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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The Plan To Escape Medical Tyranny by Andrew Torba, CEO of

 Many of the people who received either one or two shots are beginning to wake up. They were told by the “experts” that they just needed to get the shot and things would get back to normal. Things are far from normal and now they are being told that they will likely need to get multiple booster shots and even a pill to treat Covid-19.

Thankfully, many of them are taking a stand and fighting back.

On September 10th it was dthat a oYork hospital is going to pause baby deliveries after a “spate of resignations” by maternity unit workers who refused to inject an experimental substance into their bodies.

Over the weekend I received a direct message from a NASA engineer who informed me that “almost all the engineers here have all banded together and are forcing NASA admin to fire them (both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike). NASA is on a hiring freeze, so firing all these folks would essentially kill the Artemis mission.”

Many people believed they were “fully vaccinated” after two shots. They trusted the system. They believed things would get “back to normal.” They took the shots, often reluctantly, with these things in mind and they are quickly finding out that they’ve been lied to.

Now they are preparing to be labeled “unvaccinated” again if they refuse to get yet another shot. Look on the bright side: Moderna’s shares jumped 5% on news that they revealed a new single shot booster.

Meanwhile tens of millions of Americans face being fired, kicked out of school, removed from our Military, refused medical care, and more for having faith in the immune system God gave them to overcome a virus with a 99%+ survival rate for the overwhelming majority of the population.

This all comes after Pseudo-President Joe Biden declared war on 80 million (or likely way more) Americans who refused to participate in the biggest lab rat experiment in human history.

I’ve been writing about concepts like the need for a parallel economy, a parallel internet, and a parallel society throughout all of 2021. But what does that actually look like?

We are about to find out.

If you’ve already been vaccinated you can join those of us who have not been by refusing to get any of these booster shots. At some point enough of us need to say enough is enough. The way this is going to work is even if you’ve received two shots already they are going to group you in with us “unvaccinated” people because without the booster you will no longer be “fully vaccinated.” So you might as well unite with the rest of us and start building something new.

All of the best, most talented, and smartest people are critical thinkers. They are builders. Doers. They are quickly leaving the existing system. What will be left is low quality talent. The “yes” men people who will shut up, do what they are told, and get their 15th booster shot to keep their job. My heart goes out to these people, but you all know exactly the type I’m talking about.

The existing system will begin to collapse under a sea of “vaccinated” talent shortages, incompetence, and woke political nonsense.

Hospitals won’t (and already can’t) find much needed nursing talent. NASA missions will be aborted. Schools won’t be able to find teachers. Businesses who are already having trouble filling open positions will be forced to compete with businesses who don’t pry into your healthcare privacy. You can't just cut off 80 million people and not expect your business and country to suffer. 

The society of obedient regime sheep will chug along for a while, but inevitably it will succumb under the weight of market forces from a growing new parallel society.

Companies without mandates will perform better and get all of the best talent. Doctors will start private practices. Families will begin to homeschool their children. Blue states and major cities will see a mass exodus unlike anything in American history.

All we have to do is say no and start building a new society for ourselves. We need to take control of our own destiny here and do what needs to be done to protect our families and preserve our values and indeed our own humanity.

I believe that God has a plan, as He always does, for what is unfolding on a global scale today. Now more than ever we must keep the faith and do as Christians have always done: survive and thrive. Do you think it was “easy” for the Pilgrims to set out for a new land and start building from scratch? Of course not, but they did it and ended up building the greatest country in the history of the world. Do you think it was “easy” for first century Christians to spread the Gospel? Of course not, but today billions of Christians know that Christ is on the throne because of their work and sacrifice.

In a lot of ways we are the modern Pilgrims of our time, seeking religious freedom and sovereignty to escape the rule of a tyrannical elite who hate us. Their blood runs in our veins, the spirit of their plight is in our hearts, and most importantly their God is our God.

We can and must do this. Force their hand. Band together with other like minded people at your school and work to say: no, we will not comply. Then start your pilgrimage to a new parallel society where Jesus is King, family values matter, and freedom rings.

To God Be The Glory,

Andrew Torba
Only Jesus Saves

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  1. I’ve been writing about concepts like the need for a parallel economy, a parallel internet, and a parallel society throughout all of 2021. But what does that actually look like?
    Hmm a parallel internet
    Maybe like this one here
    And make no bones about it Israel is a target

    Well it looks like the Democratic Federation of Earth while the money magicians put their new banking public utility infrastructure in place and move in millions of immigrants and educate them for the future with shit like this
    Identification and entry assessment of ELs: Collaborate with registrars and ESOL staff to enhance the EL intake process so that ELs are appropriately identified and their level of English proficiency is accurately assessed.

