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Monday, September 13, 2021

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  1. to: bannannafaanna!

    awwwwc'mon banannnaboat, be a brave lil digitalsoldier! :):):)
    allow posting under yure articles.
    ya cant be a soldier if yure gonna run off like that now.... :):)

    from: the bluebirds' friend: janmariewoman.

  2. its becoming impossible now to not notice that all or most of the people participating in this failing "takedown" are men.
    even if they are dressed like women.

  3. its looking more and more and more like the "caabbble"/secret societies, by various names and nations, is an association of men that (except for the normies used for cover) limit its members to men who desire the admiration adoration affections of other men.

    ive guessed for a long time that thats their secret rather than ancient wisdom, alien contact, or spiritual knowledge.... that also seems more and more and more like bullshit used for a smokescreen after reading all the different iterations of "the Gods" that men have made up! that *xerces* has so brilliantly shared in his comments.
    thank you xerces. xo on the cheek.

  4. Header;
    The first place on the internet to get articles
    from Anna Von Reitz
    News and views you won't find anywhere else
    Contact: *Please Comment*???
    Well Paul?
    I was able to get through the Public Sch(F)ool Indoctrination attempt on my life.
    I saw how the whole Nation was sucked into the OJ case for months.
    Being in Construction / Demolition for over 30years I called B.S. on the MSM Narrative that was hyped for what "They" have most recently called the "20th anniversary"
    I knew that O'bummer would become CEO (twice), in which at the time I attributed his winning to "White Guilt", but since have become aware of many other major cards(Jokers) that are at play.
    When their was no doubt in my mind the first thing I did was rescind my Voter Registration, I have done numerous other things in order to correct my past "wanton" ways that I unfortunately was ignorant of.
    I have done nothing but study, and find the correct way(s) to establish a correct walk, and talk in order to be forthright.
    Being able to Glean anything helpful with this endeavor that I have decided to embark on, is what has kept me from straying back to the crooked path that "they" had laid out for me, and others to travel.
    Long before, (20 years ago)any of this Virus stuff became the talk of the town I was already researching. One of the main Whistle Blowers was Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who detailed basically the whole "NineYards" of what all the Big Pharma, and all the Alphabet Agencies were complicit in. It was brought to light just recently by a commenter that even He belongs to some"Secret Society. If anyone read his books they would see the Plethora of exposure that is given in such copious amount of detail, with exacting clarity exposing all that were involved that it is quite befuddling to me that even he could be controlled opposition, however as more, and more comes to light heck the possibility that even this is conceivable.
    I am saddened to see that "Anna's Articles" comment section has been closed.
    Seems like the Corona might be truly real.


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