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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Francis, Prophet and Pontiff of Earth-worship. Abortion terrorism. Forbidden marriages. mission and tradition. Homeschooling Dad. Catholic cremation.


  1. this is weird:
    "anna" keeps referring to Trump as the Pres of the Brit Terr SomethingorOther, ...well, tell me if im wrong somebody, but isnt that WHO ATTACKED US PEACEFUL AMERICANS ON OUR OWN LAND AND CALLED IT A WAR TO COVER UP WHAT NOW SEEMS TO BE A "PREPLANNED THEFT SCHEME"?!!!?

    YEH, ...Wasnt it the Pres of that same FICTION, LINCOLN, who did that? and pretended like it was over "Ending Slavery"? when one of the Four Agreements reached between the Americans and the British at Ghent, Belgium in 1814 to end the War of 1812 was that Slavery would be ended and so would attacks on the indigenous American peoples and nations?!!!
    yeh, it was.

    but did it happen?
    no, it did NOT.

    and my own father:simon, as ive said before, along with other men and women in springfield, ohio, 1808, Americans: made a Permanent Treaty of Peace with the indigenous people. historical marker put up by DAR, 1924, Lagonda Chapter.
    so my father:simon, called by "kenton" and other *Americans* had *ALREADY* gone into permanent promises of peaceful living with the indigenous peoples BEFORE The Treaty at Ghent, it looks like it is the BritTerrFICTION operating against peaceful men that was the problem, NOT US AMERICANS......
    HEY! not even to mention that same(?) BritTerr FICTION breaking BOTH Treaties at Fort Laramie.
    makes them look like a bunch of greedy skanking lying cowards doesnt it??!!?
    and sending the Carpetbaggers... UNforgivable!
    im sure that is NOT part of the plan again for now.
    however, too many similarities to not ask the questions to be sure.
    HR 2977 2001"The Space Preservation Act":
    is THEIR Military attacking us Americans and at the same time calling themselves American?... ya know, kinda like how they do with the "Human Trafficking" using THEIR Birth Certificate SlaveBonding/Chaining System?

    i:woman require the answer to these questions because it sure seems like theres alot of merrderring thats gone on by a bunch of cowardly azzfeckers calling themselves Americans.... but theyre not Americans AT ALL anymore than the Birth Certificate is an agreement you, generally, entered into intentionally!! :):):)
    if they dont like people talking about what theyve done, maybe they shouldnt have done it!!! because WERE ALL GOING TO KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT!!
    What are they going to do about it? shhoot us? :):):) naw, theyre going to have to put on their BigBoiBritches annd GIVE US ALL OUR STUFF BACK AND THEN TRY TO WORK OFF THE REST OF THEIR DEBT TO US, EVEN THOUGH THEY MIGHT BE BASICALLY STUPID AND USELESS. :):):)

    now THEIR Military-type looking Aircraft is skimming the side of my land, doing a flyover,????. recon of the Enemies American???? :):):) JOKE!! All the while telling the world they are "The American Military"?
    probably not.... that would take a bunch of azzfecked cowards, so that cant be it! theyre heroes!! :):):)

    enough joking around now...
    HRUMMMPH!... then saying the CivilWar that was no War was about "freeing the Slaves" when i wouldnt be surprised if THEY were the only ones who still had slaves at the time?!! like the French called them Perfidious Albion:BackStabbing British!!! as did their very own Wm Shakespeare call them by the same Insult.
    and now,
    is this Trump Character the Pres of that BritTerrThing that was used to Attack not only us, but indigenous Americans, and Black Americans, too? and perhaps others? or is there another Plan?

    A few more flyovers!!!!... our HEROES!!!!!!!!


    1. willsmith,
      the reason our flag means so extraordinarily much to us is because as the history goes, theFnDogBrits told our people we could do a POW exchange during our War for Independence, but then after the agreement, the Lying Scum changed it as they seem to do routinely, and said they would not go through with the Prisoner exchange unless we took down our flag.

      the American men would not.
      they knew what their sons and daughters were facing if they had to live under the tyranny of Fidl... :) er i mean the Homosexual?Britman who he and his HomosexuaoMerryMen called "King".