    Meanwhile they use you as volunteers to help them build it
    And they cannot sustain their efforts without your generous DONATIONS in those their fiat dollars
    They have to pay for those new LOVE bank buildings
    Supposedly you/we already own it all according to grandma but those fake fiat dollar donations are critical to the operations and it's set up

    Meanwhile you just hold tight those prepaid credit card voucher cards are in the mail, NOT
    And the break up of the United States into different factions was the plan
    Thats why they moving their big tech operations to Texas and the southern states

    Their on line funding 'laws' being implemented behind the scenes as they roll out their technocratic tyranny

    Online funding to RWE hmm I wonder if they have Anna pegged as one of these groups?

    And mr Gab CEO here is clueless or in on it

    You won't build a parallel internet without using their base infrastruture that is CERN and the world wide web of connectivity

    And I found this of interest
    The Silk Road
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to her video or go to her channel and find it there
    This is a 6 part series she did that connects all the way around the world and back to her starting point
    I found it interesting that the Belt and Road Initiative and the Greater Israel Project sounds an awful lot like this silk road
    Could it be that these routes already existed but through destruction they buried them and now they are resurrecting them, repeating HIStory?

    And this Odin plan is the link to communications and the internet that span all over the world
    The military ie the navy have been laying these cables in the bottom of the ocean floor for decades and this is what connects the world to the central brain or nervous system of the internet, CERN

    And this so called awakening well in part 6 of this series at the very end she speaks about our COLLECTIVE conSCIENCE

    Evolving in consciousness, together as a collective?
    That's called the HIVE mind

    And if you read this book you will see where this so called self government and all this CONscience bullshit comes in to play
    Page 14
    And this civilization will likewise be destroyed unless the thinking and the thoughts which guide the tongues and hands will be for democracy as self-government
    The book was written in 1951 right about the time that the clan in Chicago set this in motion then moved their operations to Colorado
    A CONstitution for the Federation of Earth

    I'm telin ya right now all of this shit was planned

    1. Ahh and here comes some information about 2 babylons one referred to as EL

      Now isn't that interesting kind of goes with this new outfit here providing services all across the nation to accomodate for our non english speaking immigrants aliens
      Ya know because it's all warm and fuzzy inclusion and diversity and all
      Identification and entry assessment of ELs: Collaborate with registrars and ESOL staff to enhance the EL intake process so that ELs are appropriately identified and their level of English proficiency is accurately assessed.

      The EL intake process?
      I wonder if that process entails biometric data and the assignment of a digital identity and social security number
      Some immigrants may not even have a last or surname but you bet your ass one will be assigned or they have now altered the identification markers and process in the new banking system?

      In India their ADHR is their UBI and they biometrically marked and enrolled everyone or almost everyone
      India by the way is leading the way in meetings of this world parliament and the Democratic Federation of Earth festivities

      See for yourself
      Yet another Association
      And check out thos out


      Provisional World Parliament Session is scheduled from 10th December 2021 at New Delhi, India. Global Citizens can join this session by registering as Delegates or Observers.

      Now tell me why the hell is it that Miss Anna here is not coming forth with any of this information?

      And to blantantly exclaim in a recent article that you have all the means and authority to stop them in their tracks and yet you beg your followers to donate money to secure a physical location for your LOVE bank?
      And we're not talking peanuts here we're talking $25,000 smackers
      Well gees lets see what has been produced or have the followers attained from their donations and their service over the last few years?


  2. And I wonder if ole doc David Martin here and his appearance on the stage at this precise time

    Is related to Glen T Martin who wrote this book
    A CONstitution for the Federation of Earth

    And hey they're all in the mix at this 3rd CONtinental Conference

    And look at the duping delight on Anthony Patches face in the videos

    And every last stinking bit of this shit links back to SWISSY LAND and their Society of Jesus ZEUS

    If you do not get rid of the culprits behind the monopoly money printing presses and free the internet from their clutches you are doing nothing but helping them reach their end game of

    All these sites and channels were designed by military intel to gather the populations in to the collective in some form or fashion and gather their data
    With that data they are shaping their agenda and moving the populations about
    Chicago and the CONstitution for the Federation of Earths founding
    Their 2040 plans
    In October 2014, the GO TO 2040 comprehensive regional plan was updated in accordance with federal law.
    Federal Law and the UN road map while they steal you blind

    None of this shit will change until we deal with the real problem and that is the monopoly money printers and the banking cartel
    Anything but doing that is playing right in to their hands

