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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Making history canceling two 1934 Gold Bearer Bonds

This is our Fiduciary for The United States of America [Unincorporated], Anna Maria Riezinger, making history cancelling two 1934 Gold Bonds with the assistance of the Financial Director of The Global Family International Trade Bank. We are privileged to witness and to have video of this historic event. As we witness history being made, it is now time to Intend, Create, and Manifest our future.


  1. Prayers asked for a man who has saved so many lives with his protocols:

    "Big update on Dr. Zelenko: Zev's numbers have miraculously improved and now the doctors believe he is 50/50 to live or die. Just a couple of hours ago they had everyone preparing to say their final goodbyes to him but then as everyone around him and all of you were praying his numbers began to drastically change! The doctors still don't know how this is even happening but I think they have started to become believers at this point. Thank you all so much for the overwhelming prayers and support. I know it has been emotionally exhausting but please continue to pray and think about Zev, a true warrior for God. He still has more fight left in him! I will update as soon as I know more."

    "God Conscious Global Prayers needed today!
    Please pray for DR ZELENKO today at 9:30amEST
    If we all focus our connection to the divine and ask God to intercede I believe we can bring Zev back to us. Today is our turn to stand in the gap for Dr. Zelenko. He’s been standing in it for us. We are all God’s children and like Dr. Z, we stand with and for humanity"

    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko - "Absolutely beautiful message here from Dr. Zelenko. This is from a few weeks ago but I encourage you all to watch, listen and consider his words." Pray for Zev.

    1. Dr Carrie Madej needs prayers now too. Thank you

    2. '...That's my Grand-ma!'

    3. Red.Pill.Pharmacist, [6/30/2022 3:29 PM]
      [Forwarded from TruthHammer (TruthHammer888)]
      We lost a great one.
      Dr. Zev Zelenko has just passed on from this life.
      The millions he helped will remember him.

    4. Dr Zelenko's tasks were completed so he was called home to God.
      DR Carrie will be on the phone tonight with Dr. Christine Northrup

    5. why are people thanking "anna"?
      • if "anna" is part of a FICTITIOUS "MONEY" SYSTEM where "she" says "she" has a Claim on physical gold by way of "her" having/ Holding pieces of paper/ Bearer Bond Papers that represent that physical Gold
      • and "she" Cancells those Paper Bonds, that is:
      "she" then just made those pieces of Paprs "she" całls "BearerBonds/other Name of no effect!!!
      • my logic shows that "she" then just "Release her Claim on the Gold represented by those Paper Bonds "she" Cancelled!!!!
      anybody getting anything else?


    6. simply put:
      if you have a I.O.U. from someone for a $20.00 gold piece they owe you, and you cancel the I.O.U.,
      then they no longer owe you $20.00 worth of gold, they can keep it.

      looks to me like thats what she did.

      because she should be doing something or other such as: "Calling-In the Gold on the Bonds"
      but this says she didnt do that, instead, she CANCELLED them.
      might that mean FakeGramma just gavek Her Family what by right might actually belong to YOU!!?


    7. She released it to the bank. Similar to signing a check over to a bank to give them the assets that your check represents.
      Of course, where is the gold, and is the current holder going to honor this and release the gold to the new holder of the bonds.
      I trust Anna expects this will happen. I think she has a plan. And I believe in her.

      PS: disregard the ‘anonymous’. If you must know, i’m just an average Joe business man in Florida. With a CPA license.

    8. Exactly someone who understands this ignore the idiots making assumptions here that have zero idea

    9. Everyone is saying he's dead which is it? Is he alive? still every so called truther is saying he passed

    10. anonymous 11:40 pm,

      using the example of having a check [represents what the Banks and Attorners/others stole from you and owe you, is that right?]:
      if right, then:
      she holds the check for what is owed to you
      she cancels the check.
      and releases that Cancelled Check (to its Issuer??)
      = DEBT removed.
      true or not true?


    11. I see what your saying Janm.
      Florida guy. Sorry. Too much of a hassle on my phone to change it from anonymous.

      Ok. This is confusing. Let’s say someone writes a check to me. I sign it and give it to the bank. That allows the bank to draw money from the check writer’s account and deposit it into my account. However, what we aren’t told is that by signing that check, I’ve allowed the bank to also draw from an account in my name that is unknown by me.
      They have double dipped again.
      So, if that’s correct, when Anna signed off on the bond, she allowed the global bank to deposit funds from the original writer of the bond.
      And as far as the second part(if I’m right about the part above); well, maybe in this case there isn’t a hidden second account.

    12. anony 11:40 pm, 11:46 am
      • your check deposit info: i believe it something similar to what you described but i have started skipping over alot of their Legal and Commercial Processes because there is no factual basis for them to use them on me in the first place, ... but you deserve answers from "anna" that are true concerning your questions on how their Accounts are debited and credited using Gold Bonds that represents your share if they, in fact, do.

      it looks to me like the "Currency" being used to do Commerce between Empires and Imperialists was the Gold Bonds and the Labor Bonds and Birth Certificates/others that, in their System, re-presents YOUR portion of the united States of Americas gold stolen from you, *man*; and the "value" of YOUR Lifetimes Labor, life, .... and all were being Bought and Sold by the "High Contracting Powers" (see: Secret Treaty of Verona for reference) without you/us knowing it:
      anna says there were bankruptcies, which, to me would have Cancelled the Bonds anyway.............?
      so why shes saying she Cancelled the Gold Bonds is not clear...
      maybe the Bankruptcy is finalized so the Bonds Cancelled in the Bankruptcy were Released back to the Originating Issuer... the Bank.???
      my logic says something like this is likely since im comparing it to what they supposedly do when a Mortgage (Fraud) is "Paid Off" --- by the one whose credit was used in the first place ( double, triple-dipping)!!!! they never owed a Mortgage in the first place because their Credit was used to pay it off based upon their "signature"/ autograph.
      im leaning that way just using logic, because i dont know their system.

      the big question for anyone who has signed up though is WHERE IS MY GOLD AND THE VALUE OF MY LABOR?

      this is a convoluted mess so please stay with it.
      youre doing good! If you have figured this stuff out this far, you can figure out the rest because its all just like this mess --lies and deceptions -- but were smarter than they are. we ARE!! :):):)
      everything they have done is flawed. we can find the flaws. thats all theyve got: flawed, incomplete, warblings of nonsense that we are more than able to poke holes in and let the air out of their staged theater Acts...
      this whole parallel world they made up is ALL illusion, NO FACT!! :):)
      BUT THEY ARE DANGEROUS because theyre total screw-ups who couldnt find their rearend with both hands at high noon and theyre realizing that NEITHER Plan A NOR Plan B is working.


    13. Ok. Then let’s clarify them and us.
      We can get deeper and deeper in future comment threads.

      Us: regular people. We think everyone wishes the best for each other and will do anything to help each other.

      They: they are leaches, they for example hijacked our court system and money system by slight of hand to accumulate all of our material and spiritual wealth we produced. I can tell you that even the least educated of us have fully awoken to this.
      How do I know? I founded a landscape company in Florida that has a couple dozen employees now. All of us plainly see that our hard efforts in hot, toiling conditions amounts to a lifestyle much lower than we would expect from our work. Don’t get me wrong though, we are excellent fishermen, marksmen, mechanics, chefs etc.
      We are everyday fun people. And believe me, any number of the crooks on the other side, would be roasted on the spit promptly if they dared to face us. We know what they are doing. We know the dollar is crap. We know wars are bullshit. We know that we genuinely only want love and peace for everyone(accept them).

      That said: Anna’s point that we can combat the crooks by working backwards through their system that they trapped us in is very frustrating.
      However, those idiots work like a hive of bugs; they follow the system they know. So beating them at their system will eventually work.
      But, today, my average employee has three children, is 27yrs old, has a wife with no job, pays so much in gas to get to work that he only buys cheap food, he has a heart condition, and he has absolutely no time to consider this discussion that we are having.