    2. oops, had to stop for a minute there...
      so the FnDogBritScumCowardLiars started merderring the American people, but our flag still stayed up.
      our men held prisoner by the Fkn Brits knew what was happening and they kept asking "Is it still flying?" "Is the flag still up?"
      come to find out, the American men on land were going into the line of fire to hold the flagpole up. then when the BritScumMerrderrers merrderred them, i guess they kind of stacked the dead bodies around the flag/pole to keep it up and other men would go hold it up until the fuckibg Brtish Merrderring hogs merrderred them too, but our flag stayed UP. AND IT STILL IS UP. AND ITS STAYING UP.

      here it is:
      o say,
      can you see by the dawns early light what, so proudly, we hailed at the twilights last gleaming; whose broad stripes and brights stars through the perilious fight, over the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
      and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, GAVE PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT THAT OUR FLAG WAS STILL THERE!!
      o say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave!!! over the land of the free and the home of the brave!
      yes, it sure does.

      im waving my little version 1776 flag :).

      woman:janmarie, American.

    3. oh!!! more flyovers!!!! must be around 15 today. and probably well over 100 drivebys!!!! got ground stalkers AND air??
      is this the CITIZEN ARMY OBAMA LEFT IN PLACE? just asking.
      one has to wonder why! nothing around here but me :).
      scared of something? there a criminal on the lose??? im jusy a little ole American woman who likes to feed bluebirds. :):):)

      now this last one went over on the north, from west/sw to east/ne REALLY REALLY FAST. And low! its almost dark too. vroooom!! HER0ES!!!!!!! yay!! git those old women and their prettie lil blueburds tooo ahhhhahahah!! (thats a line from the www wicked witch of the west, wizard of OZ.)
      i kinda have to wonder if these fucking coward bitches (excuse the vulgarity again, but perhaps this is the vulgar sludge of the human race!!) arent practicing surveillance, intimidiation, and such the like on Americans?? just asking.
      is this them now?: gunna punch you down!! get down!! get down!! shut up!! hey beach, weve merrderred other oeple, we can nerrderr people with one jhand while we eat a ham sandwich with the other so DO WHAT WE SAY!!
      alright, enough silliness for tonight.
      we know theyre HEROES.

      that was hr2977 2001 The Space Preservation Act. Dennis Kucinchich, in case you want to look that little gem up and see what was being done to people already over twenty years ago.

      i know these Heroes couldnt be scared of a sweet little old woman who feeds bluebirds... :):):)

    4. dang i kinda got "cutoff" there!!!
      anyway, all silliness aside, we know that the "AMERICAN"(winkwink ; ) ; ) ) "Military" is all good and honorable. and just do what youre freakin told and everythings gunna be aaaa-okay. ya got that? Good. :) were here to serve ma'am. ya got that? Good. you have been served.


    5. i fergot ta say "you havva nice dae now" after saying "You Have Been Served".

      oh, there went more aircraft! low, it has that whistling sound. :):):):)

      and now i just went outside and theres a helicopter?, ---came from the east on the north. --shut off my lights so i could watch it. it kinda of circled to the southlike, then suddenly!!! NO LIGHTS!!!! --couldnt see it anymore!!! HIDING? from the people???? naw. we cant see them serving us if theyre buzzing around without their lights on. :):):) haha!!
      Didnt they say obama had left behind 250 offices for recruitment or something? isnt it tied in with the "INFRAGUARD" or that COMMUNITY ORGANIZED POLICING STALKING STASI-TYPE PROGRAM BillClinton Admin. cooked up? and or that humongous FUSION CENTER out West?... where SnowFlake types call in and report other people who they say are doing something the SnowFlake doesnt want them to do? :):)

      oh! more "Military"sounding, low low flying aircraft this time pretty much right overhead!!!! its intensifing!! haha!! thats three like in, what,... 30 minutes? gotta keep those contracts alive???? have to "make a job" for themselves? chasing down those bluebird-feeding old Americans!! the ones that didnt get trapped in the cv camps?!