    Oh I know Anna has told Rothchild no blah blah blah we will do this and a big show is put on and letters and articles written to the fake popeye and the rest to lure the people in to the new heaven new earth BULLSHIT
    Just claim that name and all will be fine

    And if you look at the information on the World Parliament pages I've posted they are cashing in those bonds and making deals

    And here's one Civil Disobedience to the Federation of Earths rulers

    1. continued from above

      Now I don't know about you but this shit has absolutely nothing to do with building the kingdom of God on earth and everything to do with building their fake ass kingdom of psychopaths ruling and owning it all

      And those colonial Maryland records I had uncovered is key to it all
      You are linked with a PERSON ID to the FAMILY ID (FORENAME/LAST NAME/SURNAME)
      As you can see they have wiped those pages out
      Here is a clip from those pages and I have saved other clips from them as well
      Take a look at these records for Francis Pope

      These records dating back to early mid 1600's
      Sep. 9, 1649 - John Court demanded for self & for Francis Pope 200 acres who were transported in 1639 by Capt. Fulk Brent. Warrant for Patowmeck River.
      Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 2, p. 509.

      Nov. 1676 - Pope, John, son of Francis Pope, deceased, doth choose Thomas Harris to be his guardian. (Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber F, p. 230.)
      Contributed by Margaret Whippee 2009-02-19
      Source: Maryland Archives Microfilm
      19 June 1641
      James Neale, Gent. Demandeth one thousand acres of land to him by conditions of Plantation for transporting into this Province himself and 5 serv. Viz., John Court, Francis Pope, James Longworth, William King and Thomas Demar since the year 1635.

      Through the assignment of the SURNAME you are linked to the FAMILY ID with a PERSON ID
      In these records I had found that names dating back 400 years where their 'estates' were still listed as in probate!

      Praenomen First
      In the days of the Roman Empire, a person’s first name was their family name (i.e., last name). Before a child could be named by his or her parents, it was born out of a family and therefore carried the family name first. Consequently, a “forename” (F/P+R+N+M) is the modern English term used to describe a person’s first name. An almost consonantly identical term “praenomen” (F/P+R+N+M+N) exists in Latin which is also used to describe one’s first name (i.e., last name) Aside from breaking down family pride, the decision to switch last-to-first names and vice versa was likely done in order to confuse historians and disguise the 13 bloodlines of Rome. The only institutions which relies on this former method of naming. This is why even today, militaries of the world (which are all just disguised armies of the Roman Empire), always refer to soldiers by their last name (i.e., forename).

    2. continued from above

      Very intersting info on Dutch east india

      In comments section of this article

      Here is a general history of what government has become and how:

      Click to access ChanAmGASCh3Sept08.pdf

      It is fair to say that the stock market was not created for the people, but for the government and corporations.

      Though trading as such started in about 12th century France, The Dutch East India Company (founded in 1602) was the first joint-stock company to get a fixed capital stock and as a result, continuous trade in company stock occurred on the Amsterdam Exchange (New York).
      Soon thereafter, a lively trade in various derivatives, among which options and repos, emerged on the Amsterdam market.
      Dutch traders also pioneered short selling – a practice which was banned by the Dutch authorities as early as 1610.
      Not ironically at all, it was the Dutch “Quakers” and Puritans”, called the Synagogue of Satan” by King James in his book “Demonology”, who colonized America, funded by royalty to settle and incorporate North America.
      Those and their offspring were who created the United States colonies, and eventually the United States.
      So naturally, those who created the concept of short bets in Holland brought it to America where it would not be banned, along with their “religion”.

      Imagine if short and long bets (derivatives) were banned in America!!!

      Same as today and the subversion of the entire world

      And one other thing in those colonial records I had uncovered there were already circuit courts, liber code and the like back in the 1600's
      So what they started doing then was building the story of Babylon setting up the regions and such which are their county charters such as Prince Georges Counties Charter still in effect today
      This dates all the way back to the League of Nations if not before
      League of Nations was relabeled the United Nations

      And the Democratic Federation of Earth is the new world order where the UN agencies will be merged with it
      When you select the link described as the United Nations Merger you get
      World Legislative Act #52 Ministry of Commerce and Trade: Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act Short Title: Corporations Act
      So is your corporate personhood prohibited based on this ACT?
      Or is it just the CORPORATIONS that have been bilking and poisoning the masses for centuries?
      And rechartering them? Sure sounds like a repeat of the same shit just wearing different MASK

      Babies still being registered as wards of the state all over the world and is part of their UN agenda to register everyone on the planet

