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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Hospital administrators CAUGHT ON CAMERA scheming to fabricate covid numbers and SCARE the public

When the covid plandemic first began in early 2020, I remember thinking (at first) there’s no way this could be fake because hospital administrators and doctors wouldn’t fake covid death numbers or falsely try to scare people through deception.

Boy was I wrong.

Since the early days of the plandemic, we’ve learned that hospitals routinely “fake” covid numbers and very often claim to be overrun with covid patients, even when their beds are nearly empty. Many hospital administrators, doctors and nurses are in on the scam and seem to be ready and willing to deceive the public by fabricating covid numbers and literally killing patients to pump up the covid “death” numbers.

Now, we have proof of all this caught on a zoom video.

In a shocking video clip (included in the Situation Update podcast below), with an accompanying transcript courtesy of, we see hospital marketing and administration personnel admitting they plan to deceptively count all patients in the hospital as “covid” patients. They openly discuss finding a way to make covid more “scary to the public” as a tactic to terrorize the public into taking more vaccines (which will, of course, increase the business for the hospital due to vaccine-induced blood clots).

This stunning video is an open exhibit revealing that hospitals have become psychological terrorism organizations that deliberately use psy-op tactics to terrorize the public. Is this the proper role of hospitals and doctors in society? When did hospital administrators decide that the ends justify the means, even if it requires terrorizing the public to gin up more business so they can bill Medicare for even more profits?

More importantly, why would any sane person ever trust any hospital ever again after watching this video? If hospitals are scheming against the public, wouldn’t they also likely be willing to harm or even kill their own patients in order to increase their profits?

Have no illusions: This is exactly what’s happening in America and around the world right now, where hospitals have become murder factories and doctors are now serial killers. It’s no longer even a secret. They openly discuss this in their “marketing” meetings.

Hospital administrators and marketers have become death cultists, pushing their covid death cult agenda with utter disregard for medical ethics or honesty of any kind. Now, they openly admit they don’t care of it takes an endless stream of lies to terrorize the public. Because that’s what the plandemic is based on, after all, and these health care lunatics are apparently 100% on board with the genocidal deception. (It should make you wonder how your own doctor is being paid off to achieve a certain milestone of vaccination rates among patients…)


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    i have been doing tests, saying things a bit over-emotionally, ON PURPOSE, and they are getting wiped out of the typing area here before i can edit them.

    then too, some i have edited, but instead of showong GE2B, it shows "anonymous"!!! and removes everything ive edited and prints the unedited version of my comments.
    that has happened several times before on here too.

    wonder what theyre scared of? :):);)!
    • closing the comment section on "annas" articles so the comments questioning the info in the articles dont ever get archived? :):)
    • "harvesting" comments? gonna turn the American people in for what??? freedom of speech?
    to who? by what authority? using what law that applies to American man? :):):)

    anywoo, im PURPOSELY making dang sure im not being "inflammatory" or "incitive" but also am PURPOSELY making my comments emotional.
    yall might want to try it...
    this is the best way ive found to see if youre likely unlawfully or otherwise being trolled, stalked, surveilled, probably in real time, on this website!

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    gaaaawd. whatever,...these people are nasty [VULGARITY]! :)

    1. one thing that got wiped out was i was telling about this man, "Sarge from ICONS[!]" (who is a Bar Attorney!) and this woman who calls herself Linda Paris [Paris: named for the Great Mother Isis] who used to work for CNN: on santa cooking (my first time on S. C.):
      talking about this nesaragesara:
      •the unelected Alliance working with "Trump and the Patriots"
      • have been working with "our brothers!!!", theALIENS!!!!, the Good Ones, of course looollol
      • to (basically):
      •• value the earth by nation
      •• using quantum computers
      •• and they all decided everyones gonna get around $100,000.00 a year for 11 ELEVEN years in the new version of their toilettissue fiat paper/"credit" for your little piddledribble- sized piece of the earth!
      •• and then all debt will be wiped out forever!!
      •• and theyve already started in the poorest countries first: theyre putting in running water.
      •• Americans will be last (the inverse of America First)
      •• America is owed the most because Americans paid for everything... but will be paid BACK LAST [AFTER the NWO is built?]
      •• and gas is going up for Americans but we will all have Tesla free energy worldwide.

      •• oh yeh, and medbeds, too.
      •• and get this:
      hey, hey! were going to have to re-define the meaning of "death" since we'll have the medsbeds and the free tesla energy forever!
      sounds like theyre saying we're gonna live forever????
      •• and the NATURAL RESOURCES from each country will pay for it.
      but the Americans cannot be paid back.... the quantum computers cant figure out how to do that.:):):/ . geez.

      well, isnt that just swell for THEM since WE DONT OWE THEM ANYTHING ANYWAY AND THEY OWE US A HELLUVA LOT MORE THAN $100,000.00. A YEAR!!

      My answer:
      •dont need yure medbed,
      •dont need yure tesla energy, •dont need the Aliens,
      •and dont need yure toilettissue paperRAINBOWmunny or "credit" in yure system while YOU ALL with yure pretend ALIENS run off with my gifts from my creator!
      means NO!
      gimme my stuff back and then scram.

      more like demons if you ask me.

