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Monday, February 14, 2022

Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion

Day 2 - Historical Background


  1. Reminder:
    Grand Jury is part of Magna Charta and Magna Charta was established by the Barons in the British White Slavery Feudal System, to use to try the serfs and other indentured servants when they were accused of doing something wrong.

    their Grand Juries consisted of 25 Barons who would determine whether the serf had done something that required a full fledged trial.

    1. GJ is a part of the British Feudal Caste/Class system, like they have in India,... with different classes of people. Republics (Plato) are constructed the same way, heirarchically.
      paragraph one of our Declaration of Independence declares that we broke the political bands that had formerly connected us to Political Systems set up that way; and para. two declares that all men are (created) equal.
      theyre both going to stay that way for me.

    2. Also, GJ is essentially Commercial:
      deals with property owned by the Barons. the Barons' property is: their serfs.

      since we do not have SERFDOM or Involuntary Servitude, or Indentured Servants or Slaves and so forth here in America, the Grand Jury cannot be used on man, only on Legal Fictional Entities, such as Public Officers, in their Commercial Capacity. (such as a County Treasurer/ equivalent). bubbapatric has talked on here about the importance of the GJ after the socalled Civil War.

      so, GJ useful when deciding whether to try Public or Corporate or Municipal or Federal Officers who are working under their Oath and Bond; but not for use pertaining to the common American man who is under authority of the Declaration of Independence, and so he is equal to all other men(man) AND ONLY OTHER MEN(MAN) CAN JUDGE HIM: one time, in one trial, brought by a man with a claim, in open court before the people who are the judges.
      thats our American common law.

      p.s. A GJ is not, in the common law sense, made up of men(man) but of Jurists. a fiction.

    3. the common American man who is under authority of the Declaration of Independence
      this is nonsense. "under authority of" -- no.

      americans had no authority to declare independence then. who declared independence, before the declaration existed?

      wrong choice of words, leading to inverted hierarchy == total rubbish/garbage, not qualified to talk to people about law.

      "under the authority of". no.

      and every real country has some great seal too. the only known united states seal has a pyramid on it. the ultimate authority in america is...astrology.

      "equal to all other men" referred to feudalism. king (james? george? look it up. wrote books about being king) made the same exact claim about men preceding government -- but it was only for kings.

      all they were doing is repeating what the king said -- kings preceded government, therefore it is under him.

      so they copied "the king" and did the exact same thing -- saying they were also "before government" and hence it was under their control.

      this is why noone is under "the declaration of independence" as well. it says the direct opposite of what you are claiming.

      it says men form "governments" -- that includes "declarations"

      and you still need a seal. do you have any "great seal" that is not just illuminism all-seeing eye pyramid and an astrology quote?

      according to the pyramid great seal, the ultimate authority in america is: astrology.

      so, looks like draco the good dragon is still the only "god" there ever was, is, or ever shall be.

      since we do not have SERFDOM or Involuntary Servitude, please stop claiming people are "the common American man who is under authority of the Declaration of Independence" -- no "unelected leaders" remember? there is no law or authority to kidnap people into "declarations" like you are attempting to do

      is there any great seal for america without a pyramid and astrology quote on it? doesn't look like "americans" are anything but "egyptians" and astrology and there never was any "law" in "america" in the first place.

      where is your great seal? which "god" is that? draco the good dragon, same as all the other "gods" ?

    4. for someone who does not like being kidnapped into "legal" contracts, impersonated with "persons" ... quite strange you would think americans are "under the authority of" some piece of paper.

      please come up with some system of "law" that is not the same old pressgang and dragoon people.

      the declaration of independence itself says, men create governments. men are not "under the authority of" the "declaration of independence" -- it says the direct opposite.

      it also says all men, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. so your "under the authority of" is not EVER true. as can be evidenced by anyone who actually read the "declaration of independence"

    5. what you just wrote xerces PROVES what i:woman said about you and me:
      "i think we have a very different outlook on the state of be-ing creator-created man. and we will probably never agree."... and WE DONT! im not changing my mind and i know you wont either which is why i never argue with you, only listen.

      i believe man is free under authority of his creator plus whatever else he intends to agree to be beholden to; for most Americans that is the DeclofIndep and, frankly, your opinion on that is irrelevant as pertains to me but i want to hear you anyway as long as you are respectful of my autonomy.

      you, on the other hand, believe man needs seals and papers and eyeballs and pyramids and God only knows what else, to have authority. fine for you, not for me. I WILL NEVER EVER NO NEVER BE TALKING ABOUT THE LAW *YOU* ARE UNDER. NEVER. And conversely, YOU do not have authority to speak about mine either. im not going to listen anymore when youre be-ing what comes across to me as an ass.

      *my* law that i DO, in nature, law, and fact, have authority to talk about and will continue to talk about freely and openly is American common law: its not written, its spoken and recorded: its the will of the people in one place in space and time according to their desires, morals, principles, decisions.

      so simmer down a little will you? just say what you have to say without telling me what to do.