      Calling in the debt and intentional genocide all based on fictional money and laws created to protect the guilty cabal as their final push to total destruction of the old world continues

  3. And you can bet they have a plan for that their rockeyfeller UN building sitting in new amsterdam aka new york harbor

    They have to launch their new and improved bilateral unilateral monopoly money banking ponzi scheme and their new and improved UN and their Democratic Federation of Earth BULLSHIT to solidify their REIGN over the planet
    I'm sure the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs and the US Space FARCE is up for the challenge just like their fake ass NASA and the fake moon landings they launched on the world stage
    Star Trekies and ComiCON all set up to assist in their final mind fuck of the populaces world wide
    This is where the alien and the annunaki bullshit that they need gold to support their planet BULLSHIT comes in to play

    They're all in on it

    As their fake ass president Ronald Reagan aka Frank Sinatra exclaimed at his UN speech
    Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world

    Hence their FEDERATION of Earth BULLSHIT and is exactly what you are helping them build the last administrative level to the Babylonian story
    Elevating the state to God with the benefits paid out as fake mutual offset credit (fake by the way)

    Not a nation on this earth should be bankrupt or under the boot of these psychopaths and thinking that you have beaten them with this shit is just rediculous
    They finance and create all sides of the shit shew from one end of the 'GALAXY' to the other

    At 9 minutes in listen to this insider mention the Zeus attack
    And pay close attention to the word governance and how nothing is stored on any of your devices it is all rerouted to their so called 'cloud servers' and the end user hasn't a clue
    Those cloud servers are the data centers has nothing to do with data in clouds but if you classify it as CLOUDS in SPACE then you control the AIR SPACE


    The BIG BANG - the global heist

    1. continued from above

      The reason for the Department of Interior land grabs many decades ago
      The theft of mineral resources specifically gold for the benefit of the 13 named within these land trust
      Have a look see what they been doing with all this land in the last 5-8 decades
      Put in place just before they crashed everything in the 20's and then started their next round of heists all over the world creating the stories to match their narrative along the way

      UNIDROIT and claiming atifictions before they are even discovered and laying claim to them for the state?

      And in this spoof we get introduced to more fiction known as the ancient Aldobrandini family
      Kind of like Medici who provided Anna here with her LRS system which you have now entered your land records into and you will be goverened by Medici Land Governance accordingly under the UNIDROIT bullshit they created for their own benefit

      Same as all the other Alphabet Inc corporations like IBM, BLM, FBI, CIA, CDC, FDA, FCC, SEC the list is endless to their alphabet soup gangs
      Same goes for the corporations they made of the 'nations'

      Their new social compact and the Georgia Guidestones

      Only takes 500 million signed up slaves to maintain their earthly plantation
      I'm sure that Global Resources LLC and their take over of 175 million IP addresses from the pentagon just prior to orange man leaving office has nothing to do with the pre set up of this corporation to be ready for their next phase of operations - only company of it's kind to provide the service compliments of Israel
      And isn't it funny Global Resources LLC is located in PLANTATION FLORIDA

  4. She does a good job of putting it out there for the world to see what these psychopaths have carried out

    And the millions upon millions of acres of land that have been set aside for their own use and profit, ya know to save the earth

    You won't fix this with paperwork and if they make you beLIEve you will, then the jokes on you
    Kim Gougen and Tank and their Life Force Global Bullshit
    This bullshit and more bullshit everywhere as the plunder continues

    Fiduciary with no money and has to pan handle her followers

    A fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients' interests ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust. Being a fiduciary thus requires being bound both legally and ethically to act in the other's best interests.

    A fiduciary may be responsible for the general well-being of another (e.g. a child's legal guardian), but often the task involves finances; managing the assets of another person, or a group of people

    So where are the assets she is managing for you?
    Where is the contract?
    Did all you folks who did her process get a written copy of a contract that legally and etically binds her to the terms of what she is putting forth?

    Spouting off about the gold stolen when they axed the gold standard while they gold mine the hell out of the land that they put in trust for themselves back in 1915 or so we are told
    Oh I know it's the aliens stealing the shit
    49 seconds in to the video a gold mine they looting in Nevada TODAY

    And Zach is a free mason liar and he wrote the series of books to plant the story and move the agenda forward of their bullshit of annunaki and nubiru and they need to harvest gold to keep their planet alive
    MY ASS

    Again with the clay tablets everywhere and only their specialized liars can translate them for the gullable idiots

    Must be why UNIDROIT wants to lay claim to any future cultural artifacts they might plant in the desert and declare the shit historic and a UNESCO SITE

