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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Breaking: Criminal Canadian Monopoly Dr. David Martin Exposes Why Trudeau Won't Back Down


  1. Well money "reason is a good cover" Canada is a CROWN Corpse owned country his leaders "the lord of london and the Queen and vatican are the real scum behind this and trudeau "castro" wont back down

    1. i just saw on utub where they show a Can. BAR member waving his BAR card at the police in their riot gear who are in line formation walking toward the people to push the people back.

      theyre both in the same CrownCorpse and Brotherhood arent they? i think the utub channel was named "viva frei".

    2. also:
      aussie cossack(sp?) utub
      showing AussiePolice pushing an old woman; she pushed the Policeman back and a pack of them surrounded her and threw her to the ground on her knees and arrested her.
      you can barely see the police push her, but it is there.
      more and more comments: of people noticing how often the various Police seem to be using the tactic(?) of targeting the old people, pushing old men down onto the ground, shoving pretty twenty-something women, and disregarding the young sons and daughters presence. that seems to be (perhaps?) for the purpose of inflaming the situations and trying to incite physical defense, that might(?) then be used as an excuse for ___________ fill in the blank.

    3. anyway, its not working. the people seem to be aware of the possible purpose of this.
      then they say the Police set off LRADS on the people, even though young sons and daughters were there.
      and more: breaking window on Aussieman's Patriotically Decorated BigTruck; who was slowly driving up to Govt building, through the cheering crowd. Police jumped on the running board, broke out his window, and FOOLISHLY AND UNBELIEVABLY peppersprayed him WHILE HE WAS STILL DRIVING. instead of breaking the window, telling him to stop *OR ELSE* they would pepperspray him. he would have stopped. but no, they FOOLISHLY sprayed his eyes while he was driving through a crowd that had little sons and daughters in it.
      and more.

    4. its starting to look more and more undeniable, imo, that THEY *MUST* CREATE VIOLENCE IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY HARMING THE PEOPLE???

  2. just because it's ILLEGAL to PRICE FIX, MAKE A MONOPOLY is the ONLY THING WRONG???? What about DICTATING a POISON?

  3. COPIED: convo will smith and i were having 3-4 pages back. felt it was worth bringing forward to raise the question: when are we listening to controlled opposition, if ever:

    woman:janmarieFebruary 12, 2022 at 9:38 PM
    shelby pointed out illuminati symbolism in martin's organization's logo/ decor.
    going to give the video a quick listen anyway at your recommendation.

    woman:janmarieFebruary 13, 2022 at 12:06 AM
    im still awake so will write while thoughts are fresh. paul had this vid up too i think.
    martin does use illuminati symbolism ...that imo does not make this vid unimportant tho.

    • being a woman, just sensing these two men before they even talk:
    1. i get a "stay away" vibe looking at stew peters. imo.
    2. martin looks like he would find women to be a nuisance.
    in short, i would figure they are both "weinies" and wouldnt even look at either one of them if standing in the same room with them. and i dont think theyd be looking at me either...
    that said, illuminati symbolism in mind, imo:
    • theyre just doing damage control
    • the EL-ites are notorious for controlling both sides of a conflict they start and these two are the controlled opposition portion in the constructed conflict.
    • theyre playing "good cop", protector, discloser to trudys bad cop character.
    • theyre also doing what, in their world they would want to pass off as "disclosure": when martin basically says the British Temple BAR Attorneys pretending to be judges can, do, and will rule (over the people) anyway they chose, with no restrictions and no recourse.
    • martin also said something about that he was speaking for the people or something like that... well who authorized him to do that? i dont think the people did. and there is no agreement, even in their world, without a **CLEAR** offer and acceptance. they LOVE to overlook that part.
    • To me, they are all bragging about damaging people without being held accountable. all of these years and years and years worth of catching each other, parading each other around, exposing each others crimes, and letting each other go seems like it is an Awards-type Pageant for them to display their lawbreaking for their Master Luci. imo. thats what it looks like since they almost never PROSECUTE THEMSELVES!!! instead it seems like theyre bragging about who did the worst things and got away with it and who stole the most from the people, ....and probably did worse? imo. i could very well be wrong and hope i am.

    i do think this whole convoy was definately planned, staged, and controlled; including the spreading of it to the other countries.
    what it seems they werent planning on though is for the gracious Canadian people, now including the vakkxd, to step forward; and certainly not to the point of lovingly creating an on-going fun, festival-type atmosphere in 30 degrees below zero January/February weather with minus 50 degree windchills: bundling up and bringing gramma and grampa, the dog, the toddlers in strollers, kindergartners bouncing around on bouncy castles, the teenagers rocking out dancing in the streets, while their little brothers play ice hockey: as they all share their food with Ottawas homeless, pickup trash, shovel snow, and furnish plenty of customers for the Ottawa businesses!! i mean miigaaaaawddd!!!! what a disaster!!!!!!:):):):):) teehee.
    oh, looolololoolol noooow, *NOW* theyre going to go ARREST those same genuinely lovely people the whole world just witnessed behaving in such an almost saintly manner??!!! what a PR nightmare theyve created for themselves.
    imo theyre would need to do alot more damage control than what those two illuminati weiniewursts could pull off!!! (pun intended!:):):) ).
    now g'night :) janmarie.

  4. Three thoughts about the Canadian Truckers: 1.Waving the Maple Leaf Flag; 2.blocking roads; 3. Blowing their horns.
    What would I be called waving a Swastika flag? What would I call those who infringe on my right to freely travel, and what would I call those who disturb my night's peace by blowing truck horns for hours?
    The truckers carried the corporate maple leaf flag, thereby attaching themselves to the corporation Canada, instead of carrying a White Flag that stands for international recognition of dialogue, ceasefire and peace - not surrender! Contracting themselves as persons to the state, the latter had all the rights to ignore them and take action against them. Stupidity and a little knowledge are a dangerous thing!


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