    6. woman:janmarieFebruary 15, 2022 at 2:44 PM


  2. Over 40 Years ago, before my dad was taken back home, I learned that Indy cars run on Ethanol/Methanol basically alcohol. So I did a little more research, and found out that the first internal combustion motors were all powered by alcohol until Rockefeeller asked Ford to tweak his motors to run on “gasoline”. At this time in history Rockefeeller had so much of this “byproduct/gasoline” that he had to dispose of it by dumping into the streams… Ford, and his boys got right on it but found that it made the engine knock until they added lead. This became a huge windfall, not only for Rockefeeller, and Ford, but also for a certain “Service Corps.” That we all love and know as the US Government. Round about this same time I also learned that Rockefeeller was instrumental in shutting down all hemp growing, and uses that derive from this plant. Mainly because there was a huge Navy contract coming up that required an enormous amount of lineal footage of rope. Which at that time was supplied by the Hemp. Hemp Rope could now be substituted with Nylon which could be manufactured from Petroleum. So a massive propaganda dis-information campaign was broadcasted to the public informing everyone of the “Evil Weed”. When Ford first manufactured his tractors, cars, and any motorized equipment, his market at first were to a select few. At this time there weren’t any “gas/service stations” on every block as all of Us have come to know. So where did everyone get their fuel to keep these contraptions running? They made it themselves, in their own backyard, with their own still skil.
    Copper Moonshine Stills;
    But it gets better folks remember I said that Rockefeeller basically was able to single handily shut down the whole Hemp Industry, and one would assume from my statement above that it was exclusively for the garnering of that lucrative contract to supply the US Navy with rope. Nope, that was just a chip off the ol’ block. When large farms, really large farms can rotate their fields (as per the good word instructs Us to do) Hemp is one, if not the most ideal crop to do that with. That’s just one of the many benefits. Here are a few more; The Hemp fiber is so strong that it is made into rope, cloth, and paper. The pulp that is derived from this plant is more than 75% usable whereas only 15% is usable from trees. It is not only a higher grade than tree pulp, Hemp paper can be recycled more often, and it is an annual resource that can be grown, and harvested just about anywhere in any climate. Let’s go a little further, Once these stems are decorticated that substance can be fed to the Farmers livestock, along with the seeds after these too have been processed. Oh yes, I just mentioned the seeds, what do all these billions, if not trillions of little gems have? If you guessed oil, you would be spot on. It just so happens that these little guys produce an oil that molecularly is very close to Diesel Fuel. After extraction, purifying, and bringing this Hemp oil to the Pumps for Public consumption the charge would be 60¢/gallon, that’s right Sixty cents per gallon… But wit a minute if you all think I forgot about all the waste tonnage that the Farmers, and Industry can’t use by no means would that be the case here. All that waste gets put into a digester aka “Still” , lo and behold alcohol starts streaming from the outlet pipe. Then all of this “waste” gets to be tilled back into the soil enhancing it’s richness for future crops.

    1. (Continued)
      When I learned all of the above I put it forward to my dad, who was a ”Chemical Engineer”, and just so happened to work within a Company that manufactured “Packing Towers” that were sold to refineries all around the whirled. To wit he traveled to, making sure that each one was performing to it’s fullest potential, and output. Although he already knew everything I tabled, his reply to me was that the manufacturing of alcohol at that time was cost prohibitive, and until gas rose above $2.00/Gallon that alcohol is not a viable resource. He knew the exact dollar amount in the 1980’s, and sure enough when “Gas” got close to $2.00/Gallon is when Ethanol was introduced at the Pump.
      Now Folks what should we do, as our options have become limited by the years, and it seems to be that there will be no let up of the draconian control that is being foisted upon all of Us? Will all these Diesel, and Gasoline Motors be relegated to the Trash Heap because the Tap of our once dependence of easy access to fuel has been shut off? Or maybe is it high time where we stills have the funds, and supplies to get something producing again.
      Or should we become dependent (and controlled) once again on the so called “New Technology” of Battery operated vehicles, and Farming Tractors… To wit isn’t “New” at all just do some research, and see what was available in 1910 in electric motorized vehicles. [Cleveland, and Akron Ohio - Battery operated Milk Trucks for starters]
      Oh by the way GoodE, it sure is starting to appear as if this “Convoy” isn’t a “Grass roots movement. Though it might just turn into one after the “Long Haul”.

    2. This link should work for the parking garage morgues:

    3. After 3 tries of trying to post my comment.
      If that's not a snap-fu 007, I don't know what is.
      Do you see it goodE?

    4. I wrote an entire post and when I hit preview it just disappeared that is extremely demoralizing. And it was helpful stuff too, I spent half an hour on it. When that happens I just don't want to do it again, I can't even remember all of what I said.


    5. foscolos00,
      there are two long posts up; 1st ended w/ tilling the "waste" back into the soil; 2nd ended with talking about the convoy; then a little message about trying 3 times.

      Oh! i agree... i think they have NO idea who theyre dealing with!!! they have no idea what good people are like. and yes, i think their "convoy" has become a runaway train and theyre stuck on the track.

      those facts about hemp are just amazing! we have such a wonderful world to look forward to! hey, if they take us out i know where im going! :)! but say we end up staying here... who exactly do they think they *ARE* anyway??????
      yeh, i know they go around harming people and people are afraid, but how much of the beauty of life are we, as a people together, going to allow these pieces of trash to destroy? i know we will all figure it out together if we stay here.

      my jaw dropped a little when i read that the seeds can be processed into diesel!!! omg, and not even to mention all those other spectacular uses for us all to benefit from. and plowing it back in for "green manure", cattle feed, ropes, clothes, bags, oil, fuel... a gift from our creator for sure.

      we have to do something. peaceful.
      they have to leave.
      we have rights.
      they are not our God.
      i will serve them, being my neighbor only, like i do everyone else, THATS *ALL*.
      i do not see them as better than the rest of us and i dont appreciate somebody getting in my face and barging into my life trying to force me pretend like i do.
      simple as that.

    6. ready007 that link works. thanks!

    7. wiiiiiiillllllllll, (im whining in text :):):) )
      i want to read what you were saying!!!! :):) well.... tomorrow is another day.

    8. foscolos00,
      do you have anymore facts on the concept of "latching"... i think its a LEGAL concept from around the 1770's-90's, that was used in their Foreign Courts of Commerce upon our American people that we didnt understand: to "Put A Hook in the Americans' "property"".

      when i think of all the harm and theft that has been done to people who work so hard it makes me feel like crying for the undue misery they were put through and all they were cheated out of. these people enjoyed grinding my/our/ First Nations/ other people into despair and poverty and sickness and worse or they wouldnt have done it.

      anyway, emotions aside for now, i believe it is spelled a different way than how i spelled it, too.
      something about it makes me remember feeling like it might be the Starting point of the Fraud they are now disclosing to us as they try to leave it behind them, neatly swept under the rug and move on to their next HEINOUS ACT.

