkeeping correctly, using the credit owed to the Lawful Persons to offset the debts of the Legal Persons, and dismissing all the usury as Odious Debt, will solve the economic problems.
20.a: I claim that the non-contractual usury attached to all public and private transactions is Odious Debt because it was created by artificial and undisclosed manipulation of the accounts and the identities of the account holders, thereby preventing prompt settlement of debts that should have been offset daily and should have accumulated little or no interest.
I require you to do the accounting and balance the books, both for credit accounts and physical asset accounts.
I require you to write-off all Odious Debt and return all remaindered pre-paid credit to the living people to whom it is owed, via special credit accounts made available and accessible to all.
If you require additional information, I may be contacted here:
Anna Maria Riezinger
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652
*** Notice to you as a man or woman makes you absolutely liable for your actions and inactions. ***