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Monday, January 17, 2022

The Secret Life of Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. About time people realize that we have no "Heroes". Trust in no man. Trust, and believe solely(souly) in our Creator exclusively. No exceptions.

  2. because most of us (now) realize we cant and are not even supposed to be depending on another man/wo- to run our "govern-ment" for us;
    and also for the literal importance of the priciples of our own unique *American* form of law:common to us (American-born man and woman) that have been suppressed: im taking the liberty of re-posting a comment ive already made: so that we all have a chance to, once again, hear about and understand more about the workings of the law of *our* land.
    next comment.

    1. "goodE2bootsJanuary 18, 2022 at 12:13 AM
      in law: common, American:
      there are no "Charges"Fictions... ChargesFictions have to do with the British BAR Attorn-erFictions creating DebtFictions in the form of Charging/Debit Financial Instrument Fictions they use to get access to the CreditFiction in the TrustFiction named after the DefendantFiction.

      our American common law courts are 'courts of record' that exist under authority of the people (everyday common man) who are the judges/jury-- not the People (the peoples' elected deputies and delegates); protecting the freedoms and unalienable rights declared in our Declaration of Indep. and all is under authority of "the Laws of Nature and Nature's God".
      so that:
      rather than ChargeFictions being brought before a Private Corporate Court of Blended/ "Special Admiralty" by one TrustFiction against another TrustFiction ....
      (a) *man* brings a *claim* before the people in an American common law/ court of record to be judged.

      this is absolutely what we absolutely have to get back to.
      without common law we will continue to hear like we have for the past 6 years (and more):

      "We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong."

    2. its also noteworthy that the man they call jesus told the scribes and pharisees and the people that Statutory Law was Man-Made and not necessary!!!
      (shortly after he came out of the wilderness he'd already told them he completed the necessary works of the law. luke 4.).

      he told them they worry about tithing on their mint and cumin but do not do the weightier works of law, jugdment, and mercy! matthew 23:23;
      :24 he rightly said they "strain at gnats" and "swallow camels". lol. he cracks me up.

      hes the one who reminded people that the actual *law* is common law: law common to all man:
      'dont harm another man and if you do, you restore that man'.

    3. and also, partiularly with the baptism-in-water process, i see how he was teaching people the three steps to common law:
      1. mans INTENT:
      2. brought before the people: that is, DECLARATION OF THAT INTENT before the people.
      and then finally:
      3. DO it openly.

      All three have to be present to establish that thing concerning that man.

      Plus, man can stop if he finds it harms him... man cannot be made to harm himself or others or animals, or the earth and so forth... its all gods "property", man has no right to harm what our creator put here for good.

      with the baptism jesus told them that they were to
      2. come before the crowd of people DECLARATION
      1. and express their privately-decided desire to follow him INTENT
      3. and then DO Step Three: begin to live before the people in accord with what he was teaching them.

      regardless of the details of his name, blahblahblah... ive never read a single thing he said that has proven in my life to be wrong.

    4. YOU GUYS!!!!!!

      Jesus' common law and American common law are the very same:
      1. INTENT
      3. DO
      And if it harms him, he can stop the agreement.
      how great is our God?!
      nobody who know the God who treats his people like this can keep from loving him.

    5. Most apropos and wonderful timing goodE, many thanks.

    6. thank you foscolos00.
      ive been enjoying the depth of the research youre sharing in your comments.