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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

New Stew Peters: America Has Had ENOUGH! "The Plan" Has Been REVEALED!


  1. Fuck Q military psyop from the word go

    Your Guide to Understanding Nuclear 9/11
    The following is a compilation of new and previous writings that will help new readers understand the scripting behind the Second 9/11 (which the globalists are currently struggling to execute). We’ll begin by looking at the big picture, then we’ll focus down to the part of the show where we now find ourselves…

    The roiling drama the world is now experiencing is not something that’s happening naturally / on its own. Nor is it something that’s being driven by supernatural forces. It is the result of an ongoing effort by the Kabbalist bankster families + the world’s royal families (the “globalists”) to consolidate complete control over our planet. It is their intention to rule over us like gods in a post-democratic world they own lock, stock, and barrel. And to get there, they are taking us through a religious drama, the “End Times” stageplay, which is currently scheduled to continue for another 11 years.

    Their “End Times” stageplay is an engineered attempt to fulfill the various “end of the world” prophecies of the world’s religions, “prophets,” “seers,” and “revelators” — prophecies that the globalists themselves have reinterpreted, organized, and promoted to the public in order to facilitate acceptance of their counterfeit fulfillment — and it consists of two Acts…

    Hello, Democratic Federation of Earth and World Paliament

    This self government claim the name bullshit is all a set up and a way to keep you the people from seeing the real plan of which I have been shouting from the rooftops for months now

    Currently under CONstruction and being implemented is WLA52

    Ministry of Commerce and Trade:
    Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act Short Title: Corporations Act

    This is where LETS RECHARTER the crooks CORPORATIONS and take AWAY their PERSONHOOD status while they skate out the back door with the profits from the last 150 years including your pensions, 401K, stocks, EVERYTHING
    And the so called state of state will skate with all the CAFR stolen loot too

    By all means keep sending those donations in to keep this farse going
    Those LOVE banks are just around the corner but we have to buy the building and pay taxes and closing cost and everything else so we are desparate for those donations

    Don't forget now we own all of this shit but we must rebuy it and without your generous donatiions we cannot SUSTAIN our efforts
    Ya know with the fiduciary here adhereing to the sustainable development plan of the UN and banking being transitioned to a public utility and the FEDERATION to incur no cost in it's creation
    Nope that funding must come from all the newly declared NATIONAL self governed

    The writing is on the wall people and if you cannot see that I cannot help you

    The article put out yesterday by the CEO plant and running a

    Instead of anyone being help accountable for the atrocities and crimes committed and being committed on a daily basis they will launch their world government with you participating in the building of the fucking beast

    1. yes, it looks like its an ugly, deceitful "Military Op" by people who live to control other people: INTENDING to DESTROY Confederated American free life created by AMERICANS WHO KNOW THEY ARE NOT CONTROLLED BY OTHER MEN!! ESPECIALLY EVIL ONES!!!!! WHO HARM THE HELPLESS!!!!! ON PURPOSE!!!!! FOR MONEY AND FAVORS!!!!
      (SEE: Secret Treaty of Verona, that, when discovered, was answered by Americans with Monroe Doctrine)
      may our god intervene immediately!!:):):)

      and thats right shelby, its a rolling drama, like a soap opera, totally engineered: get yure poop'corn yure watching a movie... well *I* AM *NOT* WATCHING A DAMMMOVIE!

      yeh, and omigaaaaaawd, everybody's pushing themselves off as a dammmm phrophet.
      intel receiver.
      alien contactee.
      ascension teacher!!!!!
      paa-leeezeSTOP with the MKUltra-tard mindkontrolmonkee jibberings already. we feel sorry if someone actually did this to you, but we're only listening to watch liars act-out, not because were buying the scripts your Handlers give you, if any.

      the comment above (shelbys) pretty much accurately whittles "Their [Failing] Plan" down:

      • continually manufacture new crises = "strategy of tension";
      • pretend its "organic";
      • stage complicit men as Actors: as helpful authorities and experts;
      • call the engineered construct the opposite of what it really is (ex: "self-government");
      • reboot the old system under the new "SAVIOR" bannername;
      • expand it;
      • exchange promises of protection/ safety for actual property;
      • keep all the riches and natural sources... "*for* the people"
      • fail/refuse to provide the services agreed upon;
      • Cry Poor;
      • Abusers and Perpetrators live freely and richly off the best of the fruit of their victims bodies and labor;
      • have the people pay for their own demise;
      • make the people re-buy the property they were robbed of;
      • at multiple times its worth
      • then charge then to use it
      • and take it away if they break any "rules" they make up out of thin air
      • bring ALL the "crimes" "from dark to light"q":
      for "settlement";
      • settle them by "other brothers" DISCHARGE/DISMISS THEM ALL.
      • keep what was stolen
      • Try to destroy anyone who refuses to participate in thie FABRICATED REALITY.

      ...and more ignorance from jibbering losers warshipping their own man made jibbering fictional character they made up to cover over their crimes as
      "their religion".

      why are people participating?