    14. anonymous 7/4, 8:11
      them and us descriptions: yes.
      so glad to hear that people are aware, and it sounds like they are getting ready to make peaceful, necessary changes.
      you just about perfectly described how people are kept hungry, sick, and working in conditions that use up their energy so they have no time to learn, stand, or negotiate for changes.
      its sickening.

      i completely disagree with annainc that we can combat them by working backwards through their system that they only PRESUME to have trapped us in. they have no basis in fact or law for any such PRESUMPTIONS and are carrying their baseless PRESUMPTIONS out upon us using violence and force, not lawful agreement.
      "annainc" knows this.
      they only follow their rule system when they are forcing us to Act as one of their Fictional Characters.
      as for their Part in their Acts, they actually do not even follow their own system or its rules, instead: they lie, cheat, deceive, gaslight and change or ignore their own rules at will.
      as long as we participate in "their" system, backwards or forward, i believe we can just expect more of the same from them, unless they pretend-a- truce for awhile, so they can go regroup before their next attack. And
      i keep saying this, but for an example of the callousness and sheer disregard for anyone, i keep bringing up for all of us to look at what these same groups of people have done to the indigenous Americans.
      • are they sorry for what they did? no.
      • have they ever stopped? No.
      • are they attempting to restore the genocided indigenous nations? NO!
      why would they treat us any different?
      theyve sent our young men before firing skwads for generations: wars.
      should we be surprised if known, proven genociders are trying to commit genocide again?
      thats who were dealing with, as far as i can tell presently, so then there is really no rational reason to believe THEY are going to change, its going to have to be us, man, the spiritual and material "powerholder" who changes what were doing. And we have right to do so.
      our law, meaning nationals from the united States of America, is American common law anyway, not commerce.... were not *things*. we have right to live under American common law authority, that itself is under authority of the laws of nature and natures God.
      i dont know whether your crews all meet at your shop in the morning or just drive to the jobs youve set up the night before, and have no idea if you have any room in your budget, but in the situation you described, what about a Continental breakfast once a quarter/ month/week (some combo of fruit, juice, pastries, toast, peanut butter, cream cheese, milk, cereal or oatmeal, coffee, (or even just donuts and coffee)) before time on the clock, and present some of the topics of this discussion we're having. not everybody will show up so you could probably do it nicely for $50.00 - $60.00.... or something else where you have an opportunity to start moving your crew members who are interested in the direction of coming into a better comprehension of the living people be-ing "the government". just brainstorming here... :)


    15. I appreciate your interest. We’re very close, as in we talk quite a bit early in the morning each day. We mostly beat to our own drum. For example, when the pandemic first started, we all met at work and decided that we were going to continue working each day as usual. We didn’t bother with the masks. Giving up our lively hood didn’t make any sense to us. And none of us took the vax. A few of us got sick but quickly got over it.
      Yes we’re all aware that the people have to stand up against tyranny.
      Lately some home owners here with property on the beach have decided to say that people can’t use the beach in front of their houses. Some of us fish up and down the beach almost everyday. These owners have called the sheriff on us. And when the sheriff has come there to confront us, we’ve told him ‘no’ we’re going to continue to fish anywhere on the shore that we wish to. Each time, the sheriff turns and walks away.
      Our approach is, ‘are you really going to tell us that we can’t fish for dinner and sport?’ The sheriff knows it’s ridiculous.

    16. great! nice to hear that the sheriff where you are knows what hes authorized to do or not do. thats really encouraging.
      i dont know their systems and this may be entirely off-base, but:
      what ive *read* is that the Sheriff (British Territirial Enfarcer, "ShireReeve") only has authority if a *crime* (commercial FICTION Term) is being committed. ***DO NOT TAKE MY WORD FOR IT THOUGH, ITS ONLY WHAT IVE HEARD AND MAY NOT BE TRUE, I HAVE NOT CHECKED IT OUT!!!***
      If it turns out that that is true, then, they PROBABLY (just guessing) have to get a Sworn Affidavit from the one who says they saw you commit a crime. again, just guessing...

      yes, as far as standing up against tyranny, peace-full, peace-full, peace-full!...
      from the way i understand it
      • they have no authority over a peace-full man who is full-filling the law on his own
      • and unless we break (the) peace, no man has a claim/"complaint" about us.

      happy fishing! :):):)

    17. Edwards: Will-RussellOctober 22, 2022 at 9:20 AM

      woman:janmarie : You've got a keen eye. let's step this back a bit. !st.. The Gold Bearer Bonds are said to have been drawn up by the "British Subcontractor", otherwise known as The United States of America Incorporated. alright. So that is not a bank bond, that is not a government Su4rety Bond, that is a Biond whose value is backed and secured by... ahh.. in REAL life, Bond are investment devices, with an aveage 7ear maturity date. Which means, if th eface value of the bond is $50.00, odds are it was purchased for $12.00 from the United States Treasury, THRU a brick and motor bank. Not a financial institution, nor a credit uni8on.. only the establishment with the work "bank" in its name has the authority to trasact the purchase of the bond on your behalf. The example I am using here is "EE" series savings purchased for me in 1968, and given to me when I was 18. 11 years AFTER the maturity date.. which means .. what, class? yes, the face value matured to it's full $50.00 value, however, because teh bond was still "in effect", i.e., not cashed, it gained interest which compounded annually. Now.. in the uh, "theatrics" we all just witnessed , you will notice, on the reverse side of the strangely common 8 1/2" x 11" sized 'bonds', in the modern era.. ( we'll get back to that in a moment). on the reverse, it reads, blah blah blah, bullshit bullshit... then some bullshit "4% per annum." uhhhhhh, I believe the correct response here is.. "bullshit". Interest rates on investments are NEVER set in stone.

    18. it is imPOSSIBLE to forcast that rate of return, consistently for a WEK, let alone from 1933 to 2022. that's another thing. On a bond, you have the make date, the mat date, purchase date, and delivery date ( when the buyer comes into the bank to take hysical possession of theordered physical asset ( the bond) and yes.. it is ALSO a "NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENT". For those in the advanced class... what is required to be included on teh document for it be accepted as a "Negotiable Instrument"?

      We'll loop back to that later.
      Lets look at the face of this.. "bond', yea? the paper.. is.. skeptically thin. BONDS, Stocks, Notes.. are all printed on high security near card stock quality "paper" if you will.and NEVER, do they fit in a modern printer's papaer tray. they are either half teh size of the hood of your dad's Cordoba he had when you were growing up, an A10 envelope, or14x20, or.. just, friggin google seaerch stock certs., Better yet. Mental image of the movie "Die Hard".. towards the end, when the bad guys crack into the Nakatomi safe and start pulling out those big sheets of thick paper, stuffing the reams thick stacks of BEARER BONDS into duffle bags? there's a great visual example. #2 reason they are so thick, is that there is noo bleed thru of the ink from side to side. there are security features with in the certificate paper its self. "hallmarks". from 1933? Oh that's right, my error... the Gold "our" gold ( MORE on THAT bullshit story later)was sent to the Phillipines starting in 1894 (?) and ending in 1902....welllllll before the 1933 edict of teh National State of Emergency, requiring all citizens to exchange thier physical gold for Gold certificates.. until the National State of Emergency was recinded.. they said.

    19. aw snap.. yea.. that account was closed.. geeez, like 50 years ago. Sorry Cuz.. and you'd dip out to the where they holding th e golden horde, get naked and go swimming like Scrooge McDuck.
      Tell me I'm wrong.
      alright, taking abreak to go exercise.

      here's something to talk a bout. If 6the government DID creat a Straw man w your name, issued he a number when you were born, fiorcast, extimated life span, from that extrapolated number of years you'd expect to work, the algorithm of raises and layoffs, specualtive income tax returns filed, average annual income tax owed, summed up for the whole of y7ou expect life span, that number? that is the toal income tehy expect to receive from you over your lifetime. that is a guaranteed, because.,. "you GOTTA pay your taxes", right? SO, if that income is "promised " the bad guys, they can say, they are expecting that value by 70 years from now, that 's practically everything you need for a negotiable istrument. boom they make one, the jsut generated "money".. ok, now, they are investing in "Straw people" some peopl are trying, gdtting college degrees, pushing.. those are like day traders bettering on those accounts, because the more you have , they more they tax, right? Bu tthose investers are hitting big wins big losses.. regardless, there is a TDA Trust account created in "your" name, ( remember, we are taught the all caps is fiction and it is NOT you).
      I said all this to say this.. if the gov created the strawman, and created the ssn, and created the value of your expected payments into the system, and they created the TDA trust account, and they are investing in your account, in money markets and mutual fundes, where these numbers that THEY generated in relation to that all caps name... um.. how.. exactly would any of us have a lawful claim to any of that? Its not our money, it's not interst earned on our money , the accounts are created in teh name and relative number associated withe strawman THEY created... Its all "thier" work, and all theis hype, to work you up in a hope frenzy...YOU know when you've earned something are owed something and when you just missed out n something.

      look at it objectively.

  2. Thank you Anna :)

  3. How can I get a little of the money for my needed medical and a house? Thank you Anna

    1. Go to this website and do the paperwork to be an ASN. You will then be eligible for the card to pay those expenses with pre-paid credit.

    2. ANONYMOUS 11:07 AM
      those expenses are not yours to have to pay! YOU DIDNT CREATE THEM! the one who created the expenses/charges pays (for) them!
      somebody USED your credit to CREATE expenses using your Name without your knowledge or agreement!

      Do you get that:


      Its a Round-Robin of Confusion to keep us Confused.
      Dont be Confused!

      take it slow.
      preserve emotions for later, for when you are restored??!
      use pure logic???:


      think about those questions?? :)
      see what you decide after that?


