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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

A Necessary Insight ---

 By Anna Von Reitz

The way things were set up originally, the States paid in gold or silver (international currency, as you would expect when contracting for services with a foreign government) and the Federal Subcontractors then used that stockpile of gold and/or silver as the collateral to establish credit to pay for their operations.
If you want to think about this in terms of jurisdictions, we met the commercial world at the interface of the international-commercial "border", and used actual assets (gold and silver) as collateral to create and spend commercial paper assets (stocks, bonds, notes, etc.).
This convenience meant that the banks could issue credit at interest and make a fine profit, the Federal Subcontractors were happy, the members of Congress could hold the purse-strings, and with just a small modicum of prudence, all would be well. But something changed....
The Civil War came, and all the chicanery that followed after, then, after the Scottish Interloper went bankrupt in 1907, the Great War and the punitive Treaty of Versailles (a land treaty, which made it worse), and then a mere twenty year hiatus before the second bankruptcy hit, and hello, World War II.
And through this entire period, 1868 to present, our American gold and silver asset holdings have been Slush Funded and "Traded".
We all know what Slush Funded means --- huge investment funds were formed and using these assets, plus a lot of very creative bookkeeping, the rats were able to amass controlling interest in the Fortune 500 and establish commoditing rigging schemes that would make Al Capone blush.
The "Traded" part means that a cyclic investment cycle was established, especially after World War II, that enabled consecutive new rounds of credit assets to be created based on the same gold and silver deposits.
Imagine that you have a billion dollars worth of gold bullion in the bank.
That gold bullion has "actual asset value" or "cash asset value".
Under the "fractional reserve banking system", Mr. Banker issues 7 to 10 times the value of that billion dollar gold deposit as credit-at-interest loans.
People pay back those loans, plus interest, which creates a "credit asset base" of say, forty billion dollars of credit, over thirty years--- because in the commercial system, the credit is constantly re-loaned and re-issued at the same 7-10 times the base deposit of credit, and that then regenerates the principle plus 5 times the entire amount plus interest, which is all constantly reinvested to garner still more profit.
It's like a money machine. The credit assumes a life of its own, quite apart from any attachment to the actual world.
And all that was ever at risk at any time was the initial gold bullion deposit, which is, within a relatively short period of time, "retired", safe and sound back in its original status in the vault, having earned anywhere from 130% to 700% in spendable credit account value, also known as "money of account" for its owners.
What a deal. All you need is an initial deposit of gold or silver to "prime the pump" and away you go.
And it was, predictably enough, the American's gold and silver that was used for this purpose by our presumed "Trustees" --- the Pope, the Queen, and the Lord Mayor of London.
They collected all our publicly owned gold beginning in the 1860's, and rat-holed it in the Philippines and elsewhere throughout the world, a process that culminated in the 1930's with FDR's confiscation of privately held gold. Then they did the same thing with silver under Tricky Dick Nixon, who established a new commodity value standard: petroleum.
It all might have worked out, too, except that some people are stupid and greedy beyond all natural bounds.
Instead of sharing the wealth with the people who actually own all the assets that generated all the credit, the "Trustees" developed their own Wheel of Fortune.
They figured, hey, if it worked once, it will work again. So they took that same original gold deposit, put it at risk again for a limited period of time, issued 7 -10 times the value of the deposit as credit, and pushed the button.... and they did it again with smaller and smaller time increments between "trades", and the dithering idiots in Congress just continued to "raise the debt ceiling" to accommodate this endlessly mushrooming proliferation of credit based on what?
Other people's assets and debt purportedly owed to the banks, but in fact owed to the asset owners, minus a generous cut to the banks for their services.
This is how "credit assets" have expanded in a single lifetime from millions to billions to trillions, while the average people of the world have sunk deeper and deeper into poverty, ignorance, and miserable, truncated, debt-bound existence in the face of the wealth that their own assets and their own credit has generated.
In World Trust terms, this situation was justified in the same way Pope Francis justified asking for a special "Peter's Pence" offering for the relief of refugees and victims of natural disasters --- and then turned around and spent it on new bank buildings and condos and Hollywood film productions as "investments" instead of providing any relief to refugees and flood victims.
It would be irresponsible, we were told, for him not to invest the money, when he could invest it and turn it into more money for the noble purpose.
The problem is that this same reasoning never ends in such a system. The Trustees are obligated by the logic of the Money Machine to reinvest and reinvest. And the money never reaches the refugees and flood victims. It lines the pockets of real estate moguls and construction companies and Hollywood executives, instead.
