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Monday, February 14, 2022

Here’s How They Rolled Out The Covid Tyranny Nation By Nation So Quickly


  1. Massive verizon outage all along the east coast folks

  2. the woman i mentioned the other day, mcallistertvonline period kamme, who i have kept up with for about 3 years almost without missing a day: who i said says shes interested in the Super Soldier Program... shes also been into "aliens", gender inversions, rituals by EL-ites, -- odd things; says she was born in WashDC, grandfather a Mason, Dad a policeofficer; she goes by LindaParis and Paris goes with ISIS, and ISIS goes with the District of Columbia/ISIS, and they both tie into Masonry!!!!! seriously, you cant help but laugh. these people are freakin' knuckleheads, imo!!!
    nobody has to follow their myths and fables. i just cant quit chuckling!
    oh yeh, and she says shes been doing interviews with that "Guy Brummel, Agent Margueritaville" from Canada? hes supposedly in prison........ i have just kept listening to see where shes been headed with her windings.

    today she came, "out with it"! imo.
    shes interviewing a man says his name is Norm Traversy... he claims HE started the Truckers Convoy!

    During their conversation she says, veeeeery casually (unlike her usual rather hard-hammering style): something like:
    '... you know, Norm, when all this is over, it wouldnt surprise me if Canada and the United States were ONE COUNTRY!'
    i thought, OKAY! is this the gate her "channel" was supposed to lead her "followers" into?... the all-one-country concept SHELBY has been showing, for years, is being developed? .... THEN she answered my question by adding on, ever so off-the-cuff-like, "...and MEXICO too!"...... haha ohgollygee! like it *just* occurred to her for the first time??!!?!!
    i couldnt help but laugh!

    At this point (to me) ALL these people are a mess.

    P.S. she worked for *CNN* for over a decade and retired early...To Florida!!! you cant make this stuff up!!!

  3. Is this Rockwell of Rockwell autonation? The one that is partners with the weforum


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