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Monday, September 13, 2021

Stew Peters and Dr. Lee Merritt slam Mayo Clinic’s medical tyranny – Brighteon.TV


  1. Interesting article

    What being locked in your house does for your overall health

  2. this is the time to be figuring out how to GET OUT of their system, rather than trying to figure out how to survive IN it.

    1. Absolutely!!
      Find out how at:

    2. takeastandamerica,

      your enthusiasm is admirable!

      what good is it to leave your standing being man: who built and runs a free Confederation and instead join yourself to a Federated Colonial form of government under a Head of State built by someone who has you classified as a Child?
      do you understand the actual meaning of my question? i will be happy to share more facts with you if you dont.

  3. weve been spiritually dumbddown. we need to be steadywalking in our spirituality with our creator every minute with a steady focus on building what we will enjoy.

    1. they had their chances.
      we offered peace. friendliness. forgiveness, compassion, empathy, our assistance.
      the attacks have continued.
      it seems now like the more we tried to understand and appease them, the harder they attacked.
      looking back now, they probably, in their hatred, thought we were stupid for even paying any attention to them. they knew they had nothing to blame us for or bitch about.
      we had gone far past any reasonable point of trying to reconcile "perceived" wrongs done!!

    2. SPEAKING OF CREATOR....While walking with him/her why not be direct and ask WHERE THE HELL HIS HE/SHE IN ALL OF THIS????????? he/she is as quiet as the VATICAN......

    3. The Vatican structurally is a snake wearing a crown.Check it out for yourself via google earth. Let him who has ears heart & eyes see. Please don’t equate that with God. They worship lucifer the god of this world.

    4. Thank you for posting. God id not interested in our religion, nor our opposition to religion. He is interested in restoring the relationship we lost by breaking his laws and commandments. That is only accomplished in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Know Jesus Christ Know Peace. No Jesus Christ, No Peace. [John 3:36] He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.


      hey, good mornin' :).

      im not asking where the hell he is maritime...
      i figure hes completely pissed off that all these little bbees are being sukked out of ther growing space before hes finished forming them; and that all his little ones are being abb used and sack rye phised to dee monnes; and that our honorable men who were told theyre protecting us were lied to and misused and then often times wasted after that; and that were allowing our old peoples "care" to be taken over by people who we know/should/ could know are harming them.

      all this bluude is on our land maritime. apparently it has a voice of its own that he hears too. ref: genesis 4:10 *... what have you done? the voice of thy brothers bluude crieth unto me from the ground.*

      and, instead of getting together and peacefully using our authority to stop all this, all these self-absorbed people are more worried about catching a coaled vie russ and are running around covering their visage that is the image and likeness of him with a papermask, and so on and so forth to nauseum.

      one wont find his presence in any of that.
      "he/she is as quiet as the VATICAN......".
      (you might want to try this? sharing my own experience, so far, with you here):
      1. *you* start the communication.
      keep at it.

      2. youll probably get one or two "word" "answers/ knowings/ assurances" back at first, or maybe "the way through" will just open up for you/yours.

      thats him.

      he doesnt have to answer you.
      thank him.

      dont ever walk away again.
      no matter what.

      you will be tested.
      use your will. ultimately, imo, that is why they try to break our will, the younger the better.
      there will be more than one test. EACH one is painful, some excruciating. get through them anyway, with him. you will be "dyeing", it HURTS!
      you will be different.

      if you decide to give any of it a go, i hope to hear what happens!

    6. prayer opens doors,
      will you please post a refernce to a specfic image for people to see this? thank you! janmarie:woman

    7. david custer,

      "... but the wrath of god abideth on him..."

      people dont believe in his anger. they think jesus died and they can do whatever now because its all grace.
      they do not have the understanding of the conditional nature of the grace. nor understanding that:
      because spiritual law still has to be fulfilled, if they continue in their spiritual offenses, that (kjv) "...for if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, THERE NO LONGER REMAINS A SACRIFICE FOR SINS." ref: hebrews 10:26.
      and that not only does grace NOT apply but intentional, fully-knowing spiritual offences are counted to be despite.
      and ref: kingjamesversion: hebrews 10:29: "...and hath done despite unto the Spirit of grace..."

      so... no, grace does not apply to knowing, intentional, willful spiritual offenses/ sins.

      people have been so spiritually deceived.
      thankfully it also says... psalm 51 ref, kjv: "create in me a clean heart o god and RENEW A RIGHT SPIRIT IN ME"
      and "...there is forgiveness for all who REPENT!!" ref: kjv luke 24:47!

      hope you keep bringing these important, overlooked spiritual truths to peoples attention here david custer. blessings to you and yours!


    8. Seems to me most people exalt "Jesus" over the Most High. Do you know the reason for the Tribulation (Time of Jacob's Trouble)? It is to turn the hearts of the people back to the Creator. He is a loving and righteous Father but His people rebelled and rejected Him over and over. What we are seeing is the mess that we have made for ourselves. Don't blame the Father for what His rebellious children have done.

  4. im not going to waste my life focused on them! theyre SKANKS. :)... SKANKS. opentrenches:):):)

    Im proceeding forward peacefully and lawfully, and joining up with the many others who are going to stop paying attention to these worthless SKANKS and get on with our lives the way our creator intends for us to enjoy them!

    all their evil goes BACK on them.