    9. KJV w/ Strong's Concordance - John 1
      1:27 He 846 it is 2076 5748, who 3739 coming 2064 5740 after 3694 me 3450 is preferred 1096 5754 before 1715 me 3450, whose 3739 846 shoe's 5266 latchet 2438 I 1473 am 1510 5748 not 3756 worthy 514 to 2443 unloose 3089 5661.
      KJV w/ Strong's Concordance - Mark 1
      1:7 And 2532 preached 2784 5707, saying 3004 5723, There cometh 2064 5736 one mightier than 2478 I 3450 after 3694 me 3450, the latchet 2438 of whose 3739 shoes 846 5266 I am 1510 5748 not 3756 worthy 2425 to stoop down 2955 5660 and unloose 3089 5658.
      Pronounce: hee-mas'
      Strongs Number: G2438
      Orig: perhaps from the same as 260; a strap, i.e. (specially) the tie (of a sandal) or the lash (of a scourge):--latchet, thong. G260
      Use: Noun Masculine
      Heb Strong: H5688 H8288
      a thong of leather, a strap
      1a) in the NT of the thongs with which captives or criminals were either bound or beaten
      1b) of the thongs or ties by which sandals were fastened to the feet

    10. Word: ZAR
      Pronounce: ab-oth'
      Strong: H5688
      Orig: or rabowth \i ab-oth'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; or (feminine) tabothah \i ab- oth-aw'\i0\plain\f3\fs21\cf23 ; the same as 5687; something intwined, i.e. a string, wreath or foliage:--band, cord, rope, thick bough (branch), wreathen (chain). H5687
      Use: TWOT-1558b Noun
      Grk Strong: G1199 G2218 G2438 G2440 G3507 G4120
      1)cord, rope, cordage, foliage, interwoven foliage
      1a) cord, rope, cordage, chain
      1b) interwoven foliage
      Word: desmon
      Pronounce: des-mon'
      Strongs Number: G1199
      Orig: or desmos des-mos' neuter and masculine respectively from 1210; a band, i.e. ligament (of the body) or shackle (of a prisoner); figuratively, an impediment or disability:--band, bond, chain, string. G1210
      Use: TDNT-2:43,* Noun Masculine
      Heb Strong: H631 H2336 H4133 H4525 H4770 H5688 H5730 H6781 H6872 H7195
      1) a band or bond

    11. Websters Dictionary 1828 - Webster's Dictionary 1828 - Dictionary
      LACH'ES, noun [Latin laxus, lax, slow.] In law, neglect; negligence.
      LATCH, noun [Latin ligula, from ligo, to tie, and with English lock. Latin laqueus, from which we have lace, may belong to the same root. The primary sense of the root is to catch, to close, stop or make fast.]
      1. A small piece of iron or wood used to fasten a door.
      2. A small line like a loop, used to lace the bonnets to the courses, or the drabblers to the bonnets.
      LATCH, verb transitive
      1. To fasten with a latch; to fasten.
      2. To smear. [Not used.]
      LATCH'ET, noun [from latch.] The string that fastens a shoe. Mark 1:7.

      Black’s law Dictionary
      LACHES is principally a question of inequity of permitting claim to be enforced. Crowder v. Ter- horst, 107 Ind.App. 288, 21 N.E.2d 141, 146; Brady v. Garrett, Tex.Civ.App., 66 S.W.2d 502, 504; Nor- man v. Boyer, 111 Colo. 531, 143 P.2d 1017, 1018; an inequity founded on some change in the condi- tion or relations of the property or parties….Pages 1016-1017
      LATCHING. An under-ground survey. Page 1026

    12. woweewowwow foscolos00 :)
      tha's aLOT! i love wordstudies too (you obviously do).

      interesting?: latch/et:
      kjvNT, has mainly to do w/ loosing; lashing/scourgings; captives and criminals; bonds and beatings.... OR feet = travel; freedom to move about freely with protective gear/shoes latcheted onto mans feet.
      so: get this then (speculating):
      in their black/white, dark/light, flip or flop, up down sideways inverted whirled:)ty that weve all been silently ENTRAIN TRAFFICKKED into, then in their minds when a sound is made ex: "latt-ch", they spin/*whirl* the sound/word backwards forwards upside down (reminds me of a dradle) until they come up with what benefits THEM and to hell with other people, they truly believe its all about them. other people are nothing to them except for how they can be used, *like*/ as if animals. they know were not.
      temporary (esoteric) conclusion on this part:
      when they hear/use the sound "latch", however *SPELL*ed, the core "secret code" concept THEY have assigned to it in their *whirled* has, at its essence, to do with:
      EITHER captivity OR freedom.
      i guess they think they get to secretly decide all this????? use their coded languages and funkyassed definitions on us, the American people???
      • 'i':woman (who is) called by (saying the sounds): "janmarie", say that they DONT. and so it is.
      • they know they cant change what we, the people who are creator-created *man* decide. its up to us.
      • its up to us.
      • Its Up To Us.
      • ITS UP TO US.
      • its up to us though :):):).
      • when we are "doing/ living" in our God-gift freedom: *being* man.... serious, severe penalties called "woes" come on them for harming man.
      they know this. THAT IS WHY THEY DONT DO IT!!! that is why they fight so hard to keep us from coming forward *be*-ing and living: man (not "as" man, *be-ing* man).
      i am speculating, but believe the above true in concept if not in all the details yet.: janmarie:woman.
      ZAR: wreath(en) OR chain.
      wreath/,foliage(tender) for the victory/winner; chains for the captive, loser/looser.
      des-mon: (flip the "s"= dæ-mon; jots and tittles. Titles.) same: shackle, impediment, disability (dæmons do this too); OR ligament holding our bodies together.
      you found what i was looking for. THANK YOU!!
      its the word LACHES. yes.
      having to do with the American peoples' claims on "property" LAND "They" claim authority to *grant*/other. owner-SHIP matters.