    Mining the hell out of Nevada where the natives lived and yet hundreds of feet deep and still digging but no artifacts just gold

    Ahh but they just started a historic dig in Utah who knows what kind of clay tablets they might find there even though they say the hollywood railroad movie set only dates back to the mid 1800's

    Kind of like that ole hollywood ranch ole Charlie here held up in while they planned the staging of the Sharon Tate murders and then they wrote a song and books about it and collecting royalties ever since

    1. so there you go. how much more plain can it be made?

      shelby is quoting from known sources here and naming them:
      "A fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons..."
      "Being a fiduciary thus requires being bound both legally and ethically..."
      "A fiduciary may be responsible for the general well-being of another..." [my comment: could *SHIP* YOU OFFSHORE THEN, like the irish were moved here and the aussies were moved there .... BOTH as political prisoners.]
      "(e.g. a child's legal guardian),..."
      [child :"your" "gramma"
      legal: Temple Bar of Ba'al
      guardian: warden, guard? just asking.]
      "... often the task involves finances; managing the assets of another person, or a group of people..."

      shelby: "So where are the assets..."
      "Where is the contract?"
      "Did all you... get a written copy of a contract that legally and etically binds her to the terms of what she is putting forth?"

      geez people. snap out of it.

      ive shown verifiable proofs that Federations are NOT American; the government American man consented to is Confederated...
      that Republics are three-tiered caste systems, the people are not free...
      the myriad of ways that "the Constitution" is not a valid agreement in much the same way the Birth Certificates are not valid...
      that the American people have no Employees by way of "the Constitution" because the American people and OUR states and States are not a "party" to it... we didnt ratify it.

      so you can see that "anna" has no Agreement to act as Fiduciary!
      and the Constitution isnt a lawful agreement!

      why the hell arent you asking questions people?
      there should be two hundred people on here requiring proofs!
      but youre all silent except a very very few.
      why arent you requiring proofs?
      when you *have* been given proofs that you need to be asking questions and requiring proof that what youre being told is lawful and that you are protected from possible false claims?

      quit acting like dependents.

      seriously, someone needs to ramp up their courage or whatever and get up here on this blog and be man and ask this self-proclaimed "gramma" woman to show you the lawful agreement that protects you and your property from potential harm.

      why arent you doing that?

    2. and seriously, reconsider:
      letting someone unknown to you and your family, from the internet, probably never even seen them before, with no known binding lawful agreement with you present themselves your GRAMMA.
      That is NOT alright, is it?
      did you ask your true gramma?
      she will say its not right.

      gramma is a sacred family blood tie with lots of serious, selfless responsibilities and unless theres an adoption where both sides agree, before man, to care for one another, you dont HAVE any other gramma.

      gramma is NOT a one of a Fiduciary's duties people.


      "anna" is mixing "jurisdictions" on y'all imo. just like the BritBaalLegisRegisBench'nBar do with their madeup "Special Admiralty" that ya'll are trying to escape from.

    3. World Paliament is already in play here folks you're just not being told that it is

      And India is front and center with it's roll out after all they have to tie it back to East India Trading Company or the West India Trading Company

      India one of the first to biometrically mark every citizen on the continent
      ADHR is the system they using to distribute UBI and benefits

      And what do ya know another guru and his name is Chris topher
      A federal postal judge, hmm what might that be?
      More re-education while the heist continues unabated on the back end through their world parliament set up

      While you continue down the path of this paperwork and this deed and this and this and this they getting away with the actual heist
      Do you folks not realize what the movie Oceans 11 was really about?

      How about the movie Point Break and the four bank robbers that wore presidential mask?
      Nixon - warren beatty
      Carter for fucks sake this one is a world elder, the peanut farmer
      LBJ - Robert DiNiro
      Reagan - Frank Sinatra

      They're masters at lying, trickery and putting on a shew

    4. Go have a look and listen at this BULLSHIT

      Pay close attention to where he explains that these 'communities' that were destroyed had something to do with Islam
      People coming in from all over to live in these communities where everything was provided for them, house, car, food, work but no real money being made they just exchanging their work for their housing and such
      And he explains that this is what they are supposed to be providing here but we have crooks managing the bankruptcy funds so they just stealing everything and paying us in fiat currency

      Says that the system came in and destroyed these communities in 5 different states and that they did this to keep this from the public because this is what was supposed to be done in the first place

      I would consider what he describes as a plantation not a community
      Go read about these two moguls here, they run the Wonderful Company in California - they have literally set up a plantation here and they are rerouting and stealing the water from neighboring cities and towns