    3. "How can I GET a little of the money for my needed medical and a GET a house? I had mine stolen.

    4. the cesti que accounts are held at 55 Water Street in new York, created at birth without your knowledge, have YOU stopped this fraud committed against YOU?

    5. Great work as usual jan, I'm always impressed.
      Meanwhile I see people like FLORIDA ANON trying to explain whats happening, yet it's in the TERMS of THIS SYSTEM. Same thing with anna, how do you expect to break the chains of the bondage by using the tools they created to bind you? You can't, you slap the shackles on and then try to fight them, nonsensical at best, and always ineffectual.
      Could you imagine if our forefathers tried for their independence through the courts rather than shooting brits? Didn't Franklin try (I'm not positive of this, but have read that franklin was a "representative" over in england before it popped off)

    6. thank you TRUTH! :):)
      yes, we DEFINITELY mustmustmust teach the people American common law and that will not be as impossible as it might seem since so many people have read about the man they call "je sus", and what he taught IS common law --- and is part of the reason the Pharisee "LawMakers" wanted him ded. because as soon as our people start making their claims standing being *man* under authority of our own American common law for the people on THIS land, that itself is under authority of the Laws of Nature and Natures God, the "Pharisiacal LawMakers/ modern day British Attorner Legis-lators and all thes Regis-trars" are OUT OF BUSINESS!!!

      After the way theyve MANGLED a System that could have really worked to the good of the people, but so many of them have used it instead to BREAK PEOPLES PEACE, HARM THEM, AND CAUSE THEM DEVESTATING LOSSES EVEN UNTO DETH ITSELF, i:woman dont see too much sympathy coming their way.


    7. Ok truth and woman. Your both saying what Anna also says.
      There is their private legal system and the public common law system by the people.
      She is giving it all she’s got to reinvigorate the common law system. She says this constantly. She also wants the private legal system to be banished forever.
      I think the two of you and her have the same goals

    8. Anon @ 6:18
      She's still statist, swearing by a fraudulent document, that was mostly written in secret meetings during the Philadelphia Convention by ESQUIRES/BAR attourneys (foreign title bearers, thus allegiance to america and its way of life can't be trusted)
      Patrick Henry goes into a good explanation of another wrong done during the ratifying convention in virginia June 4, 1788, though most only know him for "Give me liberty or give me death" and being a "rabble-rouser". Something I ask you give some thought to if you've never bothered.

    9. no anony 6:18 pm, we most certainly are not saying the same thing as "annainc"!!; in fact, what we are saying is very very different, even opposite.

      just for starters "annainc" has re-constructed a Federation, that i believe *is* the United Colonies, under authority of the BRITISHInc, "King"Inc/or, VaticanInc; ....or at least is structured similarly to the United Colonies, pre- July 2 [two], 1776.

      and what i, and i think TRUTH also, are talking about is the Confederated Union of the several/(seperate, "sovereign") States of America, all independent states/countries: ratified by consent of the governed, operating under authority of the Laws of Nature and Natures God.


      Just because "annainc" Named the FEDERATION "she" built by the Same/Similar Name as the "stile" that we chose for our CONFEDERATION does not make us the same.
      To me it just seems deceitful on her part .., why not go ahead and call her "re-constructed" FEDERATION The United Colonies? if thats what they are!

      as far as the common law:
      ask "her" if in "her" re-constructed FEDERATION, the Common Law is "superior" or "inferior" to Commerce. that is, for example: in her FEDERATION, if a man has a claim against someone and a Commercial Business has a claim against them too, who gets their claim paid first, the man or the Business?
      in American common law. the man does.
      in British /[United Colonies] Common Law, i believe its the Business that gets paid first, and so forth.



    10. Janm or truth, do you have an organization that we can study? One that’s upholding the federation, confederation etc. I’m not being sarcastic, I think we are all begging for some organization, or a place to learn more so that we can do something with efficacy. Anna has offered that. I’m glad to study all viewpoints.

    11. anony 7/7 1:16 am
      we have two organizations that exist... no need for another; however, i:woman comprehend that you mean: for learning American common law and so on.

      1. be(-ing)
      2. man
      3. (we are) under authority of our creator, not another man.
      we are (the) people who give (our) consent to (the) existence of:
      # 1. (the) (original) united States of America, created 'July 2 (two), 1776'
      and also to
      # 2. our "perpetual" Confederated Union stiled The United States of America: from consent of the governed, by ratifi-cation, using the thirteen several State Legislatures on 'March 1,1781': that also exists this day because we, "man", declare it is so, and so it is.
      man can do this.
      man is empowered to do this and is *supposed* to be doing this for right-eousness sake and in right-eousness.
      these are our only two papers that are so-ratified, and therefore are the only two papers "governing" American ***man***.
      thats the crucial difference.... God-made *man*,... not some FICTIONAL character dreamed up in some mans head for him to misuse for his benefit.
      i find myself saying this all the time any more:
      the bible has been messed with, espec. the king james version
      generally speaking: what the man they call "je sus" said, IS common law for the common man under authority of his creator! which is why the Pharisees wanted to kell him... he was empowering the common man if the common man would listen. they had been "brain-washed" back then too. refs: in luke, mark, and matthew its recorded that he marvelled at their unbelief.
      after willsmith and i and bubba and i have talked about staying in touch, plus being man:simon:kentons daughter and descendant
      plus because of a few other reasons,
      i am seriously considering setting up an email address for a short time as a contact. if you feel comfortable giving me an email for you, i will keep it and if i do set up something for teaching/ discussion/ debate, will email you.
      willsmith had some ideas too, including, maybe a blog or something.
      bubbapatric may be willing to do a conference call type thing or something, idk, ... hes said hes been speaking on the radio, on call-in shows i think it was.
      and yes, thoroughly examining all options is the only logical thing to do.


  4. Beautiful! Thank you for your service. Very well spoken to where people can understand. Praise God! I am so glad to be a part of and witness this historical event.

  5. God bless you Anna. Thank you for all you do.❤️

  6. Thanks to all involved now and in years past. This is something I never thought I would witness in my lifetime. God is with us. Now the work for us Americans kicks in earnest to right our course forward towards humanity's true providence--self actualization to better our world for all.

  7. God Bless you Anna,god bless all good men and women.
    God bless all people, who support your work.
    I listen to you,and read your website publications.
    I am Britsh,and NZ.
    This Rothschild, has to pay and I hope, in the near future, he is charged,and then put to death, for killing our families,for creating wars.
    Thank you,Anna Von Reitz.

  8. How did Anna obtain the two Gold Bearer Bonds? And how much is each bond worth?

  9. Love you, Anna, your still my hero.

  10. Hello Anna,
    Clif_High has a video you absolutely need to see, concerning the "Name Stealers", who have a 5,000 years history of oppressing God's children, and stealing/assuming their Identities. They are the Khazars, who are the SOURCE of all this crap. Clif is aware that their phenotype is other than human, and alludes to this also.
    An Archaeologist, Brien Foerster has been all over the world studying these genetic abominations, especially living long term in Peru, and was part of a group that organized the genetic testing of numerous of these skulls, getting results in 2018. The Elongated skulls of Peru trace their genetics to the SAME area between the black and Caspian Seas. The Khazars can safely be assumed to be their progeny, aka "the seed of the serpent", "The iron mingled with the clay", "they mingle themselves with the seed of man." - Daniel
    The Identity theft scheme has gone on for a very long time, BY these same profane scum. The ultimate Identity theft is coming, where their False Messiah comes, assuming the Identity of the real one. But it will only last 3-1/2 years, until their false Messiah is killed, then resurrected, then killed again at Armageddon 3-1/2 years after that. They will then be cast into a Lake of Fire that will consume them and REMPOVE their foul stench from creation. These are the utter morons of whom it has been foretold - "They shall seek death but death shall flee from them."

    1. Clif_High DOJO->(SOURCE CODE)

    2. Brien Foerster - Elongated Skull Phenomenon: Global Presence, DNA Analysis, Blood Type Anomalies And More

    3. FINALLY: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 1

    4. These 190-IQ "long Cranium" people stayed behind ages ago on a failed experimental basis and, when no longer being utilized and manipulated by nefarious elitist shysters, pose pretty much no threat on their own to our presently Earth-based mankind. You can however, certainly see just why this abysmal mess we find our selves in the midst of, is a cleverly crafted as it is. Onward and upward!

  11. This is absolutely golden, in so many more ways than literally. Best wishes and much love to all beings of goodwill, and may all others find expediency in navigating their proper path to a higher vibrational resonance! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  12. It's the bait and switch I tell ya

    I told you long ago this had everything to do with the Earth CONstitution and World Parliament

    And this site proves it

    They set the trap and led you right in to it

    They created the damned problem
    Layed the shit out for you to come in and solve it presenting you with the solutions that has been on the damned table for the last 60 years

    Just like in that anonymous document not long ago that one of the bullet points went something like this

    We will guide them gently making them think they are guiding themselves

    You are a part of exactly what they planned for you to join

  13. "anna" has talked about PRE PAID CREDIT.
    if you have "Credit -on -Account" its your Account that is PrePaid, not the Credit.