      hey, ive told their DOJ not to fly their merrederr machines over my
      land!! lord of mercy, i dont want anyone to think i am in line with them!!!.
      but what?... just like with the indigenous Americans?.... they will just fly their merrderr machines wherever the hell they want to fly them and for that matter they merrderr who ever the hell they decide to merrderrr???? whadda you got ta say about THAT?!
      they will fly their god dammned war machines whereever the hell they want cause they own the whole gaddamned earth, you got that?
      you dont?
      well you jes better take a god hard look at what happened to the indians when they didnt do what they were told by the owners of the whole godamd planet!!
      taking EVERYTHING!!! ITS ALL OURS!!! GIT OUTTA R WAY!!! well blow yr fkn face off jes like weve been doin ta everybody else???!!!
      You Have Been Served. You havva nice dae.

      woman:janmarie:'kenton', American. :):):)

    6. this is all so very very interesting. :)
      i thought you Americans and others on here might enjoy me sharing this saga with you... maybe you can make heads or tails out of it because i sure cant!!
      i got up early and by a bit before 5:30am i was running out onto my porch getting ready to do stuff outside today.
      at 5:46 a car was out here in the sticks roaming around. at 6: 14 a.m. another. at 6:23 another!! then, i heard aircraft at 6:29 and stepped outside to look: that one looked like a private jet... it was flying really low. its nose was pointed west as it went by my land, a bit to the north, which would have put it approximately over INTERSTATE 70. *THEN* I did see it bank to the south and that would have put it approx. over Kansas Hiway 7. and now another car at 6:38!!! so thats four cars and one private looking jet flying really low over I-70/K7 in about 48 minutes, BEFORE 6:40 am. on a Monday.
      what am i looking at people!?!?!:) no big deal?? :)
      --- continuing:
      many times i have sat out on my porch after dark and watched cars pull up to the corner and sit in the dark with their running lights on or not; then a small aircraft would fly low over the car (approx.), usually heading east/ne, and the car would start up and drive to the east!!
      somewhat oddly perhaps, the state of kansas inc put in a gravel road running up to this street from Interstate 70, ...yeh!! to up here on my street!!!... up there by where i have seen those cars sitting in the dark.
      i called the Infowars Comment Line and described this and once, about 3 or 4 days later, some people had trucks up there working. probably a coinkydink. i dont know what they were doing.
      also, oddly, the City of Bonner Springs approved for an Archery Shooting Range to be put up there BEHIND MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE!!
      i kid you not.
      Instead of taking a damm Shooting Range over across I70 and putting it in the park, they approved it to be right there right along I70, facing I70 i think, a "Residential" Area!!!
      my neighbors were really scared they or their pets would get Shot and went to City Council Inc Meetings but it got approved anyway to sit there right along I70, behind the house!! seriously!! with a whole damm park right across the interstate!!
      now i asked myself, why in the hell would they approve to put a damm dangerous thing like an Archery Shooting Range that could literally KILL someone right behind some peoples house, right along I70? right where they put in a gravel roadway that comes up off I70 onto this street, when THERE IS NO RAMP EXIT THERE, nor is there any room for one!!!??!!??
      SO, I have called their DOJ INC many many times, their Comment Line Number, and furnished NOTICES OF INFORMATION, UNDERSTANDING, LIABILITY AND SO ON TO THEM ABOUT ALL OF THIS AND MORE: Barr, Sessions, and Whitaker.
      and have posted correspondence, using Registered Mail (from corporate monopoly) to the man:Barr, using RF 136279179 US and also posted my originals to myself for use in my court, using RF 136279165 US.