    All my property comes TO me regardless of its location or who has claimed it.

    its mine.
    and im not letting go of ANY of it. ever.

  5. Rothschild had to wait form 1865 to 1913 to get the world wars financially payed by Amerika..
    The cause of all wars is about money Churchill said it’s the hard working German people threatening to economically overshadow Rothschild’s Great Britain.
    Rockefeller took over the medical establishment through Licensing and mandatory insurance.
    Biden has said patriots forget about Jefferson’s quote “ the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots “.
    We will nuke u.
    Our response great men like Leionitious and the 300 spartina gave Greeks the will to win .
    The black robe Regiments preachers were top of the kill list for the British the knew thair power .

  6. I contacted the Mayo clinic in Arizona in hopes they would help me with my medical issue, having exhausted Stanford and been treated at UCLA for 3 years and no betterment. 2 open abdominal exploratory surgeries with no result & no betterment, Imagine how I felt when the voice on the other end of the phone said to me: "You've gone to Stanford & UCLA, what do you expect us to do for you?"...

    1. What’s the symptoms? Fasting is a good way to heal the gut also the friendly bacteria is beneficial to digestion.

    2. I would do one of two diets. I have not yet decided which is "better". OR

      Primal diet is changing the diet to nutrient dense foods like raw eggs, raw butter, raw milk, raw meat. Young's protocol is vegetarian, but it sure does appear to clean up the blood.

      Oh raw cheese MAY help recolonize the gut? The guy running is very knowledgeable...

  7. Hour long video by stop the crime net lays out all fields tec,petrochemical,textiles, Wall Street. Big three Black Rock , vanguard, state street.dominate all sectors of world economy.Black Rock works with federal Reserve and Treasury.
    All big zionest.
    Just like stew here never tells the truth on the elephant standing in Middle of room .
    We all know just pathetic they have no spine like the black robe regiment preachers .

  8. Change Your Political Status and get out from under "The Corporation"
    Do it Here::

  9. They all choose mans folly over creators perfect blessings. Is it any wonder now it is all running amok? God has been kind to me and many of us returning blessings. Those choosing to trail off an non-natural man made so called science and worship of entitys created by man for greedy purposes are receiving the curses just as said and at any time if choosing the way of life, fessing up and taking responsiblity the blessings will return. Fear and anger are enemies, keep a level head


  11. Paul has allowed us to communicate away from fiduciary and chief , the webinar was a rendition of history avoiding the elephant in the room need say no more.
    Going to service her close Corday of associates.
    Not a unique op the Michigan group has same protections from the military the governor ‘s were headed to mob central Vegas and military diverted thair flight to base and told governors to not attack the assembly ‘s .
    Without military backing nobody stands s chance ..
    Don’t like dissecting what’s being tried but the record must be correct protesting the guilty and deflecting on to the whipping dog is wrong.
    Talked about Obama giving treasury plates to China well Roosevelt gave zionest Bolshevik red communist treasury plates and all our nuke secrets
    Non stop free aircraft from American factories same with everything you could imagine all the wanted bed partners with mass murders using codes to in prison and kill 100 million
    Christians and intellectual’s .
    Don’t address that the perpetrators are zionest she defends .
    So in retrospect the flood of immigrants continue,
    The bankers like hudes. Wanted escape unscathed.
    Front men CIA / CFR like Oswald,Mcvey get run through the wringer now Gates big Front man association with federal Reserve bank .
    The Neo cons and massive ownership and control of practically all institutions not a peep.
    The elephant with a big red star painted on it not a word .
    Sorry it’s suspicious and wrong communism through the back door.

  12. As usual Paul the jesuit deletes my comment. I expect this from a satan worshipper.

    1. well reword it and post it again. i want to know what youre saying!

  13. CIA/CFR left all the contact info for interpretations anti communist freedom fighters they were hunted down by NVA . Same in Alfganastan anyone that we’re help GI’s and Americans deserted.
    Iran considered our most important Allie Shaw increase the wealth 400times fifth largest army.
    Women were free to go to work and educate.
    Carter got the Shaw to let in the NWO
    Aitollia Homani crush the economy.
    Then best Allie becomes public enemy #1
    Over and over rape country after country using first Britain then Americans as mercenaries for banksters. Rothschild wanted gold in South Africa and killed 2/3 of boer’s women and children in opens air gulags .
    Lend lease AKA free hundreds of thousands of tanks air craft all manner of weapons see the Rothschild lost control of Europe to Germany red alert Pearl Harbor engineered pretense to attack Germany.
    The international parasites using secret society’s to infiltrate and sabotage governments.
    No oversight for the people we must construct our own and no nanny let the Assembly role call vote
    2/3 all the while all rights respected

  14. Sidney Powell the( attorney ) said all 4 of her voter fraud cases thrown out using liberal talking points translation to bottom.

  15. World bank declared pandemic a week before the WHO who’s on first?
    World bank offered no strings attached 500,000,000,000. FRN’s 3 cents invested to lock down your country two resisted one killed and replaced by communist the other in Hungary said BS.


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