    LOGICALLY SPEAKING, Credit never gets paid.
    only Debits/Charges get paid.

    what are you doing paying Credits that belong to you?
    is this is going on? -- having people PAY CREDITS THAT BELONG TO THEM, AS IF THOSE CREDITS WERE DEBITS?
    Isnt that the "fraud" that already has been going on?


    1. Do you ROE versus wade through the SHIT

      Now remember you are not a hueman and yet this site does nothing but promote you as such

      And that Earth CONstitution was developed and deployed out of Chicago decades ago and their base of operations was moved to Colorado where NORTHCOM is located


    2. Hmm
      Problem Reaction Solution
      NOW IT IS
      Solutions Actions Remedy

      What an absolute joke

    3. That webpage uses conwords I avoid like the plague shelby, primarily, a title, called "citizen"

  14. Awesome work, Anna! I thank you on behalf of humanity and personally thank you from deep in my heart for making this historic effort to wipe the "debt" slate clean once and for all!

  15. God Bless you and I pray our State courts are up and operating soon so my property and I can get Justice and hold the 40+ individuals who committed or turned a blind eye to conspiracy, money laundering, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, tax fraud, identity theft, forgery, embezzlement, gross breach of fiduciary duty, gross breach of trust, Financial and emotional Pillaging and Plundering, Illegal Corporate Occupation, Coercion, thuggery, trespass, assault, felony battery, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, inland piracy, racketeering, conspiracy against the Constitution, evasion of the Public Law, unlawful conversion, impersonation, barratry, felony theft, treason, malfeasance, extortion, fraud with intent to overthrow, illegal confiscation, crimes against humanity and gross misrepresentation, and made the lives of my property a complete nightmare since 2011 and mine since 1996. I have 11 CASES of paper of evidence of all of the above and have provided it to the FBI, William Barr's office, Kamala's office when she was AG, multiple Superior Court Judges, CA State Bar, IRS, District Attorneys, Attorneys, Financial Crimes Offices, Sheriff Depts, Accountancy Board,...crickets - always told I need to get the evidence into Federal Criminal Court - Praying our Courts are up before I lose everything. My property and I deserve Justice. Praying someone will help us.

  16. All BULLSHIT

    The MSM is simply a front, a cover-story, a distraction for the finger pointers to point to, when all the while the real MSM is the ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, invented by, set-up, funded, and perpetuated by the very mega-corporations that the finger pointers are accusing of being corrupt and simple mouthpieces for the elitist corporations.

    Unfortunately, the finger pointers seem to forget that GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, … and the list goes on, … have become the mega-corporations who have slipped quietly into bed with the governments, the banks, and with society as a whole, and in so doing, have bled off the wealth of the ordinary person, into the coffers of a very few.

    The INTERNET has provided the vehicle for the Big One, the Big Heist, the Great Train Robbery, … as people have been TRAINED, or MANIPULATED into REACTIONARY EMOTIONAL IMPULSES. This is the agenda of the New World Order, or the Thought Process.
    Get the people to react.
    Create chaos.
    Get them to point fingers.
    Give them unlimited quantities of easily accessed information.
    Give them platforms and venues to shout their venom to the world.
    Give them Black Swan events that are hidden, … but of course, … NOT TO HIDDEN!
    Give them, … well, … give them whatever they need to manipulate the masses into reaction and retaliation.
    Give them everything they need to fulfill the luciferian agenda of Total Control.
    … but alas, … don’t give them the ability to see the folly in all that they do.
    The finger pointers are simply being used by the elitists to fulfill the agenda of the power brokers of the world, … being used as the very slaves the finger pointers never want to become.

    But the greatest manipulation of all.

    When all is said and done … the elitists will fall.
    The elitists will fail.
    The elitists and the mega-rich will lose everything.
    … and then … the finger pointers will declare victory.
    … and then … bliss … except for one little thing of course.
    The wealth will have transferred to the ordinary little person.
    With wealth transferring, a new set of monopolizing will ensue.
    The duality nature of this 3D illusory plane will begin all over again.

  17. God bless America. Happy 4th to everyone. Let not the spirit of this country be forgotten.. United we stand!

  18. ** the unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States of America**
    was actually and factually signed on and became our law on:
    JULY 2, 1776.

    the day has been changed from the 2nd to the to 4th to, it seems, accommodate the use of a SYMBOL:
    the Number 11: that the Luciferian Schmusiferian LIARS use to MARK what they are claiming is their TERRITORY!
    in law and fact, the united States of America was formed from consent of the governed on JULY 2, 1776 and still stands.

    Enjoy YOUR day Americans!!!!!


  19. post: notice: :):) i welcome all sincere challenges to my comments and all sincere questions and i be judge to what i believe is sincere.
    if you attack ME for the content of my comments, especially without providing facts, or references, or even a sensible well-thoughtout opinion as to why my comment is wrong, i do take that to be your agreement for me to unload disparaging comments back upon you for your stupidity.
    and it stands so.


  20. none of these atrocities "anna" talks about were committed by the actual Scottish *people*.
    the LYING THIEVES are just USING the Scottish peoples Name as a cover up for the filth the LIARS are spreading around our world.

    if you go to, for example, the youtube channel *glenzboyz*, their video called SCOTLAND THE BRAVE, PIPES AND DRUMS, with 5.9 MILLION views, has almost 8,000 comments and many of them tell the history of Scotland being ATTACKED by the "British" and how the Highlanders fought back!
    as a matter of fact, thats what the song SCOTLAND THE BRAVE is all about... coming home, victorious, against the British FILTH who attacked them!!

    if you have time, look up the words to SCOTLAND THE BRAVE. It shows that the actual Scottish *people* never intentionally joined up with the "British" anymore than the actual American *people* ever did.
    this FILTH just uses all of our Names, and live energy, and natural source riches from our creator to harm other peaceful peoples, so those peaceful peoples will think it is us attacking them WHEN ITS NOT.

    They. are. lying. COWARDS.

    woman:janmarie, daughter and descendant: man:simon:kenton on virginialand, around '1755'.

  21. and another thing for all of us to perhaps consider:
    WHY is there a people who says they are "Scots-Irish"?

    isnt it because the filth British kept hammering the Scottish people and then took over their land?... and displaced the Scottish people over onto Irishland?

    didnt the same lying filth do that to the Irish?
    how about the Trail of Tears?
    How about to indigenous Aussies?

    yeh, its the same scenario and same PERPS every time... ISNT IT??? yes, it is.


  22. that was me, july 2, 10:58 am.


    they are Transylvanian!

    its just another example of The Snakes sticking [the] good [German] peoples' Name on The Snakes dirty deeds for cover...
    even "Prince Charles" admitted that his ancestry is connected to 'Vlad the Impaler' a.k.a. Vlad Dracula, of Wallachia Transylvania!! Transylvania, now known as ROMAN-ia!!!!

    many many references out there!!


    1. janmarie that is an amazing find, how the heck did you do that? You have been studying a long time obviously to acquire that depth of knowledge.

      Speaking of Charles, I saw a piece this week wherein he agreed that he would not take bags of cash from Saudi governments anymore.

      I think he had his fingers crossed behind his back. OR...he agreed that the money in future would be donated to a charity, which just happens to be a trust controlled by someone remarkably close to him to make it appear to be an arms length arrangement with someone else in the family whose name was remarkably close to Windsor.

      You know, you just can't make this shit up. The truth is way more interesting than fiction.

    2. hi will!!!! i miss you!!

    3. yes will, solid study since May, 2015! almost nothing else, and i mean that.

      really nothing else matters if we cannot live in what is true.
      happy to hear from you!!


    4. Thanks I miss you too! I agree, while most people are distracted with shiny objects the truth is much more important. You are extremely knowledgeable and I always learn something from your posting here. When it's allowed ;-) You've got a great humor that I don't think many people get. "Most people do not have a sense of humor that they are aware of" haha!

      OK I borrowed that gem from Men in Black, the first one. Best line in the movie.

      Take care, gotta get back to work. Super busy these days.

    5. i think youre right will, alot of people do not get sarcasm anymore.
      glad you mentioned it,... i think i will try to tone it down a little... that wont be easy though. ... the more these idiots ramp up their attacks on the people, the easier it is to make fun of their incoherent sputterings. ex.: C. Freeland!!!!... hahahahahahahahahaha!!! mini-trudi jr. in a dress? :):):) see what i mean?... too EASY! :):)

    6. okay,... i admit it
      ... that was lame :):):)

  24. APOLOGIES! i was thinking of the chorus to Flower of Scotland that says:
    "And stood against him
    Proud Edward's army
    And sent him homeward
    Tae think again."

    verse 1
    O flower of Scotland
    When will we see your like again
    Your wee bit hill and glen.