  2. NOTE: Be advised that the globalists are currently aiming to trigger the Second 9/11 in the September 21-24 timeframe, with a fallback date of September 28. I’ll be covering the details as we approach those days.

    Instead of Anna here telling you the real truth that she and her operation are that of military intel she is feeding you nothing but bullshit and stealing from you with a smile while she does it

    And her mission along with Romley and others like Santos, Sasha, Heather Ann, Kim Gougen and Tank, Karen Hudes and all the others is to get you to sign up for their bullshit and paricipate in the transformation that you know absolutely nothing about

    She is working to get the brits on board, the aussies on board and so on and that is because this is how they will launch their new Democratic FEDERATION of EARTH BULLSHIT and WORLD PARLIAMENT as you so call self govern your way right in to hell on earth

    The Space Farce created to protect the GALAXY from the alien invasion that will be brought to you by the media houses they OWN and HOLLYWOOD

    And the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs will spring in to action to protect the GALAXY from those pesky aliens



    Meanwhile on the land and soil, they stealing your asses blind and stripping out all the resources specifically GOLD and DIAMONDS all over the world

    Those damned annunaki killing off the planet to get the gold to support the atmosphere on their planet in the GALAXY

    And really look at the guys name for gods sake
    Stew PETERS, they love their DICK JOKES

    Like ole Tricky Dickey here aka Warren Beatty
    Took us off the gold standard my ass - they stealing it in plain sight through the land trust and Department of the Interior that they had fake CONgress bequeth to them

    Meet the atom bombers and the sick prick who aided and abetted in their false flag to write the 'laws' to take away Australia's guns

    And I've got news for ya
    This is not us doing this it is the corporations that they own doing this while we are being guided down the path of save the friggin planet and a new heaven new earth will emerge in our Collective CON SCIENCE

    1. stew.

      inversion: wets
      jes sayin.

  3. And the farce that is Newsom wins in California after all the voting bullshit that has went on and these stupid ass people still believe this voting shit

    Newsom is Matthew McConaughey

    And check out the links provided when doing a search on this

    Ole Matthew looking to head to Texas but maybe that won't happen now since he has to stay in California
    Now remember they are magicians and masters at cloning so they could have two matthews playing both roles or just filming the shit with different green screen backgrounds

    Every last bit of it is hollywood disney magic

    The magic kingdom

    The progression of their plan after this televised BROADCAST world wide mind fuck based trauma is off the charts
    Books, theories, shew after shew of their mindless banter on this event decade after decade
    And the saga of the curse on this family and all the fake deaths

    And review this one and the comments he places under the video
    Dan Rather is Senator Pete Domenici..., Rather is also the CGI presidential political myth know as Mike Huckabee and get this... Attorney Gedneral John Ashcroft.
    Huckabee doing a shew now speaking to the Christians blah blah blah
    They are openly mocking the entire world

    Autralia and the fake ass loss of their right (mob wrote it in to 'law') to disarm them

    And the World Parliament has a whole outfit working to disarm everyone on the planet so we can all live in peace and abundance under their watchful eye
    As a matter of fact it was their first world legislative act (1982)

    World Legislative Act #1
    To Prohibit Weapons of Mass Destruction, Including Nuclear Weapons, and to Create a World Disarmament Agency Short title: Bomb Prohibition

    To go with this you must have staged events to create the need for such NGO's and non profits
    ya know for your safety and protection

    Meanwhile over in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq the very same culprits behind this so called world peace and democratic FEDERATION are bombing the hell out of these nations creating one fiction terrorist group after another
    And this Afghanistan bullshit right now
    Pathetic is what this is - so called Generals parading around on the world stage fucking bare face lying to the public

    Think those PROGRESSIVE commercials are just commercials

    1. Their fake nuclear weapons coming event to solidify the story line being drilled in to our heads for decades

      Those their rocket launches they been practicing with and their payload of nytroclycerin which will assist the in their nuclear attack and the launch of their world tyranny through the Democratic FEDERATION of Earth and the Earth CONstitution and the UN Office of Outer Space Affairs, the Space Farce and all these world disarmament agencies

      Planning this shit and carrying it out for decades in plain sight

      The SIMPSONS meaning you fucking simpleton stupid animals
      And their portrayal of ole Rothchild himself in that their cartoon series and the emphasis on nuclear power
      Nuclear power is the most efficient and most economical power source in the world and they intend to end it for their Green New Deal plans of plantation slaves living on solar and wind while they move the power sources to supporting their IT INFRASTRUCTURE OF GLOBAL SURVEILLANCE AND GOVERNANCE

      And when you consider they wrote legislation and trump signed it on mining the minerals and other materials from the moon
      well then it must be true that we live in a galaxy and that a FEDERATION is warranted to protect the fucking Amazon zoo here on earth


    2. people who do not with to participate are going to have to take off their jellyfish costume, grow a backbone, and peacefully and lawfully stand being man under their rightful god-gifted authority.

