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Friday, February 11, 2022



  1. i saw a premiering video a few minutes ago and it sounded as if a Retired Canadian General was calling Canadian Veterans "to muster?"
    he said he was calling them to "STAND *TO*".
    --will try to find the video again and post here.

    1. utub channel: marcel irnie
      video title: freedom convoy asking all Veterans For Assistance
      Feb 11, 2022.
      man talking is wearing five medals: sounds, acts, looks like a general or other high military brass.
      42 minutes ago: 101,384 views.

    2. he said hes veteran combat arms trade but sounds very comfortable leading.
      48 minutes ago: now 112,005 views.

    3. 50 minutes: 117,453 views

    4. Police are going to peoples HOMES about posts the Police saw on Facebook.
      marcel irnie: utub
      freedom convoy: ontario Police at homes of Facebook Group Participants.

      the well spoken homeowner just pretty much came out and asked if the Police were going into FB groups and watching peoples comments, and was told yes.

    5. 66 minutes: 140,212 views.
      39,000 views in past 24 minutes.

      71 minutes: 146,072 total vws.
      6,000 views in past 5 minutes.

    6. Yes goodE just watched both, the "Police" showing up at this lady's home because of Face book concerns is nuts. and this is one of the two that I came to provide all that are here with.
      “WARNING to Truckers & Convoy Supporters”-Amazing Polly;
      “Givesendgo” certainly raised a large amount in a short time was it not. Who are the major contributors, and who will be the recipients, and when?

      “Freedom Convoy: Ontario Police at homes of Facebook Group Participants | IrnieracingNews Feb.11 2022”;

    7. if you have time, watch this guy. i wasnt buying his story, too overdone.
      then at 2:45 i see him doing "Tent Fingers", half covered up in the shot though; --like Merkel and Trump and Soros and so many others do. (trump always spreads is legs open and points his Pyramid Fingers downward.)
      so i went back to replay it and saw something i had noticed before that seemed out of place: he reached backward and then he came back forward for no obvious reason... he reached backward at the timestamp 2:09, came forward on 2:11, and did his TentFingersThing at 2:45. but its hard to see because his hands are only half-showing. does seem an unlikely co-inkydink. 2:09; 2:11; 2:45 all within about about 35 SECONDS.

      isnt that TentFingers thing a DeepState "comm"?
      are those Veterans safe?
      are they being called to HELP the Truckers?
      is he Deep State?
      are they trying to get Americans to come across the border?
      would that "start" Wr in their eyes?

    8. It sure doesn't take long when large amounts of money are broadcasted that the leaches (leches, leeches) come out front, and center, and latch(latchet) on any way they can.

    9. There more than likely whole fleets from one trucking company that are taking part in this Convoy. A large fleet with just taking into consideration the cost of the semis's could surpass 10 mill. easy. And that just one small fleet. It should become quite clear who, and what these poor souls are that are supposed to be representing the"People" . Grifters to say the least. It is only through, and by the people that their job has even come into existence. How daft "They" must be. We all know this one "The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away". What ineptness "They" have finally shown the whirled.

    10. Years ago, I heard of talk, I can't remember if it was a spoof or serious about Canda building a wall to keep The Us Americans out. Canadians, and Us Americans aren't going to War. To the contrary if Us American truckers join in with this "Convoy" the boarder will finally become non existent. For traveling across anyways. That's when "They" will truly know that "Their " time is nearing to it's end.

    11. what hes doing is so weird looking.
      now it looks like he just did tent fingers at 3:31(7), sat way back at 3:40(7); then at 3:42 his eyes look up like he was checking something, then he stares into the camera just sitting still-ly for a full second or two, like waiting for something (did he get ahead of the place he was supposed to be in the script?-- just asking.)...then finally brings his body forward again at 3:44 (11) then at 3:47 (3/11) he was silenced by utuber. at 4/11 he misspeaks and says "*A*formed", instead of "*IN*formed" and *A* before a word/ "as a suffix" means NOT. not formed? instead of informed? he didnt try to correct.

      i listen to a woman who is very interested in the Super Soldier program. and this seemed "off" in the same way that she talks about the Super Soldiers acting "different".
      i want to know why he and Trump do TentFingers like Merkel and Soros.
      why does it seem like this guy is doing preplanned or timed movements? do they *mean* something like (just playing here):
      he interrupts himself to move back on a 7
      comes forward on an 11?
      i could see where that might be used to "secret code" at 7 we move forward to destroy (11). just sayin.

      why does his facial expression never really change?
      couldnt he get in trouble for saying those things while in uniform?

      just noticing things that are incongruent.