    The hills are bare now
    And autumn leaves lie thick and still

    Those days are past now
    And in the past they must remain
    But we can still rise now
    And be the nation again.

    ....Dont tell me the people willingly gave up their precious home and land.
    Its a Tearing when any man or people is/are pulled off of the land they were born upon and dont choose to separate from it.
    it is violent and vicious and meant to devastate that man for the capture and the abusive misuse of him and his sons and daughters, before the kell, from what i:woman believe i see present-ly.


  25. now another black man was shot by police. akron ohio.
    8 police
    90 shots
    60 hit him.
    police said he shot at them first.
    while in his car.
    [what?? did he shoot backwards?]
    then he took off running away from them. gun stayed in his car.
    [that makes no logical sense. if someone had already shot at them once, they would naturally take their gun with them....]
    police said they were scared.
    he was running AWAY from them.
    so they all shot at him.
    90 times.

    this doesnt sound right to me at all. to me he either DIDNT fire on them and left his gun behind when he ran AWAY from them to show in court that he had meant them no harm but was just scared of them....
    he did somehow fire a shot BACKWARDS on 8 cops and then in that scenario, he certainly would have taken the gun with him when he ran away from them.
    its being talked about by some as WORSE than the George Floyd scenario.


  26. now Their incorporated "Doj" is subpeonaing two of their incorporated State Senators that TALKED to their incorporated "Trump attorneys"!!! what??? !!!
    very odd so, just asking!!! i mean theyve made this sideshow "public"/ where everyone in the world can watch them "attack their own" (it looks like)!!!!!


  27. Gs.
    talk about watchin' the wheels come offa sumthin' !

  28. if youre interested, a woman Named Jessie Czboetar(sp?) has a video on darkoutpost datte cam within the video Title: Bombshell: CERN Is Entrance to CIA Headquarters;
    you have to go into rumble or bitchute once you get in the dattecam:
    her video starts at about one hour but the part that is so interesting is about how people are so-called "selected" and that starts at around 1 hour 13 minutes... she tells that the blood shows whether someone is in a "Hierarchy".
    then she tells about what she says is the testing, selecting, mentoring for use.
    i cant recommend her because she says she was supposed to be a Mother of Darkness or something like that and i know nothing about that.
    And shes working with the FIB.??? however, some of the things she has said in the past seem to be backed up by what is happening around us.
    she talks in blackhat/ whitehat terms, but i think theyre likely two sides of the same coin.
    still, at least part of what she says makes some sense and may be worth hearing.


    1. CERN is the entrance to the so called illuminated blue bloods central hub of operations

      CERN is the world wide web it is the mainframe of the world internet

      11. The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG)
      The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), formerly known as the LHC Computing Grid (LCG), is an international collaborative project that consists of a grid-based computer network infrastructure. It was admittedly designed by CERN to handle the massive volume of data produced by the World Wide Web, hence the name. Consequently, it incorporates both private fiber optic cable links and existing high-speed portions of the public Internet which enables data transfer from CERN and the CIA-run academic and government institutions around the world.

      It all connects up to Greenland

  29. she says there are 6 openings to your soul/energy so that your energysoul can be accessed and used by others: your fingerprints, autograph, voice, eyes + 2 more.
    i say, if they even exist, those are not supposed to be open. you can close them off.
    you have a right to boundaries.
    probably in those Lyciferuan families they might have crap like that going on, but if they exist, you have a right to keep them CLOSED.
    this is the same dynamic as making false claims on someones labor or earthly portion.


  30. good morning!
    happy 3rd of July Americans.
    if interested you can read the letter from John to Abigail Adams written on July 7, 1776, in particular, in paragraph three he describes the "wretched" condition of our Army at Crown Point.
    Massachusetts Historical Society, Adams Family Papers.

    these men were in this condition because they wanted to be free of thebl tyranny of the BRITISH, who are neither Englishmen nor Germans;
    and who have, without any apparent conscience, too many times bludgeoned men and women and sons and daughters to deth for nothing more than the people they merrderr, torture, stalk, burn, poison, harass, starve, lie to, beat, lock up, lock down, injure on purpose, pretend to be a friend to and so forth ...for not wanting to join them in their sins, errors, thefts, lies, false claims, greed, genocides, starvation of peoples, spreading of poxes and other diseases, broken treaties,
    "traffickkings" and so on, as it seems, they continue to do to, it seems, everyone they encounter.


  31. reminder:

    ATTORNERS in the "UK" (i believe, "BAR ATTORNERS") have an apprentice-type period when they start their training, its called:


    They train under a:



    1. I had made a comment long ago about the subject of bedeviling and why Miss Anna here is under oath not to answer any questions
      I'm not sure how far back the comment was made but I put a whole long comment in about the process

      I can try and find it but quite frankly I don't give two shits what this woman has to say anymore and working my way back through the articles and comments is not something I care to do at all


    2. yes, i remember someone bringing the word up before on here but could not recall who, to give credit to that person.

      it was shelby. :)

  32. if interested there is a video that has been out for awhile, but they keep changing it... the newest version has weird music attached to it. i think i commented about it before, but its so important, its worth commenting again:
    its now on a youtube channel called
    a new perspective
    title: the pope and the throne of lucifer (VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED).
    i turned the volume to OFF.
    It shows the bejeweled corpses laying or hanging in the Vatican; they have gold filigree and are encrusted with jewels, gems, and pearls. reminds me maybe of a re-construction with REF to: Ezekiel 28 in verse 13: [vs. 2 - son of man has been told to *SAY* to the Prince of Tyrus, then the King of Tyrus: Thus saith the 'Lord God'... ]
    thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz... ,and gold: the workmanship of thy...was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast *CREATED*.. [its a created being, not creator himself.... there ya go :)]
    Ref.: Ezekiel 28:12-19.
    plus the video shows all these thigh-bones(?) and also whole skulls that the Vatican uses to build their Roman altars at the front of the Roman churches and also line the walls of their underground tunnels with mens skulls and bones.
    skull and bones. [a "Society"?]
    symbol for POISON.
    symbol for PIRATES.
    symbol for DETH.
    [son of man is to talk to the anointed [= "Christos/Christ]
    cherub [= angel, not man]
    that covereth [the MercySeat where creatir is seated]!!
    [aux Ref.: Hebrews 1:4 "Being made so much better than the angels... vs. 5 FOR UNTO WHICH OF THE ANGELS SAID HE AT ANYTIME, THOU ART MY SON,...vs. 6 And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, AND LET ALL THE ANGELS OF GOD WORSHIP HIM.]

    these references say that lucifer was the anointed cherub that covered the mercyseat; and he is then an angelic being, who is neither the creator nor the creators begotten son.


  33. jon bowne, on infowars just now:
    bidens occupation unleashes americas wrath.
    about the sixth parag.:
    Univ of Chicago Institute of Politics poll reveals that:
    28% of voters felt it might soon be necessary
    "TO TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT [the Corporation- Pretending- To -Be Our- Gubmint].

    one-third "Republicans" : 33.3%
    "Independents" : 35%
    "Democrats" : 20%

    yaaaay Americans!! waving my little 1776 flag :):):)
    "one people... from consent of the governed"!!!
    i believe we have done the right thing!
    i believe God has heard our prayers for peace.
    i sincerely doubt the authenticity of the book of the "Revelation of Jesus Christ"... WAY TOO MUCH SYMBOLISM.
    That is NOT how the man they call "je sus" talked to people.
    he said let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.
    also proverbs 6:12 REF.:
    a worthless person, a wicked man, walks with a perverse mouth, winking his eyes, speaking with his feet, and pointing with his fingers.
    with deceit in his heart he devises evil,; he continually sows discord.
    15) therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly;
    in an instant he will be shattered beyond recovery.
    gittin sicka lis'en'n tu em.


  34. video of multiple paid Canadian Policy Heroes crushing the windpipe of a Canadian at the War Memorial for the Canada Day Celebration.

    theyre sayin' he choked one of em??.. uhhh an unarmed man is going to reach up and grab the neck of an armed and trained Enfocrer, with 19 more Enfocers standing around?! you gotta be kidding me.... unless the Canadian man was "assaulted or battered" first by an Enforcer...

    WOW! It comes across on the video where the Enforcers look to me like they really get EXCITED about their Team getting to lay another man out prone. sorry, but it does!
    it looks like they are even maybe what you might call getting sixuly stimulated perhaps by it???!... holding him down together... and watch while they hurt him?... theyre applying WAAAY too much unnecessary energyforce to the man for the situation, unless theyre getting some kickback stimulation of some kind from doing it??? just asking.
    just saying how using such irrationally and unnecessarily heavy force from SO MANY FORCERS came across on the video like they were almost getting sixull stim. from it... on the video...
    just asking.

    some police somewhere, san diego???, just killed one of their own in TRAINING!!! he and several others had already been hurt, but they finally broke the Trainees neck (or otherwise kelled him), so the Article said.

    this announcer calls canada Trudeustan.
    first page news: trudeau police attacks canadians peacefully demonstrating. about 7 minutes.