    3. they didnt use the slogan: "just say no" for nothing peeps! :):):)

      they have to tell us and in their inssssesssst- mangled malfunctioning brainmass that might pass as "disclosure" to them.

      they KNOW they HAVE to BACKOFF if we say NO!
      They cannot proceed.
      they have no "standing" in the spirit area if we do not agree.

      stop agreeing !!!
      nobody can stop agreeing for you!
      *you* have to grow your backbone and stand up and politely refuse.
      and regardless of what they do, it IS "now" recorded in the spiritual area: being YOUR lawful and peacefully refusal to participate with them.
      it counts.
      thats where the changes in our physical circumstances start imo, according to my experiences.

      but *YOU* have to do it.
      just Do it... yourself!
      self-appointed "GRAMMA" here cant be doin' it for you!
      ...and neither can anyone else...

      GROW UP!

      youre NOT a Child and:
      shouldnt you be questioning why you are being put into someones recording system as a Child of someone you dont even KNOW????

      please correct me in front of everyone here with verifiable proofs, if i am wrong about any of this.
      thank you kindly!

  4. "Just remember there is still 90 + American citizens being held in solitary confinement with no charges ! They are being treated worse then a terrorist in gitmo literally eating their meals off the floor!"

    TRANSLATION: “You must be EVIL to be a Mason, and continually demonstrate it to others before being permitted to rise up the ranks”.

    The VAST MAJORITY of politicians in leadership positions, from all major political parties, in nearly every country, are ALL Masons!"

    "A Texas mother reads excerpts from ‘recommended reading’ for her high school kid to her school board. The book graphically describes sexual relations with a 10-year-old child.

    Seriously folks, these school boards should be arrested and jailed for the harm that they are doing to our children. (Language warning)

    1. yes, and not only that, it is also very useful for SCARING THE SHIT OUT OF MEN WHO MIGHT BE THINKING ABOUT GOING OUT IN THEIR HOMETOWNS TO PEACEFULLY GATHER with those of similar ideology!!

      being held indefinitely without charges and "eating off the floor" whilst the "worlds hero and king" who met up with you there IGNORES YOU tends to have that effect too.

    2. Trump leading those patriots to the Capitol and the Capitol Police "welcoming" them inside (set up). What Trump did reminds me of the saying "Judas Goat".

      "A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter,while its own life is spared. Judas goats are also used to lead other animals to specific pens and onto trucks."

  5. I saw the following comment on a prominent chat board, I will post the video if he posts it:

    "Once again, another election stolen. California is a dumpster fire and Newson's recall was corrupted with mail in ballots and fake submissions.

    I saw a rather strange video of several Chinese individuals talking on how they need to be patient until the vaccines take full effect. And that when people start falling ill in mass, the Pharmaceutical industry will supply further vaccinations as a solution to their already destroyed immune system. The video could not be shared. I'm trying to find it on another site."

    1. yeh well maybe the heroic and kingly trumpsterdrfumpfsterFire himself is going to rush in with his medbeds and save 'em all himself... you know the way hes doing with his biggest supporters who came to satiinic wdc, and heard him speak??? good buddy that he is with his "promises made promises kept", "i will never let you down", "i will fight for you", "america first", "maga", "i will never concede" (i will just leave your asses flapping in the wind though you redhatwearing suckkas!)??
      ...while the store shelves are emptying because people are being frightening into panic buying?
      aaaaaaaaah, our fictional, cloned, lookaliked, HERO!!
      grab that poop'corn evra'bodee, its politics, its a movie, its a fightmatch, its 5D chess, its the Ascension, its the Great Reset, its the pope, its the dalilamma, its the martians, its the man in the moon, its the white men, its the farmers, its the truckers, its the lesbians, its the gay frogs, its the Great Depression, its the third Great Rescession, its the Fourth Turning, its the Aliens, its Lucifer, its Madam Blavaxktsky, its BritSprss Dad, its the Fifth Reich, its the nephilim, its princemichaeljohnjoh and lenmon, its a soapaopera, its a hoax, its a false flag, its a war, its a virus, its science, its religion, its secular, it doesnt exist but take a vacxk for it, it does exist but we cant find it, it doesnt exist but you hafta wear a makkks so you dont catch it, the hospitals are full but nobody is in them, you have the V but you have no symptoms, theres no test for it but the test says you have it, it cant be isolated but you have to be, youre perfectly healthy but you might give it to someone...
      ooooohhhhgaaaawd and now yure sheddddding allll over everybody but you have your makkks on so its okay
      and heres trumpf:
      TEETIME! outta my way peasants!! go sit and fry in your 5G I
      had installed for ya. then jardnvanki will sell ya an electronic medconsult, and ill sell ya time in one ah my medbdds ...........

      none of it is working.
      jesters. clowns. fools. imbeciles not to mention their "women" look like scarecrows or wrestlemania contestants.
      imo, all.