    12. she, mcallister tvonline period kamme, says some of the Super Soldiers dont like it and want to be normal and are trying to overcome what they say has been done to them and are making progress.

    13. im worried about canada.

    14. i heard that the truckers heard that the police were planning to "kettle" ("cattle") them up this weekend. so the Truckers told the police: if you kettle us, well kettle *you* by having a second group of truckers come to ottawa. now on Friday night theyre telling the Veterans to come to ottawa and the older man is saying "youre no longer in uniform but STAND TO."
      well, how would the Truckers OR the Veterans know who they can trust? what if theyre just all being dog-whistled to Ottawa for a big pre-planned problemo?
      that puts alot of good men all in one place at the same time.

      might they then order the Veterans to kettle the second layer of truckers, who are kettling the Police, who are kettling the first group of truckers and farmers?

    15. foscolos00, thats on my mind too. it seems to me like they would love to give the Americans a "reason" to cross the border.
      that might put it under international authority--T. could call the UN in then?

    16. foscolos00, going to watch the Polly video now.

    17. Psalms 91:4-10
      4He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. 5Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; 6Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. 7A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. 8Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. 9Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; 10There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

    18. foscolos00,
      i have brought myself into agreement with you on this.
      when two or more...

  2. They need to bitch slap that crown out of Canada and RECONSTRUCT!

    1. like your "name" :). me either.:)
      lets go back to our own nations' own common law authority that was established for us centuries ago for our benefit by our fathers and mothers; this is called RESTORATION. because we dont have to rebuild anything.
      in common law, a *man or woman* has the authority to step forward and REQUIRE that what our creator intended for us to have be RESTORED to us peacefully and *lawfully*.
      will they? probably not.
      but no matter: our grandpas and grandmas experienced these same abuses and already "fought the wars" for us, their sons and daughters, so we could be free!
      we certainly now have the right to REQUIRE that we be peacefully and lawfully RESTORED, dont we?

      if not, then the question becomes:
      1. by what authority?
      whose authority is over man besides mans creator if man has done no harm to another man???
      there is none.
      2. using what law? i:man REQUIRE that i be shown the law.
      otherwise, i am a being treated as a slave.
      and just like what you said: you are not a slave.
      "involuntary servitude" is UNLAWFUL.

      this is the common law!
      lets start peacefully and lawfully (and CHEERFULLY) using it in the face of men and women who might desire to oppress their man and COUNTRYMEN!! :):):)

  3. Our governments have decided they rule over us now! They think they can break us! Freedom is not free! Many people in positions of authority need to die worldwide! They are guilty of many crimes against humanity! From failure to uphold their sworn oaths of office to pushing a deadly experimental vaccine into every arm! They all ignore the fact that natural immunity is the best protection! Needlessly they are putting millions at unnecessary risk for death and permanent injury from the clot shots! We have much better and far safer treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, but they suppressed and censored that as long as they could to force the experiment upon the Sheeple! They violate our rights and freedoms granted to us by God (not Government) supposedly to protect public safety! Every dictator and tyrant always claims his/her unconstitutional, unlawful dictates are for 'public safety' or for the 'greater good' of the society. 99.9% of all people that get the Flu/Covid survive. Where was the crisis again? The death rate in 2020 was at or below average before the experimental clot shots were administered. In 2021 death rates climbed to well above the average death rate as more and more Sheeple were dumb enough to blindly trust Government and Big Pharma. Blood is on the hands of everyone who pushed the destruction of the world economies with lockdowns, masks, social distancing, deadly experimental clot shots! There was no pandemic! The real crisis now is the deadly jabs they are continuing to pump into their victims!

    1. exactly right: by God.

      the peaceful and lawful *people* are the lawful and rightful government in america, standing under authority of our creator.

      this is American common law for natural born man. it belongs to each one of us. by right.