    1. OMG that is so funny, I have not heard Trudeaustan before, but it works. Yeah we just had our Canada Day this past Friday and the twerp is trying hard to diminish any reference to the country we used to know. Instead of Canada day they want to call it "New Day" which is the stupidest thing you can imagine. July 1 is more or less the equivalent of July 4th for you folks. I know there was some "shenanigans" as our deadbeat Premier of Ontario Doug Ford warned against. He was only nice to people until he got elected again on June 2nd this year, and now they can go back to lockdowns and other crap in the fall. Be very afraid...

      There are a lot of stupid people but I find myself wondering how they are going to force another lockdown. At some point even the dimmest bulb should start to question all these serial coincidences about deadly virus contamination over and over again.

      Or should I say July 2nd I saw your post about that. Woman you know just about everything there is to know, and that is impressive.

      "I'm not worthy" haha!

      Well all you folks, I hope you have a pleasant holiday tomorrow whichever day you prefer to think of it.

    2. hi will :):):)
      ive been listening to some Canadians who are bringing out how much Satanic symbolism is in ottawa, (like wdc). like the o in the ottawa logo is a 666. then that park where there is a pair of empty childrens shoes next to an empty pair of mens shoes and other weird things in that park.
      there is chitterchatter that diug firds daughter was perhaps born a sun.
      the inversion thingymabobber luciferians do with their sons and daughters for Baphomet-- male to female, female to male. there are a LOT of videoes now about looking at body ratios and body parts that cannot be changed even with hormones/surgery:
      born men: squared-off shoulders; large feet/hands; arm length has mens fingertips reaching to below mid-thigh; thick treetrunk like neck (covered by long wig, hair pulled forward); large trapezoid muscles; space between thighs; no indent at waistline; no curve in back above the butt; calf muscle does not run all the way to the ankle; to name a few.... there are MANY!!!
      but its only a rumor.

      yes, haha and ive seen Canadians also calling Canada Canuckistan! so witty! right now Truedistan does seem to fit though :):):).

      nooo, i have alot to learn, but the puzzle pieces are starting to click together pretty fast now. it was not all by choice that so much of my precious time has been spent looking into this.. so much of it is just trash.
      as my dad would say, "Its like hauling rock."

      later! janmarie.

  35. and who the hell are these "The Jews" anyway?

    • i thought "The 12 Tribes of Israel" were Lost in the Diaspora, that is:
    i thought Hebrews were known as "The Lost Tribes of Israel".

    well, if theyre LOST, who. are. "The Jews"?

    1. Well...apparently they would be a group of opportunists who saw the chance to "stand in" (and reap the benefits of being the "chosen ones")for the real group you refer to as the lost tribes.

      This apparently is the reason for the persecution of the Palestinians, who are genetically the real deal and must be "ethnically cleansed" from existence. The Khazars are a different animal all together, it is thought that the "Jews" are a relatively new idea, not very old at all and certainly are not the Hebrews.


      Their supposed "homeland" Khazaria is geographically an area encompassing either fully or partially the area we know as the Ukraine. This area was always Russia until Nikita Krushchev who is not Russian but from Kyiv, redrew the border between Russia and Ukraine. Not an expert but I read what I can and am just the messenger! Ukraine is really what we would call a failed state due to occupation by the Khazars, including the current President. You know, the comedian and creative pole dancer who can't afford a suit to meet with dignitaries in spite of all the money flooding into the country. Just sayin...

      Oooops, that's probably gonna get me in trouble ;-)

    2. My bad, apparently Krushchev is originally Russian but has significant ties to the Ukraine region. I originally heard just the opposite a few days ago, which proves that due diligence is required in all things.

      On behalf of the editorial staff, we apologize for this error and can only hope to improve on any future musings on the subject.

    3. will, great info!!
      ... and may the unwinding of the 1000+ years of gaslighting us continue!

      heres a doozie for ya:
      speculation only.
      wouldnt it be totally wild if we find out Geneva Swizzylund is the real Jerusalem?
      and what if its CERN HQ is:
      • the place where Adam was created, rather than on the Dome of the Rock
      • where Jacobs Ladder REALLY is?
      • maybe both!!?
      im saying this because of alot of speculative reasons, the biggest of which is that "they" are always looking for a "portal" to another dimension apparently...
      if it was me, i would go to where portals were supposedly opened between heaven and earth before, like:
      • where creator formed man from earths clay OR
      • where there is supposedly a stairway between heaven and earth where beings can move between the two.

      that Mount Graham area where the Vatican put up their LUCIFER telescope: it is scared Navajo and Apache nations' land and they say there is a portal on the top of Mount Graham.

      This whole scenario is only going to get more interesting from here!!!


    4. Yeah we are not being told anywhere near the truth about portals and dimensional travel etc.

      What is your take on the whole Anunaki story of creation? I listened to a series of videos years ago translating the Sumerian tablet thing that apparently documents it. In the bible in Genesis where it says "let us make man in our image" and grammatically that is a bit awkward but if you change the context to Enki and Enlil referring to the creation, then the plural reference to "our image" fixes the grammar. I have always thought the whole gold mining thing here on earth to save their home planet was a bit thin. An apparently advanced civilization would likely be smarter than to come to earth of all places to mine gold. Gold is available anywhere in the universe every time a star goes super nova, it is cast out everywhere like every other element in the periodic table. That's a bit weird.

    5. typo!
      *sacred* Navajo and Apache nations land.

    6. creation?
      first, i believe the Bible has been messed with. (and somebody's in biiiiiiiiiiiig trubble for doing that).

      that said, i believe the only self-existent one (who i:woman call creator, God, or father, depending on what is going on)
      • forms matter by thinking it up:
      that is: INTENDS something to "BE" (become material, physical/other)
      • SAYS what he intends: ex.: "light be", genesis 1.
      that is: he releases sound (that would probably sound like a song/music to those who can hear it) that exists inside himself out into the universe, for the purpose of multiplying it
      • Then while the universe watches, SUSTAINS what he has created.
      so, for me, no, enki, enlil, lillith, kali, columbia, isis, ishtar, ashtoroth, and on and on and on. no gold mining on asteroids. no man in the moon. slaves on mars, Nessie, chickunguya, or sasquatch... no incubus, succubus, shadow people, or HatMan!! if such things as are written in HR2977, 2001, The Space Preservation Act, are actually happening, then alot of this crap can be installed into our brains/dreams BY REMOTE, BRITISH MILITARY OPS/ BLACK OPS FLUNKIES because our brain has no "firewall".... our spirit and our will does though.


  36. I believe there is a dead body part from a Roman Catholic Saint buried into the foundation of every ROMAN Catholic Church.... i dont believe the Orthodox Holy Apostolic Catholic Church (like: Irish Catholic) bury deadmensbones in their Churchs foundations.

    i believe those jewel and gold encrusted cadavers that are supposedly "Statues/Artwork" that Adorn the Vatican are Saints skeletal remains.

    IF so,
    heres my question:

    What might be the spiritual implications of being the recipient of the administration of a Trust that belongs to a man/wo who might be lying, dead, encased in concrete at the foot of a spiritual house of Lucifer, if any?
    thank you for answers to these question!


    1. As they say it's always darkest before the dawn. The present darkness was carefully crafted and planned so that the dawn ( the light) could save us.Do not be blinded by that false light it is not from God.The Great Awakening is the inversion from dark to light esoterically that means from ignorance to enlightenment ( hidden knowledge) Saint Germain aka ascended master..the light of Lucifer.. Probably Alexandra does a good job explaining it..all her videos are full of useful information.The Root of all Evil..

    2. will be looking for that one, sounds good. thanks!

    3. that alexandria, i believe, is more than likely a robotic. watching "her" is good training for spotting them?

    4. that alexandra may be a robot comment was i:woman.

  37. another question:
    why does the Vatican have an Observatory on top of Mount Graham in Arizona whose telescope they Named: L.U.C.I.F.E.R.?...Quite catchy, no? :)

    are they really preparing to Baptist the Aliens?
    see: Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, authors: ExoVaticana/other books.

    1. I'm tellin ya janmarie the liars are friggin everywhere

      No one as far as I'm concerned has outed more of these fakers than this guy and he calls them all out

    2. Read this shit

      Don't forget now the fake kidnapping of Patty Hearst and the 'stage time' and prophet they made from those stories

    3. The young boys lived in orphanages and would go every morning and buy newpapers from these publishers some wearing clothes and shoes and some not so much
      And the orphans were released every morning to go sell newspapers?
      And what no age restrictions on these newspaper moguls and employing these small orphan boys?