    2. "those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities."

    3. the doctors and nurses who were the "administration's" darlings two months ago are now being fired for noncompliance to the POLICY of private foreign corporations this month??

      wonder if theyll exempt them like they did their own and the postal corporation..... it has over 100 workers. (im very glad for them tho).

      more absurdities.
      look out!?

    4. atrocities? or a hoax again?

      gateway pundit:
      teutopolis IL school district confines five students in isolation in seperate rooms, (video of one in a small room isolated = imprisoned) for several hours as punishment for protesting mask mandate.

      isolation as punishment for this was apparently approved by the State of Illinois?? -- for presenting imminent danger of serious physical harm to others... not wearing a papermask??

      including putting school children into PRONE PHYSICAL RESTRAINT? for mot wearing a papermask??? is this true?

      WHO BANNANNABOATGRANNY HERE SAYS ARE " our employees"? ...
      ....fakegrinney... guuurl, i think yas dropped yure damm marbles out the back cho' hade woe'man. :):)

      (IMO, ALL.)

      I SAY: STAY. COOL.
      STAY. COOL. KEEP MOVING FORWARD PEACEFULLY, LAWFULLY, AND PRAYFULLY. theyre hoaxers, deceivers, tricksters, liars, goaders, losers, REJECTS... devoid of principles and ethics,
      Theyll take themselves down.
      theyre panicking.
      theyre behaving outrageously toward children for a DAMMSMOKESCREEN!! or PRETENDING to.

      cause the people are steadyrejecting their madeup bullshit!!!

      they are distracting the peoples focus away from their evil!!? by mauling the children in broad daylight now??!!!??
      and creating shortages, lack, sicknesses, and fear?

      *********Do they want people to be so scared and exhausted and destitute that they will go ahead and accept their PIDDLYASS NESARA GESARA OFFER!!?? for *fractions* of pennies owed on the dollar??!!?
      just guessing.

      i hope im wrong.

      is this a hoax though? again?
      if its true, why arent they attacking the DADS? hmmmm? why arent the "TEACHERS" throwing the DADS on the floor? why isnt the National Guard protecting the young Americans instead of driving them to these places???
      im just asking questions, this crap makes no sense.
      it needs to be looked onto to find out if its staged for the outrage they seem to perhaps need to stir up??
      otherwise, what is going on?

      and WHERE IS TRUMPDRURUMFPATTON? i thought he was the secret prez of the Hoaxing Foreign Corpse masquerading *as* "our gubbmint".

  6. sept 15, 2021 article: epoch times:


    imo: Theyre using makks mandates and coivoud to cause THE PEOPLE now to be shutting down the ("cabbells" fraudulent) economy that the cabbell built and bankrupted secretively using our property and lives and families as collateral for their EVIL, to steal it in the bankruptcies; and THINK that they are now getting away with stealing all those "profits".

    theyre going to now try to blame THE PEOPLE who are refusing to participate in their fraud for their OWN Preplanned collapse of their CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS?.... THINKING they wont have to stand for the HORRORS theyve done, if any. using false flags and narratives and constructs they throw out there to muddie up their messes.

    but they WILL have to stand.
    on our land.
    and answer being man.
    they WILL.

    i and MANY others, committed in our hearts to peace and safety and prosperity to ourselves and others, will not let them go, will not let go of our property, will not back up, back down, or bend over.
    and will not forgive them either.
    theyre gonna halfta stand.
    its their responsibility to do so.
    and they will.
    it is OWED, and REMAINS OWING, to the people they harmed, if any, until those theyve harmed are fully, peacefully, and lawfully restored by the men who harmed them.
    thats American common law

    THATS the authority theyre under.
    and so it is.


    1. and even worse, if i had sons and daughters/grands still attending FEDERAL FOREIGN SCHOOLS now, if things got so damm out of whack that PROFESSIONAL SOLDIERS WERE DRIVING MY LITTLE ONES TO "SCHOOL", i wd be learning how to homeschool right quick.

      like: hey people, thats a SIGN FROM "GOD" that you need to KEEP your family at home until such horrific dangers pass.

      what in the hell is the matter with people?

      im sure most of those men and women are being very kind and friendly, but damm that would scare me to no end if i was a 7- 12 year old no matter how nice the SOLDIERS were... you still know something has gone horribly wrong and you are in danger or they wouldnt be there.


    2. Very interesting—September 12, 2021 at 11:45 AM

    3. i figured whoever was trolling me using blogger to delete my comments here on this website, most recently on sept 12, would end up not being able to keep their mouth shut if i threw out some bait and got some even *more* intensely outspoken comments posted than what the troll was deleting.

      they just cant leave it alone. :):):) its a personal failure that continues to gnaw at them over time. "sociopaths".

      jes sayin. imo. :)

    4. watch out for the trolls everybody. they do heavy GASLIGHTING too.

    5. Not trolling just observant to the two faced comments jan(us)-marie-.
      Try as ewe might to reflect, project, divert the attention away from ewer actions onto others, their will always be someone that who's focus is steadfast.

