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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tyranny in Austria

 By An American Expatriate in Austria


  1. Tyranny or staged events

    Crowds on demand and faked news stories galore for their plans to move forward and beat the drums for you to rush to the so called federation

    Faked civil war and faked wars now there is nothing hollywood and their inbred families won't try

    Funny Habsburg in the article linked above
    Isn't Anna Maria a Habsburg?

    And what happen to Anna Marie now it is Anna Maria?

    I wonder if those staged assembly arrests to come are staged like all this shit is being staged
    Like how ole Freedom Fest has links to Dennis Quaid and pictures of him with some actors filmed at the January 6th staged BULLSHIT
    Team Law is building assemblies too and directly linked to Freedom Fest and Anna Maria here as indicated in article 118 linked below
    There are many more of her writings about this; and, the “Team Law” that
    she references in part 1 has a full historical outline regarding it also.

    Kind of like in this article here where it says that all of what the Biden Admin is doing is all staged for the cameras and the television brainwashed duped low IQ Americans as Miss Anna Maria here refers to you as believe the BULLSHIT that the hollywodd inbred Trump actor is shoveling out

    Natalie Wood a Romnov?
    Astroworld fake news event and paid agents to flop on the floor

    They are everywhere

  2. It'a all in the families

    They faked the event and the trial and they are all related
    The judge, prosecutor and the damned accused

    1. When the same families own the worldwide BROADCAST and PRODUCTION of just about everything you've ever known it's pretty easy to pull the wool over the worlds eyes

      FDR the liar and actor

      Episode of The Waltons on today about how they were from Virginia and how the 'shew' was centered around the narrative of events of 1934 and ole fake ass FDR here and their so called 'new deal'

      Hollywood people and all their inbred family members running this world wide monopoly money PYRAMID ponzi scheme
      Of course along with their actor Men in Black BULLSHIT

      Mr Green Jeans aka Fred Astaire aka Jacob Rothchild

      Wake the hell up

      Anna is a family member and in on the con

      You've signed up for their new world order of global serfdom

    2. Shut up already.


    To live by the fraud and claim it - the bait and switch

    1. They don't want your babies growing up as cowboys they want you to be doctors and lawyers and such

      Think that song was written without intent and by the same friggin families who have had this world heist going on forever

  4. Listen:

    1. EX-CELLENT!!!!! thank you for posting ready007.

      i'm awed... a true, called-of-God LEADER who no doubt loves God more than himself and loves the people too.


      Take a couple of good looks... cause theyre in very short supply these days.

      watch his eyes, how he makes sure hes connecting with the people God has given him responsiblity to teach and encourage!... he speaks with them like he intends to make very sure they dont mis-understand what hes saying!

      would to God more manly, unselfish men who actually TRUST the God they preach about were behind the pulpits leading the people like this precious man.

      and the icing on the cake was the congregation's applause.
      i was literally sitting here applauding too.

    2. would love to hear more from him.


    They own the radio and television airwaves

    And they have been soaking the public ever since

    The new narrative is this FEDERATION BULLSHIT

  6. They hacked his site

  7. 'Tyranny in Austria' - They're laughing at you sheeple, open your eyes...

    Austrian politicians partying on live TV as the people who pay their wages are locked down again, had enough yet?


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