      Just absolute RATS everywhere in the entire narrative

      They were street children but yet they were generally from orphanages, so which is it?
      And this is official NYC history it says so right on their .edu article linked above

      What absolute lunatics we are dealing with here
      Every single day just lies lies and more lies it never ever stops
      Layers upon layers of endless lies

  38. the man who first gave interviews pertaining to the Canadian Truckers Convoy, along with a woman who i think was Tamara Lech,
    said he is a Jew.
    when i saw him speak i said, thats no Trucker or Farmer.
    i remember he was.trying to act all slouchy, i guess he stupidly thinks Truckers slouch when they sit down!
    anyway, i remarked that i couldnt figure out why a Jew who isnt a Trucker and a woman who isnt a Trucker were devising a Truckers Convoy.

    we will probably be finding out. soon.


    1. Check out her testimony about 1-6

    2. Their gangs are all paid for and ready

      Lights, camera, action

    3. Check it out

      Settled in 1648, Incorporated in 1921
      Within the timeframe of 1913 through 1921 when they pulled the federal reserve hat trick

      Read this from the wiki
      The dissolution of county governments in 1960
      9 Councils of Government (started at 16)

      Now those CAFR reports would tell ya otherwise these cities are loaded with loot and yet this woman thinks the city is broke

      How texas steals the tax dollars

      Even the elect will be deceived

  39. if you want to see (what seems to me like) an excellent, SHORT speculative explanation about how this "BlackHat/ WhiteHat" System ["Trump v Biden" "GoodCop/ BadCop" "Democrat v Republican" others] may be used to run both sides of their own FICTIONAL NARRATIVES or A FALSE FLAG while pretending to be mortal enemies!!!!:
    Daniel Lee included a clip on his Rumble channel: dnajlion7 in his most recent video: "Q Post #144..." that is really well presented; the explanation starts at about 2 minutes 20 seconds in.


    1. The end game is the Earth Constitution and the World Parliament that they planned out in Chicago decades ago
      Their base of operations is now in Cheyenne Mountain Colorado where USNORTHCOM is located

      This self government bullshit is written all over the World Parliament documents
      Every citizen will take part in self government while you are housed in your green spaces and riding a friggin bike to plant the trillion trees from the trillion tress ACT these schmucks signed in to so called 'law'

      It's all in their World Parliament documents that is the Deep State CON right there
      They working this shit in parallel and claiming they have some kind of magic alchemy bullshit going on when it is just plain outright theft of the world and it's resources

      Now I'm not sure how many people truly know the extent as to what they are participating in but I do know that there are some so called illuminated families who think they rule this friggin world and they have hiddin family members EVERYWHERE working their agenda to TRANSFORM the world under the guise of saving this place and we all live in peace and harmony MY ASS
      See the book DEMOCKcracy is self government MY ASS

      And you bet your ass they have the means and the stolen loot to MAKE IT HAPPEN while they tell their NEW STORIES of how we can get there and get the people to go along with the CON

      I've got a county sheriff in my neighborhood (an HOA) he's painted his house brick white
      He has also installed a new pool, remodeled his entire house and installed sol(ar) panels all within a couple of years
      Cha ching that free masonic fraternal order of the police sheriff must be making some great loot to do all that within a short period of time
      He also has four cars and a fully decked out motorcycle

      I also think painting the brick on his house white is so they can identify his house in some way like to identify he is one of theirs?

      And Z tags and shit MY ASS
      Z is the last letter of the alphabet
      Read on as you will find some interesting information about that alphabet and the letter Z

      And if none of their shit applies to us why keep referring to the so called remedy for us to use if it does not apply to us

    2. What a joke

      United States Institute of Peace, insert laugh track

      You see this is how the introduce the solution of World Parliament and they can fix it all if only the blind sheep would just beLIEve and file their paperwork and help us manifest their true plan

    3. But not before they try and pull off the climate change of all climate changes

    4. Make note of the HOT SPOT he mentions

      And low and behold if you have the HIVE MIND and everyone focusing in the manner in which you want them to, then you get what they want manifested

      The more 'sols' (the sun god) they gather to fill out their paperwork and to beLIEve the whole lie, then that is what becomes the reality

      They use the fear of death as their greatest weapon

    5. Their lies are endless I tell ya

    6. Just got a commercial before a you tube video about the wonders of mRNA and what it can do to help the world
      Brought to you by Moderna

      UN freaking beLIEvable

    7. And JB the initials of the pinhead in office are not an accident either
      BJ for one is something this freak shew likes and the other way the JB
      is none other than Jachin and Boaz

      Brainwashing/hypnosis through religion

      The Rothschild Jewish wealth funded the
      Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society (or JW’s, an acronym for JEW), and the
      Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, (Mormans), based in Utah.
      Two outfits started and funded by the same entities

    8. Check this shit out janmarie
      The North American National Party

      Go read this shit
      It is the year 6023?

      The Declaration of Human Rights and all that shit and nation building according to the 'Law' of 'Nations'

      Scout through the sight and read the stuff, here's a couple of them

      They have shit slung everywhere except for where it belongs

      NAC stands for Natural Area Code and are assigned to the 'person' as the climg on board this North American National Party which is all linked to the Universal Postal Union in Switzerland

      So why are these so called NANP agaist folks traveling to Davos and implementing International Law when that is what has been transpiring for decades?

  40. lehtos law youtube
    (i dont watch this channel, it just came up in my yt suggesteds)

    apparently a Municipal Policy Code Enforcer in Georgia has threatened to arrest the Sheriff for interfering with the MuniPolEnfs traffic stop!
    apparently there is a problem that was already brewing between the Muni and Territ Corps./ Offices.
    In their System, *i believe* the Sheriff has the "SuperiorAuthority" unless the Sheriff is a damm "criminal"(FICTION WORD: criminal) and is arrested for the Corporations concept Named "Probable Cause", together with a "Sworn Affidavit of Complaint by a Citizen of the Corporation", .... if theyre even following THEIR OWN CONSTITUTION; i:woman just guessing tho, because i:woman do not know or participate in their Corporate System., and it is so.


  41. THE DUTCH PEOPLE ARE FLIPPING POLICE CARS!! Hitting them with sledge hammers, and jamming picks against the windows.

    Farmers have been protesting for days.
    the Dutch people support the protests.
    Dutch/WorldGovt trying to shut down FARMS!! CUT FOOD PRODUCTION!!!
    fishermen joining the protests!
    theyre shutting down the roads.

    youtube: clyde do something
    "dutch farmers have had enough"

    MESSAGE TO WEF/BlackHatSide of Purposely-Contrived Food Shortage Narratives.
    F. U.? :):):)


    1. The CYA planned false flag in Chicago yesterday

      Today is the day they say that ole CERN will be turned back on
      I don't believe it ever went off I think it is a sign for their intranet system switch over

      Interesting, yesterday I noticed a box of mask that my sister had bought and they were labeled with the word ALCHEMY
      Remember the cartoons with the word ACME plastered all over them as they blew shit up

      The real significance of the 'CON'flict in the Ukraine

      Interesting the article put out on this site yesterday and look what the PRODUCERS put on in Boston just a day or so ago

      When you OWN hollywood and everything else you tend to know the score and how to steer the sheep in the direction you want them to go and relabel and sell it as ALCHEMY-MAGIC

      I found this interesting as they try and sell us on their fake ass time machine BULLSHIT

      Think they can't remake those hollywood actors to look like the old photos - not to mention their all inbreds with on another anyways and they play many many roles in the heist of the entire planet
      Greg Bradfords channel shows how they play many roles in this world wide heist
      Camera and lighting trickery to fool the masses and they not only use the television they are now splattered all over the internet of which they own and control (blaming shit on the jews to take the heat off of the real culprits, say they are jews but are not jews)

      Hollywood INC

    2. Is it me or do you too think that Bourdaine looks like Epstein

      They're making the shit up I tell ya

    3. And Conspiracy Music Guru aka Maurice Gibb is helping the narrative along knowing full well who the players are because he is one of them
      Bon Jovi is his brother the not dead Andy Gibb
      Maurice himself dies years ago and was resurrected as a conspiracy music guru to fuck with the masses and sell his museic and now he is writing childrend books - go figure

      I'm tellin ya they are all in it together

      And you have no clue who Anna Banana is either but my bet is she is a hidden offspring of one of these families and she was tasked to help the new world order intiative to your global slavery while lying through her so called blue blood teeth

      That prepaid vendor card is your UBI that will replace your social security - that's how they will TRANSFORM the world to global slavery
      Selling you freedom and prepaid credit while lying through their so called blue blood teeth

    4. They think it's hallarious that they can prance these old stars right back out in front of your faces and you know no different

      Study Biden very carefully and you will see the actor behind the mask
      'Crook'ed jaw and all and he's a member of their hidden so called blue blood families
      Same with the fake ass humpty dumpty (Mr T)

  42. THEY are the ones trapped in "The Matrix" with their Names and Symbols and Papers and Hierarchies that THEY are the slaves to, not i:woman!
    THATS the Matrix.
    I didnt know-ing-ly join them!


    everything they use that belongs to i:woman belongs to i:woman ALONG WITH ALL BENEFIT DERIVED from same
    i:woman say i do use same and also that they owe restor-ation in peace to i:woman for use without agree-ment, and more, and it is so.