    6. In your paranoid state ewe are lashing out at ones that actually esteem ewer worth.

    7. Can the painter be removed from the painting he, or she is creating?

    8. well foscolos00, i didnt name anybody in my comment. why are you taking it personally? you think its you? ...and then you use that imaginating that i was talking about you to launching yourself off into a tirade of completely uncalled-for, nonsensical, and unverifiable insults about me while jibbering about you're steadfastly focusing on observing?!

      that seems unbalanced.

      most of us are just on here to share information, fact check, and try to come up with some peaceful and lawful solutions.

      but youre on here focusing steadfastly on being observant of other peoples comments?

    9. If these statements above are the Creed that ewe adhere to, and expect others to embrace as well please bring forth, and lay out there ewer precise outline for all of US to follow that is the remedy to correct this fraud that was perpetrated ie., "BIRTH CERTIFICATED PERSON”...Because anything else is just window dressing, and deviates from dismantling the core foundation of "their" peonage system.
      I, as others here have read ewer posts, which are mostly tangental, and usually end with a diatribe in some sort, or fashion (railing against this, or that). All the while not providing any tangible process.
      Since ewe are a “free woman”, and possess all ewer rights there should be nothing that could ever indemnify ewe from anything that ewe bring forth, and relay to all of US concerning this subject matter. Please share.
      I have worked on this for nearly ten years, and as of late have reached a plateau. So, yes I am being very observant of everyones comments.

  7. And now isn't this interesting
    The Gate of Ishtar 'discovered' in 1902 in Iraq
    At about 58 minutes in have a listen

    And then have a look at some of the other links

    Now I find it quite interesting this UNIDROIT shit and their right to claim cultural artifacts before they are ever uncovered to be of significance here

    Since we are told that these sites are 'ancient' and only their bought and paid for liars get to tell the tale and handle these so called 'artifacts' what does that say about any of these findings being anything but made up to fit the narrative of the story planned all along

    And hmm 1902 right around the same time that the grand monopoly money ponzi scheme would be launched on the world scene

    1902 Gate of Ishtar 'discovered' in Iraq
    1914 - 1918 First World War
    1914 - 1948 british mandate in Palentine
    1929 - through late 30's Great Depression
    1929 also year that the story of the Richest Man in Babylon was widely published and distributed throughout north america especially in new york
    1934 Babylon clay tablets 'discovered' in Syria
    1938 Rockefeller builds museum in Palestine
    Palentine referenced in the first video link so we know Palestine was set up all along and the advent of fake Israel
    My guess is the monopoly money bankers called in their fake loans and set out to destroy Palestine and resurrect fake ass Israel in it's place

    And along the way they planted the evidence needed to put land trust in place, declare the land UNESCO world heritage bullshit and the team of bought and paid for liars are launched on to the world stage

    Television really sent them on a blitz where they could produce the story of Moses and Lawrence of Arabia and such and film it all on location
    Those golden globe trotters went on to film and produce every single thing we have ever been told about these 'ancient' times

    The desert southwest and the savages and how they filmed to their little hearts content on location all over the west building mock up cities and then making them historic finds today and declaring they are cultural artifacts

    Just today received a new yellow pages book and the front cover is plastered with the following
    Historic Downtown McKinney
    Cultural District
    And at the bottom I found this is small print
    The Real Yellow Pages has a license to use the AT & T Inc. mark and the AT & T Inc'a globe design

    The silk road and gates and arches and similar architecture all along the path

    And have a listen and carefully

    The bait and switch - the reset - covid conversion of the banking system

  8. BREAKING: Hudson mayor demands all school board members resign or face possible criminal charges over high school course material that he said a judge called "child pornography."

    “I'm going to give you a simple choice: You either choose to resign or you will be charged."

    1. saw that! the "teacher/s" told the high schoolers to write an essay (extra credit?) about sex
      ...that they wouldnt want their mother to read!... something like that.

      even more than being chil pron, which is bad enough, it sounds potentially more sinister than that even: like that might be handy for peed ohs to pick out who is vulnerable. how on earth are they actually doing this stuff? with no one held responsible? just ask for resignation?
      something isnt clicking right on this. or alot of other outrageous behaviors by "the authorities" that BanannaBoatGrannie is eager to claim are "our employees".

      dey not my employees. i didnt hire the fools.

  9. Now we know why they were so insistent that everyone be vxxx'd...control
    If you manage to survive the kill sh*t, an assigned number assembles inside your body. That number shows up on cell phones - they will monitor and control you 24/7

    Are the Jabbed Connected to Bluetooth?

    1. yeh, control freaks.
      "sociopaths". "psychopaths".

      saying its the Aliens znd Lizards technology. :)
      yeh, "casper the ghost made me do it?"