If the refugees get anything out of the deal, it's a minimum wage job, or pecuniary welfare benefits, and the only reason they are "needed" at all, is to provide a continuing excuse to raise money from the rest of the clueless good people who actually do have compassion for their fellowman.
The end result is a teeter totter with a thousand quadrillion pound (as in British Pound) elephant on one side, and a million quadrillion pound credit gorilla on the other, and it is all detached both from reality and from the people it is actually meant to serve.
The people who are the presumed "donors" to this system are mischaracterized as the "debtors" who give value to the debt notes issued by the banks.
And then we find out that the "Congress" making all these appropriations and raising all these debt ceilings and piling more and more and more debt on everyone without sharing the wealth generated, is "a" Congress --- but not "the" Congress with the authority to do any of this in the first place.
It has all been done in fraud.
Still, people who are unaware of this continue to "turn the wheel". The bankers and the Treasury Officials (like Janet Yellen) and the IRS go merrily on with the same set of simple-minded assumptions. They keep looking to "the" Congress to raise the debt ceiling, not realizing that the people they are indebting are the donors and owners, not the debtors --- or if they are debtors, debtors only to themselves --- and certainly not realizing that the Congress they are looking to for salvation has no authority to do what they want it to do.
And this is why the US Corporation (by however many other names) is not able to meet its "debt" obligations, and this is why China is upset and wondering how it is going to feed everyone back home. They are even more confused, because they think it's "the Americans" who owe them all this money, when in fact, it's the Pope and the Brits and the Lord Mayor, who have all piled into bed with the Chinese and blamed us for this situation.
How convenient.
Nonetheless, this leaves us to clean up the mess they have caused and to "accept" the US Debt. We, naturally, have enough National Credit to pay off the debt. We also have vast resources beyond the National Credit, stockpiled, rat-holed, diversified.... "in our names" by our endlessly reinvesting Trustees.
So now we have claimed the US Debt as the Priority Creditors, appeared in our true guise as the long-lost Donors and Landowners, and offered to sort things out and pay off the Chinese and everyone else who has their knickers in a knot.
Most of it can be cleared away with some honest accounting, and the rest can be met with a plethora of other resources. There is no need to panic and no need for anyone to suffer.
Everyone concerned simply has to pull their heads out of the manure and get to work with a new understanding of who is who and what is what. And we can provide that understanding. We can also provide the authority to do all this.
The Federal Subcontractors looking at this can only see it from their side of the System. They are dependent on credit resources, and for them, that credit amounts to debt. They are stuck in the Company Store paradigm, dependent on a ruse to access credit that doesn't belong to them, and which their "Congress" has no authority to appropriate.
The Congress with the appropriation authority for their needs, is the long-lost Federal Republic Congress, and there hasn't been a Fiduciary Delegate elected by the people in Washington, DC, or Philadelphia, either one, for a hundred and sixty years.
These recently unearthed facts understandably give rise to a drive to recreate the Federal Republic Congress---pronto!--- paralysis of the imposters in DC, and both consternation and relative panic in the financial markets worldwide. It also gives rise to skyrocketing inflation and crazy insurance-scam based plans to kill off the Priority Creditors.
They overlook the other side of the Ledger, and they also overlook the fact that we, the actual Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, have the ability to directly appropriate funding and settle the debts worldwide. We are the Donors.
We are the actual owners of the gold and silver and major commodities, the controlling interest in all the banks and other major corporations, the "missing" Grand Poobahs who have the Powers of Attorney and the standing and the money necessary to sort this mess out in short order. We don't need any politicians to do this. We don't need any Congress to act "for" us.
All we need is for our Employees to stop running around like the proverbial headless chickens and for our Military to stop its efforts to fix things it can't fix.
We are the civilian government. We hold the keys and purse-strings with no need to restore a Federal Congress to do it for us.
Think about it. Just as you have a choice to either hire someone to mow your lawn, or mow it yourself, we have the option of electing people to act "for" us, or we can call our own government into Session and do it directly. That is what we have done.
It was apparent that our Federal Subcontractors were being criminally mismanaged and had no proper idea what they were doing or what their limitations and empowerments were, so we called the actual States back into Session.
Here we are, fully empowered and able to pay off any debts, conduct any necessary investigations, and deal with the public accounting issues with absolute authority.
Come on, America. There is nobody else here who can do this with proper standing and full authority. Just you, me, and the chickens.
Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump both have to be brought to a new understanding of how all this works and everyone worldwide needs to just calm down and chill out and work with us to clean the Mess up.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

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