      Extremely important. i sense that it has everything to do with even the UNLAWFUL taking of our family members using their FOREIGN COMMERCIAL "FAMILY" COURTS TO "AD-JEW-DICK-ATE" (D¡ck ate???? take a knee? sorry!... now im wondering about lots of wherds :) ) OFTEN FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF WRONG-DOING BY US TOWARD OUR FAMILY MEMBERS, SUCH AS EVEN, PERHAPS, WITH MASKS AND JABBING AND SO FORTH!!!
      quick example: iow: are you *man* who is FREE to make decisions, without interference, about your own self and family?
      OR are you a SLAVE CAPTIVE whose MASTER makes all decisions about the Masters Property without input from the Slave?

      more later, Law and Equity. laches.

      Plus if the puzzlepiece xerces discovered and brought forward is added: about land being "mother", that is: mother-land, placenta is land, abandoned; abandoned land, goes to the church and then the placenta deadbeebee/bodyEstate AND its UNWED MOTHER both become Wards of the State as "incompetents". and then CAPTIVE bodyE-State is administrated by the King or Queen under auth. of Church, and so forth.......
      then the details of this hardly- believable, horrifying, "picture" become even clearer.

    13. its a damned nightmare we're looking at.

    14. woman:janmarieFebruary 15, 2022 at 2:44 PM


  3. janmarie, that was great, interesting info on the Grand Jury I found it to be helpful.

    Foscolos00, also a very helpful and interesting post on fuel types that is very topical for what is going on right now.

    When I am not so bummed out I will comment. That really hurt, I'll tell you. I know janmarie you have complained about that in the past but this is the second time recently. I might start using Notepad to write the post and then just copy-paste into this edit window and if it gets trashed it is still there and I can paste it again.

    1. im glad you liked it will.
      am trying to pull the facts together into short/er paragraphs now.
      Gs...for so long theyve had our brains going in 6 directions at once trying to follow them as they hop and jump from one of their "Secretive" jurisdictions to the other, spinning out mis-and dis- information, hoping to shake us.

      its not working.
      i plan to never quit... :)
      never.... think, if you will, of Elmer Fudd when he puts on his Sherlock Holmes outfit and goes out looking for Bugs Bunny:
      that's me...

      ***I*** am Elmer Fudd:).

      dont be bummed. what you wrote will come back to you after you get a good nights rest. looking forward to hearing whatcha got!

      what i started doing is i compose a para. or so then "select all" and "copy". then do a "selectall/copy" before i go on to "reply as" and "preview" ... that way youre always saving at least the bulk of what youve composed.
      using notebook is a good idea, i may try that too.
      i think shelby said she does something like that.

    2. woman:janmarieFebruary 15, 2022 at 2:44 PM


    3. OK annnnd...we're on the air.

      So I will probably post a couple of times it might be easier considering what happened. I will use the Notepad thing but I just have a quick post for now.

      So this is weird. When I got home tonight my son was playing a Youtube video of Fox News and they had a segment and they were discussing what is going on here. Specifically the Emergencies Act, which even American media knows is not appropriate under the circumstances and is happy to tell anyone that wants to listen.

      On a purely selfish level is Trudeau offended and his feelings hurt with all the flags that people are waving around that are channelling the spirit of Lets Go Brandeau? We had a federal election in September last year and people were throwing rocks at him everywhere he went, every stop. And by September, enough people already knew that all governments were in the business of killing off as many people as possible, so the only way to signal their opposition was to throw anything they could pick up at him when he was within 20 feet of them. Yes there were lots of signs with salty language.

      And so this is why we have a convoy protest and this is why so many people have stood on the side of the road and stood on hiway overpasses waving the truckers on. Because all those people if they had the chance would be throwing rocks at Trudeau and screaming at him to stop killing everyone.

      Any sane person would likely re-evaluate their career choices considering that there were a lot of F*ck Trudeau flags around even then during the election campaign. People just hung onto them thinking that there might be a reason to reuse them in future, and what do you know? "Look mama, I can use that flag I have in the basement again"

      So if you want to know what goes into a rigged, voter fraud driven election, you surely have an example right here. Look we have a strange kind of vote assignment thing here, where anyone that can fog a mirror can get the nod. We inherited that from our English ancestors. How does a guy who was pelted with rocks every place he went, end up winning again? The obvious answer as I said is voter fraud. So we are dealing with a Prime Minister that nobody wanted, he more or less kept his mouth shut during the campaign and let Computer Science save the day by shuffling the votes. They even pulled the same trick that got Biden pushed over the line, which is mail ballot fraud. Same thing it took about 2 weeks to know exactly who the winner was, but the media called it that night, just like Biden.

      OK so that is a bit of a back story on the boy King, the one who shouldn't have won, but did win because of confused Post Office employees. Lovely...

      The fox segment ran a title that called what is going on here martial law, who called for martial law. Even the poster child for leftist journalism, nothing less than the New York Times, is apparently wondering what the hell is going on up here with the martial law?

      But here? Not a peep about martial law. Trudeau said there would be no military, but we already have military popping up here and there.

      But I think the media has been "instructed" not to use the term martial law.

      Just going to catch up with the news and will let you good folks know what seems to be happening now.

    4. So google this:

      narcity doug ford daughter

      Doug Ford is the idiot Premier of Ontario (what you call governor essentially), living in Toronto, and check out what she is doing.
      The Ontario Legislature apparatus is in Toronto downtown.

