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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Who or What "Sentenced" Me to Anything? The Liars.

 By Anna Von Reitz

The Reign of the Heavens Society, now calling their same old schtick by a new name.  They are doing what the Liars always do.  When people catch onto their lies and misinformation, they change their names and costumes and keep on trying to shovel their @$#@#%. 

I haven’t been tried or sentenced by any lawful or even legal court in this country, and all the things these Perpetrators have said are false by definition.

Whoever is individually presenting misinformation about me, or rather, about my pen name, is criminally liable for defamation, slander, false accusations and fraud.

If they had any respect for “the word of God” they would act as godly and truthful people, not spreading lies, rumors, and falsehoods against people who have NOT harmed them in any way.

All that “Anna von Reitz” did was keep the door open so that all Americans, even the miscreants, could come home and claim their assets out of an international bankruptcy.

The idiots actually owe Anna von Reitz a great debt, because she preserved the land and soil jurisdiction of the entire country and liened the assets belonging to Americans for those same Americans to come home and reclaim.  

Some people are so dishonorable at the core, that they don't see how that works, even when it is explained.

The cowards and liars running the "Continental Free Press, Incorporated"  and pretending to have authority as “the Covenant” which sounds suspiciously like “the Coven” from which the word “covenant” comes, need to go soak their heads and heal their hearts so that they come to The Truth both about themselves and their doings.  

They are the self-same Liars and maniacs running "The Reign of the Heavens Society" and claiming that the reign of the heavens is a country.  If you believe that, well, there's some Florida real estate that's underwater for just six months of the year, too.  

Shame on them for misrepresenting themselves and the word of God and for the phony "court proceedings” which their  little group of miscreants and liars have engaged in, purportedly to convict my pen name---which I own, and which they have infringed upon my copyright to even address. 

The members of the Reign of the Heavens Society should be  ashamed of themselves and ashamed of their organization.

While “Anna von Reitz” took action to reclaim all the assets of the actual unincorporated Federation of States and save the public and private assets of the people of this country so that they can come forward and reclaim them, the leaders of the Reign of the Heavens Society sat on their rumps and thought of nothing but themselves and what material advantages they might wring out of the situation. 

They set up a bunch of self-serving, sanctimonious clap-trap trying to commandeer this country and its lawful government into the ownership of their weird Cult -- and they failed. 

What a bunch of crap and what a bunch of Sinners.

They go to their closets and they may "sentence" my poor pen name to 37 years– albeit, with no authority to do so— but the True God will sentence them to an eternity of punishment right where they belong.

Let his vengeance come upon them for what they have both failed to do and what they have done, all the self-interested lies they have told, the plagiarism they have committed, and the violence they have perpetuated against innocent people.

Typical of all the Liars, they are accusing "Anna von Reitz" of doing what they were trying to do themselves.  

Anna von Reitz has not “forced” any association on them. She will be quite content if they remain offshore in Territorial Jurisdiction, and are eventually arrested for crimes against our lawful American Government.  They are the ones that have infringed upon our venerable — over two hundred year old trademarks — owned by our unincorporated Federation of States. Not the other way around. 

They are the ones that have tried to “incorporate as” The United States of America, Incorporated — a foreign entity, just like the Scottish Interloper that incorporated itself in 1868 and impersonated our lawful Federation of States. 

The British-affiliated Rotters are all trying to play the same song and dance again. 

As far as Anna von Reitz is concerned, these Closet Tories pretending to be Americans, are welcome to live “offshore” in their Territorial fantasy land and tell themselves lies until they die.

No, we won't allow them to use the name of our unincorporated Federation of States to create an incorporated British Crown doppelganger a second time. 

No, we won't allow them to access our credit using these semantic deceits. 

No, we won't let them gin up a British Territorial "Federal Republic" and pass that off as our American Federal Republic, either. 

They just don't believe that we've caught them "at it" and that we are not deceived and are determined to whip their little limey asses for what they have done in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their commercial service contracts.  

Read what Anna Maria Riezinger published against them in 2014 after giving the rats seven years of Due Process---- "Final Judgment and Civil Orders" at and at

These brigands, these disloyal, piratical Tories, already stand condemned under both the Public and International Law, so the deliberations of Pirate Courts and outlaw "jurors" fail the test of being any peers of Anna von Reitz or Anna Maria Riezinger, either. 

The living Americans who have reclaimed their land and soil according to the Public Law of this country and according to International Law --- and did so beginning in 1998, well in time to pre-date what these monsters in suits have tried to do --- have nothing to fear from these criminals anymore.  

Their day and their deceits against the American people are done and over.  Fool me once, shame on you.  They aren't getting a second chance as long as the unincorporated Federation of States stands. 


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  1. This is just the pot calling the kettle "black." They set up a bunch of self-serving, sanctimonious clap-trap trying to commandeer this country and its lawful government into the ownership of their weird Cult -- and they failed." Have you examined your posts for religious orthodoxy?!?! Interesting tactic though, hide your projection behind another projecting and bring attention to his projection. The grandiose claims only reveal information about you. We are "protected by the Federation?!" How exactly? But in the minds; monkey house reality show of annagram and crew aka the Federation, which she claimed as the "United States of America," but now is dba "The United States of America."
    Doubt you'll find a single man on the street clawing for his life to tear the clutches of this BEAST from off of us, that would also say he has received protection, or aid of any kind from any Federation. Talk about stolen valor! We're not following "you", whoever "you" are, but watching you for various reasons.

  2. Swift Thank you these trolls should GET A LIFE = if thats even POSSIBLE The only nice thing is they are showing their true COLORS

  3. The constitution protects nothing, it served you to them on a platter.
    already assumes your citizenship, 14th not needed
    Pair that with the STATES (they were there acting as AGENTS, not individuals) usage of the PEOPLES language
    and You have the slickest fraud ever perpetrated and a bunch of people refusing to think for themselves, following it