      And if you read the lucky history of how these poor old souls tredged their way to California just in time for some great land deals and their fortune just seems to have been dropped in their lap it's enough to make you sick
      So while the fake shit displayed on television with the Newsom recall and a new vote is taking place the back room deals continue
      One of the things that the black dude running against newsom was spouting about is California is running out of water, the infrastruture is crumbling blah blah blah but the blantant fact is that the water is being rerouted to this couples farm while the teach the other folk that you must save the earth, use less water and by all means please buy all the almond milk and pastacios you can because these plantation owners here need all the support they can get to keep their plantation operating

      Funny too these were black communities flourishing blah blah blah

      I've read on the site that Rod Class is a fraud?
      And is associated with Annas work here

      And he's a Bounty Hunter?

      And here's another one
      A postal court judge is he?

    5. continued from above

      No doubt that workforce solutions at the state level and this outfit here providing EL's to the plantation owners it's a fucking win win all the way around for those in the know


      Now isn't that interesting kind of goes with this new outfit here providing services all across the nation to accomodate for our non english speaking immigrants aliens
      Ya know because it's all warm and fuzzy inclusion and diversity and all
      Identification and entry assessment of ELs: Collaborate with registrars and ESOL staff to enhance the EL intake process so that ELs are appropriately identified and their level of English proficiency is accurately assessed.

      The EL intake process?
      I wonder if that process entails biometric data and the assignment of a digital identity and social security number
      Some immigrants may not even have a last or surname but you bet your ass one will be assigned or they have now altered the identification markers and process in the new banking system?

      In India their ADHR is their UBI and they biometrically marked and enrolled everyone or almost everyone
      India by the way is leading the way in meetings of this world parliament and the Democratic Federation of Earth festivities

      See for yourself
      Yet another Association
      And check this out


      Provisional World Parliament Session is scheduled from 10th December 2021 at New Delhi, India. Global Citizens can join this session by registering as Delegates or Observers.

      Come on all you brain dead non global citizens get on board that train and the road to the CONstitution of Interdependence and the multipolar unilateral banking world order
      We'll ensure you a credit card and a mutual offset credit and a UBI all ya gotta do is sign up and let us take care of the rest
      You just do like we tell ya to do and all will be fine
      We can assure we that we have 'in fact' uncovered the 'true' history and provided all the true historical documents and we can lead you to the promise land of milk and honey and freedumb

      They had to devise a way to bring Americans in to the fold because no way in hell would we ever agree to this
      Covid is the conversion/diversion - unemploy milllions to the point of desperation and send them in to the already set traps
      Make them think there is a pot of gold at the end of the lucky charms rainbow and like magic the flock is driven right in to the holding pen, put in the queue awaiting further instructions as the real transformation plans take shape behind the scenes

      The case I linked at the beginning he explains that any award would defer the estates and their holdings to pay off the national debt and the rest would go to the victims of the crime
      He implicates the BAR judges DOJ and on and on he goes
      So if you destroy the current infrastructure taking all these 'agencies' down then what do ya get
      Well you get the new world order of global citizens living in communities where the state is your God and the state will provide all your needs in exchange for chain gang labor
      You don't follow the rules then it's off to FEMA camps

      And I find it odd that all these folks know nothing about Gitmo being handed over to the Earth Federation and act as if true justice like beheadings and executions and life imprisonment for the crooks is actually going to happen when Gitmo is their rerouting of the criminals to other areas within their operations
      World Legislative Act #36 Mundialization of Guantanamo Base
      Earth to United States: Notice to Quit Guantanamo Bay Short title “Guantanamo Bay”

    6. continued from above

      You're talking organized crime here on an international level and they answer to no one
      The greatest pyramid monopoly money ponzi scheme in all world history AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US HELPED THEM BUILD THIS BEAST CALLED BABYLON or the counterfeit one

    7. the "federal postal judge" video:

      yes, more british/ roth/other feudal bullshit/ false claims on other mans god gifted property.

      it makes me laugh that our ancestors (must have) known about this falseclaim/ bullshit system when they penned the words:
      " becomes necessary for one people to DISSOLVE THE POLITICAL BANDS that had connected them with another..." :):):).

    8. also, the BrendanO' video about Afg.
      his summary: its all dependent on getting the surveillance system they need put up, worldwide.
      and the people can still stop it.
      and that there are some good people still in the system.
      i agree with that!

  5. yes the seeming good guys are faking it with the god stuff...
    but its the easiest way to get people who may have been spiritually- damaged in the Vatican 501c3 corporations to feel safe and follow them without asking questions, without requiring proof, without being ac-countable or held to any standards by the people following after them.imo.