  10. Aaron Russo was right when he said Rockefeller told him that they want to tag the serfs like cattle using a chip.

    Rockefeller friend Aaron Russo lays out The Plan of NWO in 10 Minutes

  11. This is a massive invasion of privacy, they will monitor you 24/7. It's embedded inside your body and you cannot escape the intrusion. They will merge that assigned number to all that is essential in your life - your banking, your medical records, your food buying, where you go, who you talk to, what you read in books and on the internet, everything.

    Now you know why these bastards were so insistent that you receive the "v*x" for a "virus" with a 99.8% recovery rate - it's all about control and enslavement. Once that injection is in you, there is no escape.

    Notice how they are demanding you submit to "boosters" now which is absurd. Many booster shots will follow and be mandatory with the ultimate goal of turning you into a "trans human" that will no longer be recognized by God as his creation.

    1. excellent summary ready007. thank you.

      its been almost- obvious from the very beginning that it was somehow connected up with 5G/higher..... that drumpftrumdumpsterfire was soooo excited about... except ya cant put it where he lives.

    2. that "gene de-code"(!) man who talks about the dumms was on /rumble sept. 15, 2021: showing video of what he was identifying as being the graphene oxide(?) stuff; and connecting it somehow potentially to the "black goo" andor "morgellons" people have been talking about having come out of their bodies/other.
      ...showing (migaaaawd!) how when a blob of the black particles gets close to a cell phone, it starts wiggling/moving, even "crawling", moving itself across the table a bit. at around 10:00 on the video: "GENE DECODE!...".

      then he reads from a list of things he claims is in the vakkx: at around 18:00.

      could be a hoax.
      but how the hell would we know? :):)
      except to use our own god gifted BRAIN to LOGIC our way through the glut of mindsludge they want to offer for our acceptance: "no!"

    3. now some of the vidoes/articles shared below (ready007) claim that the graphene oxide is "self-assembling" or something.

      i dont think this is new.
      it would have to have been beta-tested (prob. for a couple decades) to bring it to this point of such immediate-use, high level functionality!

      these unique symptoms arent exactly new either. and theyre not FLU symptoms. theyre flu-like.
      flu symptoms go away in 3-10 days. these dont.

  12. Dr Henry Makow has some additional links in the following article that are very interesting - check em out:

    Vaxxed Trifecta: Magnetic, Barcoded, and bioluminescent + Bluetooth

    Dr. Chinda Brandolino refers to the technology that makes it possible for the Bluetooth to read codes in inoculated individuals

    VAXxed - Bluetooth 5 finding out RFID2020 on people

    French bluetooth phone pick's up who's vaccinated by mobile number! It's in French, but you'll understand by watching!

    The 12 digit hex codes are known as MAC addresses.

    "I only know and have contact with unvaxxed (don't ask me now how I manage to do that) and they all have smartphones too. And of course I tried it out yesterday and today - nothing! No 'MAC' addresses from their devices.

    No joke. I'm more and more certain that it's the vaxxed who are tagged. By the way I find it logical that these human IPs are also formatted like MAC addresses. It's the IoT (Internet of Things) and the IoB (internet of bodies, like they announced it a couple of years ago)."

    1. next will we be finding out that everybody who agreed to be part of The Plan to deceive the people into taking the jbber:

      1. DONT get jbbed themselves
      2. Become the feudal-like Lord-Class "ruling" over a certain number of the jabbd who have been claimed AGAIN as property
      3. using NesaraGesara
      4. to make false claims on the harvest of the fruit of the jabbds' labor and body
      5. AGAIN using various manmade fictional, defective Titles (shelbys refd video about chris topher, the federal postal judge).

      [note: christopher or christ/ophir?
      christ: anointed one
      ophir: (solomons) Land of Gold!

    2. In those colonial records I had uncovered there was a Mary Pope
      Born of Francis Pope and Margaret Porter
      She had a daughter named Bathsheba
      And Bathsheba had a son named Solomon

      Clips from the records from colonial Maryland early and mid 1600's
      Take a look at these records for Francis Pope
      Thats called a hidden parallel internet

      These records dating back to early mid 1600's
      Sep. 9, 1649 - John Court demanded for self & for Francis Pope 200 acres who were transported in 1639 by Capt. Fulk Brent. Warrant for Patowmeck River.
      Source: Maryland Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 2, p. 509.

      Nov. 1676 - Pope, John, son of Francis Pope, deceased, doth choose Thomas Harris to be his guardian. (Charles Co., Md. Circuit Court, Liber F, p. 230.)
      Contributed by Margaret Whippee 2009-02-19
      Source: Maryland Archives Microfilm
      19 June 1641
      James Neale, Gent. Demandeth one thousand acres of land to him by conditions of Plantation for transporting into this Province himself and 5 serv. Viz., John Court, Francis Pope, James Longworth, William King and Thomas Demar since the year 1635.