      She has been bitch slapping her own father over this whole debacle right from the beginning. She was protesting with the truckers, I am not sure where but there is a photo of her. She is trying to be his voice of reason and Achilles Heel in equal measure I think.

      I am sure they ordered him to keep her quiet but she knows the magnitude of this even though her ignoramus father can't figure it out. God bless her little heart, she has a lot of courage under the circumstances.

      Doug Ford like all the idiots that signed on for this either chose the carrot or the stick. He should have resigned before any of this started citing a sore toe or something and can't continue in politics. It would have saved him a lot of grief. Now he will be sharing a jail cell with Trudeau and they can take turns walking down the runway in the prison each spring showing off the new Orange Jump Suits for the season.

      I saw another post attributed to her that surprised the hell out of me. I will find it tomorrow at my work and you will be shocked I think.

    5. This is what the Toronto Star considers breaking news:

      The communications director for the Solicitor General (that would be the top bar lawyer for the Doug Ford government. In England these bar lawyers are also referred to as a Solicitor) was fired today by somebody for donating $100 to the trucker convoy up here. This is the result of Trudeau calling for martial law is that banks have to cough up all kinds of intel on who gave money to the truckers convoy. Really, it is this financial transparency that appeals to them the most. They just click their heels together and salute the highest of Kings, and voila. Instant tyranny for psychopaths.

      That happened pretty quick its only been two days. It gives them all kinds of power to force banks to forgo their client private information in the name of hunting down $100 terrorists. Wow you just can't make this shit up.

    6. hi will, dont know if it was the same foxnews, but i saw Tucker Carlson tonight (NEVER watch him or fox), he was talking about Martial Law in Canada and ended by saying something soooo annoying about how Trudie is now the Dictator of Canada! ooooooo, that fried me! i will probably never listen to that TOAD again. giving us worthless, false info. see what we put up with for news?!? :) see why we need your updates when possible!

      listen will, im betting it was the *JerryCan Convoy* that has made Trudie flip his wig!:)
      truly that was like even the little old ladies in Canada giving him a GREAT BIG OLE WEDGIE in front of the whole world.
      nobody down our way know he'd been having rocks thrown at him by the people already.
      that vote Parli. took to end the mandates: approx. 150 yes, 180 no was UNBELIEVABLE. UN BE LIEVABLE.
      good on Krista(sp?) Ford. she looks like a force to be reckoned with.:)
      banking news is weird and crazy-like. THAT is scary.
      there seem to be noticably more comments about former Dictators and what happened to them.
      will, if you get true info on Coutts, id like to know. had noticed for 2-3 days that there was literally NOTHING about Coutts.
      then today ready007 came on here with news and video. one video showed one man at Coutts calling for a round of applause for "the men in blue". and i think it was the same man, but he was crying when he was being videoed talking to the people saying they were leaving Coutts. i prob. dont have to tell you it seem voluntary to me.
      also saw a vid, a few men and women in BC calling for other Canadians to come and stand with them or the Police would probably make them leave. they seemed genuinely disappointed that they were the only ones eho cared enough to there. tugged my heartstrings. wish they knew there was a Rasmussen Poll today, a kinda big deal, showing that ***59%*** of Americans support the Canadian Truckers Convoy. Also saw where New Yorkers were protesting at the Canadian Embassy in New York! but only saw each of those articles ONE time, so cant confirm theyre true but i think they are.

    7. correction:
      "i prob. dont have to tell you it **did not** seem voluntary to me."

      "...**who cared enough to **be** there.

    8. hi janmarie, Coutts was a bit of a sleeper in many ways, especially in contrast to the Ambassador bridge and the protest in Ottawa. It wasn't until they pulled a gun cache out of their rear ends.

      The timing was suspect considering that Trudeau pulled martial law out of his rear end the following Monday. Since there was no crisis in Ottawa and no obvious terrorist intention they clearly had to create one to make martial law to try to draw some connection. It doesn't seem to be getting any traction. The news is running with the photo of the weapons on a table, but the media is not really trying to lead people to make connections. I guess the problem is that since it happened in Alberta which is gun country to begin with, and about 2,000 miles from Ottawa there wasn't really a smoking gun there. The Ottawa police chief resigned on Monday.

      Look here you little people, it was just a coincidence, nothing to see here folks, just move along and get on with your lives. Huh ?????? Can we get a clue please?

      By the way, still no clue. Speculation but no clue. And he apparently had training from the FBI at one point so just another ratbag cog in that dirty little wheel.

      Yeah the rock throwing election campaign was probably something that they tried to strangle in the crib in the media. Even back THEN it should have been more obvious that it was more or less a kind of protest and likely wasn't going to be the last they would see of it. The public was in an ugly mood back then they already knew the truth about the genocide that the government was promoting and wanted to send him a message. Normally the media would have been more curious, like "why is everybody so mad at him what did he do?" The media is 100% complicit with this coverup, the gaslighting in the local papers and TV was rampant and relentless. They were paid off to keep the public dumb about it, especially the Toronto Star which before all this was kind of floundering. When I was a kid the Toronto Star had a place and it was fairly well respected but somebody drove it into the ground and just before the whole virus scandal there was a story that the paper had been picked up by some investors. I thought that was weird but it makes sense now. They became the main gaslighting source for all government propaganda and then it all made sense. A bit like the New York Times which like the Toronto Star, was selected as the propaganda hub from what I can see. It's a shame because it used to be such a big, bold paper. Very sophisticated and relevant. And now it's all gone and it is tragic in many ways.

      I do have some more to say, but I need to review the news, I only get short bits of time at work to do that, which is not surprising. I scan the headlines of big media trying to read between the lines by what they publish.