  6. yes, men save.

    but it looks like most are waiting for other men to do it for them.

  7. You want to talk mockery of the masses check out the name of this so called judge
    in the comments on this video

    Judge DAVID as in Davidic and HURD as in herd

    And of course this is all aout religious exemption
    Never was any religious exemptions
    The church and state are one and the same
    Catholic church is the largest non governmental organization/service provider in the world and they work for the banking cartel out of SWISSY land
    DAVOS or David pick one
    The G5, G7, G20 worldwide monopoly money printing counterfeiting operation

    Israel is being used as cover to mask the real masterminds and their main hub of operations in SWISSY LAND

  8. And I find it odd that within this whole 2 hour spew he puts forth that there is no detail provided other than his own about these 'communities' operated as plantations were destroyed

    And Kansas a main focus too

    So this mom and her daughter decide to leave the plantation and move to Florida
    In Florida the mom and daughter have a falling out and the daughter heads to a shelter and starts asking where are all the benefits that the shelter offers like the ones she came from?
    Well then they get to investigating and find out that these are enclosed communities and the people that are shipped in to them get homes, cars, food, all their needs met under the conditions that they work within the confines and contibute to the overall
    Well what a marvelous idea but no no no the establishment can't have this it ruins their plantation plans so they work with these law firms and judges to destroy these communities and then the people left out in the cold file complaints and wala you got yourself a made for the internet blockbuster of a bounty hunter coming in to save the day and take all these bad guys down

    At 23:46 minutes I cannot make out exactly what he says but he says at the time these 'communites' were known as the Unitas of Islam?

    Well isn't that intersting that this Rod Class would take up this cause arguing constittution and civil rights on behalf of a shit load of people living in communes set up under the label of Islam?

    And check this out

    And this - seems like they starting to move these intel sources around now and this one claimed to be dead of covid, military intel and moved to new assignment

    Check out the names on the papers as well
    Ephraim Woods - I wonder if any relation to L Lin Woods
    Fatimah Muhammad
    And if I am not mistaken there are quite a few complaints within this bunch of 110 or more filed that have the last name Forbes attached to them?
    Forbes? Really?

    Now I'm not knocking this at all if it is legit but I find it rather interesting that these wiped out 'communities' are related to Islam and why would this American 'bounty hunter' come to the rescue?

    In the linkedin profile above you will see how they using the Floyd incident to incite and move the agenda forward and what in the hell does George floyds death have to do with Unitas of Islam in the first place?

    And since when does Islam provide such services to their citizens such as free housing, cars, food and so on in exchange for your work?

    I smell rats people everywhere

    And somewhere within this there was an article written about Rod Class but I just can't find it at this time

    But interesting to note the following
    Now this link was provided in here
    And connected to Anna

    The links below were provided by a longtime reader in Washington State. The link is today’s post (January 22, 2021), authored by Anna von Reitz. She has studied the corruption of world for decades, and shares her insights with what and why America and the world is being raped of everything they thought they owned.

    January 22, 2021 post:

    PART 1 – January 15, 2021 post by Anna von Reitz:

    PART 2 – January 15, 2021 post by Anna von Reitz:

    There are many more of her writings about this; and, the “Team Law” that
    she references in part 1 has a full historical outline regarding it also.

    1. Interesting note here

      Time will prove that our honor in living the principles taught in our foundational Law (Torah and the Bible) will win the day.
      Hmm the Torah?

      And what do ya know books galore they need to sell ya and enlighten you
      Check out the one called New Earth Awakening to your Lifes Purpose
      Well isn't that just special
      Team law gets a kick back from Amazon on all the books they sell to the public for your re-education in to the new world of the crooks still in charge and you spend the rest of your life trying to fix the shit they willfully put in place to start with

      You see this is how you prod the goy to get involved and self govern while the hidden hand of the world parliament moves forward behind the scenes in stealing all your shit and the monies they have stock piled away for the last 150 years
      My bet is most of these books are written by the same pricks involved in the mess
      And to make the people responsible for the total fraud that this set up is and that they must work there asses off to fix the mess so the crooks can continue on as usual is just plain ass retarded

      Strawman myth
      Copyright you name myth
      Hmm well I wonder how it is that this teamlaw associated with Anna don't seem to see eye to eye and yet they are linked together?