    2. ooops almost forgot.
      linda has said on her own rumble channel that she gets part of her intel from some men who are supersoldiers.(ubermench?) the guys who have, if i understand correctly, been merged with technology andor had part of their naturalborn bodies replaced with technology parts andor were kind of like somehow merged different unnatural ways with other things; and she says that alot of them want to just be men.
      that michael jaco says hd can remote view.
      then that jessie zboda was on a program with him saying she saw the Mothers of Darkness/others doing things to little kids that would make them remote viewers.
      both her jessie and cirstenw hzve told about being beaten.

    3. when i tried to publish another comment, it tried to lock up two more times; then when i previewed, it put up a gray square with a sad face that said: unexpectedly closed the connection.

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      it wont help.
      i have the right to speak peacefully without interference or being censored by worthless cowards who ARE going to restore me.
      and it is so.

    4. finishing about jessie zboda and cirstenw whdn the COWARD HIDING BEHIND BLOGGER.COM wiped my peaceful, informative comment out: they have both said that when they were growing up, they woild be put in rooms for hours and beaten.
      i have no way of fact checkkng that... just passing it on.

    5. however, because of what they J and CW said; and michael saying he remote views; and linda saying there really are some of our(???) men who have been non-consensually, perhaps, merged, chipped, been experimented on??? in hopes of building supersoldiers... then maybe the people we are hearing from who claim to be being told about whats going on in the world have been intensely "MKUltra" /"Mind Controlled"?
      and maybe they dont want to be.

      but an awful lot of the people who claim to be getting "intell" are part of cirstenws "MK GROUP"! Alot of the "intell" receivers have chosen some form of MK for their intel name.

      she calls that Scott McKay that went out on the bus tour with robert david steele Scott "MK".
      wasnt robert david steelen into psychological warfare?
      MK Ultra is psych warfare, or used for it...
      he was supposed to be the top training guy.

      trump has appollo painted onthe ceiling of is penthouse on the 66th floor of trump tower. ya gotta wonder why.

      now its being thrown around that "jared MKUltra'd ivanka", "but shes okay now. she has been deprogrammed."
      "she may be president someday."
      "after jfk jr".
      field mcconnell passed out masks that said i am jfk jr.
      jfk jr is PPRESUMED DEAD AT SEA.

      isnt that what they say about the Birtn Certificate they put your property:name on?
      then probated your estateand have been ad-ministering it for you in your absence being presumed dead and lost at sea?

      and now the want to pay you in the value of toiletpaper for your property they already took from you and held as they made you pay to use it, if they allowed you to at all.

      look how they keep this going, look how they spin it all together, it really is supposed to work like a breadcrumb trail.

      ITS NOT WORKING! :):):):)


    What do NBA players, Congress and US postal workers have in common? None of them will be subject to vaccine mandates that up to 100 million Americans face following last week's Executive Order.

    1. General McInerney, [14.09.21 16:03]

      Judge blocks medical worker vaccine mandate in NY state
      A federal judge has temporarily blocked New York state from forcing medical workers to be vaccinated after a group of health care workers sued, saying their Constitutional rights were violated


    We are doing research on the executive order to mandate vaccines for federal workers and have pulled up evidence that Donald Trump is a traitor. He has been working with Big Pharma to exterminate Americans and citizens around the world with the biological weapon, assisted with psychological warfare.

    As you can imagine, all of us are DEVASTED by the evidence we have found. We will be posting a written report by this evening. Then, tomorrow, we will do an audio to explain the findings.

    Think of the hours and days we ALL spent supporting Donald Trump to find out that he stuck a knife in our backs in January 2020 when we weren't looking. Of course, the FAKE news never reported what we are going to show you. Seems like Donny is a British Pilgrims operative and no friend of MAGA.

    1. just ran across videos about some of the DrumpfsterFires EOs that had to do with Fema camps/ other.
      didnt have time to watch, but i think they came up when i pulled up some of the videos you just shared about graphene connecting with bluetooth sept 16, 2021.

    2. aim4truth:
      in one or more of their vidoes gabriel says he used to be a jesuit and that he did actually take what he referred to as the "ultra oath".
      tyla is a new age-ish type practitioner.

    3. imo, the DrumpfsterFire isnt drawing those huge crowds to rallies.

      people realize ___________.

      it was never about him anyway.

  5. yesterday, young olympic gymnastics women testified before congress about being sexually abused by the teams "dock-tor", Larry Nassar AND the FBI protecting the him, the USAG, and USOPC instead of them. some of the athletes are as young as 12 arent they?

    makayla maroney said the FBI didnt even report her abuse and when they finally documented it 17 months later, they made entirely false claims about what she said! -- and fabricated a narrative on the OIG report that she called shocking: lying about what she said: "to protect a serial child molester."

    she or others(?) said she/others count the FBI complicit in the moledtation of the women.

    tulsi gabbad, rumble: tells about the gymnasts and about similar treatment received by someone close to her.

    why are they getting paid?

  6. I have just finished reading some of the replies for the last few posts, I have noticed that there is either no one reading these posts because no one is on this site or they cannot retort because it is hard to refute the truth. It has been a long time since I have posted on this site a reply, I will leave one now for like-minded people. I suggest you read it before it is gone.


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