    9. yes, as you can... always welcomed... we get such messed up "news" here. Uggh. it makes me feel a little bit sick anymore if i feel the need to watch mainstream media liars. which is only every couple of months. so-called AltMedia isnt all that much better now,... you still have to have enough other reliable sources to be able to piece together a "true-ed up" picture because, no doubt, they are at least partly Gaslighted too.
      the best sources ive found are the "men on the streets" who often are not even "monetized", or have lost monetization. for telling the truth?? :)

      saw Brian Peckfords speech.
      it was riveting.
      did you like him? did the people of Canada? i watched it 3 times. i called Infowars Comment Line and asked them, if they had time, would they watch it and did they think they could air at least parts of it?!
      everyone in the world could stand to be reminded of the things he said about men being free. imo :)... some of this stuff gets me so emotional even though im American... freedom is just freedom. eh? :)

    10. I'll bet this will end well.

      They have lost their pathetic little minds, here is another one from the same source

      THIS is absolutely retarded...

      Translation: If you are protesting and we lock you up, and you have a pet we will kill that pet after 8 days if no other arrangement is made. You have to scroll to the end of the article to see the part about pets.

    11. hi janmarie, I was encouraged to see that Brian Peckford had plans to sue the government. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association held a press conference that they are suing for overreach with their response.

      My son was showing me a video with Brian Peckford and it was going along fine until he made an off the cuff comment something like "Now people tell me all the time that Canada is just a corporation, but let's not get all worked up over that, there are other things to focus on".


      Anna wrote a very topical post today which seemed to cover the bases of the problem, I do have to read it over again. The part about Trudeau getting a 40% cut through his foundation for pimping the vaccine to innocent people. And children!!!!

      5 year old children! He tried to tell a young group of kids that they should be all excited about the chance to get a vaccine and they can start the paperwork early so they can get it as close to their birthday as possible. He sounds like a used car salesman, he is a despicable excuse for a man. Stalin would have cheered his gall.

      It seems obvious that he is freaked out beyond belief over the truckers outing him for what he is doing. And the people screaming at him and pelting him with anything they could pick up during the election last year. The only thing that saved his pathetic rear end is that back in September the public in general knew less about what is going on than they do now. Especially with the trucker convoy in the news now.

      The government is doubling down on the orders of their handlers, and that would be whoever yanks their collective chains in elite circles. We don't know exactly who those people are. We can guess pretty well, but there are a lot of possibilities. Somebody does know who they are. But they will not spend a day in prison, while all the minions will, including Trudeau for such a horrific crime against people who never had a clue that he was making good margin peddling poison. I struggle to understand the evil of it THIS time, with these genocidal maniacs. It is said that it is just down to Satanism and spiritual war.

      I have heard it called a war umpteen times and it really is getting ugly now. We have to accept that there are events and actors in this world that are just sick beyond comprehension.

      I can't even stand to look at him now, or hear him speak trying to justify what he is doing.

    12. Regarding Brian Peckford again, I don't want to seem cynical but there isn't a politician alive who will reveal the palace secrets about how and where they get there powers of persuasion over the "little people" and his off the cuff disregard for the status of Canada and the little people is just dismissive of the real problem. There are no bar lawyers alive who will say no to the hand that feeds them, no matter how unscrupulous they are.

      We do have a party called the PPC, Peoples Party of Canada which was started by a former Conservative Party cabinet member in the Harper Government of about 10 years ago.

      He has gone about as far as anyone I have seen to try to shed some light on our problems as citizens which is really just a polished up version of "subjects" which the Queen likes to lord over as little more than serfs.

      If everyone could see the post that Anna wrote about Trudeau and the fraud of his position and our whole notion of society, there would suddenly be a great reckoning. There will be a great reckoning in the absence of that particular knowledge, but if people understood the fraud of our existence, people's heads would start rotating and steam would escape from every orifice.

      But no-one who knows the truth of our existence will ever tell the truth if it means that their daily bread is derived from people NOT knowing. Sometimes I wish I didn't know. Sometimes I wish I didn't know the truth about this whole virus pandemic fraud.

      I have been in retail shops and stores over the past two years where a television is in the shop tuned to non-stop, moronic, condescending media news for example. And I felt such anger over the fraud playing out day by day relentlessly, that there were days I wanted to stick a fork in my eye while being hostage to the television news playing out. I would escape from these places, tear my mask away, and breathe fresh air free from propaganda and lies.

      And I would look at people driving in their cars with one or sometimes two masks on, and gloves, with the window rolled up.

      Driving with such petrified looks on their faces that they might catch a cold, called coronavirus. They are laughing at us with that one, and now in fact the media has to back peddle and make hints that maybe it will morph into a cold or flu.

      And I wanted to yell at them for being so incredibly stupid people, that are so stupid quite frankly that they serve no real purpose for being here. That is a terrible thing to say, and it doesn't please me to feel that way, but there it is.

      And they are conditioning the public that they might die or otherwise expire if they did catch a cold or flu. Or research is now showing that young teens that indulge in cannabis might develop clots and arterial failure and could die some day. Yes that is what the article said. Not from the vaccine, no sir, look over here instead about the danger of a plant made by God.

      And how stupid are they to think that any aspect of the government or the medical mafia gives a damn about their health, but rather would seek to ruin them in multiple ways just so they can steal their money. Governments have never once shown any altruism toward the "little people" in any tangible fashion. It doesn't exist, and yet these people wrap themselves, like wrapping themselves in the flag of the country, in the glory of thinking that the government is saving them from something horrible, but in fact is doing the opposite by destroying them.

      It has felt like a burden to me to know the nature of the fraud that has been perpetrated on everyone for the past two years, when everyone I encountered just bathed themselves in the fraud and worshipped the criminality of the thing. Will they scream when they find they have been poisoned by

      And it is obvious then, that the truth, will in fact set you free. It always has, and it shall always be thus.

    13. Oops, I said:

      "Regarding Brian Peckford again, I don't want to seem cynical but there isn't a politician alive who will reveal the palace secrets about how and where they get there powers of persuasion"

      I should have said "their powers of persuasion" but I goofed. I do know the difference haha!