      Through the assignment of the SURNAME you ar linked to the FAMILY ID with a PERSON ID

    3. continued from above

      Patent records county circuit courts and liber recordings from the mid 1600's
      Didn't the lieber code get put in place by Lincoln or was it already in place and this is the time frame that they used to 'introduce' this as legit? Circuit county courts already in play from the 1600's not something new or recently set up always been this way
      Land patents and records from the 1600's in these records

      Those positions have also been incorporated hence they carry a TITLE
      Charters at the county level

      In order for the bankers to close out and balance the books and launch their new world order of Babylon and their 1000 year reign they must liquidate all
      World Parliament set up behind the scenes cashing in those bearer bonds, illegal instruments under the guise that it was all illegal to start with but this is how we will fix it
      Strip corporations of personhood status and RECHARTER them under their new UN


      As I stated in comments on my findings within these records each family member has a unique person id that links back to the family id
      Within these records there were additional links that said Probate that when you clicked on them it took you to a huge list of names and all those names and those estates were STILL IN PROBATE from the 1600's folks

      In this video here listen as he says David married Bathsheba and had a son named solomon
      And DNA is Eden? I think the DNA links back to these families and their looking for possible illigitamate children that this freak show here may have fathered in their escapades?

      And hell these bastards have lied about EVERYTHING whos to say that this DNA shit is even legit
      Remember only their so called EXPERTS get to report and publish their shit

      At this point I would say that this book is accurate about what we are dealing with today
      As you can see from the early 1600's, 400 years ago they were setting the stage for what we are witnessing today
      The final stage is you self governing and volunterring and giving of yourself to the global community receiving a UBI and living in a human settlement zone specifically designed to contain you in every way possible right down to shutting off that vendor credit card and your mutual offset credit if you DO NO COMPLY AND BE OBEDIENT TO THEIR EVERY COMMAND
      And the EARTHS FIRST GREEN CONstitution says right in it

    4. continued from above

      June, 2021
      New WCPA Global website and office in INDIA
      Dr. Glen T Martin, Global President, World Constitution Parliament Association, is glad to invite you to the launching ceremony of WCPA GLOBAL website ( and opening of WCPA GLOBAL office in Delhi India at 6.30 pm IST on 9 June 2021.
      Dr Glen T Martin and the Doc Martin spouting off about his historic lawsuit with this vaccine BULLSHIT
      My guess is he is the son of Glen T Martin who wrote this and then they set up shop in Colorado, Lake Tahoe, Aspen Institute all situated around the Ponderosa Ranch in Virginia City Carson City Nevada
      NEVADA – 322 – Birth Of New World

      Measured in miles, Nevada is 322 miles wide.
      322 is the Secret Number of the Skull and Bones Secret Society in New Haven Connecticut.
      The Secret of all Secret Societies is shown throughout this site, and it is the desire of the luciferian elite entranced of the world, who desire to establish a New World Order that will pre-empt our ability to maintain a connection to Reality and our Original State of Wisdom.
      The word Secret is based on the root word relating to SECRETION, and to SEXUAL intimacy.
      Because of this, Nevada is location of the Primordial Mound, the location of the New Beginning, when the Phoenix will rise from the ashes.

      They welcome you to a world of civil obedience nothing but our precious planet earth and it's protection (From You) will be accepted
      Meanwhile in Nevada and all over the world this is what the crooks are doing

      And when you mine the earth such as they are and their HIStory channel is telling you that Life After People, Las Vegas crumbles in to earth my bet is the shut down was to prepare the scene of the crime

      Of course UNIDROIT and friends at UNESCO may come up with some 'ancient' shit and declare it off limits to preserve their fake ass HIStory

      It's all pre meditated and planned with intricate detail from one continent to the next and COMPUTERS AND DATA MINING of the masses gives them insight as to where to move around their resources to get er done

      I saw on a news clip yesterday where they exclaimed that
      So now they have their human resources all wrapped up in to the overall INFRASTRUCTURE in BUILDING BACK BETTER

      I'm pretty sure Anna knows the terms of the contract she just isn't sharing them with her flock of sheep

    5. And I suggest that you listen to this

      At about the 42 minute mark listen closely to the two false coming preachers that will demand you bow down and whoreship government, the state
      I give you the script for Obama, Putin and Kushner

      And their planning headquarters is none other than their bank robbing hideout, SWISSY LAND

      Can't stress enough that you watch all his stuff

    6. The coming false flag

      DC, Virginia and the UN building in New York harbor

      Brought to you by the banking cabal

      So while grandma here spouts off about our friendship with ole Russia make no mistake they are all in on it

      And to add to that we have the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
      So was the Roman empire Roman?