    2. its going to start to be corrected locally. by the people themselves without "leaders". we know right from wrong... we all know how to run things fairly and efficiently. were just going to start doing it correctly. theres nothing they can do about that. we have the right and duty to do that.
      they dont have anything we dont give them.
      unless they can prove we agreed differently, on purpose.
      which true Americans didnt.

      theyve already grabbed onto that concept for themselves -- trying to horn in there and take it over on the land.

      but the land belongs to people not the People. the People are created from the will of the people and exist only if we
      the people, whose consent is required IN THE SPIRITUAL AND on earth, allow it.
      and we pull that construct down by not consenting

      - the People have no rights or property or inherent authority.
      only the peaceful people do.
      it cannot be changed.
      its universal law HERE on earth; and, rightfully, severe punishments happen to those who break it.
      im in agreement with that.
      let it happen now.
      and so it is.

  9. goodboots, that is 100% correct
    its the easiest way to get people who may have been spiritually- damaged in the Vatican 501c3 corporations to feel safe and follow them without asking questions,

    there are no good guys. thats why god saves. mankind cannot. masonry says men are good.

    yes, it was occult theocracy in 1776 it remains so today. saint germain, the mysterious visitor guiding the constitution and washington. he is the new christ for 2nd coming age of aquarius.

    see the overlap/synthesis? occult theocracy tells you its christ, its saint germaine instead. tells you jesus, its kabbalah luciferian gnostic jesus instead. tells you "god saves", denies christ is god, cerinthus heresy instead.

    tells you grace and peace and love, instead "the lord" tries to strike the shephard. promises "family values" actually is marxist jesus, judas jesus.

    like masonry, and all mystery religions, there is one story for insiders, another for outsiders.

    its how you get one world "socialist jesus". "god saves" "family values". illuminism always did this.

    before "freedom of religion" back when there was a new testament, your "family" was your church, and your mother and father in heaven.

    illuminism promotes flesh and blood families instead, to destroy god, always has, same old. and denies the trinity, the one unpardonable sin, same old.

    all the "God" nonsense is 99% marxist/hegelian brainwashing.

    the purpose is to damn as many people as possible to hell. this is just another way of saying yes, they want slaves in this world, in this life. they can only do that by substituting themself as "god" and denying actual god.

    mason "god" -- binds nothing, aka hell on earth. its that kind of "heaven on earth". illuminism/america always was like this, this is nothing new. same old.

    maybe, after 100 false "2nd coming" over the past 2000 years, this one is timed so they can "save america". pure idolatry. that is maybe the one unique thing here. but, its what illuminism always did, new atlantis, america is some "promised land".

    you have to understand, any time you see "american" "religions" it is synthesized (as in phony, fake, not real) hegelian/marxist/heraclitus "masonic christianity" "illuminist christianity"

    normally these are opposites. grace, not law.

    trinity, not "god". pick a real testament.

    spirit gives life, letter kills, not "the bible is the word of god" (christ is incarnated word of god, bible is idolatry).

    not "flesh and blood family values" (christ said opposite, said call no man father, your father is in heaven, and if you will be perfect you must leave your flesh and blood family to be reborn).

    understand hegelian/marxist brainwashing, which is all illuminism/masonry has ever done, and you can easily spot these "synthesis" fake "religions".

    heraclitus, unity of opposites. understand that, you will understand how these "eastern" philosophies masquerade as "christianity", and why all the endless "2nd coming" that never actually materializes, endless "cycles" but noone ever shows up. a generation passes, someone else claims "christ" has risen again.

    actual trinity: was, is, ever shall be. no "2nd coming" no "millenium" no "heaven on earth" no "christ has risen" (actual christ never left).

    all these things are simple, and you can easily spot the fakes. "come holy spirit" -- fake, christ never left. "come holy ghost" -- right name, still fake, same thing.

    "god" -- no trinity, devil.

    "jesus" cerinthus heresy, denies christ is god.

    10 commandments -- galatians is not from mt sinai, devil. jews dont require non-jews do this either.

    "help me save america, jesus commands you" -- masonic/illuminati jesus, devil.

  10. you can be 99% sure "patriots" pushing "god" are fakes.

    if they cared about christ they would not mandate moses law, new testament, as galatians says, is not from mt sinai. state assemblies turned their back to christ and new testament.

    so, that is sure sign you are dealing with satanists posing as "christians".

    and, it is not a "jewish" thing jews dont mandate "10 commandment" nonsense either.

    it is easy to spot the fakes -- they never pick a trinity, never can decide if christ came already or is coming later, etc.

    "god "god" god" "the lord" they cant ever make up their minds.

    its a made-up invented not-a-real-testament "god" who doesn't exist. yes, it is just a way to control people and rob them blind and enslave them. and also damn them. thats how masonry/illuminism rolls. the more people damned, the more slaves they get in this life. thats the deal they make.


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