      Don't ask me why things like that matter to me, just a nerd, guilty as charged.

    14. hi will,
      enjoyed your "note"/ comment.
      yes, my emotions are stirred too. feels good.
      at least were not confused anymore.
      i feel at least i dont still have that nagging feeling that something isnt right, but everyone says everything is okay.
      okay, so now i know something IS actually wrong.
      now, after a bit of mourning for the past, and letting go of the innocence of believing bad people with big smiles, a line for every angle, and a load of crap, are "good", its time to get to work.
      my grandpa was a farmer and he would come in after working and rest on the couch until a certain time; then no matter what short of an emergency, he would sit up, put his boots back on, put his cap on his head, walk to the back door, and go get to work. i feel like that now.

      however bad it looks, at least we finally know enough to get started repairing whats been damaged.
      i would alot rather know.

      Still feeling sad but in 3-4 days, i probably will be "over it" as they say.
      i think the hardest part for me is to realize how many people just pretend to be "good". they must know what they are doing is wrong or they wouldnt fake it and try to make others think they are good people.
      brian peckford: thats been my experience too, that they wont tell what they know, even if they are otherwise on the up and up.
      bubbapatric had posted info quite a long time ago about something named "Silent Judicial Notice" being given out around 1938 to the Corpse Courts and Officers so they cannot tell what they know.
      have you noticed or heard other people post about confronting the court officers with the truth and they go SILENT!!!! i believe they claim they can DECEIVE, but cannot LIE when faced with a direct question. of course they dont follow that law either.
      they do what i call "jump jurisdictions". they hop around, even in the same paragraph from juris. to juris. sure, its coded, so THEY can read their CODES and CLUES on the paper. i believe they all have authority to operate in (there, in Canada) under English common law, and others, my point being: wondering if he was speaking using his English common law authorization/Person: man when asked to talk about the corps-e. but still, they will only say so much... or go silent.
      oh well, we have a mess of problems here to be worked on i will leave straightening Canada out in your capable hands! teehee

      yes, i believe the lash of anger that is going to come out at them when people understand as much as we do about what has been done will be... well i dont even have a word for it.
      i keep reading comments by more and more people who know at least bits and pieces of whats been going on and they are PISSED. Like, rock-throwing, fire-spitting, vemonn-imjectimg PISSED. a little "screaming in the comment section" style pissed.

      somebody recently commented asking:
      You know who is going to be the angriest when all this comes out?
      the "SHEEP"... for being tricked.

    15. So the guy who owns the company I work with wants to believe the scam. I red pilled him one day last summer when he got nudged by someone else that he knows. What I told him scared him but it was the truth as we knew it then.

      He went home and told his wife what I said and instead of researching it for herself, she told him I was crazy and that he was crazy to believe in these conspiracy theories. And she told him to get in line and believe what she believes, and he did!

      She is a germ o-phobe apparently anyway and that is a strong pull when you have that mindset. So along comes a perfect bio-weapon like this and you score perfect compliance with that mindset. She is hard core and she can't help it, that is the way her brain is wired. So she ragged on him to get the first vaccine shot last year because she conducted her life from the safety of her hazmat suit.

      So they got themselves and their young kids all vaxxed up, and she probably felt very smug. And like the sheep you talked about, it's all going to come down on them the hard way at some point.

      And she will cry and wail that nobody told her that they were being poisoned. And yes those people that were too lazy to do the research are going to be the angriest as you said. It will come out, the dead bodies and the injuries from the vaccine are piling up.

      The Alberta government recently pulled down some data from their website showing the deaths from the vaxxed camp piling up and they MOVED them to the unvaxxed people. Somebody caught it and the original page is on the Wayback machine and then it went to twitter.

      I have heard about the Silent Judicial Notice being used that bubbapatric referenced as well. And yes it was apparently in 1938 that American common law, and English common law were strangled to be re-written in Admiralty. I mentioned before that there was a very famous case Tompkins vs Erie Railroad, you can find mention of it on the internet but the significance is downplayed but from what I can understand that case was part of the transition in some way. There are Youtube videos on it, well that may not be true now I will check.

      Yes I agree we DO know enough about what has gone wrong to be able to take steps to fix it and the virus thing is just totally the last straw, this is premeditated murder and is not supposed to be able to stand without correction and settlement for harm and injury.

      I have said this before but this is so bad that when everybody gets their mind around this, the idea of government will be radioactive. The whole notion of trust will be destroyed.

      I think that the litigation for Covid injuries will flush a lot of the idea of government down a very big hole. Once people take it right in the face what has been going on. Yes there will be pissed like the way you imagine it.

      There will be a lot of denial at first, but the angriest advocates will be the parents that lost toddlers probably even babies to heart attacks. They are already trying to normalize all that you can see them trying to gaslight the public over the potential damages. This is a mind-boggling situation, presumably we have never faced an equivalent on earth, perhaps other potential civilizations that lived and are gone now.

      I want to send another link to an article I found in our local National Post media, which is a conservative paper for business. I can't read any of that now it is too creepy but there was a stunning article today. I will find it shortly and post.

    16. glad you posted early! i watched a livestream of Police riding their Horses into the Crowds in Ottawa today. it seems to be getting more insane. or more staged.

      1st livestream i watched: ZOT: seemed to get taken over by a plain clothes cop... he just GLUED himself onto this young womans livestream and kept saying how the Police were going to, basically, "win" over the people.
      then i switched channels and got someone who said he used to be a Firefighter. BaconRanchFD utub..., but then, some man had gotten hurt in the crowd and asked this guy for help and this guy had NO IDEA how to give him FIRST AID! Gs. these people.

      when only THEIR CONTRACTORS are videoing or commenting, its a waste of time, news-wise; but its very obvious that the Truckers themselves are not being allowed to speak or be seen now, as much, if at all now.

      did mrT win?
      i dont think so.
      i think he just, unwisely, took it to the next level, with the whole wide world watching.

