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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Message to "Man of God" --- and "Graphene is Good" Narrative:

 By Anna Von Reitz

Are you inexplicably naive, or just insane?
The "New" Republic you are trying to confuse with our Federal Republic is just another attempt to substitute your syndicate for our lawful government, and to impersonate us and our lawful government. It's bushwah.
And nothing good or lasting can be built on bushwah.
So just stop. It's unnecessary and stupid and we object to it and can see it for what it is from considerably more than a mile away.
The original plotters got away with substituting foreign "State of State" organizations for the American "State of State" organizations after the Civil War, but that was then and this is now. You won't succeed in substituting your "Republic" for ours.
And now that we have dispensed with that ruse, let's deal with the ridiculous "graphene is good" narrative.
Graphene is a poison that damages the nerve systems of the victims and causes blood clots, paralysis, and death. If you bought the bullshit you are peddling and got vaccinated yourself, you can expect that outcome unless you take very specific countermeasures.
That's just for starters.
Graphene used as you describe in your second missive by the purported "White Hats" to play the music of the spheres and create "heaven on Earth" by artificially stimulating everyone's nervous system with "beneficial sound frequencies" is complete, utter, inexcusable violation of the Universal Law of Freewill and the actual Creator will stomp you all like so many bugs.
He didn't manipulate anyone, so how in the hell do you present yourself as a "Man of God" and pretend to have any such authority? Which "God" are you representing, you miserable excuse for anything approaching godliness?
While you deceitfully present this invasion of living flesh with billions of tiny knives as a good thing, you neglect to observe the equally obvious point that if the victims can be artificially "stimulated" to feel good and do good, they can just as easily and arbitrarily be "stimulated" to feel bad and do harm.
You are talking about the zombification and control of the entire population of the Earth and whether you are "intending" this for good purposes or ill, you need to be locked up in a padded cell, or executed together with all your collaborators, at the earliest opportunity.
You are a liar. You are lying when you try to substitute your "Republic" for our Republic and confuse the two things. You are a liar when you present the use of graphene to control people as something that can ever be controlled or used for good. You are a liar when you say you are a "Man of God" and yet offer to violate the Universal Law of Free Will which our Creator established as the Law for every living creature.

Get thee away, Satan, your time has come! And your son, Lucifer, too!


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