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Sunday, September 12, 2021

About "the" Republic -- A Message to Donald Trump and the Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

It's no news to Donald Trump that he is "President" of a commercial corporation in the business of providing essential government services. The fact that it is a foreign, privately-owned corporation that provides (mainly) military infrastructure and personnel for-hire is no news to him or to the General Staff, either.
Okay, when this all got started a couple hundred years ago, it was a simple company, not a commercial corporation --- a joint venture between the new American Government and the British Monarch, initially created so that the British Navy could provide protection for American commercial shipping in the years immediately after The War of Independence--- when we had virtually no navy ourselves.
It doesn't matter how this company was or is organized. It's a company, not a sovereign government.
There is nothing in the Constitutions or any Treaty that I know of that precluded this services company from reorganizing as a commercial corporation, so I am not hanging any hats on that issue of wasting any time debating their decision to incorporate their activities under a foreign government.
Bar attorneys, like mice, are adept at finding loop-holes. I have seen some real doozies and this is one of those. What isn't precluded is allowed. If you leave any blank spaces, they will happily fill them in for you.
What is important is that the military is required to take its direction from the civilian government. They know this.
In the years following the Mercenary Conflict mislabeled as The American Civil War, the civilian government didn't reorganize and reappear. The States were not in Session when Lee surrendered, and via a process of non-disclosure and deceit and abundant sinning by omission, the British Territorial United States Government made sure that it didn't reconvene.
On an "emergency basis" the British Territorial United States Government substituted itself and its agents for the American Government that was "missing" ---or at least that part of the government known as The Confederation and its business arm known as The Federal Republic.
In this way, the British Monarch and His Minions secured a cat-bird place for themselves, and proceeded to collect war reparations from the "Municipal citizenry" and any "presumed rebels" living in the Southern States.
The Military took part in this and expedited it by establishing "special" District Courts and operated them in newly created "Military Districts" and operated them under "Special Admiralty Law".
The Military also, on an "emergency basis", incorporated a Scottish commercial corporation and called it "The United States of America" --- Incorporated, and thereby gained access to our credit, just like any run-of-the-mill credit card hacker/identity thief does the same thing today.
The only difference is that they were impersonating the Lawful Government of this country instead of an individual, and it was 1865, so the nature of the crime was virtually unknown to average people and so, this was completely unexpected and I might say, not suspected, by the Public.
It was fraud, and they can bluster and puff and say that it was "necessary fraud" all they like, but it doesn't change the true nature of what they did here, nor does it change the public record, and the lack of any full disclosure on the public record concerning any of this theft and graft.
It wouldn't have been "necessary" to steal from us if they had simply told their Employers, the American People, what was going on and what they needed.
Strange how history repeats itself ---- if you let it.
I am told that the same military contractor interests have bloated up again and are preparing to announce "the" Republic's "return".
There's just one really big problem, besides the fact that our American Civilian Government is now in Session and they are obligated under Constitutional Contract to obey us, not go ramrodding around on their own ---- and that problem is that they can't legally or lawfully enter the actual Federal Republic without permission from The United States of America. Us.
Instead, they are going to try the old doppelganger trick and present "a" Republic as if it was The Federal Republic, when it's not.
Whoa, there!
Once again, there is no need to steal from us or force anything on us or pretend anything about us. All that "President" Donald Trump has to do, or the military officers with him, is come clean. Be honest. Admit that everything was fubar in the past. Come home, face your Employers.
The actual State Assemblies are in Session now and The United States of America is fully populated by declared and recorded Americans.
We are the heirs and inheritors of this country, together with the rights and responsibilities of the actual American Government --- the civilian government that the for-hire military is obligated to obey under the same Constitution that they have all sworn an oath to protect and defend from all enemies both foreign and domestic.
Okay? It's simple. Stop the fraud. Admit the truth. Come home and talk to your Grandmother. I am not some slavering vengeful madwoman, even if I do live out in the sticks. I am really just an average American who happens to be holding the purse-strings and holding you boys to account.
If you want to get paid and want to have your toys, you have to honor your contract with the American People. You have to take your orders from the civilian Government. You have to work with the People of our States. You have to cut the crap.

And that includes trying to pass your "Republic" off as our Federal Republic.


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