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Wednesday, March 23, 2022



  1. no race war among our people is coming! too many good people, all races, whose desire is to live peacefully and in prosperity with their neighbors. thats what weve already been doing and that is what we will continue doing.

    the only ones that will involve themselves in such nonsense are the ones who are drumming it up to create misery and chaos and fear so they can harm our peaceful and lawful American people.

    we, the rest of us Americans wont be joining them.
    we will be standing up together, shoulder-to- shoulder. and it is so.


    1. oh! it looks like this is breaking news! :):)?...:
      • Ya'll... kinda try ta quit worrying bout all those pea doe files, now, K? s'all under control.. no worries... "we have it all",.. so just move along there now darlin' cuz theres nothin' ta see here... "we have it all".
      • oh yeh and all that-there cheating in the Corpses Election where their GlobalCitizens' vote dont count anyway,...? well, hey! good news there too you GlobalCitizens! ....looks as if mike lindell's got this one covered for ya!
      aint that great?!!
      now this one is likely *really* gonna knock your GlobalSocks off!
      • word has it: soon, no more Presidents or Prime Ministers WORLDWIDE!!
      oh yeh!! NOW everythings gonna be run by COUNCILS!!-.and only best will be on the COUNCILS, and they will change every few years!

      AINT THAT *GREAT* ???! :)

      i say no.
      thats EXACTLY what is going on now!:
      no actual national "leader".
      no actual vote/ election from the people
      appointments to councils who "run everything"/ carry out orders from those who never make themselves known.

      hey, any of you guys who might have been unknowingly enticed into chanting for a republic for yourselves, well, what i just described is a republic! theyre trying to roll it out!!! so there you go! is that what you meant you wanted? :):) im thinking it ISNT! ;):)

      the united States of America is not a republic!
      the united States of America belongs to us: man, who are state nationals, and is
      a Confederated Union of *the several* free and independent/ "sovereign" states/ States.
      wooohoooo! :):):)

      looks to me like maybe theyre going to run in, throwing promises, world banking cards, otc iverectin and hydroq. around, now that theyve finally gotten their Banking Systems merged into one, trying to get people to join.
      maybe theyll offer french fries or $100 gift cards like they did with the vackx.

      looks like maybe they did it all without little or no meaningful input from their GlobalCcitizens/ a.k.a. the "foundation of their pyramid" on their "money"???
      i wouldnt know, im not a member.
      and i say: no!.... im keeping what my creator and fathers and mothers gifted me with. and it is so.


    2. make right:
      "...all *with* little or no meaningful input..."

    3. It's really much simpler than all of it is presented, natural law is simple and observable all around us. "they" have obscured and violated every aspect of how we humans operate, they make complexities out of everything so no one is interested in knowing more.

    4. Law is complex and boring. Science is complex and boring. History is complex and boring. Religion/Spirituality is complex and boring - and so on and so on.

    5. While that is not the case for myself and many others in this realm, it IS the case for the normies. This isn't about intelligence, because it always seems there is someone wanting to be smarter or better, it is about being able to convey ideas in ways that are digestible.

    6. As I look at my rant it could look as if I'm pointing this at janmarie, but not at all - more so to the contrary, it reminded me of idea conveyance.

    7. How might we go about telling children about the world we live in without scaring the living-bejeebers out of them?

    8. alan s.,
      i agree with all youve said above, and said very well imo.
      1. yes, life is supposed to be pleasant and simple.
      2. yes. direct, understandable words for (your) 'idea conveyance' concept.
      3. no, i dont think the little ones need to know much; just keep them close by their familys side, LITERALLY, until gradually, at 12-13-14 depending on their individual emotional maturity level, start teaching them what to look out for using news Articles to show them the dangers. if they go to public schools they will probably know about "too much" by third grade anymore anyway.
      i tell you, if i was momma, i would be doing everything i could to stay home and home school until about 6th to 9th grade. theyre so much safer at home now.

    9. I'm fortunate my girls are in their late 20's and are both wise to the world, but the grandkids are coming up quick and are public schooled, so I worry about the world they inherit. Staying positive is a must, I've lived down rabbit holes with all their built in doom and gloom, I prefer now to live in the garden above.