      Pay close attention to the monarchy and Greenland

      And pay close attention in this one to just how dirty the Habsburg monarchy can be
      Now take these timelines and plot out 70 years for bankruptcies to come to pass and see what you get

      It's the same fucking game these bastards have been playing on the entire populace for centuries

      And accepting their voucher credit cards and their green new deal is not going to be what they have painted the picture it will be
      The new heaven new earth bullshit is nothing but fucking serfdom and total complaince living in you UN habitat smart city

      So while Miss Anna says where are the royals and this that and the other the enemies are still in the house while she plays patty cakes and cries Obudsman shit which is all linked to the World Parliament and Government on an International Level

      Obudsman committee to do what Anna lie through their teeth like all the rest like Robert David Steele an Obudsman

      The information is out there people look the shit up
      Anything to do with Obudsman has everything to do with their International Planetary Rule over ALL under the

      Global Family World Citizen bullshit when the pricks are genociding the whole planet while they cash in the indemnity bonds on the back end

      Rechartering friggin criminal corporations under the new and improved UN bullshit as proposed by the very same crooks who've been doing this all over the earth for centuries

      Wake the hell up

  13. Have a listen
    Border crossings in Colorado and wife and husband, both vaccinated, not supposed to be traveling in the same car
    And who would have thunk that COLORADO home of their hidden planning den in the rockies would have border patrol at state lines and yet they have a parade of immigrants marching over the southern borders daily

  14. Your ability to spot fake news is faulty you are a moron says CNN

    Revealing study from the 'experts' and their research and their so called data study
    This is how you misuse data

    And the pledies are here and helping says Cosmic Agency

  15. Well lookey whats out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by whoreships

    And its called the Dancing Hare as in rabbit follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole ha ha ha ha ha

    They'll be riding the storm out on their yachts

  16. And check this shit out
    The Evergande 'crisis' in China

    And they just launched the maiden voyage of the Ever Ace and the Ever Given was stuck in the Seuz Canal back in March and remember that there sign at the entrance to the Ponderosa Ranch used to film BONANZA says Ever Present

    The Cartwrights and the discussion in this video about the cartriths role in the Earth Constitution and part of the committee of 300 that planned the new world order from lake tahoe the aspen institute

    Their setting it all up folks settin the stage

  17. A public message from Catturd...

    "Reminder...DO NOT go to the fake rally in DC tomorrow. It's an obvious setup."

    "When you get to a place where you don’t give a damn what anyone thinks about you - you’ll finally be free."

  18. The Israeli government says it’s concerned that they are not killing-off citizens quickly enough, so they are making preparations for a FOURTH-DEATH-SHOT soon.

    …..and you absolutely know there are another 50 deadly-boosters in the pipeline, ‘if required’!

  19. oh lookkee again everybody!! ;);)

    the BanannnaBoatBunch is trying to pass off the same story again.
    this time its using ITS own re-constructed (fabricated) Colonial Federated Head of State to announce that ONCE AGAIN:

    2. from a COUPLE HUNDRED YEARS AGO!!!!!......
    3. have suddenly surfaced!!.....

    When did that happen ?....when someone took their "Morning Constitution" on 9/16/3021???! lolololl :)
    hey! mebbe they have been hiding on Mars with Robert David Steele?!!! :):):)
    or mebbe the dog thought they were homework and ate them??!?
    mebbe it was them lil green men with the red eyes stumping around.

    oh, and its with "The Russians" this time...
    the "HEAD" OF THE SINKING BANNANNASHIP "OF STATE" IS CALLING ON "The Russians" from 1858? TO COME AND halp The BanannaistAmerican BannannaistPeople!!!

    Well since we know how the Colonial BanannaShip Rulers/others LOOOOVE to change the meanings of words without telling everyone:
    i must require your complete, present Bannannaist definition of: "the Russians": as used in that International Notice from the ever-missing, never-speaking: James Clinton Belcher.

    hey! maybe next time they find something it'll be James!!!! ;););):):):/:):).

  20. Christiane Northrup M.D, [17.09.21 13:21]
    Forwarded from Covid Vaccine Injuries

    "A friend of mine, her sister works at Moderna in their vaccination production center. She says that they are all paid huge amounts of money to keep their mouth shut about whats in the vaccine and what its meant to do to the vaccinated person. She was talking about millions of USD that they each get + having to sign confidentiality agreements and more legal agreements. So, nobody will ever talk about it all.

    In short: Once you take the jab and in a matter of minutes, a "plastic-like", synthetic microscopic structure is spreading throughout the body and it invades the capilaries. It attaches itself to the most fragile, weakened internal organs you got. There, it RADIATES the organ and the whole body, 24/7. Until it gets significantly damaged. As a result, some people with heart issues will get miocarditis or a heart attack, others with benign ovarian issues will get ovarian cancer, or lungs, kidney, prostate malign issues.

    She said to us that the introduction of this structure is DELIBERATE. No design error, no accident, but it is done with the exact purpose of radiating you, similar to plutonium but slower/ impossible to detect. This explains why Geiger EMF devices pick up higher levels of radiation in vaxxed people compared to those not vaccinated. This also explains why being around vaxxed people or having intimate contact with them does influence you at EM field level and you get sick, you bleed or have migrenes and have "radiation-like" symptoms which we call "shedding". Pretty much the PERFECT bio weapon. The same applies to ALL other MRNA vaccines, she said."  Thanks M


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