      also right by that gravel roadway, The State of Kansas Inc also dug a big ravine in too,... and laid in one of those huge cement pipes... that seems as if it might run UNDER I-70. i cant imagine what its for because it looks like it might run RIGHT UNDER THE PARK!, which sort of connects to the RaceTrack and a Big Shopping Area that also alot of Entertainment places, like waterparks and soccer and ball fields.

      now ive READ on the Internet that some people *suspect* that Traffickking gets done using Set-Ups similar to what ive just described, (but the internet is so iffy) and cover what they are doing out roaming around at all hours of the day and night by SAYING they SUSPECT one of the people in the neighborhood of running a Traffickking Operations or of doing something really horrible!!! when its them doing the Traffickking.

      any ideas? it all seems retty danged un-rational and disjointed to me.

    7. well pretty quiet, then a really really highsounding, very fast aircraft went streaking over (9:18 am) while i was outside but it was so high i could only hear it and within that same minute (or so) there was a "cluster" of about 4 cars that streaked by...., that type of thing is called "swarming" on the internet. i guess its been being noticed by alot of people for a decade or more.
      is "Obamas" Civilian Youth Army operating?? --- if yes, do they coordiinate Contract Road and Air /FOREIGN "Military" Traffick/ers with local deadbeats like they do with Auntie fa Losers?... to Target "White Conservative Christians"/ other?
      HR 2799, 2001.
      didnt he say he wanted to TakeDown America? or something? didnt his Pastor" say God Damn America in place of God Bless America? didnt his husbwife say s/hes always been ashamed of America? did he leave 250 Co-ordination Offices operating all around the country for the "Civilian Youth Armies" .... to Fundamentally Change America?
      potentially important questions. or just rumors? anyone got the answers?

    8. again, as i was finishing my comment! it got wiped out. i was writing about the CIA TORTURE REPORT... the "Dock-tors" participating in torturing men to death (and others?) using remote control, ya know, so the merrderrr doesnt count that way against the Docktor, cuz he didnt touch the Torture Victimscwith his finger. you know.... the Docktor didnt kill em, the remote control did it.

    9. I have never forgotten that book Obama was carring when he boarded the plane. " the take down of America". my thought at the time was, what a strange book for the president to be reading. And at the time the media mentioned it once and it was never spoke of again. I have never forgot it.

    10. well, *thats* interesting.
      ...looked for that picture, ...didnt find that one yet but did see where the flag painted onto Obama AirForceOne had ONLY 16 STARS painted on it, laid out in a square grid pattern.
      i recall: he said there were 57 States, so apparently he was counting the 7 inchoate Territorial States like PuertoRico, Mariana Islands and so on? i wonder how *they* like that??.... The people of the Hawaiian Kingdom have been struggling to get away from the USInc for at least a decade now and are struggling to set up the royal Kingdom that King Kamehameha set up, 1800(?) that unified the islands.

      when Trump colored the US flag at a grade school in 2018, the Guardian published that he put a blue stripe in it; some Articles likened it to the Russian Flag, or i think also maybe the Netherlands flag... but it wasnt ours.
      and when Trump repainted his version of AirForceOne, he used a lighter blue,... to me it was more similar to Israels blue than our dark blue, but hey, THEY ARE NOT The United States of America OR the united States of America, either one, so good for them to get their own flag and colors, OURS BELONG TO US.

      see...? they demonstrate that they know how to be separate from us and they know what being separate from us is, so now they need separate themselves from:
      • using our Name
      • our people
      • our labor, and so forth
      and stop:
      • lying about being attached to us,
      and stop:
      • harming us and our friends and families, land, animals, water, air, food and so on,
      • and restore everything theyve taken,
      • including all our mens lives lost in their Wars, ....
      and much more.


  2. Congressional Sergeant At Arms Michael Stenger .. who testified that the Jan 6 protesters were paid opposition.. found DEAD ..The Sergeant at Arms in Charge of Capitol Security on January 6 DIES under Mysterious Circumstances. Becker News

    Dr. Carrie Madej injured in small plane crash; stable with a broken leg and possible vertebrae damage;read=202334


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