  43. there is no law in heaven or on earth that requires man to participate in FAKE THEIR MATRIX ... i:woman say thats why they use violence and force and fearmongering on us.


  44. the people complaining about "the Dutch Farmers" attacking Police Cars are also complaining THAT THE POLICE ARENT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! WOW! Shades Of Seattle!! sounds like Hired Contractors?... if so, what an opportune time it would be to bring "CrisisActor types" in since the Dutch Farmers have been PEACEFULLY Protesting for days [weeks, months, 30 years?] and from what i read it seems like support from the Dutch people is only increasing!
    • also, here there seems to be a sudden HUUUUGE push toward stampeding "BlackAmericans" to "Trump".
    • and its being published that the burning down of food processing plants is happening all over europe too.

    wow!! whats next?!?!? bring in the Alien "Saviour"? :):):) then to be part of its Kingdom:
    jes' "sin(e)" yure "simmbowl" rite heer, lemme stik ya wit this here Need-EL, ill giv ya yure Re-jest-RATION-ing card an the joke will be on yu sukkah.

    regardless though, IF history repeats itself, i am fully expecting to start hearing that the local varmints are absent. History would show that as the Leaders begin letting their Protective Forces be the FallGuy, thereby endangering the FallGuys and their Families, that the PRESUMPTIVE FallGuys are going to refuse andvturn the situation around... and really though, who is in a better position? just sayin'... only speculation based upon how its published that similar situations have reversed course before.

  45. If you are not paying attention to this guys reporting and hanging on words that your prepaid vendor card is in the mail while they steal everything through whatever other means necessary then you are not awake

    IMO the plan is to slowly suck the money out in vacuums until everyone on the fucking planet dies or submits

  46. Freak shew

    Like what he has to say

  47. dont forget everybody!!!

    you have creators gifts that are yours.
    you get your share of the land water and air.if some group of coward bitcges is taking your gift from creator, re-Naming it, or otherwise attaching or LATCH/LACHing

    1. continue:
      you have CLAIMS you record before *man*,
      for mans judgment
      on your law
      and your claim
      that your court brings before man!!!-- American common law.

      your, *man's* claim stands true until another man proves, in open court of American common law that it is judged FALSE by man!
      Otherwise, what you, *man*, says is true stands true.

      The "BRITISH"/ "Jewish"/ other FICTIONAL constructs have standing under *man*, man does not stand under (authority of) man-made FICTION unless he chooses to join that group.

      if he didnt agree to join, ITS AUTHORITY NOT OVER HIM.

      -- all American common law --


    2. info wares has Article up:
      GEORGIA GUIDESTONES MONUMENT partially destroyed by Explosion.
      Author Adan Salazar.

    STOP IT! OPEN UP THE COMMENTS SECTIONS AND KEEP THEM RUNNING ALONG WITH THE ARTICLES...R YOU HEARUN' MAH? :):):) haha!! makes you look like a yure maybe a deceiver!!-- which we all know you are Not!! haha!!

    its "gettin real" people. :):):)
    this whole flippin mess is going to go LOCAL.
    it starts there? in your hometown?
    are there many people there who have sold the people out?
    how about keepin' your eyes open and ears to the ground? with your camera/video with you and ready to use at any split second?
    i:woman do keep records...i DONT use elec. devices for that... i:woman get a piece of paper (substance) and a pen/cil (substance) and use my very own creator-created, creator-gifted living American- common -law -man hand to make my very own American common law records that stand true before man and God.
    and it is so.
    a [LOCAL] Funeral Home Owner Pleads Guilty to Selling Human Body Parts.
    Gateway Pundit. by Cassandra Fairbanks.
    "In 2014, Hess wrote to a perspective buyer, "Meeting with hospice on the 4th... opening the floodgates of donors... they have four or five deaths a day. Get ready!!!... How about a deal on full embalmed spines... $950?"


    woman:janmarie :):):)
    [they ARE though!... hmmm maybe i will make a T-shirt... :)].

    1. after ALL ive posted this is all your addled brain can come up with is an F-bomb and saying that paul is pauls blog.
      please make sure to keep spewing your ignorance. lol!!

  49. looks like both sides of a dual-plotted storyline are falling apart at the same time. look at the STU-pid STUPID people "gonna take down 'Merikka".... well the LoserIdiots, can have 'Merikka, but leave America alone!!
    hey! and why not just let yourself out while youre at it?!!:):):)

    wheres this pre-packaged "Saviour" who was 'sposed ta be cominl?!?!? haha!!! too dang funny!
    now everybody is laughing at these half-witted ignoramases!!!


  50. Listen up folks
    This is why they took women out of the home and they went to work
    Increase their friggin tax payer rolls and destroy the family unit
    Absolutely none of this was by accident

    And the shit being fed to you on this blog is not an accident either and it is not still up an operating against the will of these fuckers it is up and running

    I'm tellin ya they are all in it together

  51. Have a look at this shit

    Wow this is interesting
    From this video

    Yet another STAR from the basketball realm became a you tube star and then they faked his death???
    Miguel PasaMano
    Miguel PasaMano
    1 month ago
    Tracy McGrady is his real name. Kevin Samuels was his characters name. His "death" is a complete hoax. Divina Sadé and ConScience Ex exposed him as 1 of the gatekeepers a couple months ago so his "death" was faked as a means of damage control.

    Again as Greg Bradford has said all of them are connected and they recycle these actors, basketball players, football players etc etc etc

    They can even play little ole grandma's trying to get you on board that new world order ship to hell

    1. Check this out

      Just as Greg Bradford has said all along they are all related and they recycle these actors from the families over and over and over again

    2. It's all in the families and they recycle and recycle and recycle right in front of us and we do not see it

      Will Smith and his kids carrying on the tradition of fucking with the blind believers

      Just like ole Ronnie Howard here
      His son plays the role of Prince Harry
      Why do you think he married a hollywood inbred brat
      The land of make believe

    3. Comedian Ron White of Blue Collar Comedy Tour is playing the role of Steve Bannon

      These schmucks have been doing this for decades

      While the bilk the masses blind*AS-IDi-riX6fpkHz.png&ia=images

  52. Holy shit batman you gotta watch this


  53. And the blogger that I have been telling you about for years now is blocking and or deleting all my comments

    We will guide them gently making them think they are guiding themselves
    They are crafty liars one and all

    And 200 million in bonds, seriously when there is trillions of so called dollars on their fake books

    FYI they are preparing the ONE WORLD BANK in my neighborhood for opening
    I wonder if it's a blue dot LOVE bank?
    And Texas seems to have the first of it's kind One World Bank since 2005
    The Lone Star State, hmm lone star

    Presidio shopping center located around the Fort Worth Golden Triangle and the Texas Motor Speedway

    Presidio, now where of where have I read about the Presidio and the Presidium
    Oh thats right in the World Parliament documents

    Omnibus hmm sounds like World Parliament to me that is what OMB on all those godvernment forms is all about not the Office of Management and Budget
    Type in OMB and the first thing it brings up is OMNIBUS not the Office of Budget and Management

    And didn't miss anna banana here just publish something about have Obudsman to work with her and others on issues?
    Robert David Steele is an OBUDSMAN folks

    Interesting note there are ACFR reports too like those CAFR reports

    The whole damned mess is nothing more than a freak shew and the largest Pyramid Ponzi Scheme the world has ever seen

    If you think Bernie Made Off (mockery in plain sight) and his Ponzi Scheme was terrible you aint seen nothing yet

    And their all in it together from Boris Johnson aka Nick Nolte to Joe Biden Astaire aka Brian Williams the ANCHOR man
    His wife played the role of Ivana (sounds like I wanna)
    And holly shit batman she just fell down some stairs
    No worries she will go off to some island paradise somewhere and live out her golden age undetected
    Or reincarnate with a new ALIAS to fool the beLIEvers

  54. They're all nut cases

  55. This is interesting those there foundling/fondeling fathers

  56. He stands his ground and never falters from his message

    Those 'lawyers' are crafty little devils and you bet your ass they will lead you astray if the 'price is right'
    Hmm I wonder how many bonds of those signed up and papered up have they cashed in on thus far
    Renegotiating your debt for you as you are painted a picture of freedom, self government, prepaid vendor cards and blue dot love banks dance in your head



    You go right ahead and trust these so called 'repented' lawyers telling you to claim that legal debtors surname


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