  4. Yes, and Rockefeeller was the one who was instrumental in creating the FDA, and going after, and shutting down all the Researchers, Scientists, and Physicians that cured people with natural remedies versus his petrochemical patented molecularly faux substitutes. The Rockefeeller Institute is one of a handful of biomedical Institutes that no one can ever get access to any information with FOIA’s because they are self funded, and have never received, or taken any “Government Funding”. Just ask Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) what they did to his microscope, equipment, and 10 tons worth of research papers he meticulously documented during his life’s work… A few years ago ol’ Rockefeeller sold all of his interests he had in oil… What were these billions if not trillions invested in? I can’t locate any one, any thing, any where that gives Us the newly acquired purchase, or holdings. What color is crude/crud, carbon, graphite, stone set into the Kaaaba, Robes/Dresses all the magis. wear? What would be a fitting name for “Their” foundation [stone] to be built on? A Blackrock?

    1. woman:janmarieFebruary 15, 2022 at 2:44 PM


  5. Heads Up Canadians !!!!!!

    Corporal Daniel Bulford has an extremely important message

    "Corporal Bulford provides information on potential threat to our Canadian civilians protecting our Freedoms as citizens and beings. Stolen firearms may be planted in and around Parliament in a nefarious and illegal attempt to sabotage our people.
    I know Danny. He is a trusted friend. He wouldn’t have made this announcement if he was not sure of its validity. He is on the inside. He is privy to information that we are not and I implore my fellow wonderful Canadians and Freedom fighters to pay attention. Please watch and share. This is out and out war on civilians by a criminally insane government. “Change can only occur within the democratic process.” We will use it to bring sanity back to Canada. Mark my words."
    "Canadian truckers to be labelled as economic terrorists by the pedophile Justin Trudeau. The pedophile Justin Trudeau has declared emergency powers now and looks to use force to remove protesters."



    2. what the hell was that ready007?

      i can understand people leaving peacefully to continue protesting other ways but i just watched the longer version of this and these men at Coutts SAID TO GIVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO THE "MEN IN *BLU"?!!!

      was this just a PSYOP designed to remove final hope from the Canadian people?
      sure starting to look like it might be.
      or to get America to cross the border?
      ot to collect names?
      remove 2A here?
      startww thrice?

      there are rumors that two of the four leaders of the Convoy are Govt Agents.
      and that no money has been released to the Truckers from the Organizers at all.
      the EmAct includes going after donors.

      the man talking is crying.

      who is responsible for this?
      a "norm travesy" said he was during an interview the other day.
      have they put alot of people into harms way unknowingly?

      they involved the whole world so we have a right, yes a RIGHT, to get answers.

      Will be waiting for updates since you have reliable contacts.
      thank you.

  6. Dearest goodE, and others hope this helps...
    “Plus if the puzzlepiece xerces discovered and brought forward is added: about land being "mother", that is: mother-land, placenta is land, abandoned; abandoned land, goes to the church and then the placenta deadbeebee/bodyEstate AND its UNWED MOTHER both become Wards of the State as "incompetents". and then CAPTIVE bodyE-State is administrated by the King or Queen under auth. of Church, and so forth.......
    then the details of this hardly- believable, horrifying, "picture" become even clearer.”
    1. “cubesphere” is the one who enlightened Anna, and readers of land being mother, along with the “foundling child”…
    ORC 3705 Vital Statistics;
    Every STATE has a similar if not identical “Vital Statistics” as do many “Countries/Nations”, even the U.N…. Pull it up and read it all, every word slowly very slowly make sure to have a “Black’s Law Dictionary” handy to help break the entrainment of assuming one knows what these terms are implying.
    2. No where in these Vital Statistics, or any Vital Statistics as well as any Black’s Law Dictionary will one find the word “Baby”.[A “Baby” cannot be legally defined. “They know better not to touch this “One”]
    3. It is a “Foundling Child”. The STATE’s child/infant
    4. Taken even further it is a “Human” that is defined as a “Monster” in Ballentine’s 3rd Edition…read that definition. Slowly, every word in that definition should also be given due diligence, along with “Their” definitions of child, infant, and minor.
    5. Remember this is all Proprietary, and “Their” National Security. Some good Folks blew the lid off of “Their” Scheme/Plan and exposed it for all to see (over seven years ago) Anna was brought up to speed then.
    6. Instead of “Them” doing what was/is right for all of Us, that have been harmed by this scheme, “They” opted instead to double down, and give all of Us what we have been receiving presently.
    7. This is where the Paul Harvey quote goes…

    1. And by the bye, I substitute the word whirled for world because every time when someone uses that word “world” the first thing that comes to my mind is a whirling dervish. This is what “They” have caused the majority of Us to become. People just doing a dance spinning around in circles, for “Their” amusement.

    2. when you write "whirled" i think of " whirrrrled", like us people getting spinned around with the "spin" that is put on what we hear, misinformation, making us dizzy and confused and unable to function.

    3. yes, that was who talked about mother. cubesphere. thank you foscolos00.
      this motherLAND principle they use is obviously a major puzzle piece "connector".

      wonder if cubesphere is still out there.

    4. fosocolos00, i did a wirdstudy on "higher powers": romans 13 awhile back. gk: "huperecho(sp. not right) exsousia" awhile back; back to Heb. 3-letter root word(s), including every reference ...i would love to know if your conclusion about its meaning/concept turns out to be similar to mine, if you ever have time and are ever interested... was actually pretty astonished at what i came up with is why im bringing it up. i mean i just wasnt expecting to end up where it took me, for one reason, because to me it was so plain and so simple! but i actually prob. had to do a little "interpreting" so, thats why im so curious what someone else would come up with.
      (i thought it was important because it is used so often to justify following questionable orders and rules.)


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